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Value of Maintaining Natural Ecosystems Essay

(The Wetland Conservancy, 2008) So, what is the importance of maintaining these ecosystems?(The Wetland Conservancy, 2008) When it comes to how we go about protecting an ecosystem such as a wetland there is preservation, conservation and natural regulation.Since the preservation site is unchanged by man, the wetland is able to regenerate and degrade on its own, meaning that the wetland will go through various stages of nature without mankind interrupting the course.To help assign value to the maintenance of the wetland ecosystems means that we have to find ways for the people to want to preserve and help conserve what land is already in use without taking away the rights of land owners to build as they see fit.Jackson Bottom Wetland Pres...

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Benefits Of Developing Conservation Strategies Environmental Sciences Essay

One could say that the conservation of endangered species to be effective, both biological and social elements of the conservation process must be considered as a basic for minimizing threats (Beasley L. 2007).The conservation strategy should combine both biological and economical, as the Opportunities for Debt Investment in Environmental Conservation which bring debt and conservation turtle together.By combining microfinance lending approaches with performance-based payments for conservation of environmental assets, long-term incentives for environmental conservation and sustainable economic development can be coupled.The aim of the World Conservation Strategy is to achieve the three main objectives of living resource conservation: .Phy...

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Environment in India Essay

Instead, they respond to every drought, every flood, with crisis management.The Indian government has identified a total of 22 wetlands for conservation.There is no comprehensive plan to act nationally for prevention and adaptation.Vandana Shiva, environmentalist, is known for her fight against the introduction of GMOs in India.their mountainous region.

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Impacts Of Urban Development On Wetlands Environmental Sciences Essay

Public awareness of wetland issues is indeed a key tool in wetland conservation and must be part of any attempt to change attitudes and behavior patterns.Over the past 15 years, innovations including Uganda’s Wetland Policy and decentralized wetlands management have established a firm foundation for more sustainable wetland management.These activities may have significant implications on the wetland, which may be beneficial or destructive to the wetland.Finlayson and Michael (1991) noted that a fundamental cause of urban wetland loss in the past is that few people have demanded their conservation.A recent survey by the US Department of Agriculture found that urbanization was implicated in wetland loss in nearly all surveyed watersheds (9...

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Eco Tour In Kerala Tourism Essay

In terms of eco tourism destinations in India, Kerala has gained a lot of momentum.The best thing is that the tourism department of Kerala is aware of Kerala’s potential as a tourist destination and its natural wealth as well.The flora and fauna of Kerala is abundant and diverse.Kerala has a forest area of approximately 11,125 sq km, which makes up 28.90 % of the total land area.To promote more eco tourism Kerala tourism has taken steps to organise tours and travels which broaden the horizons of people.

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Guarding Our Ecosystems – Marshlands and Wetlands Essay

This will take around 5 years for the government to complete its restoration plans for the Pallikaranai marsh.“I hope no more garbage will be dumped and burned in the marsh as this has caused major pollution problems in this area.The government must ensure that such problems don’t occur in the future” Says Rashmi.G , a resident of Pallikarnai Experts have stated the need to establish a single coordination agency with all stakeholders like environmental activists, government officials and researchers to establish the restoration of this project.About 114 species of plants are found in the wetland including 29 species of grass.The government, with the agenda of conserving the marsh has sanctioned a programme to take up a restoration projec...

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Field Trip Report in KFBG

It can fully utilize the resources we have and it would not cause wasting resources which can be classified as a kind of conservation of resources.First of all, for wildlife, helping protect our local and regional biodiversity are the main goals of KFBG in fauna conservation aspect.The plants in the wetland can be regularly harvested and used as mulch for nutrient recycling on KFBG’s farmland.The observations and knowledge acquired can be divided into three parts which are wildlife, farming and water conservation.This system uses a wide range of wetland plants to act as biological filters for wastewater treatment, inspired by the water purification function of natural wetlands.

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The Great Barrier Reef Essay

This donation was given by the Commonwealth Recreational Fishing Grants, who realized that the more higher the quality if water, the more amount of fish there were to be fished.The Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority Reef Guardian Schools programme is about supporting schools whose aim is to help conserve the Great Barrier Reef and reduce their consumption of the natural resources so that the rate of regeneration for resources is greater than the actual consumption of the resources (Ecological Footprint).All Rights Reserved.The involvement of students and teachers in the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef has helped in many ways.Also, the local shire, Burdekin Shire, has undertaken a project to re-establish a passage near Horseshoe l...

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The Wetlands Anzali, Boojagh and Miyankaleh Conservation Prioritization Essay

In 9th Meeting of the Conf... .Level 2 wetlands are destroyed but recoverable.This method is derived from Ohio Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM) by some changes in some indexes and eliminating some sub-indexes.In this research compilation of Caspian Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM) has been done.This standardized rating index can be used in combination with professional judgment to provide an accurate and consistent evaluation of wetland sites (Miller et al, 1999).

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Applications of Geographic Information System Essay

Nature conservation: cost effective biological surveys and data analysis.King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation, Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Biodiversity Conservation Data Project.: 2002, ‘Monitoring a recent delta formation in a tropical coastal wetland using remote sensing and GIS.Application of Remote Sensing and GIS to Coastal Wetland Ecology of Tamilnadu and Andaman and Nicobar group of Islands with special reference to Mangroves.Geographic information systems: their use for environmental management and nature conservation.

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Literature Review On The Government Of India Tourism Essay

In addition, the framework to develop and promote tourism is concerned about environmental conservation and sustainable tourism principle.Conservation of wildlife and natural vegetation .Home stay tourism is an important driver of learning, exchange and strengthening value of community and it is also conservation of environment and cultural preservation.Consequently, the sustainable tourism development pays attention to community involvement and environmental conservation.Tourists are aware of the importance of environmental conservation and cultural preservation.

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Conservation of biological Diversity Essay

It formed the main platform for the later conservation initiatives like Cartagena protocol and played a key role in establishment of Kyoto protocol.However, conservation analysts have continued to differ over the overall effects of the international conservation rules in enhancing harmony that inculcates human being as a subcomponent of the ecosystem in which they exist.c) Monopolistic application of conservation policies Notably, conservation of biodiversity has become a hard nut to crack due to lack of harmony in the overall design and application of conservation consideration between states.Overview of the paper This paper explores conservation of biological diversity with an aim of establishing the existing conservation strategies pr...

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Reaction Paper: Migratory Birds

Birds control insects by eating tons of them every year.Wildlife watching appeals to a wide range of people, and opportunities to participate in wildlife watching are and should increasingly be a factor in tourists’ holiday choices today.Seed-eating birds help to distribute seeds, and nectar-eating birds help to pollinate plants.Birds protect our forests and crops from harmful insects.The importance of migratory birds cannot be overlooked.

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Wetlands Essay

A clear and widely accepted definition of a wetland has yet to be established.This classification system has subcategories under each type of wetland (Vepra... .Pages 167- 190.Water Resources Assoc., Minneapolis.Greeson, J.R. Clark, and J.E.

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The Development Of Tourism In Kerala

From the above analysis, we can say that Kerala has a distinct competitive edge over other states and should capitalize on it by promoting its strengths.Kerala should look into the specific segments and target the young and fresh in jobs people.Internet and word-of-mouth spread of news constitute over half of the publicity Kerala receives.of India declared tourism as an industry in 1986 and Kerala was the first state to declare so, Kerala is doing aggressive marketing of tourism product by establishing “Tourism Mart” in Kochi which has its links with national and global tourism bodies like South Asia Travel and Tourism Exchange, Travel Agent Association of India (TAAI), Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA) etc.In order to encourage mo...

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The Loss of Coastal Wetlands Essay

(Document ID: 2036528131).Wetlands are an essential element of our environment both ecological and societal; conservation will be essential for the preservation of these precious ecosystems.Environmental Management, 45(5), 1014-26.Hong, S., Koh, C., Harris, R., Kim, J., Lee, J., & Ihm, B.. (2010).(Document ID: 2442184441).

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Mass Media for Environmental Awareness

“An analysis of effectiveness of restoration measures in the improvement of water quality of Bhoj Wetland.” In the , Hyderabad, India.This case briefly examines how these issues have been addressed for the Upper Lake of Bhopal, a part of the Bhoj Wetland, and the use of various media tool in environmental awareness for The Upper Lake, the Bhojtaal.Indu B. K. Upadhyay1 .Bhoj Wetland Project.Madhya Pradesh lake conservation authority, Bhopal, India, pp.1-2.

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Scope of tourism development

The enchanting beauty and exciting events in Kerala at the region where backwaters would be a marvellous treat for anyone who enjoys the nature and the art of travelling .The cruising in house boat with all the class facilities with indigenous cuisine will leave a legacy in the tourists mind.The eco tourism is the different approach and recent introduction in the tourism industry in Kerala .The project is promoting tourism at the Periyar Tiger Reserve at Thekkady in Kerala.The tourists are encouraged to have the Kerala cuisine on the banana leaves as the natives do and the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation is promoting this effort.The project focused on conservation of fauna and flora of the area where the local inhabitancies were g...

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The Future of Ecotourism

India has been taking steps in giving focused attention to the ecotourism in the state of Kerala.Pucci, Carol (2006).Make yourself at home in India’s Kerala.If nothing is done to try to improve Kerala and impose awareness on people about ecotourism, there is a very high possibility that the beaches will lose its beauty, the rich waters will fade and the wildlife population will decrease.Also, one of their plans is for the periphery of the sanctuaries of Kerala so that it will not be affected with the pressures of tourism.The government of India needs to impose more laws and actions concerning the ecotourism in Kerala so as not to put into waste the beauty that the place has been equipped.

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Environmental Issues Essay

As I am sure you know, plastic isn’t in any urgency to degrade but the people of India don’t seem to recognise this as they throw every unwanted item onto the floor wherever they are.It seems that some areas are simply fed up with the lack of Government intervention and are using there initiatives.The government soon recognised the importance that these forests hold for the conservation of soil and put forward a range of polices trying to curb the destruction; of course, nothing has really changed and thousands of acres are destroyed every year with nothing in the way of ‘replacement’.Because of the varied causes and consequences surrounding this topic, I’ve devoted a whole page to India air pollution.In the big cities like Delhi and Mum...

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Mitochondrial DNA Barcoding

Irrigated rice fields, being agronomically managed wetland ecosystems with a high degree of environmental heterogeneity operating on a short temporal scale, harbour a rich and varied fauna (Heckman, 1979).Dale (1994) in his comprehensive account on the biology and ecology of insect pests of rice states that over 800 species of insects damage the rice plant in few ways, in spite of the fact that majority of them cause minor damage.(1996) demonstrated the existence of a mechanism in tropical irrigated rice systems that support high levels of natural biological control.(1991) in the Philippines provides an insight into the arthropod communities and their guild structure in irrigated rice fields.The composition of the arthropod communities i...

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Blue Gold Essay

Regulation of water in agricultural settings is crucial for our state to support as many people and ecosystems as it does.The documentary relates very closely with my group’s topic for the town hall meeting: water conservation and sustainability in the cities of California.Rivers are like human veins and arteries, while dams are like blood clots.Agriculture is also a huge part of California, almost 70%.Division of water for population growth is a big one for California as the resources for highly populated cities such as LA begin to dwindle.

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Hydric Soils as a Part of Water Treatment in Wetland Systems Essay

Singer, Michael J., and Donald N. Munns, 1996, Soils: An Introduction, Third Edition: Upper Saddle River, Prentice Hall, 480 p.Mitsch, William J., and Gosselink, James G., 1993, Wetlands, Second Edition: New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 722 p. Simmons, Robert C., Arthur J.Gold, and Peter M. Groffman, 1992, Nitrate Dynamics in Riparian Forests: Groundwater Studies: Journal of Environmental Quality, Vol.Hydric Soils as a Part of Water Treatment in Wetland Systems Most basically, a hydric soil is defined as "A soil that is saturated, flooded, or ponded long enough during the growing season to develop anaerobic conditions in the upper part (Kent, 1994, p.In the field, hydric soils are distinguished by indicators displayed within the root zon...

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The Water Crisis In South Africa

Not only does this prevent erosion, but this water can then be used for agricultural purposes instead of fresh river water.Irrigation methods such as canals and spraying are unreliable, because while the water is in the canals it can infiltrate into the soil or evaporate before it reaches the crops so extra water has to be used.These can come in the form of pipe leaks and wasteful irrigation methods.Although water resources in South Africa are currently being over-exploited and unsustainably managed, there are multiple methods of conservation which can be implemented to improve South Africa’s permanent water supply.Another step which could be taken to conserve South Africa’s water is wetland conservation.

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Wetland And Water Environment Essay

Normally, creation of a wetland in plot of land starts by digging out upland soils to an appropriate elevation suitable for the growth of wetland species by a proper hydrological pattern.Retrieved September 24, 2006, from River Corridor and Wetland Restoration .Although this term implies gain or improvement, a positive change in one wetland function may negatively affect other wetland functions.” .For example, transforming a developing wetland, like a swamp, to a pond will convert the habitat from one wetland type to a different type.Resolution VIII.16 on wetland restoration.

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History and Laws of Salmon Management in the Pacific Northwest Essay

Anadromous and Great Lakes Fisheries Conservation Act of 1965 gives the secretaries of the Interior and Commerce authority to establish terms and conditions that ensure permanent protection of estuarine areas (Conservation, 2004).Salmon management and conservation is not only a concern to the government but a concern to individuals, communities, corporates and non-governmental organizations.Yuba River Fish Passage Feasibility, according to Edmondson, (2008), is an organization which was established with an aim protecting and conserving the anadromous fish in Yuba River under the Fishery Conservation and Management Act.Conservation related activities such as providing financial donations to agencies committed to conservations the salmon f...

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The Process Of Coastal Erosion Environmental Sciences Essay

All this are very good and attainable ideas but up to date all the engineering actions performed are still fruitless (Dunne and Knapp 128).Some studies are also trying to examine the possibilities of replacing sediments with very fine grained sediments.Various coordinated studies are showing how the nature intended both the wetland and barrier island to work.There are various engineering solutions which are very expensive to implement for instance building of breakwaters so as to prevent the full force of the waves from hitting the wetland and also building of breakwaters.Another human activity that has degraded the coast was the dredging of canals which were to be used in the facilitating of hydrocarbon exploration and its production, t...

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An ecosystem as a community Essay

The system of LMEs has been developed by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to identify areas of the oceans for conservation purposes.[4] Main wetland types include swamps, marshes, bogs and fens.[8] Another large wetland is the Pantanal, which straddles Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay in South America.Also, make sure that your tires are properly inflated and that the emissions system on your vehicle is well maintained.Wetland ECOSYSTEM .

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Environment Protection And Biodiversity Conservation Amendment Act 2013 Essay

The impact of the project on Narran lakes Ramsar wetland is assessed during the EIS.The result of the quantitative assessment of the impacts of Santos GFD project after the implementation of the project indicated that the impacts were moderate for bores.In 2012, the underground water impact reports (UWIR) prepared by the Queensland Government (through the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA)) assessed the cumulative impact of water extraction on groundwater in the Surat Cumulative Area (which includes the GFD Project area).It found that the cumulative depressurization impacts are high for springs(due to their high environmental sensitivity) and moderate for bores....toring the impacts on water supplies.

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The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Essay

The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is an important place where people can interact with and observe wildlife.The Yolo Bypass Wildlife area is being improved by restoring more of the farmland to wetlands.Despite human interference, this is still a successful ecosystem with abundant biodiversity because of reconciliation ecology.... .The habitat that was re-established here, the species that have lived here or visited the area, human interaction and impact, and the changing of the wildlife area and human views of wildlife there are all aspects of why the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is an important example of reconciliation ecology.An improvement that could be made is to have more guided tours where people could learn more about the ecosystem they...

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