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All Quiet on the Western Front Essay

Through the eyes of Paul Baumer, a story is told of hopelessness and desperation on the German front lines of WWI.Remarque has them killed, brutally injured and mentally destroyed, all to prove how terrible war can truly be.It portrays the horribleness of war through the German soldiers; Baumer and his companions.This age group during WW1 was a damaged and broken generation.” During WW1 men between the ages of 18 and 30 had to enter the military draft.

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Nationalism and State Hood in Europe After Ww1 Essay

Overall It can be decided that European ideas about statehood and nationalism were changed after WW1, on a large and extensive scale.“the old lie, Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” this further expresses the terrors of war, and how through propaganda nationalism was reinforced as a glorious battle rather than a treacherous war.It was also often, the belief that an ethnic group has a right to statehood, or that citizenship in a state should be limited to one ethnic group, this belief was also greatly impacted by the enlightenment of WW1.This is further explained int he treaty of Versailles article 22 “ certain communities formally belonging to the turkish empire have reached a stage of development where their existence as independent ...

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All Quiet on the Western Front

When they are home on leave Paul describes the careless and emotionless attitude and mistreatment of the civilians at home and thus the longing to return to the front, his home.Indeed many other foreign readers from other countries who fought or were in the same battle of WW1 confirmed that Paul`s experiences were primarily or essentially the same as of those soldiers from the other nations.Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1929.As a wrap up, it is very true that the greatest story on the war is “All quiet on the western front.” Given the calibre of the way the narrator, who was part of the war, brings out the experiences.The emotions or feelings of war are clearly brought out.

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The reasons for stalemate on the Western Front Essay

Troops were conscripted en masse, while an economic war was being fought.The naval blockades helped starve the enemy.The 1917 Battle of Cambrai also illustrates the successful use of the tank to mobilise the war.The Western Front was the name given to the line of trenches stretching from the Belgium coast to Verdun.WW1 started as a war of quick lightning thrusts and high mobility, but degenerated into an astonishingly protracted war of static battle lines.

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War And Stuff – An Alternative Approach To War Literature

WW1 became infamous for its trench warfare, where France was quite literally sectioned by trenches.A large part of the home front focuses on the contextual role of women in the war, propaganda and conscription (introduced in 1915 for the first time ever).The home front .Home front – This was the term used to refer to Britain at war-time.All quiet on the Western Front – A novel by Erich Maria Remarque.

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The war on the Western Front

The biggest weakness is the relationship between the Officers on front line and the private who were mostly very close and had lots of respect for each other, while in the film showed a very sarcastic corporal, who had it in for his men.Source E is useful at helping understand why WW1 lasted so long as it described attrition, which was used by all sides all, wearing each other down slowly.The strengths of source H are that the trenches and the environments are almost the same as WW1.It coincides with the general feeling of front soldiers.The source could be exaggerated, as the poet Siegfried Sassoon was a front line officer, he very anti war.

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The War on the Western Front

Source E is useful at helping understand why WW1 lasted so long as it described attrition, which was used by all sides all, wearing each other down slowly.Source C is aureate to most views from front line officers and soldiers.It coincides with the general feeling of front soldiers.The source could be exaggerated, as the poet Siegfried Sassoon was a front line officer, he very anti war.Source H has much strength as a source, even though it also has many weaknesses as an interpretation of the war on the Western Front.

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What were the causes of World War 1?

The trigger, and final cause, of WW1 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.Germany was very afraid of the hostile countries surrounding it on its eastern and western borders, even though the Kaiser desired Germany to become a worldwide power.This is why it was the combination of each factor that led to the assassination and to WW1.One cause of WW1 was the alliance system, which involved two main forces: The Triple Entente, consisting of Britain, France and Russia and The Triple Alliance consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.The four main reasons why WW1 broke out were The Alliance System, Imperialism, The Arms Race and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

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How much were generals such as Douglas Haig to blame for the huge number of casualties in WW1

He did after all, if you look at it in black and white, win the battle of the Somme, as he made the greatest advance, and more troops were lost on the Germans side than the British/French.Also there is the claim that Haig’s actions were affected by the French demands for imminent action on the western front.It is true that there were many times when he was deprived of accurate intelligence, and did in fact lead many successful battles in 1918, which led up to the Allied victory later that year.He proceeded to place thousands upon thousands of guns along the entire length of the front.After all, it is lives that we are talking about, and you cannot just shrug it off and try to lay the blame elsewhere when you are directly responsible.

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Compare and Contrast the Historical Significance Essay

1) WW1: Estimated to be 10 million dead, 21 million wounded, and 7.Differences Topical Sentence: A) Politically, WW1 had just brought the first recognition & partial actualization of the principle of national self-determination.1) WW1: Supported by artillery and machine guns, infantry assault, early airplanes and poisonous gas.WW1: The League of Nations was formed in the hope of preventing another such conflict.a) US- Central Intelligence Agency b) USSR – Committee of State Security (3) Using political propaganda to promote each other ideas and attack the other side.

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To What Extent, and in What Ways, Could World War Ii Be Considered a Continuation of World War I Essay

It is rather a sequence of consequences, each stemming from the previous which link the two wars together so it can be said that WW1 and WW2 are connected by the Versailles Treaty.The causes and incentives behind WW1 are not easy to discern and this war can easily be dismissed as a considerably pointless conflict which merely served to waste human lives.It is not a question of merely labeling WW2 as a continuation of WW1, it is a tad more intricate than that; The Versailles Treaty was the event that ended the First World War, and the consequence of this treaty was the Second World War.Taylor also clearly illustrates the situation with WW1 “The combatants sought to ‘impose their will on the enemy’ [… ] without any clear idea what that wil...

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The Gallipoli Campaign And Living Conditions

Source 4: Gallipoli Weaponry .The Lee-Enfield Rifle was the most common service rifle used.The clubs had cast iron heads with rough timber shafts.The standard issued Lee-Enfield was about half a meter long, with a 43cm blade and handle.The main weapons used during the Gallipoli Campaign ranged from clubs to rifles to grenades .

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How did war world 1 impact women Essay

Summary: WW1 affected women in the home front because it gave women an opportunity to prove themselves in a male role, doing more than house work and caring for their family.How did war world 1 impact women at the home front during the war?Except for 2 days where I did not complete the OPVl.It kept me organized and on task.Summary: WW1 affected women in the home front because it gave women a change to showed a different side of women (e.g.

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How Significant Was WW1 In Bringing About Votes For Some Women In 1918? Essay

It is also debatable that WW1 was the most significant factor of all.It can be argued that the pre- war campaign was more significant than WW1 in bringing about votes for some women.It can be seen that without the pre- war suffrage campaign the issue of female suffrage would not have been raised and so without it WW1 would most likely have had no effect on female suffrage as it did in France.Also had the argument of female suffrage not been raised by the pre war campaigns of the WSPU and NUWSS and had been addressed in the Speakers Conference it is doubtful that at the end of WW1 female suffrage would have been granted.This caused problems for the men who had gone to the front to fight for over twelve months, therefore the Speakers Confe...

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Douglas Haig

Therefore, this source does not support the statement written by Keegan.His intention was to make himself look good in front of the cabinet.Source E is War Memoirs of David Lloyd George, the date was after WW1.This was written after the Somme, during WW1.Source D is Great Battles of WW1, by Anthony Livesey, 1989. .

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WW1 to Great Depression Essay

The PWA also helped relief them by encouraging the construction of industry.Instead of limited government or a laissez-faire government, they became active in helping those who needed help.Then, he referred to WW1 as the “war to end all wars”.Lastly, for reform, they created safe guards and took more responsibility financially.For recovery, they had to establish a financial system.

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Conscription in WW1 Essay

Australians voted no because they wanted freedom of choice and not to be conscripted as if it was just a game.Anti conscription appealed to woman and made them feel like killers but pro conscription also appealed to women making them feel like they were sacrificing men for the good of the country.bibliography:-shannon mckinnon ww1- class sheets .Conscription divided Australia and turned their worlds upside down.People didnt want to be forced to go to war or force someone to go to war because they realised how bad it was.

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Western Front Between The End of 1914 and March 1918

The idea was that the artillery would fire upon the enemy front line, and then progressively further and further away, with the advancing soldiers close (ideally100m) behind the line of fire.This led to the massacre at Passchendaele, which shows that the strategy of Commanders didn’t change during WW1 due to their outmoded and old-fashioned views on warfare.By the time the war ended in 1918, over 10,000 planes were in operation at the front lines.But, on the other hand, many aspects did not change at all.But, it wasn’t on the technological front.

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Timelines of The Great War and Russian Revolution Worksheet

The treaties, five in total, were established to govern peace after the war one treaty in particular the Treaty of Versailles crumbled Germany.Germany was ordered to pay for the rebuild of the countries they had destroyed.* The outcomes of January 18th 1919 were that of many different treaties, created the League of Nations, severely damaged the economy of the nations that lost the war and the biggest outcome was causing World War II.Although the conference and members had good intentions with the treaties and their ideas to prevent another war, in the end it only paved the road for another.1918| Armistice signed between the Allies and Germany| Compiègne Forest, France| Freed from war on the Eastern Front, Germany quickly redeploys its ...

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Trace the History of the “Old Lie” by Wilfred Owen

The charge of the light brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson shows the classic pre WW1 attitude to war and that Horace motto was still accepted at that time.Cannon in front of them” and finally .Wilfred Owen wrote his poems during WW1 and shows the changing view of the British public.The poems I will use to describe this are all by Wilfred Owen and show that during WW1 people changed their opinions on war because WW1 was a very long war that was costly to the U.K both in monetary terms and human lives.In the 2nd and 3rd stanza’s Owen describes a soldier who has been killed by one of the new very powerful weapons of WW1 and WW2, gas.

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Nazi Party And Hitler

Moreover the propaganda use, long-term bitterness after loss of WW1 was used heavily by the Nazi party, the use of propaganda to there advantage of the November criminals and stab in the back myth even interested top military leaders of WW1 such as Hermann Goering gaining them more support and credibility.However on the other hand Hitler did contribute to the party in many ways, as a good auditor his speeches induced mass hysteria in crowds and his right hand man Goebbels used this in there propaganda campaigns, Hitler’s time in jail allowed him to publish his ideology and as a best seller after his celebrity status after the failed putsch spreading the Nazis popularity.Hitler’s SA troopers pressuring any political opponents can be consi...

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How Did Aviation Evolve During WWI Essay

New types of aircraft reached the front, tipped the balance of air power in their favor, and were obsolete within a month.Light bombers,usually single engine two-seaters, were used to bomb tactical targets near the front lines, while other aircraft were used for very effective, direct machine gun strafing attacks on ground troops.(p11) At the start of World War I, the Allies on the Western Front,with just over two hundred aircraft,faced the Germans equipped with two hundred and ninety aircraft.Air Power History, 51(3), 54+.Over the front lines,the appearance of Fokker pursuit planes in June 1915,gave temporary air superiority to the Central Powers and spurred the Allies into developing pursuit services.

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Pit Bulls

If they go a day without someone loving on them it changes them.Those who like the idea of having a dog but can’t ever take care of them.Pit bulls are a breed of dog that needs love and affection.Or those who like to abuse their pet.America’s first war dog, Stubby, served 18 months ‘over there’ and participated in eighteen battles on the Western Front.

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Aerial Combat in WW1

Bombing served more as a psychological weapon than a practical one, and the technology necessary to cause the kind of massive damage that bombing would be able to inflict in the near future had not yet been developed.Prior to WW1: .* Battle of Verdun .* Battle of Somme .* Battle of Mons .

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Pictures of War that Wilfred Owen’s Poems Create

In March 1917 he was temporarily discharged from the front line because of concussion.‘Anthem for doomed youth’, ‘Dulce et decorum’ and ‘Disabled’ from the talented author Wilfred Owen.It talks about the chocking and dying of the soldiers by the horrific mustard gas in WW1.This poem is based on one man, and his future of decent and unhappiness, and that it can ruin your life because of one drunken mistake.Unfortunately he was once again seized from the front line as a result of ‘shell shock’.

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World War 1 And 2

Militarism also played a role in the causes of WW1 and WW2.WW1 and WW2 were different in that they were two different kinds of nationalism caused by two different feelings, anger and embarrassment.Nationalism was another cause of both WW1 and WW2.For example, in WW1 there was a strong competition between France, Britain, Russia, Austria- Hungry, and Germany, which was led by nationalism.The alliance system was also important in the causing of WW2, because after WW1, Germany was blamed for starting the war and had to pay $33 billion in reparations to the Allies (Doc.

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America Impacts of World War Essay

As more and more states endorsed suffrage, so did their representatives in Congress.World War one had many impacts on America and these were the most important and significant of them.The National American Women’s Suffrage Association, led by Carrie Chapman Catt, fought for suffrage using parades, street speakers, petitions, and rallies.Another invention that took place in WW1 was the machine gun.In 1918 Wilson reluctantly approved a constitutional change, and in 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment made women’s suffrage the law of the land.

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Essay about Above and Beyond Nursing : The Contributions of Women to the War Effort

Ontario: The Canadian Publishers, 1999.The Canadian Encyclopedia.U.S.A: U.X.L World Reference Library, 2001.“Canada Remembers Women on the Home front.” Veteran Affairs Canada.Prendergast, Tom, Prendergast, Sara.

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How Far Did Weapons and Tactics Change Over the Period of 1914 and 1918

The machine gun was the main weapon used on the Western Front; it allowed continuous fire and enabled greater accuracy when shooting at the enemy.It was a belief held by the war generals that the only way to win the war on the Western Front was to take over the enemy’s trenches and drive their forces back until they surrendered.It comprised small groups venturing into No Man’s Land and between enemy points on the Front Line.On 22nd April 1915, French sentries in Ypres obtained a visual on a yellow-green cloud moving towards them – a gas delivered from pressurised cylinders dug into the German front line between Steenstraat and Langemarck.This marked change is very apparent when comparing the Western Front in 1914, where artillery was the...

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To what extent is the ANZAC spirit relevant to life in Australia today? What can it teach us about the Australia we want for the future? Essay

“Enlistment Statistics and Standards, First World War.” Home.“Australia.gov.au.” Women in Wartime.“IMG Sports Technology Group – No Page.” IMG Sports Technology Group – No Page.“Australians at War.” Australians at War.“Frank Larkin Prisoner of War 1942 to 1945.” Prisoner .

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