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Peter the Great vs. Catherine the Great – Who Was Greater?

In 1697, Peter set out to accomplish his goal of defeating the Turks by going to Western Europe to form alliances with other countries interested in bringing down the Ottoman Empire.He put his new military to the test in a lengthy war lasting 21 years with Sweden.Although Catherine did make many contributions, Peter was greater to be able to accomplish many of the things he did for Russia.This war gave Russia control over the northern shore of the Black Sea and a protectorate over the Crimea.Through portioning Poland and war with the Ottoman Empire, Catherine the Great contributed over 200,000 miles to Russia’s land, which let Russia extend into central Europe and also let Russia become a reckonable force in Europe.

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”The Wars” by Timothy Findley and ”All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque

It was a quiet day on the front when he was shot and died, dubbing the book “All Quiet on the Western Front”.Robert didn’t actually die at war, but he pulled a crazy stunt near the end of the war to try and save 150 horses and as a result was burned very badly when he got caught in a barn that was on fire.Like The Wars, All Quiet on the Western Front drew a clear mental picture in your head of what it was like to live in the trenches.I climb down, take out my handkerchief, spread it out, push it under and scoop up the yellow water that strains through into the hollow of my hand.”(192) This demonstrates with vivid imagery, the struggle that the soldiers in the trenches had to go through for the simplest things like water.On the other hand...

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The Conditions Faced By the British Troops on The Western Front

It is thus no surprise that attitudes to the war changed from “Now, God be thanked Who has matched us with His hour”, (Rupert Brooke, 1914) to “It is unspeakable, godless, hopeless”, (Paul Nash, 1917).It was very different for officers though, who were usually paid at least ten times more than the average soldier and could therefore afford much more sophisticated entertainment.In conclusion it is obvious that conditions in the trenches along the Western front were awful, although these could be ameliorated depending on background, rank and the geography of the land.These appalling conditions led to disease sweeping through the trenches on the Western front.Furthermore there was a dangerous lack of water which led to many men resorting to...

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Complex Interdependence

The crisis is generally regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear conflict[2] and is also the first documented instance of mutual assured destruction (MAD) being discussed as a determining factor in a major international arms agreement Security Community – is a region in which a large-scale use of violence (such as war) has become very unlikely or even unthinkable.Those conflicts were primarily seen within Western civilization.But after the end of the cold war, world politics had been moved into a new aspect in which non- Western civilizations were no more the exploited recipients of Western civilization but become another important actor joining the West to shape and move the world history.Hunti...

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History Of The Berlin Blockade

Even though there was discussion of possible withdrawal from the city of Berlin, the western Allied powers agreed to stay enforce their rights within the city.Four during this time the western Allies had been working on a plan which would become known as the Marshall plan.How the Western allied powers (United States, Great Briton, and France), reaction to the Russian blockade of city and how they would overcome this virtual act of war.At the time of the blockade inside the western zones of Berlin there were only two operating airfield each with only one operating runway.This meant that literally all members of the western Allied forces, dependence, and German citizens now had to rely on what they had.

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Western Front

It is a poem about how a young man he knew who use to be full of life shot him self because of the horrors he saw in the western front; I knew a simple solider boy, Who grinned at life in empty joy, Slept soundly through the lonesome dark, And whistled early with the lark.Unofficial sources tend to show more of what the solider felt in the western front and are usually less (not by much) factual and more emotional.This source is useful in telling us what the dangers the soldiers in the western front had to face.Other secondary sources include films about the western front like the movie ‘All quiet on the western front’.Also in the western front shell were always going off but in Black adder there weren’t any noise at all.

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US Civil War Strategic Embarrassments Essay

The attempts on Vicksburg were collectively a turning point of the Civil War in the US.In 1864 and 1865, however, as time passed by, the armies of William Tecumseh Sherman moved to Tennessee.This brought about the expansion of how Western Theater was defined, finally including the Carolinas and Georgia .Struggle for Vicksburg: The Battles and Siege That Decided the Civil War.Mississippi: Stackpole Books, 1967.

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Why did the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 fail

There was also the factor that there was no water available at Gallipoli and water had to be then shipped in or made in desalination ships which were found just off the coast of Suvla.This had a knock-on effect in that soldiers were drinking infected water which led to disease and death.Due to the current stalemate on the Western Front, there was fast becoming a need for an alternate strategy to break the immovable deadlock.Even basic resources were missing such as water.There was also the preoccupation with the Western Front.

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The Trenches on the Western Front

The battalion lived in mud and water.” The second Private Livesay, letter to parents living in East Grinstead (6th March, 1915) .A tactic used on the Western Front was to dig short trenches (saps) across No Man’s Land.In some places trenches are waist deep in water.This included a rifle, two mills grenades, 220 rounds of ammunition, a steel helmet, wire cutters, field dressing, entrenching tool, greatcoat, two sandbags, rolled ground sheet, water bottle, haversack, mess tin, towel, shaving kit, extra socks, message book and preserved food rations.When the cavalry were used on the Western Front it was found to be completely ineffective against machine gun fire.

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How the Allies were able to win WW1

This was a huge part of the allies winning the war because the Germans were not attack Great Brittan at all due to their massive fleet, also the Germans were not able to get around France and attack the North Western or Western parts of France because of the British Navy, so the French focused all of their men on the Eastern border of France.These three points were the three major influences that led to the allied victory in the Great War.The three main reasons for the allied victory were the strong navy that Brittan had which held the Germans off of the water.World War one was the first war in which women officially served in the armed forces, although they did not serve in combat positions.With the help of the Russians, who were pushin...

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Oil and Energy

Economic cooperation and outside aid brought steady growth in the economies of the western nations like the United States (Carter and Herz, 1961).Indeed, though throughout the Middle East, old conflicts spurred new ones as hostile relations persisted, the superpowers like the United States, with vital interests in the region, carefully monitor all developments and at times intervene just for the sake of the ironic sustenance of oil dependence and national security (Davis, 1982).Still others were uneasy because the nuclear weapons in Western Europe could be used only with American approval.By 1980, almost 70% of oil supply used by western countries came from West Asia (Light, 2002).As the industries were revived following the devastation ...

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Historical Examples Of Asymmetric War

Without IT, it is sure that the Western way of life could possibly grind to a very quick halt, and the Western doctrines of warfare would likewise be severely circumscribed.The dazzling victory of US and its coalition forces in Gulf war has shown two major things to the world that is Western technology is superior to Eastern (Soviet) technology and that in any symmetrical conflict the victory will belong to force with better technology.In recent Gulf wars, the war without the Internet and satellites and a host of other information force multipliers would have resulted into drawn-out mutually punishing slug-fests.“Resource warfare,” by the seizing of vital natural resources, specifically water; .If it was telegraph in American Civil War o...

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Wars In The Middle East Since 1945

Regarding the wars in the Middle East, one can infer that it is the intervention of the western powers, ethnicity, deterioration of economic conditions and the lack of democracy and the civil wars are main causes for wars and conflicts in the Middle East region.American support in the Gulf war has also marked the western eye on the oil wealth of the western countries.The western powers divided this region into several sections so as to help them impose their own power.When analyzing the reasons of the conflicts since 1945, one finds that it is the partition of the Middle East countries to artificial boundaries by the western powers caused for conflicts.The New York Times reports the threat of war in Middle East.

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Conditions in The Trenches During WW1 on the Western Front

The troops sang songs to boost moral, but these lost their touch when, during an advance, you saw your best friend get shot in the head by an enemy machine gun.On top of this was the weight of their helmets, and their rifles.The trenches were man made, dug out by the soldiers, and especially at the start of the war, before Christmas, the trenches were bog pits, and consisted of waist high pools of water, and mud.The constant artillery fire and bombardment was enough to claim the lives of nearly one third of all the fatal casualties of the war.All in all, the conditions the men were fighting in were very poor, and the generals sitting behind the front line, giving the orders to attack, and to keep moral high could not even begin to compre...

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Africa Change over Time Essay

However, in retrospect, western nations seemed to have repented for their destruction of the large continent and continuously attempt to rebuild it.Non-profit organizations, such as UNICEF and Hand Up Africa encourage western civilians to take part in working for peace in the sub-saharan African nations.On one hand, western involvement in the area has changed, but on the other hand, the constant civil wars and oppressive circumstances from the past still exist today.Similarly, in Angola and Ethiopia, a proxy war, sponsored by the two Cold War superpowers tear the countries apart, causing widespread famine and suffering.Western involvement in sub-saharan Africa mainly consisted in imperialistic motives and proxy wars.

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The Two Sides of Westernization

The philosopher Bertrand Russell in his book The Prospects of Industrial Civilization states that “Science, hitherto, has been used for three purposes: to increase the total production of commodities; to make wars more destructive; and to substitute trivial amusements for those that had some artistic or hygienic value.In certain African countries people struggle to find food and fresh water.It should recognize local values and customs, at the same time that it is trying to raise the living standards of the local population.They begin to conform to Western lifestyles.Westernization is often defined as the adoption of Western culture.

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”Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi

Marjane Satrapi uses these ideas to convey what she lived through and saw on a daily basis, and she also showed us what her life was like at this time.The main reason for the hate that Iran lashes out at Western culture is because we dismantled the old regime that they had, which happened to be a democracy.The country of Iran acts like it hates Westerners, but a lot of its citizens envy Western culture.The military and the government told the kids that if they fought in the war they would receive a gold key that would get them into heaven if they died in the war.What we learn from Satrapi in the novel is that the Shah was appointed by the Western governments so that they could buy oil from Iran.

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History of Western Civilization Essay

History of Western Civilization England underwent several civilizations in which there was increased agricultural output (Agrarian revolution) which led to increased population density and eventually led to the industrial revolution.This helped this country to evade the wars that were occurring at this time for instance the Napoleon war.In the textile industry machines that utilized water for energy were introduced.Jacob, F. The Development of Western Civilization : A study in Ethical, Economic and Political Kenneth, P. Steven, T. The world that trade created: society, culture, and the world economy, 1400- the present.Western Civilization: A Brief History.

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British Rule in India to the French One in Algeria Essay

In 1869 the Suez Canal was officially opened for traffic, this narrow strip of water dissecting what is now Saudi Arabia on one side and Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, offered a significantly faster shipping route into the East.These people had respected professions, such as “lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists and businessmen”, they had “established a Western life-style using the English language and English schools” Outside the upper class Great Britain had introduced Western technology to help improve the livelihood of the population.This vital water passage was also utilised by the British in order to transport good to India.However after a string of conflicts such the ‘Seven Years War (1756-1763)’ and the Napoleonic Wars (1...

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The Challenges And Opportunities For The Pacific Islands Politics Essay

Some of these changes also created tensions and fuelled political instability at times.Despite their decolonisation in the 1960s and 1970s, the newly emerged fully independent or self-governing island nations, maintained close connections due to a lack of economic self-sufficiency with their former Western colonisers, in particular Australia, New Zealand and the United States.This could then lead to the contamination of the region’s drinking water by sea water and ultimately to the inundation of many Pacific Island entities.Over the next 50 years, the region, which was subjected to various territorial power shifts and the Japanese Invasion during World War II, remained under control of the Western nations.Some of the other important regi...

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Comancheria Essay

It's also a very rare cross between the western, the comedy, the heist movie and the road movie.At Cinemacon 2016 in Las Vegas, a movie poster reveals that the original title is now Hell or High Water.The film took a long time to develop."Le Monde completes by saluting the achievement:" Comancheria, directed by a Scotsman, David Mackenzie, lives in this space where the pioneers of independent Texas waged a merciless war on the Comanches, where cowboys pushed hordes of cattle after having exterminated bison, where derricks hatched across pastures, where Mexican cartels forged the trade routes that made their fortune.The term comes from a colloquialism in the United States that indicates that something must be accomplished "come Hell or hi...

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Use Of Nature In Asian American Painting Film Studies Essay

This is why I believe Chinese artists used mountains and different forms of water, such as rivers, waterfalls, streams, mist, and clouds, in their paintings to show the landscape.Modern, abstract art got added to the Western world.He did some water colors and ink sketches.By the end of World War II, the Western world and California had fallen a part from all artistic traditions.These artists later enrolled in the western art training centers like the California School of Fine Arts.

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WWI Trench Warefare Essay

England in this time had stretched its empire all over the globe.Russia in this time had the largest land army in the world.Because of industrialization in the late 19th century or 1800s, new fancy war weapons came into style such as machine guns, generic tanks from Britain, and early dogfighting planes.The trench warfare for most of the war was at a stale mate.They were killing Russians without much trouble but the English and French offered trouble so they had to stay in the western front and continue trench warfare in order to weaken the primary fighters in WWI.

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Early History of Japan: The Battle for the Surrendered Realm Essay

This treaty prompted the opening up of Japan to trade with the other western countries.The forcing of Japan by America ad other western powers to indulge into modern commercial interactions worked alongside other internal factors to weaken Tokugawa Shogunate’s position to a point that led to the shogun falling out of power.This, they believed, was the only way they could convince the Japanese authorities to accept trade with the western nations.This led to the Onin war that was rooted in the economic distress brought about by shogunal succession disputes.During that time, the leadership of Japan was under the Tokugawa Shogunate, ad the emperor’s power was insignificant.

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Britain And The First World War

The Western Front was vital in winning the war, as ultimately this was where the action was and so the British army played a crucial role there.The main initial role of the navy was to control ocean areas and maintain free passage for merchant ships carrying cargos of vital war materials and supplies to the Western and other fighting fronts.At the beginning of the war Britain sent a small expeditionary force (100 000 men) over to France and Belgium to slow down the advance of the Germans, in their sector of The Western Front, and therefore prevent the Schlieffen Plan.Clearly the Western Front is important because the war can be easily lost there.Despite some going to work at the Western Front the number of women in employment increased i...

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All Quiet On The Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front was among the works consigned to be publicly burnt in 1933 by the Nazis.All Quiet on the Western Front presents the gruesome specter of war as it actually exists and as soldiers experience it.The horrors of war have become so routine that Paul mentions that nearly half of his company was killed with the same detachment that marks his descriptions of mundane details.Fame came with his first novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, which touched a nerve of the time.That is all that the word means in war, it does not mean happiness, not now, not ever.

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Essay on The Effects of War and Conflict in East Africa

East Africa is near many important bodies of water, mountains, and even the Equator.Some people that go to these camps are wounded, physically or mentally, from the clan wars, and warlords that are causing all of this violence and pain in Somalia.Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda are in the western part of East Africa, and Somalia is to the East (Baerwald and Fraser 564).The everyday violence in this war torn country is so damaging that much of the countries population has fled to refugee camps across the eastern region of Africa.Somalia has had its tough times and struggles, but has over came most of them, and has developed into an astounding country.

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Technological innovations Essay

In term of organizational design, corporations had a limited ability to do business across the state lines in those times, so Standard Oil decided to use a central trust that owned and coordinated subsidiary companies that were legally independent.However, sewage facilities and housing conditions at those times were inadequate as cities struggled to cope with growing populations.Since the first half of the decade was marked by the Civil War, advances in infrastructure and improvements in general living conditions decelerated.html> Western Union.In the sphere of communications, a major development was the completion of the first transcontinental telegraph line across North America by Western Union in 1861 (Western Union 2009).

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The West: Exploiting an Empire

“New Western Historians” have rejected Turner’s ideas altogether, producing a complex view of the West in which racial and ethnic diversity and conflict dominate, and White Americans can be said to have conquered rather than settled the West.White or Black, Plains farmers encountered hardships, including a lack of water, inadequate lumber for homes and fences, devastatingly hot summer winds, grasshoppers and savage winter storms.Water was a main issue in west.Participants known as Boomers and Sooners reflected the speed of Western settlement.The Spanish-Mexican heritage of the Southwest influenced Americans in the West- created framework for land and water; Contests over land was Mexico’s largest industry; men headed families and economy...

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Western Civilization Essay

Without Russia on the side of the Allies, World War Two would have had a very different outcome.Both countries simply wanted to buy time in order to build up their military forces before commencing in battle with their opposing countries.Germany quickly began its domination of Europe with its war machines in not only Western Europe but also the northern deserts of Africa and the hinterlands of Russia.Thus, in June, 1941, World War Two was privy to the greatest attack of the world in war history (History Learning Site, 2006).The Germans did not expect the Russians to act the way they did in their retreat; Russian troops did not simply fall back, but burnt bridges, factories, poisoned the water, burnt the crops, all so that the German army...

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