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All Quiet on the Western Front

When they are home on leave Paul describes the careless and emotionless attitude and mistreatment of the civilians at home and thus the longing to return to the front, his home.Remarque, Erich Maria, and A. W. Wheen.Indeed many other foreign readers from other countries who fought or were in the same battle of WW1 confirmed that Paul`s experiences were primarily or essentially the same as of those soldiers from the other nations.As a wrap up, it is very true that the greatest story on the war is “All quiet on the western front.” Given the calibre of the way the narrator, who was part of the war, brings out the experiences.Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1929.

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All Quiet on the Western Front Essay

” During WW1 men between the ages of 18 and 30 had to enter the military draft.Through this novel we can truly go back and see the experiences of WW1 soldiers and how the war changed them in every way possible, as a result All Quite on the Western Front is considered one of the best war novels ever written.Erich Remarque was a German war veteran and experienced firsthand the atrocity that warfare can bring.All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the greatest war novels ever written because of its exposing graphic depiction of war.All Quite on the Western Front symbolizes war exactly.

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Nationalism and State Hood in Europe After Ww1 Essay

By looking at the numerous example and sources shown above we can conclude that events throughout WW1 lead to changes both in the economy and social structure of Europe.Examples of ideas that weakened nationalism can been seen throughout the novel all quiet on the western front, in the quote “ on the body of the little recruit with the wound that is so much too big for his hip; it falls on kemmerichs grave, it falls in our hearts” the somber tone used in this quotes reflects the emotion and pointlessness felt towards fighting in WW1, for the soldiers it was a time of great despair, all quiet on the western front is a honest and open writing about the emotion and mentality of the soldiers during WW1.The foundations that eventually lead to...

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The reasons for stalemate on the Western Front Essay

The 1917 Battle of Cambrai also illustrates the successful use of the tank to mobilise the war.The naval blockades helped starve the enemy.WW1 started as a war of quick lightning thrusts and high mobility, but degenerated into an astonishingly protracted war of static battle lines.Railroads and roads were used to bring ammunition and troops quickly to the front, to restock losses.WW1 was the first total war- a conflict between highly industrialized economies and militaries.

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War And Stuff – An Alternative Approach To War Literature

A large part of the home front focuses on the contextual role of women in the war, propaganda and conscription (introduced in 1915 for the first time ever).Home front – This was the term used to refer to Britain at war-time.WW1 became infamous for its trench warfare, where France was quite literally sectioned by trenches.The home front .Sassoon’s ‘Glory of Women’ is an attack on the home front jingoism, especially of women who enthusiastically supported the war effort.

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The war on the Western Front

Source E is useful at helping understand why WW1 lasted so long as it described attrition, which was used by all sides all, wearing each other down slowly.In source A it helps you understand why the WW1 lasted so long by explaining that artillery was a failure, which was an attacking weapon, was useless against enemy barbwire and enemy defence.The biggest weakness is the relationship between the Officers on front line and the private who were mostly very close and had lots of respect for each other, while in the film showed a very sarcastic corporal, who had it in for his men.The strengths of source H are that the trenches and the environments are almost the same as WW1.As many would joke and laugh, this is because faced with a thing lik...

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The War on the Western Front

Source C is aureate to most views from front line officers and soldiers.The Government wouldn’t allow the real western front because of two reasons that it would discourage young men from joining the army if the reality was known, this with their tactics of attrition would mean men shortages and that would affect our war effort.Source H has much strength as a source, even though it also has many weaknesses as an interpretation of the war on the Western Front.Source E is useful at helping understand why WW1 lasted so long as it described attrition, which was used by all sides all, wearing each other down slowly.The strengths of source H are that the trenches and the environments are almost the same as WW1.

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Timelines of The Great War and Russian Revolution Worksheet

* The outcomes of January 18th 1919 were that of many different treaties, created the League of Nations, severely damaged the economy of the nations that lost the war and the biggest outcome was causing World War II.Although the conference and members had good intentions with the treaties and their ideas to prevent another war, in the end it only paved the road for another.1918| The Ludendorff Offensive| The Western Front| Following the collapse of the Ludendorff Offensive, German troops retreat, destroying property and equipment along the way.* * The Russian Navy and Army suffered terrible causalities during WW1 on top of being malnourished and having a lack of clothing, weapons and ammunition.* * During WW1, also referred to the Gre...

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What were the causes of World War 1?

This is why it was the combination of each factor that led to the assassination and to WW1.The trigger, and final cause, of WW1 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.Germany was very afraid of the hostile countries surrounding it on its eastern and western borders, even though the Kaiser desired Germany to become a worldwide power.One cause of WW1 was the alliance system, which involved two main forces: The Triple Entente, consisting of Britain, France and Russia and The Triple Alliance consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.Imperialism was another major factor that caused WW1.

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Soldiers and civilians alike Essay

” These quotes tell us that the narrator sees the man suffering at the peril of the gas; he refers to the gas as a green sea, and describes the man drowning.In this poem, Owen describes the atrocities of war by describing a group if men returning from the front line, experiencing a gas attack in which one of them dies and then goes on the address the people back at home and ask them whether war is actually as noble and as glorious as it is made to be.” This and an earlier reference to “Haunting flares,” suggests that Own suffered from nightmares in consequence of war.For example, “As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.In lines 1 and 2, Owen uses words like: “Old beggars” and “Hags” to give a visual description of the soldiers walking ...

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How much were generals such as Douglas Haig to blame for the huge number of casualties in WW1

He proceeded to place thousands upon thousands of guns along the entire length of the front.He did after all, if you look at it in black and white, win the battle of the Somme, as he made the greatest advance, and more troops were lost on the Germans side than the British/French.Also there is the claim that Haig’s actions were affected by the French demands for imminent action on the western front.But I think the majority of the blame must be laid on the Generals who failed to adapt to modern warfare.A certain amount of blame can also be laid on intelligence officers and subordinate officers.

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Compare and Contrast the Historical Significance Essay

a) US- Central Intelligence Agency b) USSR – Committee of State Security (3) Using political propaganda to promote each other ideas and attack the other side.Differences Topical Sentence: A) Politically, WW1 had just brought the first recognition & partial actualization of the principle of national self-determination.a) US- Voice of America to attack communism b)USSR-Radio Moscow to attack capitalism (4) Stopping all kinds of communication to prevent people of its bloc from going over to the other side. )BUT, after WW2 no people even for colonies could accept their national right being deprived.1) WW1: Supported by artillery and machine guns, infantry assault, early airplanes and poisonous gas.

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To What Extent, and in What Ways, Could World War Ii Be Considered a Continuation of World War I Essay

The continuity that Churchill’s words suggests concerning WW1 and WW2 is what I will be investigating in this essay.In WW1, an ultimately pointless conflict, the focus was on camaraderie and virility, glorifying soldiers and their deaths.It is rather a sequence of consequences, each stemming from the previous which link the two wars together so it can be said that WW1 and WW2 are connected by the Versailles Treaty.The causes and incentives behind WW1 are not easy to discern and this war can easily be dismissed as a considerably pointless conflict which merely served to waste human lives.Taylor also clearly illustrates the situation with WW1 “The combatants sought to ‘impose their will on the enemy’ [… ] without any clear idea what that w...

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The Gallipoli Campaign And Living Conditions

The clubs had cast iron heads with rough timber shafts.The standard issued Lee-Enfield was about half a meter long, with a 43cm blade and handle.The bayonet for the SMLE rifle.It was in 1914, when the British Government decided to interfere with the Western Front and weaken Germany, by attacking Turkey.The anniversary of the landings, April 25, is celebrated as ANZAC Day and is both Australia’s and New Zealand’s most significant day of military remembrance.

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How did war world 1 impact women Essay

Summary: WW1 affected women in the home front because it gave women an opportunity to prove themselves in a male role, doing more than house work and caring for their family.It kept me organized and on task.Summary: WW1 affected women in the home front because it gave women a change to showed a different side of women (e.g.Except for 2 days where I did not complete the OPVl.I think the action plan did help me with this task.

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How Significant Was WW1 In Bringing About Votes For Some Women In 1918? Essay

However, the idea that WW1 broke down the idea of the separate spheres can be challenged as Harrison argues “although many women serving in the Armed Forces were extremely brave, they did not experience the horrors of the front line.It is also debatable that WW1 was the most significant factor of all.Also had the argument of female suffrage not been raised by the pre war campaigns of the WSPU and NUWSS and had been addressed in the Speakers Conference it is doubtful that at the end of WW1 female suffrage would have been granted.WW1 can also be seen as less significant than previously thought because in some ways it is possible that it delayed the vote being granted for a further four years.However without the political changes in governm...

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Douglas Haig

During this phonecall, Haig is seen to be wiping off plastic soldiers off a battlemap and binning them, then replacing them with new ones.In conclusion, by analysing the sources, I can deduce that there is not enough evidence of a high enough standard to support the conclusion made by John Keegan.Source D is Great Battles of WW1, by Anthony Livesey, 1989. .This was written after the Somme, during WW1.Haig had been misinformed as communication was poor along the front.

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WW1 to Great Depression Essay

A: Before and during WW1, Progressives were in a way trying to perfect the world.Lastly, for reform, they created safe guards and took more responsibility financially.After WW1, the progressive idealism was gone.Instead of limited government or a laissez-faire government, they became active in helping those who needed help.For recovery, they had to establish a financial system.

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The importance of places in Birdsong

The use of showing the effect that war can have to people many years after shows the impact that it can make on families and the people who have fought in the war, it shows the soldiers in care homes and one man who is so affected by the war he was described as ‘this man lives in a world of his own, they all do’ which shows the aftermath of war being traumatic unlike some people believe it to be.In part 1 of the novel it talks a lot about the Azaire’s house which is shown as being secluded from people and blocking people out ‘the Azaire’s house showed a strong, formal front towards the road from behind iron railings’ which can also reflect Stephen’s personality before we find much about him as a person.The main theme in the novel is war ...

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Conscription in WW1 Essay

bibliography:-shannon mckinnon ww1- class sheets .Two referendums were held because men kept dying on the front line and the government were getting desperate.Were Australians against the introduction of conscription during WW1?As the war was happening people back home in Australia were starting to realise that the war was not as much about bravery and pride as they originally thought because very few men were returning, but the government needed young healthy men because of the amount of men on the front line dying and they needed to be replaced.A white feather was sent to the people who voted no to represent and parade that they are cowards and to embarrass them publicly.People didnt want to be forced to go to war or force someone to...

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All Quiet On The Western Front: Propaganda

Erich Maria Remarque’s novel All Quiet On The Western Front and its movie in 1979 is a typical anti-violence movie of the initial World War.The boredom amid skirmishes, the steady intimidation of artillery flames and attacks, the effort to stumble on food, the insufficient guidance of young staff, implying slight chances of survival, and the overarching responsibility of accidental possibility in the lives and demise of the soldiers are explained detailed.This novel is to be neither an allegation nor an affirmation.Paul Baumer, a teen who, at the influence of enthusiastically devoted teacher Kantorek earnestly listed to battle for his country Germany in the WWI, escorted by a number of school companions, and are trained by Himmelstoss, a...

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Western Front Between The End of 1914 and March 1918

This led to the massacre at Passchendaele, which shows that the strategy of Commanders didn’t change during WW1 due to their outmoded and old-fashioned views on warfare.By the time the war ended in 1918, over 10,000 planes were in operation at the front lines.Was there much change in warfare on the Western front between the end of 1914 and March 1918?But, it wasn’t on the technological front.But, on the other hand, many aspects did not change at all.

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Trace the History of the “Old Lie” by Wilfred Owen

Throughout this essay I have shown the changing attitudes to war through the ages from the Crimean war and Alfred Lord Tennyson through to the WW2 attitude of Wilfred Owen.The poems I will use to describe this are all by Wilfred Owen and show that during WW1 people changed their opinions on war because WW1 was a very long war that was costly to the U.K both in monetary terms and human lives.Wilfred Owen wrote his poems during WW1 and shows the changing view of the British public.In the 2nd and 3rd stanza’s Owen describes a soldier who has been killed by one of the new very powerful weapons of WW1 and WW2, gas.At this point in the essay I will start to talk about the changing views of the public during WW1.

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Nazi Party And Hitler

I disagree with the interpretation to an extent, there are many factors that lead to the rise of the Nazis that were not directly from Hitler, firstly, there was a weak government in Germany – the Weimar government was weak with many different parties and fringe parties struggling to agree on anything, the Reichstag couldn’t pass many laws, decisions could not be made and many people also saw this democratic system for Germany was weak and wanted a return to a dictatorship, this helped the Nazis get into power as they didn’t have any strong opposition, and the German people wanted one strong leader.Furthermore another underlying factor was unemployment numbers; they went hand in hand with the Nazi party – as unemployment rose so did the ...

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How Did Aviation Evolve During WWI Essay

New types of aircraft reached the front, tipped the balance of air power in their favor, and were obsolete within a month.Light bombers,usually single engine two-seaters, were used to bomb tactical targets near the front lines, while other aircraft were used for very effective, direct machine gun strafing attacks on ground troops.(p11) At the start of World War I, the Allies on the Western Front,with just over two hundred aircraft,faced the Germans equipped with two hundred and ninety aircraft.Flights of fighters from both sides patrolled over and behind the front lines to deny airspace to the enemy.Imagining Flight: Aviation and the Popular Culture.

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Pit Bulls

If they go a day without someone loving on them it changes them.The saying man’s best friend, well I have to agree my pit is my best friend and I can honestly say she would do anything for me or my family and we would do anything for her.America’s first war dog, Stubby, served 18 months ‘over there’ and participated in eighteen battles on the Western Front.Back home his exploits were front page news of every major newspaper.Pit bulls are a breed of dog that needs love and affection.

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Aerial Combat in WW1

By the end of the war she fielded 4,500 aircraft, more than any other western powers.* Battle of Mons .* Battle of Verdun .* As the Battle of Somme began in the summer of 1916, Allied airplanes flew freely over the Front.Prior to WW1: .

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Pictures of War that Wilfred Owen’s Poems Create

The poems arte trying to shock and mainly inform you of what really goes on in a battlefield.It talks about the chocking and dying of the soldiers by the horrific mustard gas in WW1.In March 1917 he was temporarily discharged from the front line because of concussion.Wilfred’s first work was published in 1918, just before he returned to the front line.‘Anthem for doomed youth’, ‘Dulce et decorum’ and ‘Disabled’ from the talented author Wilfred Owen.

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World War 1 And 2

The alliance system was also important in the causing of WW2, because after WW1, Germany was blamed for starting the war and had to pay $33 billion in reparations to the Allies (Doc.For example, in WW1 there was a strong competition between France, Britain, Russia, Austria- Hungry, and Germany, which was led by nationalism.Unlike WW1, WW2 had open alliances, which included Britain and France, Germany and its allies.After WW1 the Germans felt embarrassed so they supported a Nazi party that wanted to build a strong army.There was also a build up of weapons in WW1 and WW2, like, gas, grenades, tanks, guns, bombs, and airplanes.

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Wilfred Owen: War Poetry Essay

Own shows the dehumanising nature of the war through the rhetorical simile, “What passing bells for these who die as cattle?” The simile, likening soldiers to cattle going to the slaughter house, graphically depicts the death, violence and sacrifice of youths while highlighting their lack of a respectful funeral service.They would not have a “pall” placed over their coffin, the only pall is the paleness of their beloved’s faces who are left behind while their “flowers the tenderness of patient minds.” The closing line, “and each slow dusk a drawing down of blinds” is a strong metaphor for death and a lingering reminder of the devastation of WW1 on youth and society.The candles of normal funeral services used to speed souls to heaven are ...

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