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How to define literature

Although he is notorious for being severely critical against literature, he made a great contribution to the development of literary criticism because many thinkers have produced literary theories to refute Plato’s arguments. His Poetics, the first work of theoretical criticism devoted specifically to poetry in the Western tradition, intended to inv...

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The Key Characteristics Of Post Structuralism English Language Essay

If Japan (we don’t have to take Japan literally, as that specific country, but as a non-western space were the Western system of meaning is not present) is a text whose signs are not “anchored” in a supreme signified (a centre), this provokes the visitor (the tourist, that means the reader of that text) to become a writer. To show this, both Derrida...

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Literature, Translation Essay

Nativistic Literary Values: i) Tradition: Nativism locates non-vedic and oral tradition as the most significant creative upsurge of the Indian mind not only for the merit of ideas and insights it can offer but for its place in the process of acquiring Indian sensibility. That problem relates neither to the sanskritic tradition of poetics nor to west...

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Essay on Feminism and Toril Moi

In 1974 Adrienne Rich called for... ... middle of paper ... ... The cultural feminists argue for the existence of female institutions as well as the male's.

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An Ex-Mas Feast

While this work has long been considered the prime example of the Orientalist craze in Europe, more recent critics have pointed out that, despite its Oriental trappings, its themes are essentially Western ones. Critics who have studied Orientalism in Europe, especially in nineteenth-century literature, have pointed out that there is much that can be...

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What Is Literature? Essay

Russian Formalists, for instance, have claimed that much importance should be given to the literary form and to the “literariness” of the literary text, which distinguish it from other types of writing. Like Russian Formalism, New Criticism has rejected the world outside the literary text and built upon the internal literary devices to define litera...

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The Awakening and The Yellow Wallpaper

Second, each text is a gatekeeper of a new literary history. "Tradition and the Female Talent: The Awakening as a Solitary Book."

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Nonwestern Literature Essay

China and India, as countries from the East, have a winding, rich, and spectacular literary tradition. After 1817, entirely new literary values were essay, and literary drama (this last incorporating both classical Sanskrit and Western models)—that gradually engulfed the customary Indian verse genres.

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African Traditional Literature Essay

They believed that Africans do not possess adequate tools for the appraisal and evaluation of their literature. Hence, they began to employ these foreign approaches in the study of African traditional literature.

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American Literature – Mark Twain

AMERICAN MODERNIST POETRY: WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS AND THE OBJECTIVISTS . Twain vs. James, critical opinions about James, James’s background, James’s international novels, James as a critic, James as a dramatist, James as a pre-modernist author, The Turn of the Screw – James as a Gothic writer, three periods of James’ literary career (with represent...

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American Literature. Mark Twain Essay


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Myths` new lease of life in literary texts and other cultural products

On the basis of the above-mentioned aspects of myths` propagation by means of literary text, we may clearly see that while the origins and sometimes even authenticity of myths are often left out of consideration, it is their current relevance and ability to conform to actual problems and cultural contexts that determines their longevity. The style o...

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An Introduction to Genre Theory Essay

Robert Allen comments wryly that ‘Tudor even hints that in order to establish what audiences expect a western to be like we might have to ask them’ (Allen 1989, 47). In The Anatomy of Criticism the formalist literary theorist Northrop Frye (1957) presented certain universal genres and modes as the key to organizing the entire literary corpus.

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Postcolonial Criticism Essay

Another group practiced what came to be called “gynocriticism,” studying writings by women and examining the female literary tradition to find out how women writers across the ages have perceived themselves and imagined reality. Feminist criticism became a dominant force in Western literary studies in the late 1970s, when feminist theory more broadl...

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The Creation Of Lyrical Poetry English Literature Essay

Western literature owes much of its origins to the literary advancements made by the poets, playwrights and philosophers of this period. Almost all of Western literature can trace its roots to classical Greek traditions.

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Types of African Feminism

An established view in African literary criticism is entrenched in the need to carve out a niche for the female African writer and critic within the present literary tradition. It is vital to affirm here that western feminism posits a different viewpoint, not a separate society, culture, politics and so on, from western male controlled customs.

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The best expression of the Thai literary Essay

In modern times Thai writers have made use of Western literary forms. The best expression of the Thai literary genius is found in poetry.

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Criticism – Ecocriticism Essay

This echoes the functional approach of the cultural ecology branch of ecocriticism, which analyzes the analogies between ecosystems and imaginative texts and posits that such texts potentially have an ecological (regenerative, revitalizing) function in the cultural system (Zapf, “Literary Ecology”). Greg Garrard has dubbed ‘pastoral ecology’ the not...

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Ecocriticism Study Essay

Greg Garrard has dubbed ‘pastoral ecology’ the notion that nature undisturbed is balanced and harmonious (“Ecocriticism” 56-58), while Dana Phillips has criticised the literary quality and scientific accuracy of nature writing in “The Truth of Ecology”. This echoes the functional approach of the cultural ecology branch of ecocriticism, which analyze...

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Literary Translation Essay

A literary text would implicate not only other verbal texts but also other modes of signification like food, fashion, local medicinal systems, metaphysical systems, traditional and conventional narratives like myths, literary texts, legends as well as literary conventions like genres, literary devices, and other symbolic structures. Though this seem...

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Understanding Ourselves Through Philippine Literature Essay

Also, reading literary pieces by Filipino writers makes us aware of who we are as individuals. The challenge for the writer of the literary piece is to be able to creatively incorporate the realities of society into the written work.

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Comparitive Eastern Influences Responses

Most of its philosophical and medial practices should be employed by modern (Western) medicine. Hinduism is more than a concept, but the whole tradition of living for millions of followers.

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The Books and School Essay

To him he is the be-all and end-all of the canon that he defines for the Western world, the standard by which one judges all literature. He writes, “The Biblical thee-score years and ten no longer suffice to read more than selection of the great writers in what can be called the Western tradition, let alone in all the word’s traditions.

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Virtue as seen from the Classics Essay

Another form of ancient literature that was said to have influenced the shaping of the Western mind was the writings of Homer. The Iliad also reflected the polytheistic nature of the Western religion.

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Indian Literature Essay

Writing in Urdu began first in the Islamic kingdoms of the Deccan, where literary experiment was apparently easier and the prestige of the orthodox literary language, Persian, was less strong; it culminated there in the lyrics of Wali. For information on the literature written in the classicial language,Sanskrit,.The Indian literary tradition is pri...

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Song of Lawino: Cultural Duality and Universality

Thereby, analyses of the various literary techniques in Song of Lawino demonstrate that author Okot p’Bitek utilizes the specific techniques to suggest that both the Acholi and Western cultures be embraced, ultimately establishing the importance of integrating both old and new cultures when in need of a resolution. In the introduction to Song of Law...

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Writing Culture: the Poetics and Politics of Ethnography

The literary turn, just as its name implies, by taking text, writing and literary devices as key concepts and employing textual and literary analyses, is a radical shift which provides strikingly different epistemological and methodological approaches in the discipline of anthropology (Scholte 1987). Asad, T. (2002) ‘From the history of colonial ant...

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Barbara Christian: The race for literary theory

Many Western philosophers have played an important role in setting up the Literary Theory., who throughout history have been in the top of the literary hierarchy. And since the dominant critics and being also creative writers from the Western world had access to the institutions of education, the black writers have been excluded.

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An Analysis of Hybridity in Ahdaf Soueif’s Works

Ahdaf Soueif seems to have found a space, despite the fact that she does not belong exclusively to either the Eastern or the Western literary circuit, which allows her to harmonize both her Egyptian and English roots. By trying to give the subaltern a voice mediated to a Western model, these oppressed peoples become even more silent.

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History of writing Essay

The Renaissance in Western Europe revived Greek and Latin importance as literary languages. With the collapse of the Roman Empire in Western Europe, literary development was largely limited to the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire.

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