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Genre Theory Essay

However most genres will likely have a sub genre According to Goodyknootz, B. , & Jacobs, C. P. (2014) Film: From watching to seeing (2nd ed. )Near the end of the film Ben Wade begins to help Dan Evans with getting him to the train so Dan Evans can collect the $200 bounty promised by the GENRE THEORY 4 law men.Some films can often mix 4 genres into a single film allowing the creator the free use of his imagination, however even these films ultimately will fall into a major genre category.These labels help people make decisions when picking a film to watch, either causing them to want or not want to view certain films based on its genre characterizations.3:10 to Yuma is not only a Western film but the main elements that made this film...

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Discuss Leone’s Dollars trilogy with regard to the ‘true spirit’ of the Western

Stagecoach consolidated the masculine ideology of the Western film, one in which the gun is the law and the Western gunfighter is omnipotent.This all requires an audience that has a sophisticated knowledge of the Western genre.He draws on other films within the genre, as well as adding and accentuating icons of his own (e. g. the coffin maker) to produce a sophisticated, post-modern vision of the Western genre.One that reinvents the Western genre and all of its most significant elements for a new audience, and which undoubtedly and most effectively lacks the ‘true spirit’ of the West.It is fair to say that Leone’s new form of ‘critical cinema’, a kind of ‘cinema about cinema’, altered not only the conventions of the Western, but the char...

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Pacific Rim (2013) Summary and Analysis

In a primary analysis of the production procedures behind through organisational analysis, it is suggested that the film is the result of a practice known as vertical integration; vertical integration is the process where a media conglomerate owns several companies from the different stages of production all the way to distribution.A flaw in the narrative and creative aspects of the film was its genre, the kaiju genre is not well known to western audiences and while the creative minds were allowed to flourish without restraint, the end result did hinder the overall box office success.Upon release on 12th July, itself had a disappointing start in western markets and was dubbed by the Gaurdian Film Blog’s Charles Gant as “the latest film...

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An Introduction to Genre Theory

(the gangster film, the G-man film, the private .John Hartley notes that ‘the addition of just one film to the Western genre… changes that genre as a whole – even though the Western in question may display few of the recognized conventions, styles or subject matters traditionally associated with its genre’ (O’Sullivan et al.Robert Stam identifies four key problems with generic labels (in relation to film): extension (the breadth or narrowness of labels); normativism (having preconceived ideas of criteria for genre membership); monolithic definitions (as if an item belonged to only one genre); biologism (a kind of essentialism in which genres are seen as evolving through a standardized life cycle) (Stam 2000, 128129).Some are performer-b...

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Western Movie: Stagecoach and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Critical Essay

From the review of the three movies, Western movies are based on underlying as well as emerging issues in the western world.One of the main aspects of this culture is the tendency to reflect on the current issues, especially the issues facing the western world.One producer however eventually agreed to fund The Stagecoach film that has come to be referred as the film that brought a comeback for the American Western films and where actors were finally blended with the genre.The making of this film brought a new beginning to Western filming.High Noon is an American Western film that was directed by Fred Zinnemann in 1952 with Foreman as the scriptwriter (Roberts 5).

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Van Helsing Analysis Film

Now when talking about what worked and what didn’t work with respect to the genres listed previously, the means that this film was intended to be a Gothic horror film, filled with vampires and werewolves, all while the outlaw Van Helsing is on an adventure to bring end to the lord of the vampires, Dracula, while dealing with the fantastic situations throughout the gothic land.The other main genre would have to be a mix between Sci-Fi and Fantasy.Martin Scorsese’s The Departed Movie Analysis Monty Python and the Holy Grail – a Brilliant 1975 Film Chaplin’s Modern Times Analysis .The main story somewhat begins interestingly with a play-off of James Whale’s 1931 Frankenstein, leaving off at the ending of this film, Van Helsing seems to pi...

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Paranormal Activities Genre Analysis Film Studies Essay

They also expect certain content and a certain style of film making; therefore genre is a way of colouring the film on the basis of different elements and themes (Wetjen, Deshotels, 2005).Some films have elements of more than one genre, this is called hybrid genre.Genre is the type of a film or it is based on a theme; for example horror , thriller , western , romance and many more.The genre approach is used to analyse a movie using the genre theory.When audiences think about the western genre they know that within this film category they may expect to see gun fights, horses and cowboys.

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Essay about Genre and Gender in Popular Film

When we speak about gender in relation to genre, what codes and conventions should be in evidence?On closer analysis, however, one fact becomes evident.Spectacular Bodies; gender, genre & the action cinema.The existence of a gendered relationship in a film must also evidence conflict if it .It is the representation of gender which informs the genre of the text.

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The Function Of Genre In Film

They were placed into specific genres based on these elements .There are various aspects to what makes a film fit into a genre an example of this is Westerns usually have certain codes: for example, a hero wears, while the villain wears a black hat; when more than one cowboy faces the other with no one in between them, there will be a shoot out, desert landscape.etc All Western films can be read as a series of codes and the variations on those codes.In the 1960s cinema was beginning to be recognized as a legitimate art form .Due to increased popularity in film .As a result of increased attention film guidelines were developed to attempt to understand the significance of film.By the end of the silent era, many of the main genres were esta...

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How is the genre established in the film The Others

Horror is an effective genre and very popular, horror films are put in this genre category by their ability to shock or frighten to audience.Many of these techniques are very obvious which make the film more horrific as the audience can expect something horrible, but have no clue to when or what something might happen.It is set in a typical western setting with dirt tracks, cowboys and horses, showdowns and saloons.Examples of different types of genre are sci-fi, gangster, western, horror, romance and comedy.As this film is in black and white, the lightning and colour is not that important.

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Criticism of the Western Genre in Jim Jarmusch’s Film Deadman

The director gives the film a dark undertone, to show the violent lifestyle of the people in the West.A brief explanation is offered for the lack of femininity in the film, yet it leaves the audience wondering why the director did not deem it necessary to include this attachment in the film.In the Western genre women blatantly display the differences between Eastern and Western cultures.Criticism of the Western Genre in Jim Jarmusch’s Film Deadman .The separate scenes in the movie seem be collected and stringed together allowing the director to bounce between making fun of the whole Western idea to completely embracing the genre.

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“Steel Magnolias” directed by Herbert Ross

In general, these works can be divided into two categories: academic criticism by film journalistic film criticism that appears in newspapers and other media.These film critics attempt to come to understand how film and filming techniques work, and what effect they have on people.Film criticism is the analysis and evaluation of films.“from late 18th/early 19th–century poet and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s autobiography that form the basis of virtually all critical reaction to theater, film, literature, or creative art ask three questions: What is film trying to say?, How well does the film say it?, and Was it worth saying?” (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2010).This line of work is more often known as film theory or film studies.

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Western Films

The Western film genre has been dead now for some 50 years now yet it continues to heavily influence many modern filmmakers.The way the directors use the western though is what distinguishes them, for example Han Solo in Star Wars could be described as a western hero.While the characters and characters’ relationships are true to the Western genre many cinematographic techniques are different, including effects, speed and violence.3:10 to Yuma is a western in plot and characters but in cinematography and effects it is much more like an action film.Not many modern filmmakers have tried their hand at the Western genre since its death but James Mangold has directed 3:10 to Yuma, a Western created long after the end of the “classic” Western g...

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Notes about Sergio Leone’s Western Movie Empire

The New Italian Western .The Italian western thus denies the myths of the western (law, civilization, the frontier).There are plenty of viewers who cannot get enough of the epic Western “Once Upon a Time in the West.” Fans play the highly projected showpiece coherences of the film over and over again.A somewhat different estimation of Jill, on Frayling’s part, from that of his earlier writings where he regarded her as “purely reactive character,” and evidence that, upon closer analysis, Jill emerges as something more than a passive figure in this film.They saw it as nothing more than a degradation of the western motivated by commercial interest, or baptized in with the pejorative term, “spaghetti western.” .

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Brokeback Mountain And The Western

Not only does the film follow the genre specific framework and incorporate classical Western motifs (cowboy costumes, alcohol, and a landscape which represents paradise), it also builds on the theme, creating a new and contemporary version of the genre and demonstrates the detrimental impact to identity brought about by social ideologies of what is normal.Masculinity and the western landscape are the two most symbolic elements in the western because of their power to be translated into epic mythologies and concepts of freedom.However, to reject the film as a western would also overlook the ways in which it rewords the genre through contemporary political concerns.If the western genre represents American culture, as Schatz implies, then c...

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An Introduction to Genre Theory Essay

John Hartley notes that ‘the addition of just one film to the Western genre… changes that genre as a whole – even though the Western in question may display few of the recognized conventions, styles or subject matters traditionally associated with its genre’ (O’Sullivan et al.Indeed, film theorists frequently refer to popular films as ‘genre films’ in contrast to ‘non-formula films’.In relation to film, Andrew Tudor argued that genre is ‘what we collectively believe it to be’ (though this begs the question about who ‘we’ are).Genres need to be studied as historical phenomena; a popular focus in film studies, for instance, has been the evolution of conventions within a genre.(Bordwell 1989, 148) Another film theorist, Robert Stam, also re...

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Western Essay

In fact, the science fiction western can be seen as a sub-genre of western or science fiction.The Russian genre takes two forms: either a typical western but shot in the East, or an action film involving the Russian Revolution or the Russian Civil War in which the Turks play the role of Mexicans from the traditional western.This first rapprochement of video games with the spaghetti western led to the creation of western video games that move more and more away from the classic American western and include humor, but also sometimes explicit violence.Paradoxically, the revival of the western came from Europe, and in particular from Italian directors who breathed new life into it, with what would be called the spaghetti western.We talk abou...

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Jim Jarmusch’s Unique Western Film, Deadman

All of those similarities are not used in the same way, however; they are used as tools to give this surface western a deeper meaning that no true western film ever explored.The philosophy of a true western film deals a character fighting with guns to maintain honor (and of course order and justice).Blake encounters a whore in the town who is not opposed to the usage of guns, which also goes along with a whore’s values in a true western film.Jim Jarmusch’s Unique Western Film, Deadman .It may seem like a western to the naked eye, but with further examination it’s very clear that Jarmusch was using it to mock American society when it comes to violence and the value of life.

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“High Noon” (1952) by Fred Zinnemann

First of all, we should mention that the typical classic western is a romanticized story that emphasizes life stories of wanderers of the spectacular American West and intertwines them with straightforward moral tales based on the perception of society organization as stemming from principles of honor instead of the dictatorship of law, so that people have a social hierarchy limited only to their family, close peers, or sometimes even only themselves alone.Finally, by the close of the film Kane throws into the dirt his tin star in this way increasing the film`s mentioned moral tale impression.One of the best examples of such a cultural niche in cinematography is the genre of western, the term which relates to the classic American literar...

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Bunohan: A Noir Film Analysis

However, film noir began and was only popular in America and in Europe, the style and characteristic of noir would have been just in the western context.The essay will analyse the noir film genre in Bunohan into four parts: .The film is very much similar to the film by Christopher Nolan called Memento (2000).He emphasizes that film noir depicts the specific period of film history, which refers to the Hollywood films of the 40’s which mostly portray darkness in the city streets, low key lighting, crime and corruption.Film Noir which means black films in French, was actually coined by a French film critics, Nino Frank in 1946, who began to notice that darkness, downbeat, mysterious and black themes could create a different and unique visua...

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Violence on Film Essay

The Western stands as one of the great genres of Hollywood cinema, as it possesses the ability to transcend both time and subject matter.However, while The Western has focused on various topics throughout its cinematic history, what ultimately serves as the primary critique of the genre, is the exploration of role of violence and aggression within society (Lusted 16).Instead, by allowing the character to live, Cronenberg not only suggests that there’s moral grounding within the use of violence, particularly in terms of its supposed protection towards the progression of society, but also provokes the question,“just who are we rooting for in this film?” (Beaty 87).Ultimately, it’s because of this complex, evocative nature, and the fact tha...

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The Western as a Film Genre Essay

The productions and rodeos added action and frivolity to the Western film genre.Stagecoach has the classic Western recipe.An introduction to film genres.American film a history.The American film industry’s early attempts at the narrative Western were limited and in the early years were produced mainly in the east.

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Analysis Of genres Essay

Film genres (see list below) tend to be more general, for example, the western, action/adventure, comedy, horror, science fiction, etc., while television genres (see list below) are often specialized, for example, cooking shows, sports-talk shows, children’s animation, etc.Yet, at the same time, the studios must present these old fables in seductive new clothing, with high budgets, major stars, lavish sets, and (if the genre demands it) unremitting action to disguise the second-hand nature of the contemporary genre film (p. 8).The standard approach to teaching genre in film and television is to focus on the common codes and conventions.A film that is representative of a certain film genre also tends to be selfenclosed—the conflicts are o...

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The History Of The Western Film Genre Film Studies Essay

However, Stagecoach can’t be depicted as simply a traditional western.John Ford also had been exposed to the explosion of other genres after World War II like the Italian NeoRealism movement and Film Noir.A major similarity is that the main character in Stagecoach, Kid Ringo (John Wayne), is driven by revenge and hatred and spends most of the film looking for the men who killed his family.The Indian massacre of Ethan’s brother’s family starts a sequence that provokes many moral doubts and conflicts; it’s certainly no ordinary “goodies” versus “baddies” Western.He is a very troubled character and there is definitely a lot of moral ambiguity present in Ethan’s actions throughout the film.

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Semiotics. Film Essay

American studio system adapted industrial system of mass production; film genres enabled film producers to reuse script formulas, actors, sets and costumes to create again many different but modified versions of popular films.For an audience, genre often provides a way of choosing a film they want to see.Generic conventions identify genre through character types, settings, props, or event that are repeated from film to film.Bordwell says that “many film theorists believe that genres are ritualized dramas resembling holiday celebrations, ceremonies which are satisfying because they reaffirm cultural values with little variations”.Film genre creates some expectations for its audience.

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How McCabe and Mrs Miller and Blade Runner Subvert Their Genres and Defy Audience Expectations

Sammon, Paul M. Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner.This kind of genre shifting has grown more and more popular in recent years as movie goers have grown tired of seeing formulaic films filled with stock characters.Dell Publishing.The formula for these two genres was established many decades ago and in recent years it takes a film that defies and subverts those expectations such as Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood 1992) or Alien (Ridley Scott 1979) to receive an enthusiastic critical and box office response.Scott is clearly trying to create a film which does not fit into traditional science-fiction formulas and he has succeeded with Blade Runner.

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Elements of Western, Comedy and Thriller in Jarmusch’s Film Dead Man

Although “Dead Man” is a Western, it brings in many elements from the Comedy and the Thriller.Throughout the film, the audience is also exposed to many different comical scenes.The audience views episodes generally found in Thrillers and Comedies.Jarmusch combines these three elements to make his movie “Dead Man.” .The film is a genre-combining work.

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Science Fiction Film Genre Analysis Paper Essay

The science fiction film genre is absolutely the hardest to define.I believe this to mean that a science fiction film may present a completely fictional event or area, but while it is highly improbable, the well-done sci-fi film makes it seem possible.This is the easiest way to differentiate between the two genres and allows one to accept going into their viewing experience that even though they may buy into the movie and believe it to be possible by the end of the film, that that is okay and is actually to be desired.Of all of these definitions, the second explains the most clearly what science fiction film does or does not do, and this definition accomplishes this by comparing science fiction to fantasy.I will present four different de...

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The Movie Dead Man and its Departure from the Western Genre

The hero of the Western, personified so well by Gary Cooper, John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood, draws his six-shooter fast and is lethally accurate.The most jarring difference from the Western genre in Dead Man is that the hero, William Blake, does not saunter into town with a pistol on his hip, let alone know how to shoot one.Also, Jarmusch’s use of fade to black to separate the scenes transforms each scene into a new poem that can be read and viewed as a new development in the film.Not because Depp’s Blake resembles the actual poet, but because William Blake’s poetic themes can be recognized throughout the story.Considering the Western genre , as presented by Robert Warshow, one may note whisky-swilling gunslingers, prostitutes alongside ...

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History of, and Impact of Cinema

Films werenotreally subjected to genre analysis by film historians until the 1970s.The talent in creating a short film lies in communicating the message of the film to the audience in a very limited period of time.The transnational circulation and genre hybridity of contemporary films is exemplified by the increasing global popularity of non- English speaking cinema.” (Film Studies, 2009) .. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime & Gangster films, Drama, Epic/ Historical films, Horror, Musical, Science fiction, War (anti- war), Western, and Eastern films.Palme d’Or became the enduring symbol of the Cannes Film Festival, awarded each and every year since to the director of the Best Feature Film of the Official Competition.Short film as a t...

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