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The Development Of Fashion In Indian History Essay

Today, Indians have gone to their former traditional way of live and have awakened to the fact that their culture is valuable than the western one unlike the 1920’s belief.This blouse came to be known as choli and the style came to be reffred to as katori which replaced the western one.As each decade had something new, the 1930s period show the reduction of western influence in fashion and witnessed the rise of communism, fascism and socialism something that led to the women’s fashions becoming more and more feminine while strongly holding on to their conservative ideas[4].Much of what took place during this time to a great extent was western in nature but people went holding on their fashions which were representative of both their cult...

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Impact of Globalization on Non Western Culture

It is indirect because there is third party involvement with the intent to expose the culture in the hope that they will persuade the culture to accept Western influence and utilizes those resources advertized or reported about.This is a direct reflection of Western culture.Unintentional influence is characterized by the Indian culture possessing access to satellite television, and intentionally influencing the globalization of the Indian culture by advertizing Western images and practices via the television.This global influence has started to turn the tables in the marked sexist roles in Indian culture prior to globalization.The Indian optimists’ response to the influence of globalization are excited by the liberalization of societal c...

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Positive Negative Impacts Of Globalai Essay

It had started get fixing with western clothing, western languages, western mannerisms and everything else westernized.Bangladeshi culture is influenced by three great religions- Hinduism, Buddhism band Islam in successive order, with Islam having the most pervading and lasting impact.Openness and self dependency are a few words that define western culture, but Indian culture is the complete opposite of this.The damage that Indian culture has experienced can be broken down into three parts which are, pursuit of wealth, complex of the west and the most essential of all the power of western media.In this article, i am mainly going to focus on the two most talked about cultures of the world, the western culture and the Indian culture.Wester...

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India adopting western culture Essay

Western culture can also be referred to as advanced culture; this is because its ideas and values promote the development and sustainment of advanced civilization.Conclusion: How there is head and tail for a coin there is both positive and negative impact of western culture and Indian Culture.The core religious traditions are still the same but the life style differences can be found because of western culture.There are many good things in the western culture which we have adopted.Western culture and Indian culture both have good qualities and bad qualities.

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Culture And Its Impact On Western Culture Essay

This raises the question of how can the process westernization affect the rich Indian culture?As a result of this intimate relationship regional culture becomes susceptible to influence from other dominant and prevailing culture.In summation westernization has negatively impacted India and it’s culture and while some beneficial societal changes have been brought about by westernization, India continues to struggle against the rapid loss of culture due to increased societal and cultural emphasis on western culture and society.Bollywood is the Indian spinoff of America’s Hollywood and has taken the fundamentals of western cinema and used them to reinforce Indian culture through films that reach the masses.Westernization is the process in w...

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Indian Fashion And Textiles

European fashion in this century was not just created through the adoption and use of Indian goods but it was shaped by the Indian culture, motifs and techniques used.As Ritu Kumar refers to the history and writes that the demand for Indian textiles had reached such heights in 17th century in the British and French culture which resulted in prohibition of anyone wearing or using any Indian textiles so as to promote their own silk and textiles.He explained that British manufacturers followed a rule of exporting or making things with an essence of British culture rather than taking its true Indian form which in turn failed as Indian manufacturers could do it best originally and the products value decreased when it lost its true essence.Ash...

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Nonwestern Literature Essay

It is the use of characters, not letters as in Western languages, that is, most important in the Chinese language.The infiltration and influence of Indian Buddhism has played a prominent role in the shaping the Chinese literature toward adopting Indian connotations.As a result of such mingling, Egyptian literature has become influenced by western attitudes and notions.Moreover, both Indian and Chinese literatures have experienced changes due to modern influences from the western world.Egyptian literature has also experienced plenty of changes due to interaction with western cultures.

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Understanding The Concepts Of Acculturation

An Indian woman who immigrated to America during the 1990’s was forced to wear Western dress due to her job requirements as a cashier in a store.Indian American men started wearing a western style of dress even from the first-generation.So it is important to understand the influence of religion on the acculturation of Asian Indian immigrants.As these Indian immigrants relocate to the U.S., start a family and begin the process of finding their place in society, it is important to understand the processes which influence the impact of acculturation on their families.However, she adapted to the Western dress because American culture forced her to do so .

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Western Culture And Indian Culture Essay

One can understand that understanding of Western Culture can point towards various traditions, customs, values, and different belief systems that made their origin from Europe and are based on European culture.A current dilemma in Western societies is whether Western civilization is strong enough to create a world order based on the principles of international law and personal liberty that are deeply embedded throughout the whole tradition of Western political thought, or whether citizens in Western societies could be impacted by the emergence of other more economically stable societies that have equal international dominance as the western world.Western culture can encompass a variety of cultures such as the Spanish, French and British ...

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Global Film Industry: The Influence of Bollywood on Hollywood Essay

The first color Hindi movie was released in 1937 which is known to be the starting of the “golden Age “of the Indian film industry.It was referred as the golden age due to the release of many classical Indian music and popular films being released.In the 1970s, Indian film industry beat United States as the largest producer of movies in the world.TheHuffingtonPost.com, 14 Feb. 2014.The Huffington Post.

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The Concept of Acculturation

Indian American men started wearing a western style of dress even from the first-generation.In the case of men, they adopted western dress more easily than women due to the influence of colonialism.However, she adapted to the Western dress because American culture forced her to do so .As these Indian immigrants relocate to the U.S., start a family and begin the process of finding their place in society, it is important to understand the processes which influence the impact of acculturation on their families.However, due to some specific reasons, some of the Indian American immigrants and their children mostly use western styles only.

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Impact of Western Culture on Youth

Western culture is based more on materialistic factors where as our culture has a spiritual base.the big point which is making the culture of India to disappear in bollywood… the dressing style of the actresses, the slang word used in movies are been influenced the youth to bad step of life.The culture of India is been disappearing by many ways… the youths in India do not respect their elders, the families in India live separate… And thus have lost contacts with their other relatives… .so I strongly say that accept good from that and try to know our Indian culture more than u definitely change mind.. Thnkyou!But due to the increasing development… Due to globalization… the rich culture of India is disappearing.

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Environmental Regulation And Western Food Culture In India Commerce Essay

However, with times due to increasing awareness and influence of western culture, there is a shift in food consumption patterns among many Indian families.Regardless of this compulsory Indian input, as yet, these western companies cannot match the popularity of local Indian chains such as Nirula’s or the ‘corner shops’ selling indigenous foods.Environmental regulation and western food culture in India was almost non-existent.India has taken a step forward in adopting western culture.MNCs that set up operations in India or do business with Indian companies find that managing Indian workforce requires understanding Indian work culture that has evolved over several centuries.

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Cultural Syncretism

Boeree, G. (n.d.) Early Chinese and Indian History.This created a strong military that would have also been able to fight off the Western invaders should they have gotten too close or the Chinese felt threatened by them.Western civilization had tremendous impact on other cultures of the world.In particular the Chinese and Indian cultures were able to resist the influences of Western Europe.In the 19th century the Native Americans and Africans were refused from having any influence on political issues of that time.

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Cultural differences between Indian and Western civilizations

This has great influence on the way we think in the West : when confronted to a problem, the western thought judges the choice between two opposite necessary.This way of thinking is totally opposed to our western egalitarian ideology and it seems unstandable to us.Ever since, the influence of the Western World on the Indian society kept on growing.It is based on the fundamental rights of citizenship, which is a Western notion.Since the colonization of the Indian Sub Continent by the British, these two ways of thinking, Indian and Western, have been confronted.

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Eastern Philosophy Essay

Eastern religions have not spent as much time as western philosopher questioning the nature of God and his role in the creation of mankind.West Asian Philosophies include to Babylonian philosophy, Iranian philosophy, Zoroastrianism, Islamic philosophy, and Sufi philosophy, however they can also be referred to as western philosophies.Indian philosophers live life by a philosophical custom.East Asian Philosophy includes Confucianism, which is a complex system of moral, social, political, philosophical, and quasi-religious thought that has had tremendous influence on the culture and history of East Asia[1], Taoism which refers to a variety of related philosophical and religious traditions that have influenced Eastern Asia[2], Shinto which i...

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The Cultural Politics of Emotion Essay

In the book, Speech and Silence in the Mother Tongue, Uma says, “Veiling, polygamy, child-marriage, and sati were all significant points of conflict and negotiation between colonizing “Western” culture and different colonized third-World cultures.Traditions of Indian culture were already bred with English sentiments (such as the sari) and English clothing was continually being upgraded and introduced into Indian culture; in fact men were wearing suits long before women were allowed to change into less traditional clothing.This then gives insight into how feminism isn’t dependent upon the introduction of Western culture in liberating women, but is in fact contingent upon a witness’s own account of oppression and their reaction to that opp...

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Political and Socioeconomic Essay

Traditions of Indian culture were already bred with English sentiments (such as the sari) and English clothing was continually being upgraded and introduced into Indian culture; in fact men were wearing suits long before women were allowed to change into less traditional clothing.Thus, feminism is explicit to country and cultural beliefs, not hinging upon a predetermined, or in this case Western view.In one example Narayan gives, she and her family went on a vacation in a more rural part of the country and she was instructed to wear her Indian clothing and not her Western clothes because she had hit puberty (though in the city nothing was wrong with such clothes), Narayan writes, “My story reveals that what counted as ‘inappropriately We...

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Asian Art Essay

Eastern Art Eastern art history is devoted to the arts of the Far East and includes a vast range of influences from various cultures and religions.African art, Islamic art, Indian art, Chinese art, and Japanese art each had significant influence on Western art, and, vice-versa.The emphasis is on art history amongst many diverse cultures in Asia.A strong sense of design is also characteristic of Indian art and can be observed in its modern as well as in its traditional forms.Persian art The Iranian cultural region – consisting of the modern nations of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and surrounding regions – is home to one of the richest art heritages in world history and encompasses many disciplines including archi...

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Principles and Influences of Gastronomy

This could be for the multiple reasons like fascination, dreamy autonomy etc., which are somehow absent in Indian culture.But what about the negative influences of the western culture?The leading reasons for such impact are pursuit of wealth and power of Western media.Indians should definitely use the culture strain before getting diluted under the flow of any cultural influence.For example in many Western countries a box of chocolates would be viewed as an appropriate gift while in other countries chocolates might be a less appropriate gift.

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The Implications Of Media De Westernization Media Essay

The late twentieth century saw the vast global movements of populations from Asia, Latin America and Africa into Western Europe and North America.For example, the research of Indian media business showed that “the dissemination of Indian cinema beyond India’s national borders mounts a small but significant challenge to the global hegemony of Hollywood” (Kasbekar, 2006).The establishment of the New World Information and Communication Order (NWICO) intended to challenge the “free flow of information” led by the US which may cause the unbalanced media influence on the developing countries.However, a close examination of the cosmopolitanism today reveals that it is an elite advocacy rooted in the western developed countries.In Katz and Liebe...

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Cultural Problems Faced By Advertisers In Indian Market Marketing Essay

According to Lin (2001) the cultural factors caused Asian consumers to provide less information than western consumers.The study is more concentrated on individualistic factors in USA than western Part of the world.So in order to understand these differences we should understand the differences in the culture of India like we should study Hofstede`s cultural theories like collectivism, individualism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity and feminist dimensions in the Indian market.So little research is conducted on these factors in Indian culture and Indian responses to advertisement so conducting research on these areas will be useful to international brands, as India is one of emerging markets in the world.According to la...

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The Article ' Transgression Into ' Hidden ' Feminism : Immigrant Muslim Woman From India

Singh uses the classification of immigrant Muslim Indian women in United States, various feminist discourses, and an interview with Nimmi, who is an immigrant Muslim Indian women.But these women also face the challenge between their homeland culture and the western culture.Nimmi’s interview helped identify the process of change it takes for developing an immigrant Indian women identity.Exposure to westernization helps the women find themselves without the restrictions of their culture.Singh argues that immigration of Indians into western countries such as the United States allows women to have the ability to discover themselves and establish their identity.

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Interaction Between Religion And Culture Essay

This call is in response to the Western portrayal of Christianity and Jesus that was brought to Indian by early missionaries.Indian theologians critique the “Western Jesus” as having little emotional, philosophical, and historical resonance with the people of India.The high religiosity of the Indian context as well as cultural and political features like poverty influence the way in which Christology is understood and internalized.In the modern era, there has been a shift in Christology that has significant cultural roots that address the more salient parts of Indian culture which include rampant poverty and income disparity across the county as well as the religious plurality that exists in India.Indian theologians like Stanley Samartha...

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The Proliferation Of Mass Media

Many Asian and ‘South Asian’ countries increasingly came to find Indian cinema as more suited to their sensibilities than Western cinema.Films by progressive female Indian directors such as Mira Nair and Deepa Mehta have revealed that Indian films are more than escapist fantasies, and can be simultaneously contemplative and entertaining.Western classical music has become a fringe music tradition, while India’s Bhakti geet is alive and vibrant.Compare this to the Western classical music, itself originating from the Romany Gypsy music.Compared to India’s music tradition of 3000+ years (at least), Western Music is about 400-500 years old.

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Culture of India

There are two major subcultural variations within India, which evolved mainly by contact with Muslim powers: North Indian States were influenced by the medieval Indo-Persian culture, exemplified by its musical, culinary and architectural designs such as theHindustani classical music and the Taj Mahal, while the culture of South India developed largely independent of foreign influences — three of the four languages classified asclassical languages of India belong to the Dravidian language family, namely Kannada,Tamil and Telugu.[19] There is a considerable inclination in the Western countries to distance and highlight the differences in Indian culture from the mainstream of Western traditions, rather than discover and show similarities.[2...

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Unity in Diversity

The real strength of Indian culture lies in basic unity, vigour and the ability to contain an amazing diversity within itself.Another notable characteristic of Indian culture is that it has always been based on moral and religious values; on these values the outlook shows an amazing similarity, almost throughout the country.Had it not been for the tolerance shown by the people of India during the rule of the Mughals and other outsiders, who brought in their own tradi¬tions and sought to impose them on this country, the amorphous, flexible Indian culture would have lost its moorings.The Western culture has always laid stress on materialism, while the Eastern, especially Indian, culture has been closely linked with spiritualism, simplicity...

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Women In Bollywood Movies Film Studies Essay

This is because public kissing in Britain is a code of censorship and therefore it is considered something that is applied with western life (reference).– ” Public kissing ; British code of Censorship applied in Britain : it is associated with western life, so is alien to Indian culture.” How this is conveyedà tribal dress, dream sequences/ wet saris, behind the bush .The films influence the viewers to observe parts of their own lives.The female role is a major role in the Indian society where the wife is supposed to be dependant on the men and those who aren’t are considered to be one that is seeking for western life such and usually go with the name of Rosie or Mary (reference).Bollywood films are a major reference to Indian culture.

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Bollywood v. Hollywood Essay

I think that this sums up the dichotomy, Western cinema has moved beyond just people and has started to talk the language of the State, Indian cinema even today talks mainly to the people.Therefore, because the Indian public desires a larger than life individual in their movies and because a larger than life angel is the sort of person people would vote into power, Indian cinema has been usurped by the political class, and is now actually viewed as a ticket to political power.When the western world is often portrayed as an affluent paradise, people in the developing world start looking outward in search of all things good, when in reality there is enough in their own countries to satiate every need.Undoubtedly, it is much more chaotic an...

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An Evaluation of Britain’s Imperial Project

The Western European stylised education system installed in India, inevitably had a far wider reaching effect on native culture.“Recent Indian history…is so connected with present day happenings that the passions and prejudices of today, powerfully influence our interpretations of it.It is subsequently, inevitable, that the British influence on education should spill over into other areas of Indian life.As more formal education systems were introduced, and although fraught with differences at first, were eventually amalgamated to provide a mostly Western European and British education with emphasis on the English language with lesser references to local teachings and the vernacular language.On the part of the British administrators, ther...

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