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Language and Communication Essay

Credited certification courses, online access, flexible scheduling, expediting graduation date, and cost were all major factors I considered when I chose WGU.Having an outstanding online program with easy access to the certification and course material was another advantage of choosing WGU, which is another concern you raised due to your current travel demands with your job.College tuition has been on the rise over the years, and choosing a school that provides a top knowledge education, that is credited, sums up yet another reason for choosing WGU.Even though flexible scheduling is an import aspect of WGU when considering a college, the power to expedite your graduation date is just as important.The value of going to WGU for a top quali...

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Information Technology Management Emphasis Essay

WGU has assigned competency units to each assessment so that we can track your progress through the program.This orientation is completed before you start your first term at WGU.]Our mentoring approach is a powerful component of the WGU educational experience.Furthermore, WGU does not clear any requirements based on the student’s professional experience and does not perform a “resume review” or “portfolio review” that will automatically clear any degree requirements.WGU is a ―continuous enrollment‖ institution, which means you will be automatically enrolled in each of your new terms while you are at WGU.

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Choice of University – WGU

While cost benefits, reputation, and career relevance were my primary drivers in selecting WGU as my university, the support of my personal mentor and the staff committed to each course have been the biggest factor in my satisfaction with WGU.The University hosts results of several surveys of WGU graduates, all of which indicate an overwhelmingly positive response – including 96% positive feedback on whether or not they would recommend WGU to others.The mentor program is a benefit of WGU that, while described in their promotional material, is not fully realized until experienced personally.Furthermore, WGU charges tuition per term, rather than class or credit unit.Each of them gave the University glowing reviews, bolstering my confidence...

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The Best Way to Educate Children

According to Gerald Bracey, Success Is Not Linked to Test Scores .Riley, Richard W. “Computer Education Is Vital for Students of the Future.” Current .It’s a simple statistical matter to correlate the test scores with the CCI.Education.” Opposing Viewpoints: The Information Revolution.National Academy of Sciences.

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Education Essay

Once all signs pointed to WGU, I called.WGU has the most flexible schedule that works with your free hours, so that you don’t have to stress about getting things done by a certain time.With WGU, it would pay for tuition, books, fees, etc.WGU does not only have people who are there for you when you have a question, but they are there for you to root you on and they genuinely want to see you succeed.But WGU allowed as many credits as you are able to complete per each six-month term.

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Reaping the Benefits, Now and Later Essay

Works Cited Semuels, A.Unemployment, Los Angeles Times.My decision to enroll in Western Governors University (WGU) stems from a trepidation of the becoming a member of the under employed veteran community, an existence which demands an increase in my current earnings and a career that My voracious appetite for success versus a market where employers hold all the cards has had a great influence on my decision.While wondering what steps I could take to thwart a personal fiscal collapse, I observed Governor Mitch Daniels in a television ad, pitching WGU.(2011, July 11).

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Earning a College Degree

I would encourage anyone thinking about returning to school as a non-traditional student to look no further than Western Governors University.With their low-cost tuition, flexibility, and accreditation to their amazing and caring mentors and their competency based program, WGU is definitely a perfect fit.I never realized how much an online university could care about the health and wellbeing of their students.I have finally found an online university who is just as committed to my success as I am.Finding out that WGU is highly respected among businesses made my decision that much easier.

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Specific Teaching Practices: Math and Science Essay

Performance Assessment You will complete the following performance assessment in TaskStream: EFT4 Previews of task instructions and evaluation rubrics for this assessment are available via the “Assessment Preparation” box in the online course of study.Center for Writing Excellence: The WGU Writing Center If you need help with any part of the writing or revision process, contact the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE).Specifically, explain to a friend or WGU peer how you would teach children to read and write multi-digit numbers that contain various place values such as ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc.Assessing Thinking Review the following chapters in your Helping Children Learn Mathematics textbook:...

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Management And Strategy Capstone

Note: This log should be a table log of each meeting with your client and include a brief description of what occurred in each meeting.Analyze the long-term financial and organizational impact of the recommendation.Discussfivelessons learned from the simulations and other assessments that helped you resolve your client’s problem.Reflect on how the lessons you learned during your MBA training at WGU support your professional goals .Developthree SMARTlong-term professional goals.

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Labor and Employment Laws Essay

(2013) The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business.New York: Flat World Knowledge Inc. .The laws also protect the interests of employers by lining the duration of certain leaves, qualifications for some benefits as discussed above and hiring of employees on the basis of merit and not any other considerations.As such employment laws together with other human rights laws take care of employees.Work Cited Page .

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Service Line Development Essay

After review of the community health needs assessment, there were major risk factors identified that will affect the primary service area over the next five years.The newly distributed funds could cover a new facility that would not only house physical therapy and rehab, but would allow for additional cath labs and surgical suites to cover the 350% increase of outpatient joint and spine procedures.WGU AMT 2 Case Study and Task 2 Artifactsa .Addressing the Demands from the Community Health Assessment .It covers renovation of vacant space however senior leadership should make sure that five year plan is covering all the needs identified in the community health assessment.

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Sample Writing : My Improvement Essay

Therefore, I would apply those essay writing skills in the future when I take English composition essay writing.WGU STUDENT ID # 414551 .On the next paragraph, I was arguing how unplanned pregnancy contribute for adoption, and also y... .After all practice since the beginning of the semester, My weakness in the past has improved which includes paragraph structures, and generalization, and I have developed how to use proper formats, and techniques to create full complete essay writing.In general, writing two essays in my ESL class was a significant experience because they helped me create cohesive paragraphs.

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My Leadership Style Analysis Essay

Momeni, N. (2009).ISBN-13: 9780547143965. .Chief Executive (231), 33-35.Assessments I took that helped me to determine my personal leadership style are: “the Emotional Expressive Scale, Personal Magnetism Deficit Inventory, Task Oriented Attitudinal and Behavior assessment, Clarifying your Work Values, What Style of Leader are you or would you be, What is your propensity of taking Risk, How Flexible are you, the Least Preferred Co-worker Scale for Measuring Leadership style, and Measuring your Situation and Perspective assessments (DuBrin, A.Public Personnel Management, 38(2), 35-48.

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My Hobby Essay

Once I cover the cost of soil, fertilizers, and water, I got a return of around seventy five dollars.I suggest you to start gardening as your hobby that produces positive economic return.Every year I donate extra vegetables to a food pantry, and it helped me to take the tax deduction for non-cash distributions.For example, I have spent two dollar for one packet of green bean seeds.Vegetable gardening as my favorite hobby Deepa George WGU February 20, 2013 Vegetable gardening as my favorite hobby Hobby is an entertaining activity which provides pleasure and recreation.

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Bargaining builds long-term relationships

Why is there an small ingroup ofindividuals for Leader- member exhange (LMX) theory?When does an organization experience culture creation success?BNC1 – WGU Study online at quizlet.com/_ecxln .selection, socialization, top management .because of time pressures, leaders establish a special relationship with a small group of their followers .

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Psychological Assessment Essay

However psychological assessment practices over the years have drawn attention to bias in testing and fairness and ethical issues in assessment.Some of the main areas of assessment are cognitive, behavioural and personality assessment (Moerdyk, 2009).It is relevant in the working context as it provides an appreciation and understanding of the value of psychological assessment as well as creates awareness of the challenges and opportunities for fairness and ethical practices in assessment 5.Organisations need to take cognisance of the above legislation that regulates fair and unbiased practices of assessment and should aim to practice testing ethically by ensuring that the rights of individuals are protected, the processes of assessment i...

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Effective assessment practice paper Coursework

Rubrics as assessment tools are designed to evaluate the quality of tasks accomplished by students.Principles of Assessment: A primer for Medical Educators in the Clinical years.Portfolios can be ineffective assessment tools if they give a false impression of the student, if they are not well organized and if they consist of materials that are not crucial to the learning process.Students’ Involvement in Continuous Assessment Methodologies: A Case Study for a Distributed Information Systems Course.A case study of students’ perceptions of peer assessment in Hong Kong.

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Performance-Based Assessment

view says that assessment is equal among all children because its assessment is tailored to the individual students instruction context and special background.I further defend my claim of performance based assessment by listing key steps to a functional performance based assessment process: (a) a clear description of what?s being assessed, (b) a method for assessing and (c) the expected outcome.Hence, I will argue that performance based assessment should be the primary form of assessment used to determine the success of student?s knowledge and skills, because it assesses a wide range of student competencies, it allows student demonstrations, and it has ecological validity.My view is that performance based assessment should be the primary...

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Personality Assessments Essay

Direct observation observes a person’s actions in everyday situations over a long period.Usually the tests require simple yes or no responses or for one answer among many to be chosen and are widely used.To assess the humanistic theory objective tests and personal interview are used.Psychologists use the method of personality assessments to test personalities.There are different theories of personalities and different methods of assessing those personalities; however some methods of assessment are shared between theories.

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Assessment and Child Essay

The parents should always be informed when an assessment is going to be used.ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation.Another good assessment tool is play-based assessment.There is another way to do an assessment that is better suited for the child and does not make them feel so uncomfortable and that is an informal assessment.Assessment in Early Childhood Education.

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EFL Learner’s Ability Essay

Underhill argued that as long as the testers and test takers were not happy with the test, the results of the indirect assessment would more than likely yield poor results.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Schumm, J.S., (2006) Reading assessment and instruction for all learners.There are various tests that are used to measure English as a foreign language but some of the most commonly used include TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TSE (Test of Spoken English) and TWE (Test of Written English).Hughes and Van Lier (1989 cited by O’Loughlin 2001) conducted their own individual studies on the effectiveness of the direct assessment method in speaking languages where they ...

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Testing and Evaluation of English Speakers of Other Languages

Van Duzer, C.H., & Berdan, R. (2007) Perspectives on Assessment in Adult ESOL Instruction.The entire text covers these three main ideas: the implications of necessary requirements for assessment of adult ESOL students, the assessment and evaluation tools that are made available for the students, and the benefits of the adult ESOL students’ assessments to the educational system here and abroad.A variety of tests has been employed to meet the needs of stakeholders to know about the level and progress of assessment procedures for ESOL students: Test of Adult Basic Education or TABE, Adult Basic Learning Examination or ABLE, Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System or CASAS, and ESOL Basic English Skills Test or ESOL BEST.The catego...

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Business Marketing Management Capstone Written Project Essay

Consistently test to ensure a high level of retention by requiring a practical, real life application of knowledge to prepare students for life beyond school .He is a certified teacher in the state of Washington with a BA Degree in Business Management / Marketing from the accredited online school Washington Governor’s University (WGU).10,000 brochures should be produced and distributed by the end of September 2014 after the first Washington State Assessment test is administered to every student in the Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland school districts.From 2014 to 2022 is a projection of expected student enrollment and how many students will have to test “at grade level” or “above grade level” to meet the goal.According to the Sylvan Lear...

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Control risk Essay

The first step in the assessment is to identify the audit objectives for classes of transactions, account balances, and presentation and dis closure to which the assessment applies.Risk assessment procedures are performed to assess the risk of material misstatement in the financial statements.For example, the auditor makes an assessment of the occurrence objective for sales and a separate assessment of the completeness objective.The auditor also makes the preliminary assessment for controls affecting audit objectives for balance sheet accounts and presentations Many auditors use a control risk matrix to assist in the control risk assessment process at the transaction level.Auditors use risk assessment procedures to assess the risk of mat...

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Psychological Testing Essay

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment: Personality assessment / editors.The assessment enables an organization to determine which employee needs what training.However, critics of the concept argue that innate abilities can not be measured hence the test just like any other test is used to measure what an individual has been able to achieve by the time the test is being carried out.Assessment procedures also enable individual employees to identify their weaknesses hence can embark on self-development.Assessment procedures are also significant in career guidance and exploitation.

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Assessment Tool Essay

Performance on an assessment is affected by children’s emotional states and the conditions of the assessment.Why Assessment is Important Preschool Policy Facts “Assessment is the process of collecting, synthesizing and interpreting information to aid classroom decision-making.” — Peter Airasian, Assessment in the Classroom 2 The quality of an assessment depends in part on decisions made before any meas- ure is administered to a child.Assessment Methods Preschool Policy Facts 3 Issues and positions involving assessment are summarized in a document from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education (NAECS/SDE) titled Early C...

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Factors influencing assessment of language in school

Assessment is the practice of collecting evidence of student learning.All cultures promote specific norms of behavior that can influence the assessment and intervention process with members of ethnically diverse groups, cultural issues related to the assessment process and culturally sensitive recommendations.The story of technology in language assessment needs to encompass both the efficiency of technical accomplishments, which is evident in part through the success of testing programs in constructing technology-based tests, as well as the effects of these test.In the past, the English test or assessment still to the native English speakers of the language for criteria, which language closed to the native English speakers is a good stan...

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Comparison

Vulnerability assessment is achieved using scanners.Authors found that penetration testing is better compare to vulnerability assessment as it exploits vulnerability, while vulnerability assessment is superior in terms of coverage over penetration testing.Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing are two approaches widely used by organizations to assess web application security.Key benefits of penetration testing over vulnerability assessment are: .. For effective security, it is important to understand vulnerability in details.Vulnerability assessment is a proactive and systematic strategy to discover vulnerability.

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Self-Assessments for Career Counselling

Career counselors have the duty to administer the assessment and provide them with basic information that they require inclusive of the assessment administered.It identifies competencies related to assessment practices and also identifies ethical and legal codes affecting assessment .During the test assessment, testing materials is extremely important as to supply sufficient materials for the assessment conducted.It also identifies relevant historical issues of assessment and implications for assessment.A career self assessment is an important tool that helps to identify possi le avenues on a career path.

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Intelligence Definition and Measurement Essay (Critical Writing)

The Kaufman intelligence assessment was designed for traditional brief evaluation while primary intelligence considered sensory cognitive.This achievement test and the primary sensory intelligence assessment are alike in that, they are concerned with non verbal subtests and cater for children with disabilities.The assessment is valid because of the criterion that was used to conduct it.The Kaufman assessment involved both children and adults while primary sensory intelligence involved children.Wechsler achievement test was designed to test the cognitive abilities of children in kindergarten.

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