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Comparing and Contrasting Poetry

From the title we immediately know that Angelou wishes she knew something was going to happen and wishes she knew before, so she could stop it; ‘Had I known that the heart would leak, Slobbering it’s sap, with a vulgar Visibility, into the dressed-up Dining rooms of strangers.WH Auden’s poem is inspirational.Nichols, like Auden, has chosen her vocabulary wisely, making it extremely effective.The sun symbolises warmth, radiating love and light, energy and power, unlike Auden – where his sun has no power.‘Funeral Blues’ is a poem written by WH Auden.

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In Memory of Wb Yeats in Comparison to Other Auden Poems

However the structure of this poem differs from the other poems Auden has written.Moreover, Auden incorporates symbolism into his poems frequently.To some extent, it is a distinctive Auden poem with the exception of being separated into three parts as homage to Yeats’ form.It could be argued that Auden is pointing the finger to society to be more conscious of suffering and death.Auden imagines poetry as a river flowing through landscapes and towns signifying the importance of art in the midst of turmoil and a “healing fountain” that can lead people to grow.

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Epitaph on a Tyrant

On the other hand, however, Auden could also, very well, be talking about the traditional tyrant of history- men of cruelty and intolerance who nonetheless, possessed the ability to, not only inspire millions and compel “respectable senators” to follow his example, but also to convince men to deny their innate humanity and turn on little children.When he ordered it, all protest was wiped out and man turned brutally on man.On the one hand, it is believed that Auden may be talking about a different sort of tyrant- a benevolent despot whose character and personality are such that people find joy in his laughter and die in the wake of his grief.Then in a sudden drastic change of atmosphere, Auden says- “When he cried, little children died in...

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If I Could Tell You Essay

The rhyming of the alternating ending lines, “Time will say nothing but I told you so” (1) and “If I could tell you I would let you know” (3) keep the rhyme scheme which stays on the central themes.“If I could tell you I would let you know” show how unforeseeable Time is.Auden blames Time for unwanted changes in life, and he repeats the line because he observes that all changes, even those that are unintentional, come with Time.Auden knows that he can not see into the future, which is why he says “If I could… ”.The first part of each stanza question Time, but all ends with “Time will say nothing but I told you so”, explaining that whatever Auden thinks or observes, will all be part of the past in the future.

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A compassion of, stop all the clocks, Cut the telephone and Remeber

The poems massage is telling us that, the person writing the poem is going to die or is dying, she tell is telling her lover to remember her when she has passed away, it says only remember me; you understand” which is telling us that she always wants her lover to remember her, but it says when you do remember but do not grieve this implies that only think of happy thing that they did together.It says “gone away far into the silent land” this tells us that she is going to go to heaven a peaceful place.Many poets write about death and how they feel when they lose loved ones, and a good example of this W. H Auden whose poem ,’stop all the clocks… ‘ outlines his feelings about how he thinks the world should change because his lover is dead.A...

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How Does Auden Portray His Grief and Loss in Funeral Blues?

The sentence types that Auden uses are imperatives, these sentence types are orders.The poet Auden uses contrasting pairs “My working week and my Sunday rest,” “My noon, my midnight,” “my talk, my song;” by using these contrasting pairs this is making the poets lover seem important to the poet, also by using contrasting pairs it makes you think of one extreme to another and also everything in between.These are all signs of grieving and I can relate to Auden as when I lost someone in the family I also felt this way.Auden shows his devastation for the death of his lover by comparing everything in the world to the loss of his lover.Auden uses personification by writing “Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead” the word moaning is a human cha...

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Dulce Et Decorum est and Stop All The Clocks

W. H Auden uses everyday objects to represent his feelings.If i personally had to choose a poem that i liked, I would choose the Dulce Et Decorum Est.It gives an account into the past.W. H auden uses some wierd words to describe his lover.” If in some smothering dreams, you to could pace, behind the wagon that we flung him in.

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Comparing The Use of Icarus in “Musée des Beaux Arts” and This Heavy Craft”

Auden uses the painting “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” as his example that people do not care about others as much as they should.Even through Icarus has initially failed he still believes he can keep going and achieve his goal, this thinking could be used in many situations.Auden demonstrates the point of his poem in these lines by doing just what he’s speaking of.Auden makes reference to another of Pieter Brueghal’s painting, “The Massacre of the Innocents” when he writes of the “torturer’s horse”.In “Musée des Beaux Arts” last stanza Auden now makes his reference to Icarus going from general suffering to specifically about the scene of Brueghal’s painting.

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Comparison Of Poems On Death English Literature Essay

From the poem, we could actually feel that person would actually mean everything to W. H. Auden.As a matter of exaggeration, W. H. Auden described his father was so important that he could occupy the poet’s “working week” and also “Sunday rest”.In “Funeral Blues”, W. H. Auden did not describe precisely as to who was died.A number of language devices have been used by W. H. Auden in the poem, such as repetition of “North, South, East and West”, and the poem as a whole contained more rhyme.The theme and purpose of W. H. Auden in the poem was clear – to show how important the dead person was meant to him, and after his death, he lost his own direction.

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The Role of Art in Poetry Essay

Keats is saying here exactly what Auden has, that the world does not stop for great events.Finally in the last stanza Auden tells us the name of the painting that he admires so much.The people depicted could be nice everyday people, or they could be mass murderers.” (Greenblatt, 2006) Auden clearly tells us here that the ship had to have seen the boy but the crew still went about their business as if nothing had happened.Next Auden reminds us again that the masters have not forgotten the truths that our author is talking about.

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Pre Twentieth Century Poetry War And Death Essay

I think both poems get there message across.He is also trying to tell future generations not to fall for the old lie, Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patri Mori.W.H auden uses some wierd words to describe his lover.W.H auden’s poem sounds like he wrote this when his emotions were at there highest.It gives an account into the past.

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Stop All the Clocks – How are Auden’s feelings communicated through imagery in this poem? Essay

It shows what a great poet Auden was that he could write so movingly even when he was not responding to any terrible loss himself.However, Auden originally wrote the poem as a comic parody about the death of a politician in a play, when the first line was meant to show a dramatic and ironic overreaction.Auden uses this imagery to show how his own world has come to an end through his friend’s (or lover’s) death.Again, Auden commands us to do impossible things.Auden uses exaggerated metaphors when he says ‘He was my North, my South, my East and West’, showing that his love stretched throughout the globe.

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The death of a loved one

The “moaning” makes the tone really depressing and miserable, the reader can hear the sound in their head; and the “scribbling” adds a sense of speed; Auden wants these commands to be done now.In the second stanza, Auden uses personification “moaning” and “scribbling”, he gives the aeroplanes human facets in order to inform everybody that “He is dead”.“He was my North, my South, my East and West”, here Auden is basically saying that this person meant everything to him, he was his whole world.This person meant so such to the Auden, he wants this person’s death acknowledged and written in the skies for everybody to see.Although love does last forever, here Auden feels that after the pain that this person has caused him, he can’t possibly s...

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The Two Main Themes Explored in ‘In the Attic’ and ‘Stop the clocks’ are Love and Loss

Where Auden actually expresses his loss through description of the world and how it symbolized meaning to him about the person they lost, Motion actually describes his loss through something their lost one owned.Auden likens the stars in the sky to the shining of a person’s soul, now that the soul has gone there is no need for the stars to shine anymore.The same is represented in the lines ‘Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead, Scribbling on the sky the message He is Dead’, it’s the desire that everybody should know that Auden is in mourning and that nothing is going to change how he feels, should someone attempt to help him then he will simply send every message the same, I Mourn.‘He was my North, my South, my East and West’ this show...

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Refugee Blues and Disabled Comparison Essay

It was during wartime eras that the poems “Disabled” and “Refugee Blues” were written by Wilfred Owen and W.H.Alternatively, W.H.With “Refugee Blues”, the structure of the poem is fairly simple – Auden wrote it as a recreation of blues song.One of the similarities between the structures of the two poems is that both “Refugee Blues” and “Disabled” contain at least one stanza which is three lines in length, albeit for different reasons – Owen wrote it as unique stanza to stand out since it is of lighter tone than the rest of the poem, while Auden constructed his poem to contain no more than three lines for the sake of structuring it as a blues song.Auden uses the same technique to compare the extent of liberty given to an animal (fish) and...

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The Presentation Of Relationships In Poems Essay

Auden also says “My Noon, my Midnight, my Talk, my Song” this is also showing that his partner meant everything to him.However it is not the same kind of mourning as Auden talks about.However in Twelve Songs black is representing depression not anger, “black cotton gloves” Auden is using black as a symbol for mourning, as well he is saying that now the person has died there is no colour or light and all that’s left is darkness and despair.But in Twelve Songs “white necks of the public doves” white is used to show the light and normality of the situation, not to make sure that Auden is not compared with his dead partner.To a child this poem could be nothing else but a poem about how Plath remembers her father but to us its about how his d...

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The Unknown Citizen: An analysis

The data has the basic information and could identify the age or race of “The Unknown Citizen,” whereas the author keeps the reader guessing.“The Unknown Citizen” by W.H.Another reference to his age could be the fact that in the poem Auden also wrote, “When there was peace, he was for peace: when there was war, he went” (Auden 25): This person most likely was in WWI which was fought from 1914-1918.Even with the vague information of how old he could be, the reader still does not know what hobbies he had, things he liked to do with his family, or what his children names, or ages were.Auden, was written in 1940 and that era can be seen in certain stanzas.

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A comparison of Four Years by Pamela Gillilian and Funeral Blues by W H Auden

In this essay I am writing about is a comparison of love and loss in both of the poems, Four Years (by Pamela Gillian) and Funeral Blues (by W.H.In ‘Funeral Blues’, the poem seems to be more about frustration by Auden as his gay partner (I think) died.I thought that love would last forever, I was wrong.’ .I particularly think the last two lines of the poem sum up the poem.For nothing now could ever come to any good.’ .

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How Sociologists Increased Working With Law Enforcement And What They Do

First I would like to explain how Anthropologists can help police leaders better understand their departments and personnel and identify opportunities to offer better police services to communities.To me this means that it is very interesting it’s a lot of things they can do.To the reader they may not like the field but they can say that some of the information they can find out is interesting.Erin Stone Professor Chambers English 4 6 April 2015 W. H. Auden once said “History is, strictly speaking, the study of questions; the study of answers belongs to anthropology and sociology.” "W. H.If you are sturdy enough, and have a good stomach to handle all the things, and willing to help out in the society, this just might be a good field for ...

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The Comparison Of Poems On Death

In this sentence, Auden confesses that although he thought the love of someone could continue forever, death harshly proves this to be false.However, Auden progresses to mention “I thought that love would last forever: but I was wrong”.After the death of his father, Auden claims that he did not even want the “stars”.Using this description, Auden emphasises that his father held a leading role in his life, and that his father is still with him wherever he goes.Thus Auden is implying that when he lost his father, he has lost the meaning of life.

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As I Walked Out One Evening – W.H.Auden Essay

It is through these settings that exhibits the song-like quality of a ballad and by this lyrical tune, Auden suggests the theme and theories examined in the poem are of childlike logic and knowledge.Auden through the shift of narrative voices explores the different perspective of love.Humans tend to be hypocrites and very good liars to even our own minds to justify our wrongdoings.The poem in study is As I Walked out One Evening by W.H.Through the beginning narration by the persona, W.H.

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What courage leads to Essay

In return, he will nurture and develop his personal integrity.In, “There Will Be No Peace,” W.H.He must validate himself and do things that will benefit his future, not for the acceptance of others.Another point Auden is trying to portray in his poem is not to change for anyone.Auden shows that no matter what, an individual must be his own backbone or superhero.

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Refugee Blues Analysis

Interestingly, only the last line of the stanza is in present tense, Auden brilliantly changes the tense of the stanza to depict the suffering of the narrator and other German Jews.Auden has compared nature to the identity of a human, a passport, rather the lifespan of a tree to that of a passport.This stanza signifies that on a place wherein there are endless possibilities, only possibility which can be seen is death, that ten thousand soldiers are after their blood, and it is only a matter of time before death will compose them, that as the falling snow sticks to ground, so will the bullets in their body.In this stanza, Auden compares the freedom of birds to the freedom of the narrator, and mainly how do they attain that freedom.Auden ...

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Law Like love Essay

An important feature of life, there will always be conflicting points of views on any matter.Therefore, the sharing of different perspectives on any issue is a freedom that is constantly being promoted.“Although I can at least confine, Your vanity and mine, To stating timidly… Like love I say.” demonstrated that W.H Auden believed that Law was like love.In “Law like love”, the author intended for the reader to discover that ones perspective is directly influenced by one’s surroundings and environment, and can change constantly, creating many ideas and encouraging the sharing of these ideas.Freedom to express your feelings and opinions is a privilege many individuals possess.

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The Underlying Theme Of Time

Auden metaphorically portrays Time in terms that are almost disturbing, as it dwells “in the burrows of the nightmare” (25) and watch the lovers from the shadows.No matter how hard we may try we could never stop the river from flowing.Auden ultimately invites us to evaluate the viewpoints of the lover and the clocks that are clearly at odds with one another.Although the finite nature of time may not be enough, Auden moves towards the idea that it has to be because it is all we have.Auden seems to advance the clocks’ message over the lover’s perhaps because he cannot refute the fact that love is stifled by the complexities and boundaries of life.

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Strictly ballroom Essay

The related text “Refugee Blues” by W.H Auden vividly portrays the impact created by a sense of not belonging and rejection.The persona then refers to another person who does belong.Director Baz Luhrmann’s film, Strictly Ballroom (1993) and the 1939 poem “Refugee Blues” by W.H Auden both convey distinct concepts concerning the subject of belonging and not belonging.This urgency to belong is ultimately expressed through repetition of the phrase, “you’re so special, I wish I was special.” .This is emphasised through the use of metaphors and stereotyped images, “I am a creep”, “I am a weirdo.” The use of metaphors expresses the negative self-image of the persona which is a direct result of alienation from society.

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Analysis of School Children by W.H Auden Essay

More specific,In the 2nd paragraph 2nd line”With the dumb play of the dog, licking and rushing;” – Auden is using the term DOG as a comparison to a regular school kid playing at the playground.Literally it translate to he/she cries a lot in the corner.In the Poem “School Children”, W.H Auden tries to emphasize to the readers that a simple playground where inhabits their fun filled activities is actually a prison.Auden is just giving us a better exaggeration on how school kids act.A hyperbole is being portrayed by saying the kids are all angels at some point but it is up to them whether they want to be good or not.

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The Theme of Prejudice in the Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare, William.Drama of the English Renaissance I: The Tutor Period.Kenneth Myrick.way, Venetians could still accept Jewish money, but control their influence upon their way .New York: Signet Books.

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The significance of endings in The Great Gatsby The Kite Runner and Auden’s poetry Essay

Auden also rises the threat of the soldiers and tense tone of the poem at the end through the lack of questions presented in the final stanza.However the ‘b’ sounds could also reflect the aggressiveness of the soldiers and equally show their threatening presence.In the poem Auden describes ‘scarlet soldiers’ en route to the ‘broken lock and splintered door’ where the voice of the poem is residing.Auden describes the setting ‘late in the evening’ in the final stanza of the poem, which contrasts the beginning where the time frame was simply identified as ‘one evening.’ This suggests time has elapsed between the first and last stanza.Auden uses the final stanza as a climactic moment in which to suggest the soldiers have reached their destin...

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Stop All the Clocks Essay

He does not use any metaphors but some of the rhyming couplets he uses could be seen as unusual, “…cut off the telephone…give the dog a juicy bone” shows that he has paid high detail to everything that he wants to take notice, nothing in the world is to be left untold of the awful tragedy that he has suffered.It is so surreal and unusual.Although “Valediction…” is very deep and thoughtful it just does not compare to the outrageousness of “Havisham” and “Stop all the clocks” is just boring compared to this.I don’t know how Duffy came up with such an awe inspiring poem but if I had to pick a poem to read for the rest of my life, “Havisham” would be unquestionably it.In contrast to this poem is “Stop All the Clocks…” by W.H.

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