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Essay on Evaluation And Evaluation Of A Rubric For Nursing Simulation

According to Robinson & Dearmon (2013), the evaluation process framework supports the process based on preformed standards and offers the occasion for testing and duplication of the HPS activity.If students can be provided an opportunity to apply the knowledge they possess, receive evaluation on their demonstrated actions, and review these evaluations for improvement, it is with hope that they will be better prepared to provide high quality care to others.The Senior Practicum nursing course at WKU has adopted the use of simulation as part of its curriculum activities for the fall semester.Nursing faculty need to have awareness of how the designed HPS contributes or does not contribute to the learning outcomes.Nurses must be able to p...

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West in Civil War Essay

Civil War on the Western Border, 1854-1865.Most of the Western states adopted Jim Crow law and worked towards slavery abolishment.The Civil War and Readjustment in Kentucky.Kentucky had to respond and state’s government passed resolution to demand evacuation of Confederate forces from state’s territory.However, the neutrality was broken when General Polk made an attempt to occupy Kentucky openly enlisting troops.

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The Powerful Henry Clay Essay

Henry Clay, Volume 1.New York: W.W. Norton, 1991. .University Press of Kentucky, 1959-1992. .Kentucky: University Press of Kentucky, 2004. .He was nicknamed the “Western Star,” because many people felt he was destined for a bright future.

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The Prons and Cons of K12

Exploring the effects of financial aid on the gap in student dropout risks by income level.Business and Economic Review, 54(4), 21-22.54 California Energy Commission.The positive outcomes are more attention on gas consumption by buses, improved paper reduction processes through technology utilization, application of energy efficient practices, implementation of environmentally friendly practices, and precise evaluation of educational and instructional time.Bailey, L. (2008).

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Socio-Economic and Educational Characteristics of Appalachia-KY Essay

Billings, D. B., and Blee, K. M. (2000) The Road to Poverty: The Making Of Wealth And Hardship In Appalachia, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Henry, D. (1986) Appalachia on Our Mind: The Southern Mountains and Mountaineers in the American Consciousness, 1870-1920, Massachusetts: Shapiro Publisher Keefe, S. E. (2009) Participatory Development in Appalachia: Cultural Identity, Community, and Sustainability, Tennessee: Univ.Southern Appalachians: History of the Landscape, Pennsylvania: DIANE Publishingof Tennessee Press Kiffmeyer, T. (2008) Reformers to Radicals: The Appalachian Volunteers and the War on Poverty, Kentucky: University Press of Kentucky Langman, R. C. (1971) Appalachian Kentucky: An Exploited Region Selected Studies in ...

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Functional Areas of a Business

Western District of Texas .Western District of Louisiana .Western District of Wisconsin .Western District of Washington .8th Circuit Western District of Arkansas .

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Language of Love in Shakespeare's As You Like It Essay

in The Riverside Shakespeare.New York: Benjamin Bloom, Inc., 1969.Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1972.Shakespeare, William.Boston: Houghton, Mifflin company, 1974.

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How did Bobbie Ann Mason`s upbringing in the rural south influence her writing of Shiloh Essay

Bobbie Ann Mason’s Portrayal of Modern Western Kentucky Border States: Journal of the Kentucky-Tennessee American Studies Association, No.It was here where she first experienced living in the city and experiencing the hustle and bustle that was absent from the rural setting that she was accustomed to in Kentucky (Webber).D. in English from the University of Connecticut.It was her love for literature that prompted her to pursue a degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky and eventually attain a Ph.Subdivisions are spreading across western Kentucky like an oil slick.

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Coal Chemistry and Technology Essay example

Desulfuración de Carbones, la biodesulfuración como alternativa.Control of sulphur oxides from coal combustion: IEA Coal Research.Geological Fieldwork, Paper 1998, Pages 1-10 .Morrison G. F, (1982).Minería del Carbón.

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Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom’s Cabin Essay

“Harriet Beecher Stowe”.Kentucky was a slave state, and Harriet was able to experience firsthand the horrors of slavery.Across the river from Cincinnati was Kentucky, where Calvin Stowe’s home was located.Her anger toward slavery in addition with encouragement from her sister-in-law to “use her skills to aid the cause of abolition” (Wells) inspired Harriet to write Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Wells; University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee).University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

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Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan Essay

The Shape of Fear: Horror and the Fin de Siecle Culture of Decadence.Navarette, Susan J.The Great God Pan and The Hill of Dreams.Aries 7 (2007): 63-68.Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1999.

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The New Madrid Seismic Zone Essay

The Zone includes a huge part of eastern Arkansas and Missouri, northwestern Mississippi, western Tennessee as well as Kentucky, in addition to southern Illinois and Indiana (Farley 1-2).In September 2004, yet another earthquake was reported in central Indiana and eastern Kentucky.Simon, Stephanie.Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 1998. .Toronto, Canada: HarperPrism, 1999. .

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History and market strategy of KFC

Each Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant employ roughly 50 local people which would total to near about one thousand direct employs in all- taking in all 18 .1n 1997, Kentucky Fried Chicken entered the market under the banner of Artal, a European food conglomerate which has invested heavily in the food sector in the Pakistan.Marketing department of Kentucky Fried Chicken play a very important role in the organization.Grand opening of Colonel Sanders Technical Center in the Louisville, KY. .. Kentucky Fried Chicken opens first Western style quick service restaurant in China.Now Kentucky Fried Chicken captures a maximum market share.

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Don Haskins on Racism Essay

Haskins wanted to win.He’d made it when he got to Texas Western in 1961 and began recruiting black players from everywhere” (2008).Before Haskins started to coach at Texas Western, the college recruited and played African Americans when it was typical for teams to have full-white roster and oppose integration into basketball (Schecter, 1998).It was a championship, an all or nothing statement for the players of Texas Western.Many watched a game of Texas Western Miners and Kentucky Wildcats on March 19th, 1966, and yet most didn’t realize they just witnessed sports ethics redefine itself.

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Teaching and Learning through Reflection Essay

Thomas, D., & Jacob, B.Journal of Policy Analysis & Management, 30(3), 418-446. doi:10.1002/pam.20586 .United States Department of Education.Reflecting upon the writers own life, there are clearly a significant amount of experiences that have shaped both his character and philosophy towards education specifically within the practice of pedagogy and holistic learning of which consists of comprehension and functional application.Public Law 107-110-Jan. 8, 2002 [No child left behind act].

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Knowledge Of Communication Models

University of Kentucky (2001).Communication Models.Wikipedia (n.d.).Applications of an Interpersonal Communication Model to Educational Environments.At the same time, a mere study of models and theories is not enough to develop communication skills as a human being needs daily practice in interaction with others in order to hone in these skills.

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Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation

Nevertheless, although Fremont’s decision was injudicious and unconstitutional according to Lincoln, the conditions in Missouri, the strategic importance of holding that state, and the latitude given by the ministration to Fremont in his western department command, indicate that his order may have had military and political value, but that it was ill-timed.If that same order had been given at a later date, it might have received a warmer reception from the President, but in the fall of 1861, it was not politically feasible because of the precarious position of Kentucky within the Union.Commissioned as a major-general by President Lincoln, Fremont assumed the command of the Western Department on 25 July 1861.Fremont’s independent mind-set...

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Fast food restaurant Essay

The Emergences and Expansion of KFC KFC, shorted from Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky.The fast food industry is an important industry of living environment and investment environment, and also an important component of the consumer leisure, tourism, consumption, shopping and spending.Fast food does have double-sided effects on the development of economy and people’s life.Though fast food still have so many shortages of this or that, This kind of food culture is true developed to be part of people’s life, no matter the criticism of fast food is true or not, fast food is still to be a trend in the future.High-calorie fast food as a high-fat food is not suitable for eating.

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Plead Letter to Go Aactive Duty from National Guard Essay

I attended Western Kentucky University for one and a half years, following graduation from Allen County Scottsville High School, while there I attended the ROTC program.I am a motivated person who only wants best for his country and serving my country is what I feel is the best for me.I feel the pressure of this crumbling economy have taken a toll on my family and me after being back in the civilian world.I hunger for more knowledge and getting a taste of the active duty lifestyle.I thank you so much, for your time and patience.

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History Of Kfc The Restaurant Commerce Essay

The company KFC was established as Kentucky Fried Chicken by Colonel Harland Sanders in the year of 1952, though the idea of establishing this company was in the year back in 1930.The chain also publicizes itself as the Poulet Frit du Kentucky or it’s publicized as P F K in the state of Quebec in Canada.You team up with fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).Well, a simplistic feeding-the-world narrative does the company’s image and CSR (corporate social responsibility) a world of good among well-intentioned Western consumers.In accordance to that in the early 1960’s Kentucky Fried Chicken was vended in more than 600 franchised outlets in both the countries of U.S & Canada.

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George Devol Essay

Devol passed away on August 11, 2011, at the age of 99, at his home in Wilton, Connecticut.In 1978, the PUMA (Universal Programmable Assembly Machine) robot was developed by Unimation of Vicarm (Victor Scheinman) and with support from General Motors.However, he later learned that companies such as RCA and Western Electric were working in the same industry, and decided to discontinue the product.After a brief stint as an electronics sales manager in the east of the country, which he believed "he was not his wax ball", Devol left RCA to develop ideas that ultimately led to to the patent application for the first industrial robot.In 2005, Popular Mechanics magazine selected Devol's Unimate as one of the 50 best inventions of the past 50 yea...

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Global Supply Chain Management History Essay

In 2007, the original, non-acronymic Kentucky Fried Chicken name was resurrected and began to reappear on company marketing literature and food packaging, as well as some restaurant signage.Kentucky fried chicken offers a variety of menu items for those that want lower fat and lower calorie choices in their menu.Many stores in western Canada are unionized with the Canadian Auto Workers, and as a result many non-franchise stores in western Canada pay higher than minimum wage.Thomas was originally a franchisee of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken and operated several outlets in the Columbus, Ohio area.He firmly believed in mutual benefits arising from a partnership between KFC and the local businesses, thus ensuring that Kentucky fried c...

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Professional Speaker Essay

Should the audience are not from the University of Kentucky, the data presented are very helpful in acquiring information about the University.The content presented is very rich in information about the University of Kentucky.Another attracting content of the presentation is the many awards of the University of Kentucky.The presentation has clearly stated how the current University of Kentucky is to prepare for the adoption of the changes.Dr. Derek R. Jane has a wide and complete knowledge about the proposed reinvention of the University of Kentucky.

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Tradition, Terrain, and Turkism: A Study on the Reform of the Imperial Ottoman Army and its Effects on the Outcome of World War I’s Gallipoli Campaign

McCarthy, Justin.New York: Harper Collins, 1956.London: Arnold Publishers, 2001.The Ottoman Peoples and the End of Empire.Turfan, M. Naim.

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Report on Organizational Structure Within Two Fast Food Industry Leaders

(Mc 2010) .. Kentucky Fried Chicken use low differentiated with an integrated leadership, because if they can rely on its brand and the original taste and unique formula, and must at the same time to compete on cost with the advantage of economies of scale from cost savings.Consider this reality is Kentucky Fried Chicken, and their sales continue to expand, the chain stores have set up, each chain is in set-up lines to connect the Internet, their respective cities or country for business information transmission or query.In the all, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken is the largest fast food restaurant chain store.Kentucky Fried Chicken is using variety of training methods for training and staff development.Since the corporate cultur...

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Essay Julian Carroll's Political Career

The Carroll family then packed up and moved to Lexington Kentucky, where he worked at the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation office.In Kentucky Roll Call.Kentucky Governors (Updated ed., pp.In Kentucky Legislatuer .Lastly I will discuss his current political status and how I think he made differences in Kentucky.

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Kentucky Wine Industry Study Essay

According to the research Kentucky wine market feasibility assessment (2002), the result of comparing the wines that are produced in Kentucky, such as “Cabernet Sauvignon, Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, and Traminette”, the average price is “$12.On the other hand, according to Kentucky wine website, the wineries in Kentucky have been growing up from 15 to more than 60, though the impact of budget cuts from the University of Kentucky college of Agriculture to the wine department will slow new competitors trying to enter.Threat of New Entrants The Threat of new entrants to the wine industry in Kentucky has been estimated as high because products are undifferentiated from other competitors, and Kentucky wine is not well known as Napa Valley win...

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Essay about Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

Ideas.Time.com, .“Drug Testing the Poor: Bad Policy, Even Worse Law.” Time.Although not all Kentucky residents see eye-to-eye, an objective resolution remains vital.Napier’s theory behind the notion: if the state mandates drug testing when the applicant applies as well as on a random basis, they may target the individuals responsible for selling their food stamps for drug money (Kentucky).Kentucky needs a new law to prevent welfare abuse that includes specified expectations with detailed ramifications.

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1800’s Era of Good Feelings Essay

Then, during the presidency of John Quincy Adams, his nationalistic policies of roads and canals laid a heavy financial burden upon the federal government requiring the continuation of the tariff which caused tension among the South.All the suspicions and fears of the two sections resulted in a fast and furious expansionism in the west.Thus, these two events added to the worries of both sides and to the westward expansion fever.The extremely high tariff was not for revenue but rather for the purpose of protecting American manufacturing.The National Bank, although established by the nationalist Alexander Hamilton, played a big role in sectionalism in the United States.

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The Association of International Publishers Essay

The Billy C. Clark Bridge that connects Kentucky and West Virginia was named in honor of Billy Clark.He was in service to the University for almost eighteen years.Clark is also a writer-in-residence at the Longwood University.Billy C. Clark had also been a writer-in-residence at his former college school at the Kentucky University.He chose to enroll in the Kentucky University.

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