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Western And Traditional Healing Africa Health And Social Care Essay

According to Germov (2007, p. 8) Western Medicine is “the conventional approach to medicine in western societies, based on the diagnosis and explanation of illness as a mulfunction of the body’s biological mechanisms.” It encompasses a range of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness Hewson (1998).Lovell (2009) stated that the gap between western medicine and traditional medicine practitioners is increasing.This paper aims to compare the use of western medicine and traditional medicine.In Africa most people cannot afford to source western medicine mainly because it is very expensive and so they resort to their traditional medication mainly because it is cheaper.As noted by M...

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Western Medicine And African Traditional Health And Social Care Essay

Traditional medicine that has been adopted by other populations outside its own culture is often termed alternative or complementary medicine (WHO, 2008).There is also lack of cooperation between traditional medicine providers and western medicine practitioners.The use of western and african traditional medicine depends on an individual’s beliefs and culture.As noted by Germov (2007) there are varied reasons why alternative medicine is so popular at the expense of western medicine.According to Germov (2007, p. 8) Western Medicine is “the conventional approach to medicine in western societies, based on the diagnosis and explanation of illness as a mulfunction of the body’s biological mechanisms.” It encompasses a range of health care prac...

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TCM Vs Western Medicine

The Chinese model thus is concerned with the general well-being of the patient which is not the case of the Western medicine.Western medicine has the capabilities to save us from the prevalence of illnesses whereas the traditional Chinese medicine may play a great role in the protection and preservation of our well-being on a daily basis.With the use of technology, Western medicine focuses on the specific area that is suffering, whereas the Chinese model which does not use technology approaches illness in totality after the observation of symptoms and interaction with the patient.Therefore, the Western medicine is more concerned with the treatment of these body parts and organs in order to retain the health status (Los Angeles Chinese Le...

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Crucial Role Of Traditional Healers Health And Social Care Essay

Traditional medicine that has been adopted by other populations outside its own culture is often termed alternative or complementary medicine (WHO, 2008).According to Germov (2007, p. 8) Western Medicine is “the conventional approach to medicine in western societies, based on the diagnosis and explanation of illness as a mulfunction of the body’s biological mechanisms.” It encompasses a range of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness Hewson (1998).In Africa most people cannot afford to source western medicine mainly because it is very expensive and so they resort to their traditional medication mainly because it is cheaper.As noted by Germov (2007) there are varied reasons ...

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Treatment-seeking Behavior among the Nasioi people of Bougainville

Under these premises, the traditional medicine in Bouganville and western medicine is not a matter of choice.There was correspondence and comparative resemblance between traditional beliefs on causes of illness and theoretical predilection for traditional or western medicine.The traditional medicine of Nasioi people in the study specifically refers to herbal medicine which utilized plant and plant extracts for curing or healing (mostly relieving pain).Western medicine had been integrated to traditional medicine but had not absolutely superseded or deposed traditional medical practices.While western and traditional medical practitioners are keen collaborating together to integrate their differing medical systems, the people in general exp...

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East meets West

East Meets West / Emerging / Alternative Medicine Online.New ingredients and different sources were added to the original medicine to improve its effectiveness.The history over traditional medicine versus modern medicine has changed overtime ever since the two types of remedies united together.Alternative Medicine Emerging (n.d.).Western medicine was done by using scientific and chemical uses.

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Traditional Medicine

“Western medicine is based on biomedical science” which emphasizes on collecting data and evidence.Due to analytical and reductive methods, Western medicine is very efficacy in comprehending “the structure and function of the human body and diseases-causing agents such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, virus, etc” (Zhange, nd).Modern medicine mostly used in today hospital is Western medicine, which is believed to be originated from Ancient Egypt medicine about 500 years ago.The progress in today’s health care has contributed tremendously in the quality of modern people’s life, setting the Western medicine to be the most famous medicine in the world.“Traditional medicine is the sum total of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the th...

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Traditional medicine Essay

In conclusion, this essay has highlighted some of the arguments for and against people using traditional medicine.In fact, the number of patients who have used traditional medicine to cure their health is increasing.Secondly, alternative medicine is not cheaper and faster than other medicine.Another argument is traditional medicine can protect people’s health for a long time.For instance, Lingzhi is the name of a traditional medicine that has good effects for people health and can help people stronger or may live longer.

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Perspectives Of Healing And Medicine In African Culture Religion Essay

According to Harley, many elderly African-American believe their illnesses are magical and may be outside the realm of western medical techniques (Harley, page 439), thus indigenous methods of healing and medicine, used collectively with Western medical techniques may offer better overall care for patients with strong belief systems in alternative medicine.Like healers in many cultures of the world, Yoruba herbalists have drawn on a large body of knowledge in the course of over 10,000 years, and yet the world has ignored and overlooked the African contribution to medicine and the healing arts largely because advocates of Western medicinal practices seem to reject anything that could be viewed as “obscurantism” (Consentino).Historically, ...

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Medical Advances in China Essay

Many of the ideas emphasized in traditional Chinese medicine are not even related to Western medicine.Western medicine often focuses on defects, for instance, how to repair a torn ligament, reduce cholesterol or eliminate bacteria.There was great backlash and outrage to the practice of traditional medicine and in 1928, the Nationalist government declared the practice of Chinese medicine illegal, believing that it was superstitious and confusing compared to the growing influence of penicillin based western medicine.Many achievements have been obtained in treatment of common diseases such as cardio-cerebro-vascular disease, immunogenic diseases, tumors, bone fractures and continuous progress has been in the exploration and experimentation ...

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An analysis of Hong Kong’s Traditional Chinese Medicine market and it’s future

Western medicine is generally more efficient than Traditional Chinese Medicine in short run.Hong Kong companies may consider collaborating with mainland institutions to: (i) focus on Chinese medicine as a drug and health supplement for the domestic mainland market and Southeast Asia; and (ii) focus on Chinese medicine as a health or dietary supplement for major Western markets.In light of the direction of modern Chinese medicine development, and improved supervision and management in terms of manufacturing and sale of Chinese medicine, consumer confidence in and demand of Chinese medicine will increase, hence, rising market share of Chinese medicine.Western medicine cannot compare with Chinese medicine on its systemic diagnosis and treat...

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Role of Traditional Medicine in Third World Countries

Today traditional medicine is also referred to as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) (Shaikh & Hatcher, 2005).Traditional medicine generally refers to any medicinal knowledge and practices that aren’t within the domain of modern day Western medicine.Less common in Western culture, high reverence for elders in many third world countries is a major reason traditional medicine enjoys considerable public endorsement.However, traditional medicine is unique in that improvements in well-being may incorporate spiritual healing, and whereas western medicine largely relies on science-based knowledge and procedures, traditional medicine is based on local rituals, herbs, and superstitions indigenous to the local community (NAHO, 2003)....

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Medical Beliefs of the Hmong People Depicted in the Book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

Negative health care experiences result in Hmong community members’ mistrust and fear of Western medicine.In Hmong’s, they have their own traditional beliefs in which they hardly ever alter due to a different atmosphere.Traditional Hmong’s have their own medicinal beliefs which they obey prior to obtaining Western medicine.Differences between Hmong traditional beliefs and Western biomedical beliefs create a lack of understanding.In the book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, refers to the Hmong culture and their beliefs on medicine while their baby Lia Lee, is suffering from epilepsy in which they have a hard decision.

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Medicine Essay

Thus the historian of medicine Roger Dachez who highlights the preventive aspect and the global vision of medicine in the Middle Ages.This human medicine is complementary and in synergy with veterinary medicine.Some researchers are also rehabilitating certain aspects of western medieval medicine.The major innovations brought by Western medicine from the 19th century (anesthesia and asepsis followed by vaccination and antibiotics in the 20th century), its successes, as well as its distribution throughout the world through in particular colonization by the West will encourage to pose, from the end of the 19th century, Western scientific medicine as an authoritative model of medicine, which has spread worldwide through its industrialization...

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Eastern Religions Analysis Essay

, 18, p. 113. .Recent years, eastern religious traditions penetrate into modern medicine brining new understanding of diseases and their causes.International Journal of Humanities and Peace .Science, Faith and Alternative Medicine.Dworkin explains: “Alternative medicine stands between medical science and organized religion, and therefore stands between what is known and what is unknown” (Dworkin 2001, 3).

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Adverse Drug Reactions Essay

Medicine safety must be followed by careful patient monitoring and further scientific data collection.When we take medications using western medicine, one thing we know is for sure, we will be treated.I am not saying that we need to stop using Western Medicines.This is not a common issue in the Philippines since we patronize traditional medicine like herbal medicines.This is all about the adverse effects or harmful effects of Western Medicine.

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An Analysis of the Use of Alternative Medicine

From Asia to Europe and now to the United States, alternative medicine is rapidly spreading to Western culture.An example of an alternative therapy is to treat cancer with a special diet instead of a surgeon, radiotherapy or chemotherapy recommended by a doctor.Holistic medicine has traditionally been used as a basis for treatment by practitioners of traditional alternative medicine.Some of these methods may involve the use of complementary alternative medicine, but overall medicine does not rule out traditional medicine.Alternative medicine is to treat diseases and injuries that are not considered traditional medicine.It uses traditional medicine as part of its treatment.

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CAM Therapeutic Modalities

Conventional medicine does not impact alternative medicine in that this type of medicine does not have any scientific evidence or study, but is based on traditions and culture.In this paper, I will define the terms alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine and clarify how these terms differ.According to National Institutes of Health (2010), Conventional medicine (also called Western or allopathic medicine) is medicine as practiced by holders of M.D.Complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine, and alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine.This research paper have defined alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine followed by describing how...

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Relevance of Asian Martial Arts In Modern and Alternative Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (or Eastern Medicine) .Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, and various forms of martial arts for healing and health maintenance.Qigong is utilized by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Western doctors as a set of breathing and movement exercises that result in health benefits by reducing stress and increasing energy circulation and flow throughout the body (Ownby, 2003).Traditional Medicine (or Western Medicine) .In order to ensure the scientific accuracy of the health benefits associated with these Qigong exercises, researches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Modern Medicine, Psychology, Athletic Science, and other related subjects conducted expe...

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Medicine in the Fight against HIV/AIDS and Cancer

A combination of the conventional allopathic medicine of the West with the ancient holistic approach of alternative medicine could present a more efficient solution in the quest for the treatment of disease and the maintenance of health.Other insurance companies have incorporated limited plans into their program, showing that alternative medicine still has very far to go to gain the recognition it needs to be placed alongside allopathic medicine in Western culture.Mind/Body Medicine is a form of alternative medicine that has gained significant credibility for itself in the Western world and is fast becoming more of a mainstream style than an alternative one.In 1993, a study in The New England Journal of Medicine documented that 1 in 3 ad...

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Chinese Medicine

The new institution not only introduced breakthrough in the research and development of western medicine in China, it also brought the first graduate, Dr SUN Yat-sen (1866 – 1925), a Christian himself who led the Chinese Revolution and toppled the Qing Dynasty, to establish the Republic of China in 1911, profoundly changes the history of China.The college achieved its aim to spread Christianity and western medicine, as well as women social status in the Chinese society.In Hong Kong, a British colony at the time, Tung Wah Hospital was established in 1870 which was the first hospital in China providing Chinese medicine services in western hospital mode.In addition, modern western medicine played a large role in coping with the outbreaks ...

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Comparing Chinese Herbal Medicine And Modern Medicine Sociology Essay

Research has shown that most people choose modern medicine, i.e., western medicine to cure diseases.Nor was Chinese Herbal Medicine, which has led less people being interest in China culture, history, and Chinese herbal medicine.This project is to compare Chinese herbal medicine with modern (Western) medicine in terms of culture, sociological and human well-being effects.In this way, some Westerners like Chinese medicine, but, because of different background, different culture, different history, their translate Chinese medicine of their own way based on their own culture.The book on Formulas and Strategies by Dan Bensky and Randall Barolet has divided Chinese herbal medicine as Chinese herbal and Chinese medicine.

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Ayurvedic Medicine Essay

The proposed research study aims to explore the ancient art of traditional Eastern Indian Ayurvedic medicine, its validity as a scientifically proven means of symptom prevention, daily healthcare regimen, disease curative and whether or not this form of CAM has a current presence in the U. S. or any potential future in our existing healthcare system.Unfortunately, conventional Western medicine is largely focused on treating the symptoms of chronic disease and prevention often goes ignored.This research has led to advances in traditional medicine, such as the use of certain plants when modern medicine is unavailable (Baghel 2011).Not only will the current and potential patients of the ancient practice benefit by a growing and increased aw...

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Traditional And Modern Medicine Essay

The role of each traditional medicine practitioner is defined by three distinct factors.They are unable to connect to some greater meaning and that is one of the main reasons why they often rely on traditional medicine practitioners who may take care of all different dimensions of their lives.Traditional medicine is also used in the Western civilizations but it may sometimes lead to certain health hazards in cases when it is not used appropriately.The most common practices of traditional medicine include traditional African medicine, Ifa, Muti, acupuncture, traditional Korean medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Islamic medicine, ancient Iranian medicine, Unani, Siddha medicine, Ayurveda and herbal medicine.Traditional Medicine .

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Medicinal Plants

And lastly, documentation of the researchers local medicinal plants will increase awareness and attention on the medicinal plants; eventually leading to a dependable information on the traditional use of medicinal plants and serve as a bridge between traditional and modern medicine.It is used as a herbal medicine and it is a shrub that grows in the mild tropical countries.Furthermore, medicinal plants take in hand not only the need to use medicine as a component of health services but also to the need for increased awareness of the benefits of the herbal medicines.Western herbalism is characterized by a person centered approach where the patient is the focused of the practitioner’s attention.This study will be guided by the Western Herba...

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First Nations Health Authority

Most of the times, when there is a physical ailment, people resort to the Western medicine, because of its immediate effects of bringing down the unpleasant body affects the ailment brings; this partially is because of the fact that modern medical practices and psychotherapeutic approaches are well documented and efficacy can be measured using statistical methods and analytical methods.According to WHO, it has been estimated that “about 80% of the population in developing countries depends on traditional medicine for their Primary Health Care needs”.WHO has already taken steps to emphasize the importance of traditional medicine and its influence on the modern medicine by developing WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023, in response...

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The Use of Traditional Medicine in the Caribbean Essay

K. Sydara, S.Gneunphonsavath, R. Wahlstrom, S.Freudenthal, K. Houamboun, G. Tomson and T. Freudenthal (2005) in The Use of Traditional Medicine in Lao PDR, examine the attitudes of rural and urban households in Lao toward Traditional Medicine.* Clinical and empirical studies into the use, efficacy and effects of Traditional Medicine used in Trinidad can be undertaken by the Ministry of Health, Social Scientists, Medical Research Scientists and Traditional Medicine practitioners.People usually turn to Traditional Medicine when conventional medicine has failed.A number of solutions for integrating Traditional Medicine with modern medicine to benefit residents were suggested, some more aggressive than others.Modern Medicine-Medicine as prac...

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Medical Pluralism Essay

Medical treatments vary around the globe, but are still shaped around the three categories of professional, folk and popular medicine that when used in conjunction, create what is termed medical pluralism.Popular medicine, however, still stays part of the pluralistic setting.He first started with home remedies, then moved to poorly understood drugs of western medicine but only found relief through a local Halali Sunna leader that practiced a form of folk medicine using plant materials.Natural medicine still fights to prove it is not “quackery” despite being the most popular treatment in the world.However, at the time Schwager’s article was published, a group of Australian doctors and scientists were fighting to remove alternative medicin...

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Applied Medical Anthropology: Towards a Holistic Medical Approach

Additionally, it would ensure that biomedical procedures are only used when clearly indicated and maintain maximum effectiveness by reinforcement through traditional methods.Through understanding of native concepts of sickness and illness a western practitioner could explain treatment in terms a patient might understand (Barnard 360), or alternatively pair up with a native practitioner to handle the psychological experience of illness while he deals with the biomedical systems.Another potential impact that is made possible through medical anthropology is greater acceptance of western practices in the non-western world.Doctors following the Western form of practice, biomedicine, have become increasingly isolated from their patients.One po...

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The Body, Meaning and Symbols in Medical Anthropology Essay examples

The body is the site of medicine, because the body is the site of all cultural practices.Kuriyama describes this in terms of western obsessions with musculature or the Chinese emphasis on how the skin looks.Also we see how medical anthropology takes these interpretations and uses them to critique the system’s practices.As Byron Good states, “medicine formulates the human body and disease in a culturally distinctive fashion”.It emphasizes a biological reductionism which limits the care it can bring to the person it reconstructs as a patient, and in doing so, it discounts the multiple meanings medical symbols can hold for the patient.

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