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What are the major sub-fields of Political Science?

The approaches to Political Science study are old institutionalism, new institutionalism, systems analysis, structural functionalism, political culture, rational choice, feminism, post-modernism, and political economy.This imposition of a Western approach is used against the discipline.“The Tradition of Political Science”.Why do we say that the tradition of Political Science is Western and that the knowledge in this discipline is cumulative?Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, Issues, .

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Weber’s Concept of Rationalization

It is clear that Weber did not provide a direct definition for what rationalization meant.Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing.Weber, M. (2005).The reality is that because of the effortless movement of ideals and people, bureaucracy enables individuals to cooperate in an efficient manner, which is a result of rational behaviour.However, a disadvantage to an individual taking this interpretation is that although Weber supports scientific reasoning, he does not believe that it is only unique to Western society.

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Legal Rational Authority Essay

Another source reveals that legal-rational authority brings about the development of a rational legal system, there is likely to be a political system which becomes rationalized in a similar way.It blocks the development of rational or legal forms of authority or acts as a barrier to the development of more rational or legal forms of authority characteristic of western societies.* Max Weber-Traditional, Rational –Legal and Charismatic Authority –By Dana Williams .Rational-legal authority (also known as rational authority, legal authority, rational domination, legal domination, or bureaucratic authority) is a form of leadership in which the authority of an organization or a ruling regime is largely tied to legal rationality, legal legit...

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Impact Of Christian Missionary Activity

The Hindu Renaissance promoted a different style of Hinduism ,namely a ‘modern Hinduism ‘ , a ‘neo Hinduism’ characterized by the relationship between religion and nationalism , the majority of its thinkers having been exposed to western thought , Christianity and education (Beckerlegge,2004 p 139)Placing greater importance on the individual similar to the Enlightenment rather than traditional authorities , the worship of idols and belief in old traditions became a burden.Hinduism was thus further reinforced by western educated voices rather than traditional and illiterate ones.However India’s diversity and class/caste ridden society could not follow into the Western tradition.In Northern India for instance, missionary schools became a w...

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Max Weber Essay

For Weber, the Western world is characterized, in fact, by a rationalization oriented towards practical action in the world, that is to say by a desire for systematic control and domination of nature and people.He concludes by writing that the study of the sociology of religion must lead to a better understanding of one of the main aspects of Western civilization, namely a certain emancipation from the magical explanation of the world, a "disenchantment with the world" ; a path followed among others by Marcel Gauchet, notably in Le Désenchantement du monde (1986).Western cities are institutional associations of bourgeois (communalization), capable of forming jurisdictions (sociation).Contrary to the positivist tradition, then dominant in...

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Evolution of Race in State Development

Emphasis upon enlightened and rational thought placed Europe and the supposed civility its race in contrast with all primitive places.Keita, L. (2002) The Western Journal of Black Studies 26: 1, 55 .In modern times, where Western societies have attempted to formulate a comprehensive definition of race, an overwhelmingly white / Caucasian identity is invoked as the societal norm, with others who are not a part of the white definition cast in the position as a racial ‘other’.From a purely biological orientation, debate has raged as to whether there are distinct physiological differences between various peoples sufficient to permit a rational, science based differentiation between them; DNA research and the genome projects confirm this dis...

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Modern and Postmodern Traditions in Power and Law

Modernism, which dominated Western society throughout the 20th century until the 1960s, assumed that all human enterprises should be conducted according to the principles of universal rationality, with a strongly centralizing tendency emphasized in all social institutions.In the words of Sterling and Moore (1987: 75), “Although Weber denied that he was posing a unilineal process of rationalization, he did tend to view legal systems as moving from irrational to rational, and from substantive to formal rationality.” Moreover, Weber links his typology of law to his typology of politics.If the rational rule of law is enshrined as a written code, but language itself is open to a diversity of interpretation, how can the rule of law be trusted ...

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Positive Negative Impacts Of Globalai Essay

Mostly, the young generation is very much interested on English movies, western music, dresses, foods and other things rather than Bengali culture.It had started get fixing with western clothing, western languages, western mannerisms and everything else westernized.Bangladeshi culture is influenced by three great religions- Hinduism, Buddhism band Islam in successive order, with Islam having the most pervading and lasting impact.Undoubtedly, western culture and Indian culture are poles apart.Globalisation and mass media has laid the basis of the merger of western culture with Indian culture and this collision can better be termed as westernisation.Openness and self dependency are a few words that define western culture, but Indian cultur...

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Cultural differences between Indian and Western civilizations

It is based on the fundamental rights of citizenship, which is a Western notion.But simultaneously, another part of India lives in a new world, in constant evolution, turned toward western rationalism and open to individual dynamism and to social progress.Ever since, the influence of the Western World on the Indian society kept on growing.This way of thinking is totally opposed to our western egalitarian ideology and it seems unstandable to us.This has great influence on the way we think in the West : when confronted to a problem, the western thought judges the choice between two opposite necessary.

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Does The Modernization Theories Mean Westernization Politics Essay

Therefore for those who modernize does not have to adopt the western cultures .Can one modernize without being western?There is therefore need to differentiate the western influence from the modernization in the west.The East especially the Islamic nations has particularly remained cold in adopting the western values more specifically due to the religion factor which is seen as an overtaking of the Muslim religion and culture by the Christian practices and norms .During this period two western centric ideas were accepted which were; the impact — response approach and the tradition — modernity approach that contributed to the Chinese transformation.

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Ancient And Medieval Vs. Medieval Philosophy Essay

An example, of an unique and rational object is a man, and figures are Plato and Socrates(sophists).If we need to see the development or “the story”of Western philosophy, First, we need to look into the three stages of philosophy: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern.The ancient Greek philosophers have played a pivotal role in the shaping of the western philosophical tradition.The main theme of the development of “Western Philosophy” is faith and reason.In the conclusion of this paper, I already discussed the development of Western philosophy, and the historical standpoint of the how philosophy became what it is now.

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The Closing of the American Mind

According to Bloom, such attitude is only natural as such is a direct opposite of the Western thought.Bloom argues that the current trend in our educational system is that it obstructs us from using our prejudices to move towards better understanding of things around us.Education then is the process of recognizing our various prejudices and inquiring on these prejudices to arrive at a genuine understanding of everything especially about cultural differences.Simon & Schuster.Majority of the non-Western societies consider their culture and tradition to be better and greater than others.

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The Indian Freedom Struggle History Essay

It shows Gandhi’s knowledge about a western born idea of nationalism and its traditional use in Indian conditions by bringing it close to religion.He would have made India to unlearn or forget everything un-ethical brought by the western civilizations to the shores of India.Although the foundations for many of Gandhi’s arguments are primarily Indian influenced but he often colours them with western thought.This idea can be considered Western due to its correlation with modern American thought (freedom of religion), and because it is a new thought for India.Gandhi’s arguments are rooted in Indian tradition, however, they are presented as a Western text.

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The Validity of Enlightenment Ideals for Non-Western Countries Essay

But what matters most here is that the Western countries became successful in spreading and enlightening their concept of enlightenment since it is clearly and justifiably manifested in most parts of the world.Nevertheless, along with these changes in terms of education, scientific and rational revolutions, and many others brought about by the Western Enlightenment is the ideological attacks against some of the fundamental institutions of the Western culture primarily the religion.After the wide spread of the Western culture to many non-Western countries, different parts of the world had experienced a lot of changes in terms of their ways of life, religion, traditions and the like.And this is one of the most influential concepts that the...

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Patricia Nelson Limerick’s “The Legacy of Conquest: The Unbroken Past of the American West”

Western history spans from before European arrival to the mid-1980s and from the High Plains to the Pacific: the western region, not the processual frontier.While western studies scholars may find few new insights in this book, in terms of facts, they should find .In her definition of the New Western History, Patricia Nelson Limerick views the West as a region, rejecting the term “frontier” as the best demarcation for the processes playing out in that region.This intersection of ethnic diversity with property allocation unifies Western history”[3] was associated with conquest.The author provides more than a valuable contribution to examining the American West; it can be considered as a classic in the field of American Western history.

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The Science of Muddling Through

Like the name of rational comprehensive, it undoubtedly advocates integrated or comprehensive analysis during the decision-making.The style of incremental decision-making is indeed same to play the Muddling Through.I think that’s why the author gave this name to his article.Incremental decision-making emphasizes government maintaining the social stability while it reforming.One is called the rational comprehensive, namely root method, and another is the successive limited comparisons, that is branch method.

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History of philosophy Essay

Western thought puts more emphasis on individualism, science, math, and politics – hence, rational and materialistic.KEY CHARACTERISTICS OF EASTERN & WESTERN PHILOSOPHIES Western Philosophy.Socrates was a large influence on western philosophy, but there was a pre-Socratic era that covered philosophical topics.Is rational because most western thought focused on refining epistemology and logic.Pre-Socratic Philosophers Thales (c. 624 – 546 B. C. ) Greek philosopher who was regarded as the first philosopher in western tradition.

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“The Origins of Greek Thought” by Jean-Pierre Vernant Essay

In the first few pages of his book “The Origins of Greek Thought”, Jean-Pierre Vernant maps out ways to “document the birth of rational thought.”(Vernant pg.The geneses of Greek philosophy were the consequences of a new polis which sprouted individual political ideas.Finally, the Dorian invasion gave birth to the archon, broke monarch tradition, helped forth philosophy, and gave birth to a new kind of new kind of city (polis).He believed that with the decline of mythological thought came the birth of rational understanding.So it is clear that the fall of Mycenae concluded with the overthrow of the king, left a political void in the government, set the stage for philosophy to materialize, and broke tradition by failing to installing a new...

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Can Decentralization Of Governance Help Reduce Corruption Politics Essay

This underpinned the reason why leader integrity, as was earlier noted, is crucial to individual choice (rational choice) to be corrupt or not.It is not that Western countries are completely free of corruption, but it is their institutional capacity to control corruption that set them apart from countries in the global south.In rational choice perspective, the individual leader will obviously tend to weight the cost of being corrupt or not, and this cost is relative depending on country.At the same time, there will be set of rational believes about the causal structure of the situation, which determines what causes of action will lead to what outcome.The traditional simplification of rational choice model has been to equate ‘rational’ wi...

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History of philosophy Essay

5 Further reading 6 See also 7 Footnotes 8 References 9 External links Western philosophy[edit] Western philosophy has a long history, conventionally divided into four large eras – the Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary.Medieval philosophy[edit] Further information: Medieval philosophy The history of western medieval philosophy is generally divided into two periods, early medieval philosophy, which started with St. Augustine in the mid 4th century and lasted until the recovery in the 13th century West of a great bulk of Aristotle’s works and their subsequent translation into Latin .Ancient philosophy[edit] Further information: Ancient philosophy Ionia, source of early Greek philosophy, in western Asia Minor Western Philosophy ...

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Assess the view that we are now living in a secular society Essay

It cites the popularity of churchgoing in the USA (40% of US adults attend church on a Sunday compared to 10% in England), New Age Movements in Western Europe, the growth in fundamentalist movements and the evangelical revival in Latin America as examples of ‘religious health and vitality’.However, Bruce did admit that religion is still used as a last resort when all rational and scientific options have been exhausted, stating that, ‘when we have tried every cure for cancer, we pray… ‘.Bryan Wilson felt that the rational organisation of society and greater knowledge of the social and physical world have encouraged the development of a rational view, and that due to this religion is difficult to accept as it cannot be quantified, tested o...

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The Social Impact On Sociology Essay

Weber used rationalization to make political science and sociology effective and efficient in the society that we exist in.... middle of paper ... .Addition to this was its development in the foundation of western society and its modern nature which was contrast to anthropology.Ritzer, through his process of “McDonaldization of Society” gives an analysis through the above example of production of first foods to reflect an example of a society experiencing rational predictability (Ritzer, 2007).On the other hand, Rationalization has ensured predictability from ages of time and different places (Ritzer, 2007).

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Presocratic Philosophy Essay

’’ Some have inferred that Anaximander’s barely concealed purpose was Western philosophy’s first attempt at demythologization.Of most interest for our purposes is the Presocratic philosophers’ struggle to offer rational, “objective” arguments and explanations for their views.On this basis of moderate empiricism and scepticism, Xenophanes offered a number of opinions of varying plausibility about the natural world, one of which—a strong, evolutionary interpretation of the discovery on various islands of fossils of marine animals—is enough to constitute a major claim to fame in natural philosophy and ranks with his other significant steps in epistemology (the theory of knowledge dealing with what we know, how we know it, and how reliable o...

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Today’s value of the Classical management theory

he does mention the issues relating to the sensitivity of a patients needs, he saw them as an issues in the context of rational organization of structure .the absence of attention to issues such as individual verses general interest, remuneration and equity that he saw the employer as paternalistic and also by definition working in the employee’s interest .Fayol was the first person who actually to give a definition of management, which is named ‘forecast and plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control’ today.Weber envisioned a system of management that would be based upon impersonal and rational behaviour.‘Certainly his notion of rational bureaucracy is without doubt the single most important statement on the subject in...

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How to define literature

However, if we focus on the main function of literature by consulting ancient Western literary theorists, we will see from their diverse theories that literature is a mirror, which reflects the human soul with its good and evil sides.In the Western tradition, the first known theorist to think about the functions of the literature is the Greek philosopher Plato, who raised fundamental and enduring questions about the role of literature and its justification in his famous book The Republic.Now we can say that a piece of work differs from ordinary writings in having an effect on the reader even to create a revolution in the society by reflecting the present and future state of their soul and giving them a chance to correct their faults, jus...

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An Existentialism View Toward Batman and Naruto Essay

That is, they argue against definitions of human beings as primarily rational.I would like to use the term that coined by Heidegger, “throwness”, that is human beings are “thrown” into existence without having chosen it.Existentialism asserts that people actually make decisions based on what has meaning to them rather that what is rational.Whether superhero or the enemy do not have the power to choose what they want to be.First they just exist in the world, then they just do the thing that they believe as a greatest truth.

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Influence On World Cultures Cultural Studies Essay

Phenomenon’s such as the homogenisation of movies, music, news, language and symbols are attributed to the strong influence and connectivity worldwide of Western society, particularly North America and Europe.A form of resistance to this process of Western homogenization is created, minorities such as terrorist groups like Al Quaeda fight back against the globalized world in an attempt to save conservative tradition and cultural values.Huntington believes that cultures will clash in imposing their different religions and cultural values in a war described as “McDonald vs. Jihad”, this interesting view puts the consumerist western culture against the fundamentalist Islamic one.This highlights the issue and bring into question the process ...

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The Concept Of Spirituality Sociology Essay

However what one person defines and argues to be rational could be another person’s irrationality, (Gorsuch, 1988) which is particularly important when considering these scales since the subjectivity of rationality is particularly true due to the complex nature of religion and spirituality.This definition draws on the suggestion that religion is a belief based doctrine and implies any doctrine not only traditional western religious but any form of doctrine should be considered a religion, so a distinction between western Religion and Eastern spirituality is not suitable since many forms of spirituality also contain doctrines.However spirituality is still being viewed from the western perspective and does not explain the transformation of...

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Gerotranscendence as an alternative ageing theory

Perhaps nursing practice, research and education would have felt more familiar with Tornstam’s ideas if he had based his theory on Christian philosophy and Western Cultures.What about the difference between Eastern and Western values?Tornstam also explains why we don’t see so much transcendence among the elderly in our Western culture (Wadensten, 2006).A practicing nurse is many years younger than the old patient and will probably be influenced by those values that Tornstam calls Western and which are predominant in mid-life.Secondly, Tornstam derives the concept of gerotranscendence from concepts present in Eastern cultures and eastern Philosophy, such as Zen Buddhism which are rather unfamiliar and unscientific from a Western cultural ...

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Relationship between Capitalism and a Logically Formal Rational Legal System Analytical Essay

The sole purpose of identifying purposes in the definition of the law was to have it compared with other legal systems.Weber’s principles that provide the definition of law and the capitalism aspects have long been cited in attempting to understand the relationship between the two.Milovanovic, D 1989, Weberian and Marxist analysis of law, Allen and Unwin, London Schluchter, W 1981, The rise of western rationalism: Max Weber’s developmental history, University of California Press, Berkeley, CAPossible dimensions on the definition of law were used to have the enforceability mechanism.Law in that case was either rational or irrational.

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