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Specific Themes and Myths of Different Cultures

Contrary to the modernity of the Western culture, the Eastern culture is a composition of traditional cultures including those of the Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Arabic, Filipino culture and others.However, the contemporary Asian music is now heavily influenced by the Western cultures particularly that of the American culture.Therefore, the themes and myths behind the Western and Eastern culture are different in such a way that the Western culture is focus in modernization while the Eastern culture is seem to be centered on traditions.The Western culture is highly characterized by its focus on science and technology, thus industrialization began in the region and has made most of the European countries become industrialized and de...

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East meets West

Now, with the eastern and western medicine combined, cure has improved for any sickness out there, either scientifically or spiritually.Eastern medicine was used by Chinese and Korea to treat any medical condition.Integrating modern and traditional medicine: Facts and figures – SciDev.Net.In May 5, 1998 the joining of the eastern and western medicine were known to be outstanding.Western medicine was done by using scientific and chemical uses.

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Eastern Religions Analysis Essay

Dworkin explains: “Alternative medicine stands between medical science and organized religion, and therefore stands between what is known and what is unknown” (Dworkin 2001, 3).As the most important, eastern religious traditions use herbal substances and other natural ingredients as an alternative to surgical treatment methods.In contrast to eastern traditions, modern western medicine rejects the role of mind and soul in treatment trying to explain everything form Rationalist point of view.Alternative medicine is a ‘branch’ of modern medicine which applied eastern religious traditions into professional medical practice.Eastern religious traditions prove that chemical substances are ineffective if a person (patient) cannot change his atti...

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Nonconventional Medicine

In eastern societies and cultures, systems such as Ayurvedic Medicine and chinese medicine are being considered as conventional because they have been used widely for centuries and continue to be used.Lots of pharmaceutical companies and a number of healthcare administrations daily make a lot of researches about medicine.And statement by a professor who is the laureate of the Nobel Prize- Dr. Linus Pauling: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” can prove the fact that use of nonconventional medicine is effective for everyone.There is such a wide diversity of unconventional treatments accessible, starting from ancient eastern practices like chinese medicine and finishing with therapies w...

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Ayurvedic Medicine Essay

Being that the medical practice of Ayurveda goes back as far as 6,000 years, 3,000 of those years recorded and verifiable, it is worth inquiring about why the seemingly successful methodologies and medical practices have not been adopted into the Western framework of scientific medicine.The proposed research study aims to explore the ancient art of traditional Eastern Indian Ayurvedic medicine, its validity as a scientifically proven means of symptom prevention, daily healthcare regimen, disease curative and whether or not this form of CAM has a current presence in the U. S. or any potential future in our existing healthcare system.China has accomplished this feat by requiring medical students to complete coursework in Western and tradit...

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Effects of Eastern Religions Essay

Meditation is seen as a spiritual practice for people who follow Taoism and Buddhism in China and also seen as a practice to relieve stress and to relax much like it is seen in western society for others.As acupuncture has become popular among western cultures, other configurations of spiritual healing have surfaced, for example meditation and yoga.Since then, the religion has adapted to the western way of life, and has helped to evolve the religion.The influence of Hinduism is apparent throughout western civilizations and societies.“Buddhism gained a foothold among a significant number of Western intellectuals and particularly during the 1960s and early ‘70s among young people seeking new forms of religious experience and expression” (B...

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Traditional vs Alternative Medicine Essay

Alternative medicine is the collection of all the knowledge, skills and practices based on age-old theories or experiences.This can also be referred to as contemporary medicine or the western medicine.Traditional medicine, as we commonly know includes modern health science, medical technology, surgery and associated practices.Development in modem medicine has not ensured a healthy lifestyle.Thus alternate system rates over traditional medicine in eradication of simple maladies.

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Meditation Essay

Weiser Books; Revised edition, July 1, 2014.The Heart of Buddhist Meditation.Diamo Healing: The Buddhist Medicine and Medical Psychiatry of Tibet.Yet, meditation thwarts all notions of modern medicine with its shocking ability to to take obscure visualizations and create physical responses in the body.Western medicine has recently discovered the powerful affects of meditation, by allowing doctors to treat the body and the mind.

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Meditation as a Preventative Measure to Reduce Morbidity and Stress Essays

Over the last half-century, the western-scientific community has begun to evaluate the efficacy of the eastern methods of meditation.29(4), 255-257.International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, 40(4), 461- 468. doi:10.2190/PM.40.4.h Welcome to www.mbct.com.The effect of meditation and physiological distress amongst buddhist monks and nuns.A brief report.

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An analysis of Hong Kong’s Traditional Chinese Medicine market and it’s future

Hong Kong government also trying to create a supportive business environment to upgrade existing Chinese Medicine manufacturing companies and to attract new entrants of good potential to build up local Chinese Medicine Industry.Hong Kong companies may consider collaborating with mainland institutions to: (i) focus on Chinese medicine as a drug and health supplement for the domestic mainland market and Southeast Asia; and (ii) focus on Chinese medicine as a health or dietary supplement for major Western markets.While development of new medicine and proprietary drugs for the western market is expected to be a very long-term investment project.In light of the direction of modern Chinese medicine development, and improved supervision and man...

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Traditional And Modern Medicine Essay

A culture may contain certain elements of folk medicine which are simply diffused among individuals, so it requires some time until all the knowledge elements are gathered together and applied in specific medical situations.They are unable to connect to some greater meaning and that is one of the main reasons why they often rely on traditional medicine practitioners who may take care of all different dimensions of their lives.The most common practices of traditional medicine include traditional African medicine, Ifa, Muti, acupuncture, traditional Korean medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Islamic medicine, ancient Iranian medicine, Unani, Siddha medicine, Ayurveda and herbal medicine.The role of each traditional medicine practitione...

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Relevance of Asian Martial Arts In Modern and Alternative Medicine

Qigong is utilized by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Western doctors as a set of breathing and movement exercises that result in health benefits by reducing stress and increasing energy circulation and flow throughout the body (Ownby, 2003).In order to ensure the scientific accuracy of the health benefits associated with these Qigong exercises, researches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Modern Medicine, Psychology, Athletic Science, and other related subjects conducted experiments that tested the accuracy of the claim regarding the health benefits of the Qigong exercises (Ownby, 2003).Traditional Medicine (or Western Medicine) .Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as doctors in the Western worl...

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The Spirit Catches You, a Look at Qdp vs Epilepsy Essay

Dr. Bruce Thowpaou Bliatout, born in Laos himself, has many ideas of approaching the idea of western medicine vs. Hmong culture.I believe that the “gulf” between western medicine and the Hmong culture is bridgeable.He believes that in order to persuade Hmong’s to get the treatment they deserve to cater more to their needs.He also encourages that shamanic rituals be allowed in the hospital.Epilepsy is recognized by western medicine as a serious neurological condition.

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The Practice And History Of Alchemy Chemistry Essay

This book was revolutionary for the field of medicine, the emerging field of a more scientific-based alchemy, and for western science in general because it was one of the first known attempts in separating scientific facts of chemistry from mysticism.The decline of alchemy began in the 18th century with the birth of modern chemistry, which provided a more precise and reliable framework for matter transmutations and medicine, within a new grand design of the universe based on rational materialism.As the obscure hermetic language of the alchemists is gradually being “deciphered”, historians are becoming more aware of the intellectual connections between that discipline and other facets of Western cultural history, such as the sociology and...

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Health Care Roles in Communication Essay

If Lena was used to Vietnamese eastern medicine her reaction to being in the hospital is not surprising.Eastern medicine relies heavily on the spiritual element in the human body as much as western medicine relies on the chemical makeup (Vietnam National Administration Of Tourism, 2010).Education Resources Information Center .As an example, if Lena is from Vietnam her knowledge of medicine would be vastly different (Schultz, 1980).Elisabeth Kubler-Ross once said,” “We have to ask ourselves whether medicine is to remain a humanitarian and respected profession or a new but depersonalized science in the service of prolonging life rather than diminishing human suffering.” In the health care field there are many roles that balance each othe...

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Role of Traditional Medicine in Third World Countries

Authorities in the industrialised world used the term ‘traditional medicine’ to distinguish between Western medicine and medical knowledge and practices that were local to indigenous tribes in Africa, South East Asia and other parts of the third world.Herbalists are perhaps equivalent to pharmacists and pharmacologists in western medicine.Traditional medicine generally refers to any medicinal knowledge and practices that aren’t within the domain of modern day Western medicine.As early as 1984 Cooper argued that Western medicine might not really be suitable for the third world (Cooper, 1984).(2005) Complementary and Alternative Medicine in .

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Kohlberg’s Moral Development

Lifespan Development (11th ed.).Eastern cultures may have different moral outlooks that Kohlberg’s theory does not account for (Cherry, 2012).The druggist responsible for creating the medicine was not interested in helping Mr. Heinz obtain the medicine and was knowingly charging ten times the amount required to produce the medicine.Some critics argue that Kohlberg’s theory only entails Western thinking and excludes Eastern attitudes and beliefs.New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

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Difference between Eastern and Western Philosophy Essay

Eastern Philosophy is the philosophy found in the Asian continent which includes Indian Philosophy such as Hinduism, Chinese Philosophy such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, Japanese Philosophy, such as Zen Buddhism and Iranian Philosophy such as Zoroastrianism.On the other hand, in Western philosophy religion is either opposed or considered separate from their philosophy.In Eastern Philosophy, their religion is integrated with their philosophy and is considered as their way of life.Eastern philosophy considers God as one with the physical reality.On the other hand, Western Philosophy is the philosophy found in the Western countries which is classified according to era beginning with Greek Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Renaissan...

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The Black Death Essay

Available from:Mellissa Snell.Graveyards were full, medicine failed, parents abandoned ill children and in just six months, millions had died.Now, most people have a choice of religion and most people aren’t treated like the people of the medieval period.We have more advanced medicine and have excelled in science and knowledge.

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Moringa Oleifera Medicinal Uses

Crushed leaves are used to clean cooking utensils or even walls.is the most widely cultivated species of the monogeneric family Moringaceae (order Brassicales), that includes thirteen species of trees and shrubs distributed in sub Himalayan ranges of India, Sri Lanka, North Eastern and South Western Africa, Madagascar and Arabia.(Taken from Moringa oleifera a multi-purpose tree) .Pharmacological effects and risks of using Moringa oleifera .. Interviewees – Date of interviews 29th April, 2011 for Moringa oleifera.Table showing the herbs vendors along with their contact information .

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Major Differencies Between Eastern and Western Philosophies as the Basis for Adult Education Essay

I will focus on four major differences between Eastern and Western philosophies.The Western idea of democracy does not fit into the Eastern scheme of things easily.Western civilisation based itself on the struggle between the Good and Evil, God and Satan or Psyche and Cupid.Taoism permeates the economic and social lives of the Chinese through geomancy, qigong, Chinese medicine and idol worship.The Eastern traditions refer to this ultimate, indivisible reality as Brahman in Hinduism, Dharmakaya in Buddhism and Tao in Taoism.

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Major Differencies Between Eastern Essay

I will focus on four major differences between Eastern and Western philosophies.As Greek and Latin are to Western civilisation, so classical Chinese is to East Asian civilisation.Western philosophy has its roots in Athens, Rome and Judeo­Christianity while Eastern philosophy is derived from Confucianism, Taoism and Mahayana Buddhism.Western Individualism and Eastern Collectivism In the Greco?Eastern philosophical thought is based on this notion of the Yin and the Yang.

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Better Community and Build a Healthier Life Essay

Hence as it continually strives to achieve its mission Habitat is likewise constantly calling more volunteers to take their part in re-building the world.Anchoring on a statement made by Dr. Stephen Post, a professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and co-author of the forthcoming book Why Good Things Happen to Good People: The Exciting New Research That Proves the Link Between Doing Good and Living a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life that, “There is now a convergence of research leading to the conclusion that helping others makes people happier and healthier.As of this writing there are 132 affiliates in the Asia-Pacific region and 2,291 worldwide.Contact Name: Phone: Website: E-mail: ### .Habitat’s work is far...

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Medical Translation: Functionalist Approaches

By the Middle Ages, translation from Arabic to Latin saw the spreading of information to the Western world and Christian Europe and with the colonisation of the New World and the discovering of new drugs, translations into Castilian and English were produced in the sixteenth century (Fischbach: Wright1993).Because Latin was once the lingua franca of medicine and Greek was the original language of medical text, there still exists today a great amount of Latin and Greek based words and the use of Latin and Greek suffixes and prefixes.In the Renaissance, Latin was the Lingua Franca creating translations between Latin and vernacular languages and between vernacular languages themselves (Montalt and Davies, 2007)... [1] Hippocrates, known a...

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Development Of Clinic Management System Computer Science Essay

After the doctor finish consults the patient, the patient records which included the newest prescription will be hand’s up to nurse or staff to collect the medicine and lastly payment process will be conducted.The prescription and medicine name will write in a paper manually.Beside of wasting the time, it also require large physical storage to store all the hard copy patient’s records, employee records, medicine records and others.after the doctor consult the patient, the doctor have to write prescription and decide the medicine for the patients.after the doctor finish the prescription nurse have to reduce the total amount of the medicine manually from the medicine record and lastly payment by type in the total and required information f...

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The Use of Traditional Medicine in the Caribbean Essay

Dublin resident’s complaint of the lack of holistic care in mainstream medicine pushes them toward Traditional Medicine.Lao residents opined that modern medicine did not cure diseases, Traditional Medicine can cure completely.Modern Medicine-Medicine as practiced by holders of M.D (medical doctor).Other terms includes: allopathic medicine; western medicine; mainstream medicine; orthodox medicine; regular medicine and biomedicine.St. Augustine, a district along the urban corridor of the Eastern Main Road, Trinidad, has over the last ten years witnessed the growth of Traditional Medicine businesses which claim to offer healing solutions unlike that of modern medicine.Traditional Medicine- Systems of medicine developed before the era of mod...

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TCM Vs Western Medicine

The differences between the traditional Chinese medicine and the Western medicine presents us with a unique situation where by experiencing similar symptoms and signs, calls for differently addressing the same patient.Western medicine has the capabilities to save us from the prevalence of illnesses whereas the traditional Chinese medicine may play a great role in the protection and preservation of our well-being on a daily basis.Based on the Chinese philosophical concept of the body, western medicine focuses its treatment on the Yin (anatomy), whereas the traditional Chinese medicine is mainly focused on the Yang (physiology).With the use of technology, Western medicine focuses on the specific area that is suffering, whereas the Chinese ...

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Analysis of the Apollo Hospital’s Business Environment

Ex Telemedicine or shifting to other medicine like Ayurveda or natural care unless it is difficult to find some way of changing this situation, this looks like a very tough industry to survive in.By full swing on the use of knowledge and technology , to enable patients to get peace of mind and reliable service , which has been widely recognized throughout India and overseas .Today, Apollo , independent operators in India with more than 37 hospitals .A large number of patients in Western countries come to India for treatment, because of this reason .But in the Eastern countries , there are still many poor families have no money to see a doctor , so while maintaining high standards of quality of care , try to reduce costs and achieve the p...

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The Economics of the Loss of Tropical Forests and Other Critical Habitats for Biological Diversity

The Uluguru Mountains of eastern Tanzania: The effect of forest loss on diversity.53(6): 573-585 .The study showed that commercial harvest of herbal medicine in a bid to meet growing urban demand for natural medicines had increased the value of medicinal plants to humans.A clearer picture of impact of deforestation of tropical forest on medicinal plants was presented by Patricia and Leda (2003) in their study on impacts of forest degradation on medicinal plants in Eastern Amazonian.The impacts of forest degradation on medicinal plants use and implications for health of healthcare in Eastern Amazonian.

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The Road Away from the Beast

I have also found several sites where health professionals and authorities in the field of alternative medicine reply to questions.This acknowledgement was a powerful step for alternative and its integration into mainstream medicine.Last October, one of the most prestigious medical journals published, The Journal of the American Medical Association, dedicated one of its weekly issues to alternative medicine, which they call, Complementary medicine."Traditional Chinese Medicine HyperNews Group".Where traditional medicine takes the steps to treat the symptoms, Eastern or rather, Alternative medicine will treat the problem.

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