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How Globalisation Has Impacted On Liberal Democracies Politics Essay

Dunleavy and O’Leary(1987,pp.5-6) state that’liberal democracy is a system of representative government by majority rule in which some individual rights are nonetheless protected from interference by the state and cannot be restricted even by an electoral majority.’ More specifically, liberal democracy is a kind of representative democracy, which mean the people under the policy of liberal democracy can elect free, which is following the main thought of the Enlightment.This essay will illustrate what the term of globalisation is, what the term of modern liberal democracy is and how globalisation has impacted on the nature and functions of modern liberal democracies, furthermore take China as an example to illustrate how globalisation imp...

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Influences of Western Imperialism in the Middle East

Socially, Western imperialism contributed greatly to improving the status of women in the Middle East.In the economy, Western imperialism brought industry to the region and developed the vast oil resources to make them commercially viable.Although the political influence of Western imperialism in the Middle East is limited compared to what was originally envisioned, it was able to prove that democracy and Islam are not incompatible.This led to the acculturation of women, especially those in the middle classes, to Western ideas of women’s emancipation.Its European-style democracy serves as a role model to exemplify the compatibility of Islam with the Western concepts of democracy, liberalism, and freedom.

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The key features and limitations of a liberal democratic state Essay

Democracy found in America and western Europe was given a huge boost in the 1980s and 1990s when many communist governments gave way to what were termed democratic ones.The same thing is occurring in the Third World which is further undermining the hold of authoritarian regimes but giving a further boost to western style democracy.However, with liberal democracy, the term ‘Representative democracy’ is employed.The problems and objections with liberal democracy arise when one looks beyond the simple, ideal theory and towards the complicated, diverse world that is reality.Can democracy ever be created in its most perfect form?

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An Analysis Of Liberal Democracy In Russia Politics Essay

In my essay I debated liberal democracy could thrive or not in Russia.Considering the all facts for and against, I think when the criteria will be achieved, such as the creation of strong opposition, media freedom, no siloviki in governmental apparatus, changing a Constitution, absence or the law level of corruption and if Russia’s governance put emphasis to achieve the main criteria of liberal democracy such as protection of individuals’ rights; improvement of civil liberties and civil society; development society to pursue their interests in Russia could thrive a liberal democracy.The majority of Western Europe and USA has very critical opinion about Russian politics and definitely argue that Russia has not liberal democracy.According ...

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Asian Values in Singaporean Perspective

This seems to show that Singapore is indeed developing its own identity but one that is more based on those despised Western cultural elements.However, this type of democracy would not resemble a western democracy, as regime change would only occur when the father, the state, neglects his responsibilities of caring for his children, the citizens.This shows that any wish in making traditional Asian culture more receptive for Democracy can only fail, which does not mean Democracy cannot develop, based on either values that have developed in recent history and were influenced by Western thought or a re-interpretation of classic thought.Moreover, Singapore today is already one of the most Westernized countries in East Asia and the conservati...

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The End of History by Fukuyama

Furthermore clash of civilizations has posed another challenge to liberal democracy and has illustrated some inherent flaws in its prepositions as some forces e.g Islamic fundamentalism asserts that liberal democracy is not a universal idealism but just a Western mechanism toi exploit the East and Islamic world.But this phenomenon extends beyond high politics and it can be seen also in the ineluctable spread of consumerist Western culture in such diverse contexts as the peasants’ markets and color television sets now omnipresent throughout China, the cooperative restaurants and clothing stores opened in the past year in Moscow, the Beethoven piped into Japanese department stores, and the rock music enjoyed alike in Prague, Rangoon, and T...

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Asian Values And Human Rights Politics Essay

The conflict between East and West arose as a result of collapse of communist regime in East Europe and the former USSR and the rise of western liberal democracy which laid to the latter being regarded as the victor.This shows double standard on the part of advocates of Asian values as the concept of sovereignty is also a concept having western origin.Secondly, the refusal of western concept so much so as to ignore the intellectual and institutional benefits which may be taken in order to accommodate internal conflicts among Asian voices.Although there are many differences in Eastern and Western ideas, philosophy, etc., there is no single set of “Asian” values... On the second point of refusal of Western concept of liberal democracy and...

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Should liberal states promote their values abroad? Essay

In 1983, Michael Doyle compiled a list of international wars between 1816 and 1980, as well as a list of liberal states, and concluded that “constitutionally secure liberal states have yet to engage in war with one another (1983, pp.Since the post-World War 1 period, Liberalism has been actively advanced by Western (or ‘first-world’) states as a desirable system of political theory.One way of doing this is by simply acting as the best possible example for liberal democracy.According to Fukuyama and McFaul (2007), the promotion of liberal democracy is the right thing to do, for democracy is the best form of government.The alternative tools available will be analysed for effectiveness, and the paper will conclude with the belief that the b...

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The Successes and Failures of the Zapatista Movement Essay

Guatemalan Politics: The Popular Struggle for Democracy.?Zapatista movement marks 10th anniversary.?3/17/04 Ross, John.In a letter to President Zedillo in 1994, Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN demanded ?democracy, liberty and justice?Trudeau, Robert.

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Liberal And Illiberal Democracies In The 20th Century Politics Essay

In contrast, Fareed Zakaria argued that the emergence of illiberal democracies threatens to ‘discredit liberal democracy itself, casting a shadow on democratic governance’.(Fukuyama, 2009, 85).In fact that is true but what China needs to be a liberal democratic country is to get rid of the single party system and support the multi-party democracy.In the 1990s Francis Fukuyama claimed that liberal democracy had won the twentieth century’s ideological battle.So Zakaria was trying to illustrate that liberty and democracy can only be connected in the western societies and not for the third world societies, that is because the liberal democracy system is not just about free elections, it exceeds that to include the rule of law, the separation...

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Human Rights And Freedom In Modern Society

This disqualifies China from the list of liberal governments because decisions are made by government for citizens to implement without questioning (Panu, SY309, 2011).Western liberalism system of governance allows the citizens to engage freely on issues affecting them in relation to governance.China’s explosive economic growth has been attributed to introduction of capitalism in 1978, whereby the government aimed at eradicating poverty by abolishing communalism and embracing Western culture and modernization for the citizens to work hard in the belief that “getting rich is glorious.” However, the China’s governing authorities have refused to embrace Western form of governance by holding on to power and denying citizens their human right...

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Hold-over questions from the mid-term study guide Essay

The fate of Iraq is dim – democracy will not work in a Muslim nation.Liberal democracy is often understood as a political system structured by free and fair elections, the rule of law, a separation of powers, and the protection of basic liberties of speech, assembly, religion, and property.Compare and contrast Madison’s view of democracy as a young man (focus on his distrust of political parties and faction in #10) with his mature reflections of majority will (as cited in Dahl, Chapter 2).” (page 9 of 11) Do you think the US is headed toward becoming an illiberal democracy?This view is in between liberal and anarchist views.

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Can Liberalism Contribute To A More Peaceful World Politics Essay

The achievement of Liberal Internationalism is illustrated by the deepening links from inside (individual and state level) to outside (international level) in sharing liberal democratic norms, values and identities, promoting universal human rights, and enhancing liberal zones of peace via the democratic peace theory to most of the world.Since the end of the Cold War, however Liberal Internationalism has been rejuvenated as the crucial paradigm for Western scholars and the political elite.Liberal democratic leaders must use their opportunities effectively in expanding the liberal zone of peace.Hence, the latent purpose of Western nations ensures that their area will be peaceful.One of the most influential liberalist strands, and the one ...

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Is Liberal Democracy The Best Form Politics Essay

Being motivated to get study of liberal democracy as the best type of political system, the general classification to democracy, authoritarianism, totalitarianism will be followed in this essay (Flat world knowledge 2006).So, there it is reasonably argued that consociational democracy is more the kind of reaction to conflict manifestations than independent, contrary different to liberal democracy type of political organization.Due to previous statement, liberal democracy is the kind of democratic and liberal values combination.For example, it can be Direct Democracy, Presidential Democracy and Parliamentary democracy (Democracy building 2004).On the other hand, “MSN dictionary” states that modern Western political system: a political sys...

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The Ride Of Illiberal Democracy

He argues that although over the years, elections have been the emphasis of a democracy, it is also equally essential to have a functioning constitution in order for any democracy to become liberal.On the other hand, illiberal democracy refers to the accretion and utilization of power that may defeat the purpose of envisioning a sustainable democracy.However, the so-called conquest of democracy is not necessarily for the people and has instead triggered more defiance from Islamic leaders as they called for an autonomous democracy.Therefore, the defects of liberalism results in the attrition of the Constitutional mandate of every government and the rise of illiberal democracy will tarnish the legitimate sovereign people who truly represen...

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Islam and the Challenge of Democracy Essay

To propound the relationship between the Islam and democracy is not a straightforward as it involves the deep and thorough understanding of the religious and political structures of the Islamic world and Democracy in its entity.All in all, Islam and the Challenge of Democracy is the most thought provoking book ready to be explored and pondered in every religious and political arena of the Islamic world.His Islam and the Challenge to Democracy is the quest to find out numerous questions and varied answers in establishing the relation between the principles so enshrined in Democracy and Islamic political and religious tenants.Even Kevin Reinhart revokes same voice as Saba Mahmood by saying that El Fadl ignored the vital point of what the W...

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Russia must have a strong civil society, where people all understand one another and have strong family systems.Strong civil society provides the political culture that supports liberal institutions, but the Communist Party deliberately destroyed many elements of civil society to ensure party dominance.For Russians, democracy became a dirty word, as it symbolized Russia’s troubles.Politically Russia should stop ongoing aggression and concentrate on the home front.Bibliography: (1)Barner-Barry, and Hody.

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Analysing The Rise Of Illiberal Democracy Politics Essay

I then explained how liberalism and democracy affected each other during the Civil Rights movement and period of Woman’s Suffrage and how minorities got their right to vote once liberalism and democracy finally came in to play with these issues.In Fareed Zakaria’s The Rise of Illiberal Democracy, we can see his point of view on the difference between a liberal and illiberal democracy and how an illiberal democracy can and will cause civil war.As I have stated before, I believe that a strong form of government is one that consists of a sense of liberal democracy, in order to maintain a complex and compliant government such as the one we live in the USA.I believe that in order to ensure a proper form of a liberal democracy they should use ...

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Examining Democratic Peace Theory And The Cold War Politics Essay

This claim is supported by Brock, Geis and Muller whom state that the Peace theory has become a central tool incorporated “in the mindsets of Western politicians and diplomats.In the western world this is probably seen as a positive factor by many.The randomness of terrorist attacks and the hatred by extremist groups for liberal values make most democracies potential targets.After looking at the peace theory mainly from a liberal perspective we must now investigate where it is lacking and why most realists discard it in many ways as insignificant.Another aspect of the peace theory that arguably has an effect on its credibility is the general liberal advantage of widespread belief in this theory simply due to the positivity it creates.

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Essay about Foreign Aid to Africa

Diamond, L. -- Promoting Democracy in the 1990's: Actors and instruments, Issues and .Development Institute.Riddell, R. and Beddington, A.The three countries discussed in this essay are viewed as models by the Western World since they are amongst the African nations that receive the most foreign aid.range of foreign donors, including Western Governments, multilateral agencies and Non- .

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Fukuyama “End of History and the Last Man” Sumarry

Author also compares Christianity with other religions, and explains some of the similarities that it shares with the liberal democracy.However, Fukuyama .Author names this phenomenon “Universal History”, and while listing the reasons for failure of other systems such as communism, he also relieves that essentially nothing has been powerful enough to suspend the desire for freedom and that from the beginning of the time human has been seeking for this liberal democracy.Throughout the work, Fukuyama compares liberal democracy with other economic systems, highlighting why, perhaps, this particular one has the biggest chance of becoming the last one the human kind has ever known, putting in other words why is liberal democracy “the right on...

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The End of History: Views of the Philosophers Response Essay

Has communism really faded in the western world or is it just a tactic of the countries that used to embrace communism to fit into the economic order of Western Europe, which is depicted in the functioning of the European Union?These countries embrace Leninism and Marxism as the core pillars of transformation in socio-political and economic governance, while the western states fully embrace liberalism and democracy.They base on the modalities that have been used by the western nations to ensure that they popularize the western civilization at the expense of other civilizations across the world.While it cannot be denied that the western civilization is dominant in the world, it remains critical to note that most people from the non-wester...

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Liberal Peacekeeping and Corruption

(Gould, 2004) The Western model fails to consider the local history, customs and other circumstances that may not be applicable to the circumstances of many developing nations and can even rekindle or exacerbate existing internal conflicts.The liberal peacekeeping process set by the Western nations is often used by developing countries as a source of funds to sustain the self interests of the incumbent political leaders of the country.(Wilson, P. 2005) This scenario showed how the liberal peace keeping process is unable to address the underlying issues of “fighting for ancestral lands”, and instead become a factor in refueling the discordance between Muslims and Christians in the region.The liberal peacekeeping process and the adoption o...

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The Formation of Authoritarian Governments

Following the end of the Cold War, many assumed that liberal democracy would globalize and become the wave of the future.The Western notion of the rule of law has not prevailed in China.In the face of tremendous political, social, and economic obstacles it is questionable whether or not democracy and freedom is ever going to spread to all people.As Western culture become more dominant around the world, popular culture, music, movies create a greater possibility for people to be exposed to democracy and better perceive the opportunities ingrained in free society.Proponents of this hypothesis conclude that these liberal values are note universal and that societies that have not been impacted by these factors and are not Westernized are les...

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The Clash of Feminism and Multiculturalism

Since the mid 20th century, Western liberal democracies have adhered towards the philosophy of social liberalism.In Susan Moller Okin’s publication “Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?” she plays the devil’s advocate by examining the actual status of women within ethnic minorities and how women as citizens of a liberal Western democracy must eliminate the patriarchal roots that limit the development of self respect and the capacity for women to actualize themselves in a liberal society.The Western liberal democracies attempt to adhere to the broad tenets of philosophical liberalism oversees the effects these policies have on the lives and safety of women.While in western liberal democracies women’s political rights are equal to men, there...

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American Contibution to the Philippines Essay

– They promised to train the Filipinos in Democracy and Self-Government.– Training in Democracy .Some, however, stand out, most notably the installation of an American-style democracy and the prevalentattitude that anything American is “good”.The encomienda system of government used by Spain was disliked by the inhabitants, which resulted in uprisings.Western style of clothing – this was also adapted as it is evident with the radical change from the conservative Maria Clara to the daring trends of fashion of the modern era .

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Colour Blind Kant The Racist Eurocentric Politics Essay

This centuries are full of examples which say that hostilities between liberal states are not over and the theorists of democratic peace by harping on exporting democracy are hiding contradiction and crisis in their own society.(1) “Liberal democracy will only avoid war with state that if believes to be liberal”.This is that the Western philosophers have thought abut the non-White people and they never treated them equals.“This scholarly forgetfulness of Kant’s racial theories, or his raciology, I is attributable to the overwhelming desire to see Kant only as a ‘pure’ philosopher, preoccupied ‘pure’ culture and color-blind philosophical themes in the sanctum sactorum of the traditions of Western philosophy.Let me state my position once a...

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Populism As A Challenge To Democracy

This is because political parties constitute the main actors in liberal democracy and this constitutes the source of criticism for the populist who have anti-party sentiments.Populist therefore challenge liberal democracy by upholding the argument that political parties distort the bond between leaders and supporters, create fake partition within the ‘homogenous people’ and place their own interest over that of the people.According to Canovan (1999), democracy as it is known refers to liberal democracy and that populism poses a threat to democracy because it is illiberal.In this same vein, while the political culture of elites in modern western democratic countries is firmly imbued with liberal ideals of individualism, multiculturalism, ...

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European Qualifying Assignment Arab Spring Essay

Western can be defined by “living in or originating from the west, in particular Europe or the U.S.” while Liberalism is defined as “a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than by revolution” (Google Web).Due to the protest from these nations, transformations have been established in the Arab World by Western Liberalism and outcomes for the future can already be predicted by the events of Arab Spring.All of these reforms have been influenced by Western Liberalism and transformed these Middle Eastern nations.The impact on every change done to the Arab World during The Arab Spring was impacted by Western Liberalism.In each country, the main goals from the protest were democracy, freedom, h...

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Causes of State Failure in Sub-Saharan Africa

The National Resistant Movement (NRM) initiated by Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, an arm movement against dictators in the Central-East of Africa and enjoying the support of western powers and international donors promoted more of the armed conflicts faced by this part of Africa.The African traditional system in its own right, they further argued, was infused with democracy with standards of accountability considered to be stricter than the west, though invariably patrimonial, thus it possessed signs of a democracy-hence a democracy (Ake, 1991).They rather support the one party dictatorial style governance, which they claim is the best means by which the continent can unite to develop (Busia, 1961).If anything these moments looked to be supp...

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