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Caribbean Political Thought

Universality and objectivity used by Western Philosophy would then seek to marginalize Caribbean philosophy and maintain that it is subjective and lacks universality.Paget Henry even agreed that Western Philosophy reflected solely the white man.responded to the notion that there is an absence of intellectual tradition and cultural dessert.Nonetheless, Mills introduced the concept of particularity and argues that Western Philosophy is particular as it is caught up in racial bias- racial exclusion.Within this presentation, an effort will be made to identify arguments raised against the existence of Caribbean Philosophy such as its Western origin, the absence of intellectual tradition, its and universality.

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Impact Of Christian Missionary Activity

This in turn brought about the Hindu Renaissance with clear western features but imbued with a ‘Hindu spirituality’ and essence.However India’s diversity and class/caste ridden society could not follow into the Western tradition.In effect comparative studies became a key tool into understanding the Indian tradition and values (Killingley, 2003 p509-14).A world completely different from the homogeneity of religion and languages of the Western world, understanding the Indian society and transforming it into a Western project as was the British agenda could be achieved only by instilling western values of religion namely Christianity.In Northern India for instance, missionary schools became a way for Indians to contest the so called superio...

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International Relations: Western Centric Discipline

This arrogant and narrow view can be seen for example in mainstream Western explanations for violence in periphery states, which is said to derive from a lack of modern Western institutions (Barkawi, 2006, pp.However, this ignores the pertinent criticism that it in fact may lead to prosperity solely for Western countries, thereby rendering the Third World economically dependent on an increasingly hegemonic Western order (Agathangelou, 2004, pp.Yet these ethical principles are a product of Western intellectual histories, while the institutions at the core of their analyses, such as the UN, were founded, and are dominated, by Western powers (Barkawi, 2006, p. 331; Jervis, 1999, pp.These distortions all ultimately derive from Western intell...

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The Validity of Enlightenment Ideals for Non-Western Countries Essay

Another concrete evidence on the validity of the influence of the Enlightenment ideals not only to the Western countries but also to the other countries was the wide spread of the Western culture to many parts of the world.Nevertheless, along with these changes in terms of education, scientific and rational revolutions, and many others brought about by the Western Enlightenment is the ideological attacks against some of the fundamental institutions of the Western culture primarily the religion.In total, the Western Enlightenment brought light and darkness to different aspects of living of not only the Western countries but also the non-Western countries.Moreover, Western influence further expanded during the 20th century with the rise of...

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EU’s Policy for Former Socialist States of Central Europe

If the EU serves as a means to galvanize the continent in matters of policy and economic decision-making, at which point would Eastern European interests counterbalance and take precedence over the interests of Western Europe?The modicum of exclusion still existing in the minds of Western Europe limit the EU’s scope and function, as it “is probably not going to be a nation-state in the classical sense” owing to the “fragmented and disperse elements of European identities” preventing the assembly of “anything resembling even a modest version of a national identity” [14] .The conflict in Bosnia, for example, is a quintessential example of the types of wars that deter “most aligned countries from seeking” full integration, as Western Euro...

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Literature, Translation Essay

Some Indians adopted them together with their western intellectual framework.Truth as a form of Indian social reality is not a simplistic as the western idea but it has Indian social ramifications from Buddha to Gandhi, hence nativism outwardly follows the Sartreian concept of freedom but inwardly emphasizes the Gandhian concept of absolute and relative truth which lies in the acceptance of the need for a corrective process of experimentation with our own experience.However, innovation requires the adoption of western ideas but one should adopt them only on his own terms, on condition that they could be integrated within an Indian intellectual framework.As a direct example of nativistic line of criticism we may look at the western critic...

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Deconstruction – theory

He seeks to deconstruct the cultural biases that were associated with black tradition.Gates states, “He [Monkey] represents the dominant rhetorical form of Black literature, which consists of tradition of writers who ‘trope’ on their antecedents” (987).Gates uses academic discourse to explain the African American tradition.Reed criticizes the African American ideals of the transcendent black signified that is acknowledged in Western thought.Henry Gates’ essay of The Blackness of Blackness: A Critique on the Sign and the Signifying Monkey accomplished the same idea about African American tradition.

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The Western Blindness to Non-Western Philosophies

Contemporary philosophers of every Western sort stand to gain in the variety of perspectives they can share, in the store of their ideas and nuances of ideas, and in their conceptual precision if they study on-Western philosophies just as seriously (and, after they know them generally) just as seriously as they study their own.And though the Sanskrit tarkika is not exactly the same as logician, there is not much difficulty in establishing the basic equivalence of tarka with Western logical forms.But there are good philosophical reasons to be beyond our usual Western selves and begin to philosophize in a more adequately human spirit.(2) I have given up this idea of confrontation because it does not seem useful, at least here, to show how ...

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Islamic Law And Its Impact On Arbitration Of Ip Cases

The law of intellectual property is one of the areas that pose several challenges to trade area, where sellers of unauthorized products or products which breach intellectual property rights are widespread.It will also have some implication for enforcement of foreign arbitral awards on intellectual property rights since majority of arbitral awards may not be enforced in foreign country since its enforcement should be accomplished in Jordan because of object of dispute.The Shari’ah only applies to matters of private law in these countries and the public law has been imported from Western models.The same applies to IP disputes; any company which would challenge Jordanian company with the claim of breach of copyright or violation of other fo...

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Max Weber Essay

Its objective was to find an explanation for the different evolutions of Western and Eastern cultures.Resuming his intellectual activities, he redirected his research towards sociology: he took, with Edgar Jaffé and Werner Sombart, the direction of the Archiv für Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik, which became the first journal of German sociology.For Weber, the Western world is characterized, in fact, by a rationalization oriented towards practical action in the world, that is to say by a desire for systematic control and domination of nature and people.Western cities are institutional associations of bourgeois (communalization), capable of forming jurisdictions (sociation).Contrary to the positivist tradition, then dominant in Franc...

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Role Of Arabic Language In Islamic Culture

385-86) which is what we can finally conclude on how the role of Arabic language can significantly bridged and reforms Islamic culture.As a result of it, a threatening feeling among Arab nationalist and intellectuals grew who views such development as an attempt to alter Arab cultural identity and its heritage.” (Kassem M. Wahba, 2006, p. 386) Add to it, “Globalization and its impact also deeply concerned Arab intellectuals and the disinclination of the western world and their Islamic biases.” (Najjar, 2005) But, we can add and conclude that Arabic language in the contemporary context is rich in history, which links together its culture, traditions and that which defines the Islamic world at large.Moreover, how to “preserve Muslim cultur...

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Enlightenment in Western and Islamic Traditions

Tradition, which is the basis of all major religions including Islam, was completely abandoned.The Enlightenment & the Intellectual Foundations of Modern Culture: A Definition and a Provisional Justification.If we look at this definition, we will find it is very similar to the literal definition of enlightenment.The Enlightenment was in fact the intellectual movement that advocated this concept.Due to such conflicting influences on our thinking, we are sometimes confused as to which tradition to adopt as a transcendental decision: the Islamic tradition or the Western tradition?

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Fashion Industry Essay

Countries such as China, Japan, India, and Pakistan have traditionally had large textile industries, which have often been drawn upon by Western designers, but now Asian clothing styles are also gaining influence based on their own ideas.There is also a booming tourist trade in the eastern Indonesian city of Kupang where international as well as domestic tourists are eager to purchase traditionally printed western goods.In 2005, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) held a conference calling for stricter intellectual property enforcement within the fashion industry to better protect small and medium businesses and promote competitiveness within the textile and clothing industries.Wives of government officials are promoting ...

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Educational psychology Essay

Examine indigenous Ghanaian Education System and its influence on Western Formal Education.Intellectual Training: Intellectual training through the running of errands is another important legacy the community imparts to the traditional education system, and the growing child.Define socialization and its relevance to Western Formal Education.Intellectual development is paramount in formal education and IGE, and especially in the latter.Instructors: Unlike Western formal education where learners had to be taught by paid teachers, IGE had instructors who were more or less voluntary.

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Islamic Feminism: An overview

Majid finds that a major problem in attempting to develop Islamic feminist perspectives is the difficulty of overcoming the Western and often Orientalist biases that pervade feminist thought.These women she later characterizes as “exceptionally forgiving, postmodern relativist feminists in the West” whose indigenized and exotic form of Western feminism excludes “core ideas of legal and social equity, sexual democracy and women’s control over their sexuality” (146).Zine, Jasmine 2006... A considerably different perspective is presented in Anouar Majid’s “The Politics of Feminism in Islam.” Majid is wary of the dangers of imposing Western feminist traditions on non-Western cultures and attempts therefore to recuperate a feminist tradition...

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Islam and Its Challenges in the Modern World

The whole panoply of modern knowledge and technology is acceptable, but its Western manifestations are to be avoided if all they achieve is the perpetuation of the Muslim world’s dependence on Western developments.Western attempts to propagate ideas about Western civilisation as ‘universal civilisation’ have resulted in significant reactions against a new imperialism: ‘cultural imperialism’, ‘human rights imperialism’, and so on.Islam offers much to Western societies presently dominated by the anarchic demands of rampant ‘isms’: individualism, materialism, consumerism and secularism.It is pointless for the ulama to keep on insisting that Islam is not simply a different tradition: it is a superior tradition.Western media are more interest...

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Do we live in a class society

It is in my opinion therefore that the concept of class is still valid, and that it is still present in British society.Class must be redefined as a modern analytical tool and work within that framework.The sociologist John Goldthorpe has measured the mobility of working class children between 1958 and 1970, and found that the mobility actually decreased.However class is a clouded concept with tremendous difficulties of definition.There is no universally accepted definition, and a fair degree of ambiguity exists in peoples minds.

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Universalism and Relativism in Human Rights

And even if they were Western in 1948, are they still Western today?Central to a western definition of fundamental freedoms is the right to property.Western values may not be universal but it does not mean that universal values do not exist.The western idea that a ‘good litigation can solve all problems’ is also present in Human Rights doctrine.Furthermore, there is still the underlying concept that Western culture, because it legitimizes itself behind its pretension to universality, also positions itself as superior to non-western culture.

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The Philippine educational system

(d) Psycho-medical Religious Psychology or Sikolohiyang Siko-medikal: The tradition that fuses native healing techniques and explains it in an indigenous religious context.Thus, using American categories and standards, ‘‘the native Filipino invariably suffers from the comparison in not too subtle attempts to put forward Western behavior patterns as models for the Filipino (Enriquez, 1992, p. 57).From the beginning of the periods when the Philippines was colonized by Spain, and then the USA, academic psychology, or the psychology taught in schools, was predominantly Western in theory and in methodology.Hindi- Ibang Tao (also known as “one-of-us”) has three domains namely Pakikipagpalagayang- loob( act of mutual trust), Pakikisangkot( act ...

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How to define literature

His Poetics, the first work of theoretical criticism devoted specifically to poetry in the Western tradition, intended to investigate the nature of poetry through the classification of its different kinds and the analysis of their function and purpose.In the Western tradition, the first known theorist to think about the functions of the literature is the Greek philosopher Plato, who raised fundamental and enduring questions about the role of literature and its justification in his famous book The Republic.However, if we focus on the main function of literature by consulting ancient Western literary theorists, we will see from their diverse theories that literature is a mirror, which reflects the human soul with its good and evil sides.We...

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The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire History Essay

The rupture came with the Muslim invasions of the seventh century, which finally ended Eastern and Western Mediterranean unity.Gibbon, Chater 38: “the decline of Rome was the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate greatness’ Discuss the true definition of ‘decline and fall’ – did the Roman Empire decline and fall?Heather revises Gibbon’s narrative, and limits himself to the western half of the Empire.According to him the Germanic invasions, though a shock to ancient civilisation, left its nature unchanged, because the Western world remained focused on the Mediterranean Sea by which it maintained a fertilising contact with the East.It is not a political, social or economic history, but a panorama of intellectual life over a wide chro...

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Aleatoric Music Of The 20th Century Music Essay

Dr. Joanna Hersey premiered a work for her Low Brass Ensemble at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke titled Sails, Whales and Whalers (2008) by Gary Buttery.It is clear by reading these words that Cage finds his music to have form, which is a staple of Western music.This work included recorded whale song interspersed with the live music produced by the Low Brass Ensemble (Hersey & Krosschell).Explicative definition of aleatoric music .There is no doubt that many musicians past, present, and future have been and will continue to be influenced by Cage’s maverick attitude toward music.

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Effects of Eastern Religions Essay

From the time when China opened its doors to the western society and to a free market, criminal activities began to rise.In the past, western medicine has incorporated eastern medicine paralleling different sacred rituals.Since then, the religion has adapted to the western way of life, and has helped to evolve the religion.The following synopsis will demonstrate the effects of how ancient beliefs and traditions have produced influences of varying proportions on western civilization.As acupuncture has become popular among western cultures, other configurations of spiritual healing have surfaced, for example meditation and yoga.

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The conceptual framework of feminism

Another unwelcome feature of western feminism is that, although it borrows critical tools from other emancipatory theories like Reformation, liberalism and Marxism, it does not put itself forward to challenging other forms of subordination like slavery, colonialism, racism, and their accompanying prejudices and complexes, which affect women as well.They are not wary of historical, social and political situation of knowledge-claims.32 Trapped in their own ideological cocoon, the western feminist women still think that western rationality is the only rationality; that western science is superior to other forms of rationality (if any), so that in regard to, say, family planning strategy, African women have to be ‘helped’ by their more scien...

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Challenges faced by Indigenous People Essay

It is clear that although both Australia and New Zealand have attempted to implement international documents to improve the protection of cultural and intellectual property rights, Indigenous People still face significant challenges in relation to the achievement of Justice.The ineffectiveness of domestic laws in relation to intellectual property highlight the need for both Australia, and New Zealand to implement Article 31 of the UNDRIP; ….The Maori people have not been able to achieve justice in relation to their intellectual property rights because upon colonisation, the British presented the Maori with one copy of the document, and themselves with another.They also have the right, to maintain, control, protect and develop their intel...

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Russia 1450-1750

Both agricultural and industrial production lagged behind Western standards.He improved the Russian military through the introduction of Western reforms.International trade was handled through Western merchant companies located in the capital city.Schools emphasizing mathematics and science were constructed to introduce Western intellectual developments.Poland, the Czech, and Slovak regions of Europe remained more a part of the Western tradition than part of the Russian cultural milieu.

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Effect of Globalization on Psychology Practices

The definition of mental health continues to develop which has influenced multiple revisions to the DSM and the behavioral standards of Western society.Moreover, we need to recognize the limitations of creating universal standards of psychopathology based on Western beliefs.Many cultures have begun to acquire Western ideology due to various means of communication and access to Western advancements in medical discoveries, political action, and economic development Although some may view interconnectedness as a progressive movement, it is important to acknowledge the psychological and cultural cost of globalization (Watters, 2010).As Watters (2010) discussed, in order to reduce the influence of Western psychopathology around the world, we...

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Americanization Versus National Culture Essay

How one analyses and understands the changes associated with “globalization” are another issue, one that presents a considerably more complex intellectual problem.For example, some commentators in Korea assert that McDonald’s is undermining traditional Korean culinary culture, and promoting obesity in young Korean children.People have to develop the willingness to question knowledge that is handed down and challenge intellectual authority – and be allowed to do so.Culture by this definition has to be preserved, nurtured and enriched.For example, certain clothing practices for men in the Asia Pacific (such as wearing ties in suffocating humid midsummer heat) were initially disseminated via Western European imperialism and colonialism.

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Essay about Invitation to Sociology by Peter Berger

In America we see gender bias towards women in voters' unwillingness to elect more females into high office, and while this is not nearly as severe as the rest of the world, it indicates the lingering practice of gender inequality.... middle of paper ... .Although I have never lived in a third world or non-Westernized country, I have studied the conditions women suffer as "inferior" to men....action with others… especially men.It is a bold undertaking for women to ally and promote a world movement to abandon sexist traditions.

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An Analysis of Hybridity in Ahdaf Soueif’s Works

In the postcolonial era, hybrid writers are able to write stories about their own native country in a format and language which does not discourage Western readers, therefore accounts from secondary sources are excluded and a more trustworthy picture of the Orient is illustrated.The female intellectual as intellectual has a circumscribed task which she must not disown with a flourish” (Spivak 1988: 104).Spivak argues that this is a case which does not allow those subaltern peoples to really speak their mind and therefore they will never achieve their hopes to be actually heard, since they must adopt Western ways of thought and reason.Spivak concludes that by trying to adapt to Western notions of thinking, writing and telling, the subalte...

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