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The Whale Rider (2002) Summary and Analysis

It has a lot of awards through the world: BAFTA Childrens’ Award, Best Feature Film – 2003; Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, Best Young Actor/Actress (Keisha Castle-Hughes) – 2004; Chicago Film Critics Association Award, Most Promising Performer (Keisha Castle-Hughes) – 2004; Cinemanila International Film Festival, Special Jury Prize – 2003; Humanitas Prize, Sundance Film Category – 2003; Independent Spirit Award, Best Foreign Film (New Zealand) – 2004; Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival and others.“Whale Rider” is a great example of the problems that many cultures and families are facing around the world.The film ”Whale rider” is considered to be a personal and family drama, showing that families even in the m...

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The whale rider Film Essay

“Whale Rider” is a unique, untypical and fascinating film.“Whale Rider” is a drama film of the 2002, based on the novel of Witi Ihimaera, and directed by Niki Caro.“Whale Rider” is a great example of the problems that many cultures and families are facing around the world.It has a lot of awards through the world: BAFTA Childrens’ Award, Best Feature Film – 2003; Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, Best Young Actor/Actress (Keisha Castle-Hughes) – 2004; Chicago Film Critics Association Award, Most Promising Performer (Keisha Castle-Hughes) – 2004; Cinemanila International Film Festival, Special Jury Prize – 2003; Humanitas Prize, Sundance Film Category – 2003; Independent Spirit Award, Best Foreign Film (New Zealand) – 2004; Mexico ...

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Religious Themes Through The Whale Rider

Through the movie Whale Rider, various religious themes such as having special powers, sacrificial love, rebirth and resurrection, nature and religion, and spiritual journey are represented.Whale Rider is a beneficial movie to anyone who watches it.“Journal of Religion & Film: When Jesus Was a Girl: Polymythic Female Christ Figures in Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias By David Fillingim.” Journal of Religion & Film: When Jesus Was a Girl: Polymythic Female Christ Figures in Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias By David Fillingim.“Whale Rider Review.” Whale Rider.In the editorial “Journal of Religion & Film: When Jesus Was a Girl: Polymythic Female Christ Figures in Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias” Paikea is closely related to Jesus....

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Intercultural Communications Essay

Whale Rider is a contemporary fairy film, which depicts our celebration to our spiritual bond together with our natural environment.This is shown especially at the start of the film where we see that the grandfather has genuine care for her granddaughter.She was named after Paikea who was a legendary ancestor who arrived in New Zealand carried on back of a whale.The film whale rider has a different and a more powerful approach.Whale Rider never becomes a saccharine because it is partly a straight tale and also partly a gripping mystical fable.

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Niki Caro’s Whale Rider – An analysis in relation to journeys Essay

Works Cited: .I am just a fledgling new to flight”.Similar to Things Fall Apart, the film Whale Rider by Niki Caro explores the breakdown of Maori culture in post-colonial New Zealand.During the film, Pai transforms from an unwanted child to the new village leader, while challenging the Maori customs through her curiosity, for example when she learns the sacred art of the taiaha.Koro’s epiphany is thus one of the greatest differences between the two texts, as he is able to surpass the greatest obstacle in his journey and move forward, whereas Okonkwo is unable to change, leading to his death.

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Essay about The Defiance of Women in Antigone and Whale Rider

As seen in the eyes of Paikea, from the movie Whale Rider, a leader is a guide, someone who guides his or her people in the right directions, someone who does all he or she can do to improve his or her land.“Antigone.” McDougal Little Literature: American Literature.Newmarket Films, 2003.Keisha Castle-Hughes, Rawiri Paratene, Vicky Haughton, Cliff Curtis.Martin Luther King, Jr..BrainyQuote.com.

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Whale Rider: The Maori Culture Essay

However, what we can notice through the film is that some roles are often miscued by the gender of the assumed chosen one.TAKITIMU: The Gods of Maori.Ancient History Sourcebook: Code of Hammurabi, c. 1780 BCE.(2014, April 29th).(2014, April 30.th).

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Whale Rider Essay

In this scene extreme close-ups and close-ups are used to create a sympathetic mood and provides interaction between the characters and the viewer.The film does not only show us one girl’s experience of growing up, but also tells us about the Maori culture, tradition how gender is treated, and their leadership.“Forgive me, I am just fledging new to fight” Koro knows he has done wrong and has changed his attitude completely towards the situation.Finally at the end of the film Whale Rider Koro had realized that Pai is the true leader, to face this Koro had to travel an inner journey to accept that the tradition had changed.In the extract The Happiest Refugee a scene that relates to a inner journey is when the passengers on the boat have be...

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Creon and Koro in the play Antigone by Sophocles Essay

Their closeness shows that the tragic hero has not changed in the past three thousand years.Whale Rider portrays the story of a young Maori girl who is trying to become the leader of her tribe.The tragic heroes in “Antigone” and Whale Rider, Creon and Koro, are very similar.Throughout the film, Koro has hatred that is clearly directed towards Pai.The stories both have women trying to persevere in a world where they have less rights, and strong leaders trying to suppress them.

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Whale Rider Analysis Essay

This film shows the new woman in film, as Paikea is a strong independent woman who is shown with emphasis on strength and the ability to surpass all obstacles and rise above the oppression.2) Paikeas actions during the film are a definite statement of empowerment for girls and women.The problems shown range from issues relating to bodily functions, to the issues that go along with attempting to break out of the mold that society seems to put us into.This movie portrays woman quite realistically, and their realistic problems as well.She is denied access to the “leadership” school, was told not to touch the motor boat pump, she was not allowed to train with the fighting sticks, and was directed to stay away from the whale.

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Growing Up – Lord of the Flies Essay

In “Lord of the Flies”, William Golding presents his characters as flies, the lord symbolises the leader and as adolescents the children have a position in their life whether they want to lead or follow.He suggests that Paikea is an omen “When she was born that’s when things started going wrong for us.” After a series of events involving a pod of whales being beached, Koro comes to realise that Paikea was the next whale rider and he accepts her for who she is.As seen with Ralph and Jack, there are many differentials as well as similarities between each other because everybody has their own techniques in handling situations and the way they react to such complications like being stranded on a deserted island.During her time as an adolesce...

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The Movie The Whale Rider History Essay

The film is about a middle-aged publicity executive whose business is bought out by a huge international company leaving him with a new boss who is just about half his age.When the whales happen to stranded on the beach, Koro is sure this signal an apocalyptic end to his tribe in anticipation of one person prepare to make the final sacrifice to save the community – the Whale Rider.As shown in the movie pai was blamed for her brother’s death, she was seen as the harbinger of bad fortune by koro her grandfather but piakea always focuses to be a good leader .paikea’s main aim was to be success as a good leader and provide leadership based on her traditional principals ie the whale riding, learning the taiaha, language, chanting, traditional...

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Whale Rider Essay

Second, a person who can negotiate the whale on behalf of his / her next, Kahu, she will speak of the whale, which is the the Kahu fate of the ability of future chief.This quotes is very important, because Kahu You can communicate with whales.Fate is very important Kahu fulfill her dream to become the next Whale Rider.First things should be a little Koro toes part become Whale Rider.Third, in the ancient bull whale “back found to Wangji Glasgow gold master, but the Maori tribe when the whale is dead, they think their life will stop at that moment, when the ancient bull whale to reach the prosperous Glasgow, Maori people is SCARD their lives, they tried to get the whale back into the ocean, but the results whale whale no final Kahu talks,...

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“Whale Rider” – How and why the movie uses narrative structure

All of the events combined would have the story seem a bit repetitive andcontinuative, but the narrative structure of the three acts enabled the story to flow thoroughly.Her courage and fortitude finally gets through to Koro, who accepts her as his successor as chief.The film was divided into three main acts, but they were blended together so well that it hardly stands out to the viewers, which I think was the desiredeffect.The scene ends with Koro’s failure to find a future chief among the boys, which will lead to his acceptance of Pai’s leadership.The hidden meaning behind Whale Rider could not have been brought out in the acting, the screenplay, or the storyline without the narrative structure.

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Lord Of The Rings Leadership Style Theology Religion Essay

This leadership situation in The Whale Rider: The movie is set in New Zealand in the fishing village of Whangere.She is brave enough to jump into the sea to get her grandfather’s whale tooth, which clearly describes her quality of bravery and courageous above all her determination to becoming a leader.Gimli and Lagolas followed him without any hesitation because of Aragons family history coming from a line of kings and his experience in tracking and fighting ability .. Gandalf was effective in the film because he was very old person who had seen the with the word friend, Gandalf started to say words of different language which showed that his a person of wide range of knowledge where he does not think the same as the other people in the...

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An Analysis of Witi Ihimaera’s Whale Rider Essay

Whale Rider carries itself primarily on motivation towards “the end”.If Kahu narrated then we wouldn’t be able to experience her development from birth, and would lose all of her toddler years.Those years keep Kahu a “question” and make us, like Rawiri, unable to wait for her to come of age and either become the whale rider or not.It was thought provoking and interesting to see Kahu strive for her grandfather’s acceptance from before she could even walk.Whale Rider creates a distorted medium between reality and the character’s minds, which is what keeps the reader guessing, second-guessing and questioning all the way up until the moment of truth in the end.

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Film Review: Whale Rider

Paikea respects and admires her grandfather, and holds a deep and mysterious connection with the tribe s ancestral line; particularly her namesake, Paikea the Whale Rider, who was the first of his people to arrive in New Zealand, after journeying from Hawaii on the back of a whale.Most of the film centers on the dynamic of this relationship between Koro and Paikea.The plot lines and conflicts that surround these traditions are manifested differently in each of the unique characters of the film.Through her example, and ultimately the brave act of whale riding, which leads to her acceptance as future chief, she sparks a cultural revival within this modern-day Maori community.The young Paikea spends the bulk of the film fighting for her gra...

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The media play in encouraging Essay

Law, L., Bunnell, T. and Ong, C 2007, ‘The Beach, the gaze and film tourism’, Tourist Studies, vol 7, no.Film induced tourism can also bring about an increase in the cultural value of the film location being heritage sites.For instance the Philippines was adopted to portray Vietnam in the 1986 Vietnam War film Platoon.‘Film & TV Tourism’ in Smith, M., MacLeod, N. and Hart Robertson, M 2010, Key Concepts in Tourist Studies.Through the analysis of the film The Beach as well as various researchers including Law, Smith and Urry a further understanding is established in terms of media and the influence it can have on tourism whether in positive or negative conducts.

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The Film “A Whale of a Ride” Essay

I also appreciated the awkward, mostly silent dinner scene after Koro caught Pai taiaha fighting with Hemi, the humorous scenes with the under-achieving boys, and the imaginatively shot and magical whale-riding scenes.So it was encouraging for me to see Pai hold on to her dream and succeed.Koro has the same, but is forced to wrestle with the realization that there are no Maori boys or men qualified to lead.It was a joy to see him figure it out in the end, and head out to sea alongside Pai, who was everything he yearned for but couldn’t see that it/she was right in front of him.Nani is an amazing, passionate nurturer, who knows how to, for the most part, run things, while keeping Koro thinking that he’s in charge.

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Easy Rider Movie Analysis Film Studies Essay

Through close analysis of the characters representations and specific scenes within Easy Rider the critical visions of America which are displayed will become clear.Word count: 2310 .. Easy Rider, 1969.‘ Easy Rider was a little road movie that came out of nowhere to change Hollywood forever… Upon release, the film became an essential part of the 60s iconography, embodying the hopes and fears of the time’.The themes of, drugs, sex, hippie culture and racism are portrayed within the film through the protagonists representations and reactions, the way in which these themes went against the conventions of American film making by not portraying an idealistic America created controversy but also made great success as audiences could align wit...

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Easy Rider Essay

However, the original idea comes from Peter Fonda who, during a promotion for a film in Toronto at the end of 1967, had the idea of ​​this road trip with "two guys, motorcycles, sex, cam and bouseux in pick-up who shoot them ”according to his words; "Sex & amp; Drugs & amp; Rock'n'roll ”, the motto of the film, will become famous.But it is with Easy Rider that the New Hollywood takes off and breaks with the well-established classic production system, which was losing speed at the time.A road trip of two freedom-loving bikers across America, the film was selected in 1998 for conservation by the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress for its significant contribution to American cinema and the culture of the United States.Accordi...

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Examine the Role of Rawiri in the Whale Rider Essay

Lastly, he also provides comic relief which help to lighten the mood of the novel, especially during times of tension.In conclusion, Rawiri narrates the events in the novel through his point of view and highlights certain themes and issues presented by the author.Furthermore, he is the one who consistently sees the signs of Kahu’s fate to rise up as the next leader of the tribe.By providing humour, it lightens the overall atmosphere and learn more about the characters.He relates the events in the ‘Whale Rider’ as the role of the narrator, allowing the readers to form judgements and learn about things such as the Maori way of life and the characters through his eyes.

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Eragon The Movie vs. Eragon The Novel Essay

Some of the dialogues and scenes were cut in the film version, somehow giving the viewers a different impression of how the story would go.PERSONAL ANALYSIS The film version of Eragon was something to be considered.Although both had considered to keep the plot as the center of the film, the choice of words made the story difficult to absorb.Some of the places were deleted, and even Eragon’s reactions towards Katrina were deleted in the film version.However, for those who have not read the book, the film adaptation is impressive, especially with how Saphira was manipulated.

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The Idea Of The Movement Magic Realism Film Studies Essay

People view the world differently; they see a fantasy that has been made up.Magic realism allows people to express what they really feel and what they imagine a world to be like.Magic realism is about fantasy, there is not discrimination or rights or wrongs.Magic Realism is the key to the decline of racial and gender ideologies.There are no gender or racial ideologies used in any form or sub topic of magic realism.

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Six Marine Biology Films

According to this film, "we live because the sea lives".Film # 4 is called Deep Blue.This lakes as the film states, has many thousands of unique species of fish, invertebrates and even mammals like the Baikal Seal.The larger in the sea is the whale shark.The film mostly emphasizes the importance of the sea and the living things that are part of it.

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Frankenstein Essay

The film is part of the Universal Monsters series and reveals actor Boris Karloff, director James Whale and makeup artist Jack Pierce.James Whale replaced Robert Florey who for compensation was offered the realization of Double assassination in the rue Morgue still with Bela Lugosi.Frankenstein is an American film directed by James Whale, released in 1931. .Pierce covers Karloff's hair with a cap.This horror film is based on the play by Peggy Webling, itself adapted from the novel Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley.

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The Whale Rider Movie Theology Religion Essay

In the film Dan got high mark in least preferred co-worker because he is always concern about his employee.The Fellowship of the Ring is an epic fantasy adventure film directed by Peter Jackson.The film illustrates Ohio State studies (1940s) which states two dimensions of leader behaviour.In the film Gandalf is concerned of their follower’s emotion and opinions, but he was also in charge for mission which should be finished.For example, at her first school concert, when all her peers were misbehaving, Pai continues to sing, keeping her focus, determined to prove that she is serious about the tribe’s culture and her ambitions to become the whale rider.

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Essay about Opening Sequences of Frankenstein by James Whale and Kenneth Branagh

He was very possessive of Elizabeth and felt that she was his possession to love and protect and she is described as his 'more than sister'.However I would have liked to see more character depth, as I believe that is a vital part of Mary Shelley's novel.He became obsessed with natural philosophy an... ... middle of paper ... ...assic film and I think that no one could represent the monster better than Boris Karloff.Frankenstein grew up in Geneva with an orphan, Elizabeth, who his parents took pity on.However, I consider both adaptations inferior to Mary Shelley's book but the film adaptations, although very different, both contain powerful images that create a lasting impression on the viewer.

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International Multimedia Conference Essay

Recognition of gesture, motion, and face in the browsing scheme and the combination of audio and video analysis are integrated in the automatic multimodal analysis.Other topics covered in the book include the development of multiple integrated semiotic model, visual semiosis in electronic films, application of system-functional theory in various semiotic resources, and analysis of three-dimensional space such as the Sydney Opera House.The article provides explanation on two types of automatic multimodal analysis, the audio similarity to identify the speaker and the frame differences to detect shot.The book is very relevant to the research concerning multimodal analysis because it helps widen the knowledge of students and readers in the f...

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Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Essay

Whale’s film is more like the nineteenth century novel; his style suits the slow unveiling of narrative, as in the book, whereas Branagh conveys a sense of action and fast moving suspense to satisfy the ever-demanding audience.If an audience of today find Whale’s directing more or equally effective than Branagh’s then imagine how well it would have worked on audiences unaccustomed to this level of horror within a film.Although Branagh also has a distinguished history in theatre, Whale was working in the beginnings of Hollywood when cinema was portrayed much like theatre on screen.The make up worn by the characters in Whale’s film is heavy, pronounced and very theatrical; designed so that people in the theatre could see the faces from far...

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