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Belonging Speech

The type of audience that the Namesake aims at is young adults to adults, people who like reading about the Indian culture,or just like Indian books.We can see links between The Namesake and the Bend it Like Beckham with the traditional Indian culture, the parents wanting to follow this traditional culture and their children wanting to live the westernised way.The album is a present from his American birthday party, given to him by one of his friends from school.” Gogol doesn’t like being Indian, he much prefers the american culture and the westernised society.Jesminder Bharmra has grown up with her traditional Indian mother and father and her westernised sister.The traditional vs modern conflict – “Don’t you want all this?” When Jess’ s...

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Merits and Demerits of Western Culture on India Essay

Well Indians are crazy of adopting Western Culture LIKE DRESS CODE, MUSIC, HABITS, IMPORTING FOREIGN GOODS.How there is head and tail for a coin, there is both positive and negative impact of western culture on India and especially on Indian youth, In past in India men were our traditional dresses, but now it is entirely changed, now the Indian youth moving with jeans, t-shirts, minis, micros, etc., here we can proud of that western culture, it bringing us with the fast moving world.We sitting here always crave and imitate western people and their culture.If an individual decides what is good/bad for them every person can be in control …rite I finally stress points like No matter people adopt what ever the culture … They shud be in the l...

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Analysing The God Of Small Things English Literature Essay

Whilst being better known for its celebrity stakes of the Booker Prize, the author Arundhati Roy is ethnic, a strong activist and her cultural authenticity passively provides an authentic Indian voice through her idealised western way of talking and thinking about the east.Chacko is Indian and he falls in love with a European woman and their relationship is the least stable as they find that it does not work and although it is demanding to say the least, Chacko decides to devote himself to her even after they have split so he can always be there for her.She crosses the line that most Indian authors would we unwilling to as such things are unspoken of and yet at the same time this excites the western readers who can handle reading about s...

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Origin Of The Term Identity Politics Cultural Studies Essay

Young people in most parts of the world are familiar with the Coke and Jean culture, American films and TV serials.Sexual minorities, religious minorities, women with disabilities and race and caste based women’s groups have come into their own with vibrant movements.The lessons for the women’s movement in general is that it has to respect and build bridges with different identity groups, take on board their agendas and issues and together move towards transformative strategies for a just society.That they may be created as the identity of being ‘Indian’ was propagated after Independence from British colonialism.Women are regarded as guardians of Muslim culture and honoured as long as they perform their duties to be good mothers and rais...

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The Socio Economic Network In Zambia Sociology Essay

Every culture has its own family set-up.This was accomplished through their division of labour.This was viewed as one way of strengthening cultural values and norms of particular culture.“Westernisation follows the adoption of different life styles, cultural ways, working styles, organising styles and even behavioural patterns of the western countries particularly” (Moonlight, 2009).In conclusion, it can be said that industrialisation, westernisation and modernisation had significant influence on the traditional family life patterns.

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Sikh Marriage Essay

The minds of daters are clouded by this notion.Child marriage in the traditional Indian sense has always been repudiated by Sikhs and a 14-year-old in India can be shouldering considerable adult responsibilities."Is this my perfect match?"It is a perpetual search for the perfect soul mate, one which is likely to raise more doubts than provide answers.Sikh Marriage Introduction Expect among some westernised subgroups in the larger Indian cities social mixing between the sexes is restricted, even in co-educational schools.

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Positive Negative Impacts Of Globalai Essay

The damage that Indian culture has experienced can be broken down into three parts which are, pursuit of wealth, complex of the west and the most essential of all the power of western media.As days passed, the number of Indian channels began to increase.Indian culture is eating up the creativity and productivity of many talented Bangladeshi individuals.In this article, i am mainly going to focus on the two most talked about cultures of the world, the western culture and the Indian culture.Openness and self dependency are a few words that define western culture, but Indian culture is the complete opposite of this.

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Globalization Trends in Russian Landscape Architecture

results of the Russian Revolution, and the world’s proletariat culture had an essential influence .The trends to Westernisation of architecture have been realised in the appearance of .Westernisation is touching all spheres of life, not only in politics and economics, but also in .and culture: city (city), kottedzh (cottage), installytsia (installation), barbekyu (barbeque), VIPs .Russian landscape architecture, as a very important part of contemporary culture, has also been .

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Reviewing Indian Culture And Society Senarios Film Studies Essay

The realities of the patriarchal society and the standards set by it make the woman under confident and make her believe that the only form of security she can achieve is through obedience to the society that terrorizes her to begin with.Women in our society are perceived and therefore represented as inferior beings.“Events seldom catapult women characters of Indian cinema to a white-hot spotlight.This ideology perpetuated by the masculine world around her makes a woman consent to the unreasonable emotional, social and financial demands made upon her, all in the name of peace, happiness, order and security.Feminity as it is outlined by the premise of patriarchy is more often than not adhered to in Indian films.

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What View of African Culture is portrayed in ‘Veronica’ giving a personal view? Essay

The author exaggerates both groups’ conditions until they are different in every aspect so that she can try to mislead the reader into thinking that Westernisation can improve the standard of life of these people.All that matters in such Western countries is money and power and yet you find people chasing these materials and making fun of ‘diverse’ cultures for lack of needs when these elements have no great meaning to their lives.They are the ones that are given absolute freedom, even the freedom to sell their honour at a daily basis.This is because, as the story shows how women’s lives are hidden and broken and how their lives rot and weaken day after day due to the ‘backward’ society and culture of African unease.It’s all due to Weste...

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What Is Globalisation

They follow the western fashion in clothes, watch western movies (Hollywood) and eat western food (McDonalds).The three dimensions are interconnected and depend to each other.From this aspect globalisation can be considered as a process where culture and civilisations meet.Of course, at this point it is not proper to speak of exchanging cultures but in the contrary for an attempt of homogenisation under the western culture.Finally, what must be mentioned is that there is an interdependence of the dimensions of globalisation.

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Ethnicity or Cultural Background Analytical Essay

Raman, S., (2010) Culture, identity and wellbeing in children and young people.Bolaffi, G., (2004) Dictionary of race, ethnicity and culture.: inside kid’s culture.Dindyal, S., and Dindyal, S., (2004) How personal factors including culture and ethnicity affect the choices and selection of food we make.Tudge, J., (2008) The everyday lives of young children: culture, class and child rearing in diverse societies.

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Representation Of Women In Hindi Cinema Film Studies Essay

The western influence and modernisation has led to more skin show in order to make the film commercially viable as it is now sold to Indian as well as western audiences.But the overriding themes, ideologies and concepts of religion, culture and tradition have a very strong foothold when it comes to Hindi cinema and they entrap representation of women in fixed moulds of stereotypes strengthened by patriarchy.This ideology perpetuated by the masculine world around her makes a woman consent to the unreasonable emotional, social and financial demands made upon her, all in the name of peace, happiness, order and security.Feminity as it is outlined by the premise of patriarchy is more often than not adhered to in Indian films.Women in our soci...

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Discuss the concept of adolescence as a social construct Essay

Sexual violence and pressured sex is common, especially among female adolescents and young women.Although not all people go through adolescence, it is a major growing period for a person’s life and if they choose to embrace this positively it will benefit them for the rest of their lives.Although all these things can positively impact the period of adolescence, some teenagers may use this to their advantage and can endure in some dangerous behavioural activities.Younger mothers are more likely to experience complications or death due to pregnancy and childbearing.Schoolies marks the end of tertiary education and adolescents embark on this by going on a holiday with their friends of choice, partying and experimenting with alcohol and even...

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Globalisation Of Communication Curriculum

It is important for all South African citizens to be language and culture sensitive.Culture changes on a daily basis, from traditions to religions.This means that we are moving into a new culture where everybody dresses of the same nature, we are all of one rainbow nation, united as one.They come to varsity dressed in jeans and t-shirts; they don’t wear their traditional saris anymore and it’s the same with the African culture, they don’t wear their traditional African outfits anymore.A practical example will be the Indian people, their culture has westernised so much in the sense that they do not dress the way they would have 20 years ago.

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The contemporary issue of technology Essay

[9] Buddhanet, 2012, Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc., global, Buddhanet.com .[8] Buddhism’s Impact and Appeal in the West, Culturescope Volume 79, April 2006 .This was the restraint women felt for a long time until recent westernisation and modernisation.This essentially makes up the basis for the belief system as it originated when Siddhartha Gautama, an Indian prince commonly known as Buddha, was himself awakened during his lifetime.[12] Buddhism’s Impact and Appeal in the West, Culturescope Volume 79, April 2006 .

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Trip to Africa - Original Writing

will have for many years a serious racial divide that left me feeling .My trip to south Africa showed me that even after thousands .from a major culture shock we paddled in the Indian Ocean but declined .On the flight home we could reflect on the culturally diverse, .eye-opening and exciting two weeks that we had just experienced, and .

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How and why are New Social Movements Resisting Globalization?

Homogenization is superficial and limited to the material level of the consumer goods and consumer culture that is artificially promoted by the media.Zapatistas countered their powerful enemies, challenging society to participate, producing a radical shift in culture and social relations.These types of garments are worn worldwide, they are seen as a symbol of westernisation and prosperity by many, yet to some western clothing represents uniformity, lack of identity and a break from tradition.Yet the Zapatistas have countered their powerful enemies by challenging civil society to participate in the process of producing a radical shift in political culture and social relations.These organisations are seen as invasive and non productive to ...

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Business feasibility study

PTV, the country’s national broadcaster operates on a similar TV programming model as other networks, but its lack of creativity and more cultural bureaucratic form has been a major letdown.Farasat Khan cities this as ‘part of the culture’ and daily routine.Nazia Malik says DM network will certainly have an edge being a network based in UK as its programming caters to the expat Pakistani or those that have family abroad and that’s one plus p .Broadcasting from Manchester, unlike its fellow niche market members, (majority operate from London) it has established itself as a household name with the Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and a small percentage of other white groups.DM Network, can add itself to this elite list of TV Networks in Paki...

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Manifestation of Anorexia Nervosa in East-Asian Culture

Although this pursuit of thinness has been absorbed by East-Asian culture, it is not the central causing factor of East-Asian AN.Further, Aderibigbe and Pandurangi (1995) call for more flexibly structured diagnostic systems where the diagnostic inclusion and exclusion criteria is applied in the context of the local culture as diagnosis would be improved if there are alternate classifications of disorders that were more suitable to East-Asian countries.However, the mediation of factors such as media, which help form a dialogue between the disease and the public need to be controlled and take into account the local culture in order to aid in treating and restricting the rise of the incidence of AN in East-Asian countries.As a result of thi...

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How has the representation of the Asian family changed through film and television

As society has become more accustomed to different aspects of Asian culture, representations have become increasingly more realistic, with fewer stereotypes and more individual variations in personalities and settings.The audience is on their side, wanting them to succeed, and this reveals how a western audience, despite being encouraged to understand and compare both cultures throughout the texts, ultimately considers that the ‘correct’ culture is the western culture, and this may be due to unfair representation of the Asian culture.As an example, Footballer’s Wives (ITV), which has introduced a number of new characters for its second series, has been influenced by the rising popularity of Asian culture, and one of the main characters i...

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The Effect of Culture on Boundaries and Links Between States

While the cultural flows that travelled all over the world had diverse components, the overwhelming amount of American influence led to American culture gaining prominence in the mental space of millions of global inhabitants.While few people would doubt the validity of these arguments “inter-nationalist” experts believe that even as imported western culture is becoming evident across the globe, its actual effect on local thoughts and beliefs is being strongly resisted in societies because of the impact of the local public service broadcasting, the news, the press, and the existing systems of regulation.Cultural flows remain in favour of the western nations because of the pervasive nature of multinational brands, their control and posses...

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India In The 1840s to 1947

Gandhi was not politically active for most of the rest of the 1920’s arguably, because his support base had disintegrated; he was sidelined by the Indian people, no longer the “leading spokesman of the independence movement.”[23] In 1927, the British government appointed a reform commission under Simon, in which there were no Indian members and it was boycotted by the Indian political parties.Despite Indian revolts, the early Indian Uprising, being followed by Gandhi’s non-co-operation, civil disobedience and quit India movements, the British showed that they would only leave India when it suited them.”Indian voices from the 1857 rebellion” History Today (2007) .With the passing of the Indian independence act in July 1947, a civil war br...

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Burma Religion (Burma) Essay

The culture of Myanmar has been heavily influenced by Buddhism.The cities occur in well-planned forms that are a combination of indigenous and Indian concepts.It’s a combination of Myanmar Art and Culture, together to show the inner expressions of the Myanmar people.Classic forms emerged during the Pagan Period for many aspects of Burmese culture, including the economic, political, religious, social, and artistic.In more recent times, British colonial rule and westernisation have influenced aspects of Burmese culture, including language and education.

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What are the social effects of globalisation

Again illustrating how westernisation has influenced Khmer wedding ceremonies in such a short period of time.The youth are rejecting culture and arranged marriages; women are filing for divorces and suing their husbands for child support (Yun, 2002: 16) – is the significance of the sanctity of marriage diminishing?Globalisation has affected countries globally, not only economically but socially as well – whether it is positive or negative I am still unsure.Through highlighting the effect westernisation has on wedding ceremonies, and the effect sex industry on the sanctity of marriage.Li, a “Cambodian Royal Palace writer and former professor”, suggests that to “move” with globalisation “the definitions of womanhood need to change … and wo...

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The work of ‘Body Artists’ is merely a decadent corruption of Artaud’s ideal

On the other hand, their performances were not entirely dominated by Artaud’s ideal.‘ Artaud wanted to discover what true culture was, and similarities to this can be seen in Body Art.In “Notes sur les cultures orientales” Artaud writes that he had journeyed to Mexico in order to leave ‘Old World’ European civilization, which he qualifies as ‘Barbaric,’ for the ‘New World’ where he hoped to find, ‘paradoxically, an ancient, primary and true culture predating Old World culture and its subsequent colonilisation of the New World.Artaud was very interested in the American Indian Peyote religion, which is a religious movement that was created as a result of the suffering from the effects of domination by American society.However when studying...

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Positive Effects of Globalisation

It’s a good thing for the LEDC’s culture as it allows them to readopt traditional clothing or move away from MEDC influence.This could mean that MEDC culture changes, as the lack of foreign products or ideas means that a specific MEDC culture could develop.This however, may not affect the culture of MEDC’s like the UK a lot; mainly due to MEDC’s being “multicultural” societies and the influx of more culture will simply expand the already dynamic range of culture in these countries.It facilitates the sharing of ideas, knowledge and culture, which in turn has allowed the world to become more interconnected and shared.This can be a good thing but it would destroy or significantly weaken local culture and could eventually disappear.

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Cultures of Collecting: Pros and Cons

In the eighteenth century, curiosity was associated with an ‘empirical bent of mind’ in relation to new social opportunities and a new commercial culture that echoed ‘curiosity’s desire for novelty and for the personal, intellectual, and moral development.’ [11] Todd writes that collecting ‘had an air of menace’: that ‘in its restless exploration of new realities, curiosity was dangerous, subversive [..] By definition, it was motivated by a discontent with what one knew or with what one was.A good example of a culture under threat is the Cree Indians of Moosonee, Canada, whose ‘Cree Village’ reconstruction offers tourists the opportunity to see a history of 300 years of the fur trade history.Silverman, LH., ‘The Therapeutic Potential o...

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Influence of Magazines on Beauty | Cross-Cultural Analysis

Griffin, Viswanath, and Schwartz(1994) found in a study comparing images in weekly U.S. news magazines (Time and Life) to weekly Indian magazines (India Today and Illustrated weekly of India), that many of the western advertising principles and poses for women were being conveyed across nations.Vogue magazine has two options, being a global brand it could standardize the brand and the brand image across the globe so that the Indian woman reading the Indian Vogue would feel equal to the French or American woman reading their respective Vogues.Harpers Bazaar, a U.S magazine launched itself in U.K. in 1929 (Anna Gough-Yates, 1993), Elle a European magazine began publishing its first edition in Japan in 1960’s while Vogue a U.S magazine ente...

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The Sociological Aspects Of The Media And Popular Culture Essay

It also influences our personal lives, for example, the way we portray ourselves in society in terms of image and personally.A concern here is that media companies export their products to all parts of the world and therefore displace local media cultures.In terms of globalisation, globalisation is fuelled by cultural industries and capitalism whereby profit-making media companies operate on the global stage.This causes concern as it may lead to mediated colonisation, but it does have certain benefitsAdorno and Horkheimer have argued that the mass media in particular operates as a ‘culture industry’ (Van Krieken et al, 2006: 441).

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