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The modern day education system

One of the weak points of this syllabus is that it offers little room for interaction with other disciplines.The syllabus outlined in this manual is teacher supportive.The curriculum is based on a needs assessment that has taken into account the lifestyle and intellectual abilities of the students in relation to the modern day United States of America.The changes that can be put forward in this syllabus are addition of chances to have interaction with more arts subjects.As such, the curriculum should be designed in a way that manages to balance the social as well as the intellectual aspects of those that it is intended to serve.

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The Aims Of Education In The Islamic World Religion Essay

Western analysts of the kuttāb system usually criticize two areas of its pedagogy: the limited range of subjects taught and the exclusive reliance on memorization.As a matter of fact, in the present world broadly speaking we have two types of Muslims: a) those who have followed the Western type of education, or secular education, and b) those who have acquired Deeni or Islamic education.Despite its glorious legacy of earlier periods, the Islamic world seemed unable to respond either culturally or educationally to the onslaught of Western advancement by the eighteenth century.Islam has, from its inception, placed a high premium on education and has enjoyed a long and rich intellectual tradition.During the golden age of the Islamic empire...

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Development of Children’s Language Awareness in English Teaching Materials

The syllabus study involves the following detailed questions: 1.Komorowska, 2005:31-32).The last syllabus includes the additional objective to the core curriculum statement which relates to development of children’s language awareness, for example to show similarities and differences between languages (in a comparison with L1).A period of learning in primary school can be divided into two stages: early grades and subsequent grades as learners differ in terms of their holistic development, their intellectual and social maturity, ability to read and write, ability to reason logically and develop abstract thinking.It was initiated by syllabus and course book sample selection.

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The Present Day Syllabus In Sri Lanka Education Essay

It is found that the underestimate of its significance is found behind the tradition family structure in Sri Lanka.13 Mr. Lands a psychologist state most primitive society’s young transfers to adults directly where else in western countries young lives where no cultures exist.The open economy and the globalization have converted the Sri Lankan traditional society a complicated and western oriented society... 1 Written sources were used to find out the knowledge level of reproductive education which is to be given to the students of adolescence peer group according to the school syllabus and the text books.25 Further, when it comes to year 7, 8, 9, order of lessons falls to line during the beginning of the year, and during year 11 the le...

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Dalit literature Essay

32 M. A. English : Syllabus (CBCS) References Daniel Coleman.Canada – Margaret Atwood : Surfacing Australia – Patrick White : Voss 25 M. A. English : Syllabus (CBCS) PAPER 10 LITERARY THEORY AND CRITICISM I Objectives Students are : 1. introduced to one of the most enabling forms of literary study 2. exposed to the complexities of literary theory and criticism, which is most essential aspect of literary appreciation 3. trained to understand and analyze literary writings based on the ever evolving traditions of criticism 4. enabled to form a comparative perspective of the Eastern and Western critical traditions UNIT-I Introduction to Classical Literary Criticism UNIT-II.M. A. English : Syllabus (CBCS) UNIT-IV : THE ANATOMY OF DRAMA Live l...

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Education In Pre Colonial Pakistan History Essay

The Madrassah system and its champions have preserved the most prestigious and indispensable tradition that has kept the Ummah united on the right path.Today, some of the Madaris are beginning to introduce the latest technology and methods in their syllabus along with the classic books.This was an attempt to educate the Muslims in western arts and sciences, thus bringing them up to join the ranks of the intellectual elite of the period.The qualified graduates of these Madaris could no longer find employment in society, whereas such people used to be the “intellectual elite” in times not long ago.The contemporary Madrassah system is the beneficiary of great tradition, yet in recent years, its role has been reduced from pioneer and catalys...

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Task Based Theories Of Language Learning English Language Essay

In sum, there are three aspects which are covered in the work and these are; firstly, the strengths and the weakness of task based syllabus based on the theories of language learning and teaching which involves the second component as well as the third aspect of situations where this syllabus is mostly suited to.These three proposals for task based syllabus are procedural syllabus, process syllabus and task-based language teaching... Teachers and syllabus designers should notice the insights from Prabhu’s project as a typical procedural syllabus which is successful.The growing awareness of the limits of syllabus design approaches based on structure and situation and the advent of communicative approaches in language learning and teachin...

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IELTS Syllabus Design Essay

It seems that this type of syllabus is on the half way between product syllabuses and process syllabuses as suggested by Robinson (1991).Additionally, a skills-based syllabus that is based on one or more of the four traditional language skills is highlighted in Jordan (2003).The significance of conducting a needs analysis is that it is a device to know the learners’ necessities, needs and lacks, which directly determines the type of syllabus and content, as well as the appropriateness and effectiveness of the course (Fatihi, 2003).Furthermore, another independent syllabus is lexical syllabus which was initially done by the work of COBUILD since 1980; and it is on the basis of vocabulary and lexis (Lewis, 1993; Harmer, 2002).Generally, a ...

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Teaching a musical instrument in school Essay

Even though music education in many countries has conventionally strained on western music, the contemporary learning institutions are trying to integrate the use of non-western music.Each learner is taught at a different speed from the other and the syllabus is made in such a way that it fits the capabilities of every learner.For learners showing a particular propensity, individual instrumental tuition by competent instrumental trainers is available as an enhancement of the formal educational syllabus.It balances and improves the music syllabus and culture of the involved learning institution and the community at large.Concurrent to the instrumental development, the students are given musicianship lessons by instructors and visiting syl...

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Malaysian Education And Malaysian Science Curriculum

“..the syllabus is quite a lot and the teacher must finish it because it will be asked in examination……” Teacher .This wide area of content covered by the syllabus make the science textbooks in Malaysia as a source of reference which covers superficial information.All in all, my analysis of the overall implementation of the Malaysian science curriculum revealed numerous issues that both teachers and students encounter, ranging from the teaching approach used in classroom, the need to cover the required syllabus, students’ perceptions and attitudes towards science, and related issues pertaining to textbook.“.I reckoned Malaysian science syllabus as ‘a mile wide, an inch deep’.Hence, to achieve the targeted objectives and aims of the s...

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Syllabus objectives.Implementation and assessments Essay

Thus, the first step to implementing the syllabus goals is to engage teacher-student learning environment such as classroom.A college program in the communication skills: An assignment syllabus.Syllabus objectives .Knowledge of the types of essays that one can write under various circumstantial contexts is also an objective of this syllabus; by learning to structure and write process analysis, comparison, cause and effect, argumentative and narrative essays, the student is able to write in various environments of work and professional fields.College of liberal arts.

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Caribbean Political Thought

Universality and objectivity used by Western Philosophy would then seek to marginalize Caribbean philosophy and maintain that it is subjective and lacks universality.Within this presentation, an effort will be made to identify arguments raised against the existence of Caribbean Philosophy such as its Western origin, the absence of intellectual tradition, its and universality.Hence philosophy is said to be an attribute of Western cultural tradition.Nonetheless, Mills introduced the concept of particularity and argues that Western Philosophy is particular as it is caught up in racial bias- racial exclusion.Hence, this constitutes the particularity within western philosophy.

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International Relations: Western Centric Discipline

However, this ignores the pertinent criticism that it in fact may lead to prosperity solely for Western countries, thereby rendering the Third World economically dependent on an increasingly hegemonic Western order (Agathangelou, 2004, pp.These public attitudes have indubitably filtered into academia, and so claims to neutrality and objectivity among Western scholars are inevitably false, serving only to mask intellectual presumptuousness and sympathies with the powerful, imperialist core (Agathangelou and Ling, 2004, p. 36; Barkawi, 2006, p. 344; Grovogui, 2007, pp.In examining whether IR is a Western centric discipline, this essay will firstly look into the significance of the fact that its central thinkers have resided historically in...

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Unrest Youth of India

Barring a few successful agitations the student solidarity has failed to be peaceful in its agitations.Anti-Hindi agitation and the Expo – 70 agitations resulted in the closure of all the Colleges in Karnataka.A few rusticated student leaders aided by the ‘disgruntled politicians’ brought the closure of the Banaras Hindu University.The time bound syllabus have made the students to work in the time limit where hectic syllabus have been prescribed.The western influence has made the youth to attract towards the fanciful life where the enjoying the things which might give them relief for a seconds such as intake of Alcohol, Smoking, even the sexual desires.

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American literature Essay

Page 3 English 11 Summer Syllabus Fairfax County Public Schools— Online Campus.Commit to Ethical Conduct As a student in this course, you are expected to maintain high degrees of professionalism, commitment to active learning and participation in this class Page 8 English 11 Syllabus Fairfax County Public Schools— Online Campus and also integrity in your behavior in and out of the classroom.Page 7 English 11 Summer Syllabus Fairfax County Public Schools— Online Campus COURSE POLICIES Participation.Page 6 English 11 Summer Syllabus Fairfax County Public Schools— Online Campus Important note: For more information about grading, visit the grading and reporting policies at the FCPS website.Page 9 English 11 Syllabus Fairfax County Public Sch...

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SLA Lg teaching methods & approaches Essay

The Notional/ Functional Syllabus (NFS) has been associated with CLT.We are now in a ‘Post-Communicative’ era, influenced by a Constructivist theory of learning (see below).The Classical or Grammar-Translation method represents the tradition of language teaching adopted in western society and developed over centuries of teaching not only the classical languages such as Latin and Greek, but also foreign languages.It focuses on building a learner’s experiences and providing learning tasks that can challenge, but also function as ‘intellectual scaffolding’ to help pupils learn and progress through the curriculum.However, the belief that exposure to ‘comprehensible input + 1’ could be sufficient to ensure language acquisition is now challeng...

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The Validity of Enlightenment Ideals for Non-Western Countries Essay

Another concrete evidence on the validity of the influence of the Enlightenment ideals not only to the Western countries but also to the other countries was the wide spread of the Western culture to many parts of the world.Moreover, Western influence further expanded during the 20th century with the rise of the mass media such as motion pictures, radio, television and the like (Eze 2001).It is believed that without the influence of the Western Enlightenment, people will remain in the Dark Age forever.The Western influence was widely spread to the Western Hemisphere, Africa, Asia and other non-Western countries by the year 1400. .The Western culture of Enlightenment taught the people with the idea of a world without God which impacted s...

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Herman Miller

The company has developed a technique of mixing sawdust with manure to produce topsoil as well as alleviating the use of Styrofoam by 70% in their packaging (BUAD 100L WA Course Syllabus, 2012).Former Herman Miller CEO Richard J. Ruch appreciated the idea of doing what was “ethically correct” and forged ahead (BUAD 100L WA Course Syllabus, 2012).Knowing that the “effects on sales could not be quantified” Foley surged on to show a net profit destruction of a70% downward loss of profit (BUAD 100L WA Course Syllabus, 2012).Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings 6th ed.In 1990, Bill Foley who was the research manager for Herman Miller started assessing the two current woods used in Miller’s signature chair, the Earnes chair (BUA...

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Needs Analysis in Syllabus Design

The first one is the needs analysis, then content specification and then syllabus organisation.There are different types of syllabuses in TESOL and they are the following: the situational, structural, topical, functional, notional, skills-based, and task based and lexical syllabus.When it comes to organize the syllabus, the teacher designs his syllabus based on his list of prioritized topics or areas of his study.On the other hand, a process approach on a syllabus concentrates on the skills and the processes which are involved in the learning process.There are two approaches to syllabus design.

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Functional Syllabus / Notional Functional Syllabus

As described by Wilkins (1976), the functional-notional syllabus has its starting point something different form either the grammatical syllabus or the situational one.From above, Richards and Rodgers (2001) asserts that one of the first syllabus models to be proposed for communicative teaching was described as a notional syllabus and the progenitor of the notional syllabuses himself.Meanwhile, the grammatical syllabus teaches the language for learners by taking them progressively through the structures of the target language; the situational syllabus does so through recreating the situations in which native speakers use the language (Wilkins, 1976).Wilkins (1976) also points that the combination of grammar, lexis, stylistics, linguistic...

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Primary Education In Malaysia

Primary education is a very good starter to train the children to be the best among the best by using the curriculum of education in Malaysia.In conclusion, the Ministry of Education always tried the best to improve the education systems in Malaysia especially from the first stage, which is in primary school.Also, the curriculum activities that have been done had been teach separately from the syllabus and does not have any connection with the formal education.In Standard Primary School Curriculum (KSSR), there are six spikes of curriculum that has been design, that is communication, spiritual, attitude and value, humanities, physical and aesthetic development of science and technology proficiency self.In terms of syllabus it is quite a ...

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Richards Perspective On Clt And Teaching Conversation English Language Essay

This new up-to-date version of CLT mainly focuses on students’ needs and learning.In the first one the main focus is on four skills -speaking, reading, writing, and speaking- this one sort of covers ESP (English for specific purposes) in a way that it gives each skill its specific look by the use of needs analysis.The latter one, however, consider the functions the students should be able to carry out in English.Usually it overcomes the differences in vocabulary choice, grammar, functions, and particular skills.He defined two types of syllabus: skill-based syllabus, functional syllabus.

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Analysing Different Teaching Syllabus’

Since, the focus of a notional-functional syllabus is on the development of communicative competence such as language learners need for communication in the target language, Furthermore, this kind of syllabus provides for the teaching of every day language in the world beyond the classroom.One of these limitations is the difficulties which syllabus designers have with respect to grading and selection, because a notional-functional syllabus has much concern for communicative factors.There is also the skills-based syllabus which takes into account the four skills of language learning, namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing; the task-based syllabus, in which the task is the key to acquiring language and the integrated syllabus, wh...

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Mental And Physical Development Programme Education Essay

.. Education must serve more than just to educate the young (Musa, 2003).The course syllabus is the compass of the course.Syllabus is known as important to every teacher, because the syllabus is a guideline for each teacher to teach the students the knowledge they should know and it is a plan for each and every class to be a unique and unforgettable.Although the colonial experience and historical factors continue to weigh heavily in areas such as maintaining a national examination system partly linked to an external British examinations syndicate and adopting curricular orientations that are traditionally subject-based, Singapore has, for good reasons, taken in some areas a direction seemingly against trends in mainstream Western practi...

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Trace the historical development of physical education Essay

The 1933 syllabus was more do to with the freedom of movement and was more decentralised.This was more of a child centred approach, and as a result of educational thinking physical education teachers were now autonomous with personal control over the physical education syllabus.I think that it is good to have physical education compulsory to a certain age as it is an attempt to keep children informed of the benefits of health and fitness and can keep the children more lively and enthusiastic about sport.The 1919 syllabus had consideration in loss of life in World War 1 and the flu epidemic after.They also think that the tradition of schools is lost and that the cost of facilities and resources is greater.

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English in Pakistan

“the syllabus is the same obsolete which I started teaching at primary level in 1967, it is 100 percent the same.The age group for this level varies between 11-18 years and is of great significance because at this stage of education the syllabus commences towards specialisation in a specific field or disciple and decides towards the future of a student.These are some of the aspects of the revised English curriculum which reflects the insincerity and lack of dedication to introduce new English teaching techniques and a fresh syllabus based on modern knowledge.But actually the current English teaching techniques and the curriculum are not student-friendly and their learning process has stopped as they do not use their abilities and skills ...

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A Comparative Study of Hospitality Education Essay

CONCLUSION ?There is an urgent need for revision and up gradation of existing culinary syllabus in India.?There is scope for a better culinary syllabus to be at par with global standards.This is a co-relational research with an attempt to analyze the best possible syllabus of Food Production subject taught to under graduate students across India after an in-depth comparison of selected sample size.REVIEW OF LITERATURE This is an essential preliminary task to acquaint with the available body of knowledge in the area of food production syllabus.Thus an ideal syllabus should comprise and reflect a selection of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes relevant and valued by the profession, subject disciplines and by the wider society.

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Literature Marking Scheme Essay

Set texts for Paper 5 (syllabus 0486) Candidates who are taking this paper answer on one text from the following: ** Jane Austen Northanger Abbey Carol Ann Duffy The following fourteen poems: ‘Head of English’ ‘The Dolphins’ ‘Stealing’ ‘Foreign’ ‘Miles Away’ ‘Originally’ ‘In Mrs Tilscher’s Class’ ‘Who Loves You’ ‘Nostalgia’ ‘The Good Teachers’ ‘Moments of Grace’ ‘Valentine’ ‘Mean Time’ ‘Prayer’ These are contained in Selected Poems (Penguin Books, in association with Anvil Press, ISBN 978-0-14-102512-4/ISBN 9780141 025124) * Helen Dunmore The Siege ** from Jo Philips, ed.Paper 1 Paper 2 AO1 25% 25% AO2 25% 25% AO3 25% 25% AO4 25% 25% Syllabus 0476 8 Cambridge IGCSE Literature (English) 0486 Cambridge International Certificate Literature ...

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Needs Analysis Procedure In Language Teaching English Language Essay

In this syllabus the notion of working in a hotel, requires a numerous of functions, such as greeting the guests, giving/ asking information, making suggestions, dealing with complaints etc.Thus this specific course is based on a notional/functional syllabus as it is the most relevant type of syllabus for this purpose.Some product-oriented syllabuses are the following: the grammatical syllabus, the functional syllabus and the lexical syllabus.Teaching based on this syllabus will add a communicative dimension to their already existing knowledge.The syllabus items, based on the contextualised exercises will give your receptionists the chance to improve and enhance their communicative abilities through those numerous functions of language w...

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Educational psychology Essay

[57] The city of Alexandria in Egypt was founded in 330BC, became the successor to Athens as the intellectual cradle of the Western World.While the Roman Empire and its new Christian religion survived in an increasingly Hellenised form in the Byzantine Empire centered at Constantinople in the East, Western civilization suffered a collapse of literacy and organization following the fall of Rome in AD 476. .A liberal arts institution can be defined as a “college or university curriculum aimed at imparting broad general knowledge and developing general intellectual capacities, in contrast to a professional, vocational, or technical curriculum.Inspired by the admonition of his mentor, Socrates, prior to his unjust execution that “the unexa...

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