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Caribbean Political Thought

responded to the notion that there is an absence of intellectual tradition and cultural dessert.Hence philosophy is said to be an attribute of Western cultural tradition.Hence, this constitutes the particularity within western philosophy.Nonetheless, Mills introduced the concept of particularity and argues that Western Philosophy is particular as it is caught up in racial bias- racial exclusion.Within this presentation, an effort will be made to identify arguments raised against the existence of Caribbean Philosophy such as its Western origin, the absence of intellectual tradition, its and universality.

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International Relations: Western Centric Discipline

This arrogant and narrow view can be seen for example in mainstream Western explanations for violence in periphery states, which is said to derive from a lack of modern Western institutions (Barkawi, 2006, pp.Yet these ethical principles are a product of Western intellectual histories, while the institutions at the core of their analyses, such as the UN, were founded, and are dominated, by Western powers (Barkawi, 2006, p. 331; Jervis, 1999, pp.Weaker countries are in practice subordinate to more powerful Western countries; making the international system effectively hierarchical.These public attitudes have indubitably filtered into academia, and so claims to neutrality and objectivity among Western scholars are inevitably false, serving...

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The Validity of Enlightenment Ideals for Non-Western Countries Essay

Nevertheless, along with these changes in terms of education, scientific and rational revolutions, and many others brought about by the Western Enlightenment is the ideological attacks against some of the fundamental institutions of the Western culture primarily the religion.And this is one of the most influential concepts that the Western world had brought to the people.It is believed that without the influence of the Western Enlightenment, people will remain in the Dark Age forever.But what matters most here is that the Western countries became successful in spreading and enlightening their concept of enlightenment since it is clearly and justifiably manifested in most parts of the world.Moreover, Western influence further expanded dur...

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Impact Of Christian Missionary Activity

Hinduism was thus further reinforced by western educated voices rather than traditional and illiterate ones.But these western type discourses were motivated by a ‘Hindu spirituality’ not to be found in Christianity (Van der Veer, 2001 p44-8 ,66-70,72-4).The Hindu Renaissance promoted a different style of Hinduism ,namely a ‘modern Hinduism ‘ , a ‘neo Hinduism’ characterized by the relationship between religion and nationalism , the majority of its thinkers having been exposed to western thought , Christianity and education (Beckerlegge,2004 p 139)Placing greater importance on the individual similar to the Enlightenment rather than traditional authorities , the worship of idols and belief in old traditions became a burden.This in turn bro...

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The Philippine educational system

For instance, in the area of personality, the Western approach in research of not being enmeshed and bound by the culture being studied has resulted in a characterization of the Filipino from the ‘‘judgmental and impressionistic point of view of the colonizers’’.However, there is an ongoing debate on the make-up of Philippine culture, because this will generally determine whether Philippine Psychology is to be placed under the realms of either Asian psychology or Western psychology.This tradition is mainly focused on what is called ‘Rational psychology’; (c) Ethnic Psychology or Taal na Sikolohiya which is the tradition on which Philippine psychology is primarily based.(d) Psycho-medical Religious Psychology or Sikolohiyang Siko-medikal:...

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Challenges faced by Indigenous People Essay

They also have the right, to maintain, control, protect and develop their intellectual property over such cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions…… .This is mainly due to the inadequacy of domestic legislation to protect Indigenous People, as their culture does not conform to the conventional provisions of Western legal systems.This notion is clearly evident from the ‘Wading into the Wandjina Controversy’ , Law Report of 2007 , in which host Damien Carrick outlines an Incident involving NSW Resident, Vanessa Tenodi, who erected a two metre high statue of Wandjina, a spiritual character sacred to the Indigenous Kimberly communities of Western Australia.Although this has been somewhat effective in p...

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Russia 1450-1750

In order to cut off the Russian elite from their traditional cultural background, Peter enforced Western styles of dress and personal appearance.* Created a navy by importing western engineers and craftsmen to build ships and shipyards .Catherine turned rapidly against Western ideas during the French Revolution and censored Russian intellectuals who criticized autocracy.International trade was handled through Western merchant companies located in the capital city.Peter the Great streamlined the military and political organization of Russia along Western institutional lines.

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History of Japanese Painting Odano Naotake Essay

When Gennai was arrested for killing a student and died shortly afterwards, Naotake was send away from his post in Edo.These developments made the school fall apart.He inspired Naotake to study these new Western painting methods as well.Together with Gennai and Lord Satake Shozan (1748-85), Naotake started the Akita Ranga school of Art.Through this contact, Japan stayed informed about Western developments, such as health care and other technologies.

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Literature, Translation Essay

Any attempt to be different from the western models which is a sign of originality also may lead to a new native tradition.He is not afraid of adopting certain Western ideas (i. e. Ralf Linton’s Nativistic Movements from Anthoropology) if he feels that their adoption is necessary for India’s innovation.That problem relates neither to the sanskritic tradition of poetics nor to western literary thought.It is primarily a body of western literary theory to be applicable to India.Some Indians adopted them together with their western intellectual framework.

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Circulation of the Blood, in Aspects of Western Civilization, ed.Perry M. Rogers (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1997): p. 32. .These movements led Western Civilization to a departure from reverence for traditional authority, from a fatalistic view of the world, and from a blending of the spiritual and the secular, allowing the emergence of the individualistic, scientific, progress-oriented attitude that fuels the Western world today.Western Civilization, ed.Perry M. Rogers (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, .

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The Western Way of War Essay

The third factor is the remarkable pursuit of the Western armies to continue their military tradition of their military theory (Parker 2005).The article The Western Way of War found in the book “The Cambridge History of Warfare” is crafted and written by Geoffrey Parker, a History professor at the Ohio State University who has written over thirty books related to military affairs including warfare.The article’s thesis is how the West was won through the superior utilization of economic and intellectual factors and of weaponry.Cambridge: Cambridge .Such tradition and ideals bring to mind the challenge and response of the armies which were deeply rooted from the determined and competitive western way of war (Parker 2005).

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Ethics and Virtue

Virtues ethics developed in Western tradition in ancient Greek philosophy.Swanton, Christine.Virtue Ethics .Edinburgh: Edinburgh Press.Nevertheless, some strongly object to virtue ethics claiming that it is rather difficult to establish the nature of virtues because different people and culture have different attitudes towards what constitutes a virtue.

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View Buddhism Essay

Conventional generalizations regarding Eastern and Western art propose that, where Western art give emphasis to form and verisimilitude, Oriental art places an emphasis on abstraction and the representation of the spirit.Lieberman (1997) proposes that aesthetics in Western art is used to establish a link between the emotions of the artist and the audience.Verhoeven (2001) notes that, because modern science is regarded as difficult to reconcile with the religious orthodoxy of Western culture, the growing Western interest in Buddhism is largely predicated on its potency as an “alternative altar” that may seek to fulfill the need to acquire a religious code that can reside comfortably alongside post-Darwinian science.The Western artist acco...

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The Change of the Rights and Freedoms of Australian Women over the Past 100 Years Essay

The few who do attain high positions still have to deal with traditional attitudes towards women: the belief that they are less capable than men, sexual harassment and public focus on their appearance and their family responsibilities.Intellectual females debated of changes to civil rights, ‘the pill’, marijuana, conscription and the involvement in the Vietnam War.This is partly due to the lack of pressure to get married.In 2004, D’Aprano was made the officer of the order of Australia as acknowledgement for her work in campaigning on women’s workplace issues.There is a pressing need for women to acquire jobs.

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Overview Of The Great Western Transmutation

In intellectual life there have been new discoveries and inventions led to the Enlightenment which I believe stayed in dark age after Archimedes (212 B.C.)The Western Transmutation primarily transformed the world culture in three ways: the economic, the intellectual, and the social (P 99).because of the prevail of religion with the exception of early Islamdom when the intellectual ideas developed and did not conflict with the religion.Hodgson was among the first historians to explain the emergence of modernity what he called “Great Western Transmutation”, which by the beginning of the nineteenth century changed the face of the world.The Great Western Transmutation is the term coined by Marshall Hodgson.

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Ibn Rushd (Averroes) Essay

” Ibn Rushd contended that the claim of many Muslim theologians that philosophers were outside the fold of Islam had no base in scripture.Abu al-Walid Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Rushd, better known in the Latin West as Averroes, lived during a unique period in Western intellectual history, in which interest in philosophy and theology was waning in the Muslim world and just beginning to flourish in Latin Christendom.From such bleak circumstances emerged the Spanish-Muslim philosophers, of which the jurist and physician Ibn Rushd came to be regarded as the final and most influential Muslim philosopher, especially to those who inherited the tradition of Muslim philosophy in the West.This critique ignited a similar re-examination within the Chri...

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Cultural relativism Essay

Japan, china and Thai have only recently implemented privacy laws; however though Thai privacy laws are hardly enacted may be due to western influence.We need to specifically look into these three areas that is privacy, freedom of information and intellectual property rights whose ethics differ is relative especially between western and non western countries.For instance, what they refer as private sphere in Thai and Japan has different meaning in western countries (David 2006).For example in non western countries like china Japan and Thai have no concept of privacy.However due to economic reforms and increased interaction with the west they have had to institute IPRs (intellectual property rights) only to harmonize Chinese economic syst...

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Philosophy postmodern Essay

Because although they do not embrace it, even reject this current, they would have, according to Alex Callinicos, "contributed to create the intellectual atmosphere in which this could flourish".These presuppositions of Western thought are attacked to set up a thought of nuance, difference or subtlety.He criticizes the fact that Western philosophy privileges the concept of presence and logos, manifested by the word, rather than the absence and the trace, manifested by writing.Bruno Latour published in 1991 We have never been modern: An essay of symmetrical anthropology by inscribing itself in a philosophical tradition that he qualifies as "non-modern", as opposed to the moderns and the postmodern.The book Les mots et les choses by Michel...

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Fashion Industry Essay

Western goods are considered modern and are valued more than traditional goods, including the sarong, which retain a lingering association with colonialism.[40] The change from anti-fashion to fashion because of the influence of western consumer-driven civilization can be seen in eastern Indonesia.Countries such as China, Japan, India, and Pakistan have traditionally had large textile industries, which have often been drawn upon by Western designers, but now Asian clothing styles are also gaining influence based on their own ideas.There is also a booming tourist trade in the eastern Indonesian city of Kupang where international as well as domestic tourists are eager to purchase traditionally printed western goods.Civil servants working i...

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EU’s Policy for Former Socialist States of Central Europe

As Woolf states, “the intellectual structures of half a century are slow to efface themselves, but above all the idea of Eastern Europe is much older than the Cold War,” the distinction between East and West “produced as a work of cultural creation, intellectual artifice, and ideological self-interest and self-pronunciation” [2] .The modicum of exclusion still existing in the minds of Western Europe limit the EU’s scope and function, as it “is probably not going to be a nation-state in the classical sense” owing to the “fragmented and disperse elements of European identities” preventing the assembly of “anything resembling even a modest version of a national identity” [14] .Assertions of such as those intimated by Borocz and Woolf a...

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Tony Bennett Is A Leading Character Cultural Studies Essay

Tony Bennett joined University of Western Sydney as research professor in social and cultural theory at the Centre for Cultural Research in 2009.Third, on the theme of intellectual, for example, ËœIntellectual is not a role by Tao Dongfeng is an interpretation of the ideal of Bennetts concept on intellectuals.Fourth, on the theme of cultural criticism, including ËœTony Bennett and 20th British Cultural Studies by Duan Jifang expounds on Tony Bennett’s cultural studies that both echoes the theory tradition of British Cultural Studies and transcended it, especially on the tradition of Marxist aesthetic.Second, on the theme of aesthetics, for example, in ËœThe Horizon of Tony Bennetts Marxism Aesthetics by Zhang Yuqin, the author presents w...

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Quality of life Increases in Correlation to Social Unrest in 19th Century Europe

Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and .London/New York: Routledge, 2000. .Society from the 1400’s, Ninth Edition.Boston/New York: Houghton .Mifflin, 2009. .

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Emergence Of Turkish Nationalism History Essay

By these reforms, Atatürk wanted a strong break from the past.The Committee of Union and Progress used a Western thesis against the West: nationalism.Pan-Islamism that adopted Islamic practices and cooperation between the Muslim communities defended a return to traditional values but they were also in favor of using Western techniques.Especially between the Russian War and Greek War, idea of Turkish nationalism was treated by Åžemseddin Sami, Necib Asım and Veled Çelebi ant may of the Turkist intellectual and authors.His reforms constituted a well-organized and systematic tendency towards the West and he had the aim of achieving level of the European states in cultural, industrial, and economic fields.

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Islam and Its Challenges in the Modern World

Western media are more interested in the violent and emotional than they are in quiet, but deeply significant, debates about the eternal values that remain, despite the anarchic individualism of Western communities, the essence of being human.In this light Western ideas are not only inferior, they are inapplicable and irrelevant to Islam and Muslim society(10).Western attempts to propagate ideas about Western civilisation as ‘universal civilisation’ have resulted in significant reactions against a new imperialism: ‘cultural imperialism’, ‘human rights imperialism’, and so on.A sympathetic exchange of knowledge, flowing this time from Western societies to Islamic societies, may well revivify Islam and permit Islamic societies to enjoy a m...

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Application of Theories

References .World Bank Publications.In this regard, a number of theories proposed by Western theorists are applicable in contemporary non-western societies.Sommers-Flanagan, John.Global Issues for Global Citizens .

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What Is Political Philosophy

•science- what actually happens/ based on facts (more realist) In studying philosophy, a central feature or one can say is the most dominant feature is the Western Civilization.Western civilization should not be confused as a geographical concept.New York became the leading artistic, scientific and intellectual clearing-house in the world during the twentieth century, and its place in the year 2000 is being taken, in terms of cultural influence by Los Angeles demonstrating the geographical mobility of western civilization.Western political thought (Philosophy) .Less than two hundred and fifty years old, the United States is now the centre of gravity of western civilization in terms of economics, politics, culture and military power.

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What Is Political Philosophy Essay

Western civilization should not be confused as a geographical concept.The western traditions in Political Philosophy became more dominant in the European conquest, its creation of the plantation system, the dominance of African labour and eventual colonial subjugation of the non-European world.Why do you believe what you believe?•science- what actually happens/ based on facts (more realist) In studying philosophy, a central feature or one can say is the most dominant feature is the Western Civilization.New York became the leading artistic, scientific and intellectual clearing-house in the world during the twentieth century, and its place in the year 2000 is being taken, in terms of cultural influence by Los Angeles demonstrating the geog...

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The Origins of Modern Science Essay

Yet, Newton simply agreed with the ideas of the church and continued to make more observations that suggested the traditional views of the church were wrong.In the eyes of the church Galileo and Descartes seemed to be Heretics.'...Breaking free of the bonds of tradition, these sixteenth-century thinkers developed the scientific method, a means of understanding based on a systematic observation of natural phenomena and experimentation regarding causes and effects (Merriman, 311).), a pioneer in logic, metaphysics, ethics, natural sciences, politics, and poetics, profoundly influenced Western thought.The tradition of utilizing human reason to understand both the cosmos and the existence of mankind preceded Galileo, Descartes and Newton.

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Western Influence On Modern Day Iranian Policies Politics Essay

At the same time, having a country being preached by a religious leader can spring up new hatred towards the western countries who participate in actions that are against the Islamic law.Also they can bring religious factors into the mix by implying that western help is immoral due to their culture.Without the influence of these western ideas, Iranians would have been lost as to why they needed to revolt against the Shah.Although the western way of communicating helped the protesters show the true oppression of the Islamic authoritarianism when the people of Iran used the popular website twitter to show pictures and live updates of police brutally beating protesters and imprisoning them for no cause.Furthermore, anyone who was seen as su...

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Eastern Religions Analysis Essay

Science, Faith and Alternative Medicine.In spite of great knowledge, the role of eastern religious traditions and their practical application is still limited by rational knowledge of western society.International Journal of Humanities and Peace .Thaiyar, S. (2002).In contrast to eastern traditions, modern western medicine rejects the role of mind and soul in treatment trying to explain everything form Rationalist point of view.

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