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Religious Themes Through The Whale Rider

“Journal of Religion & Film: When Jesus Was a Girl: Polymythic Female Christ Figures in Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias By David Fillingim.” Journal of Religion & Film: When Jesus Was a Girl: Polymythic Female Christ Figures in Whale Rider and Steel Magnolias By David Fillingim.Within this contemporary-fairy tale, Whale Rider also entails a spiritual bond that the main character, Paikea, has with a quasi-mystical creature, represented as a whale.Whale Rider is a beneficial movie to anyone who watches it.In Whale Rider, Paikea displays sacrificial love for her traditions, family, and community.Rebirth and Resurrection also play an important role in Whale Rider, particularly when Paikea rides the whale, Taniwha.

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The Whale Rider (2002) Summary and Analysis

“Whale Rider” shows so many interesting and emotional themes: failure and hope, strength, and determination, all of them are witnessed in the points of past, present, and future ideals.“Whale Rider” is a great example of the problems that many cultures and families are facing around the world.Problems shown in “Whale rider” .“Whale Rider” is a contemporary re-telling of the 1000-year-old legend about legendary first ancestor named Paikea.“Whale Rider” is a drama film of the 2002, based on the novel of Witi Ihimaera, and directed by Niki Caro.

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Essay about The Defiance of Women in Antigone and Whale Rider

As seen in the eyes of Paikea, from the movie Whale Rider, a leader is a guide, someone who guides his or her people in the right directions, someone who does all he or she can do to improve his or her land.In the movie Whale Rider, the New Zealander’s tradition is worshiping in the whales.While the views on tradition, gender, and defiance are similar for Paikea and Antigone, the differences amongst them are striking.Conversely, Paikea believes that she’s different, and that the rule of the gods is different for her.Newmarket Films, 2003.

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The whale rider Film Essay

The myth about Paikea says that he was rescued by a whale, after his canoe was lost in the sea.The film ”Whale rider” is considered to be a personal and family drama, showing that families even in the most far away parts of the world have similar relations and personal problems.So “The Whale Rider” shows deep levels of character development: as we see Koro’s great sadness, Nanny’s love for the family, and how Pai’s world is slowly crashing down around her.“Whale Rider” is a unique, untypical and fascinating film.Problems shown in “Whale rider” .

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Growing Up – Lord of the Flies Essay

The film “Whale Rider” directed by Niki Caro tells the anecdote about a girl named Paikea, after a great legend known to the Maori people.As a leader, Koro did not realise the support that Paikea needed during her time of adolescence, as he wasn’t just a leader to her but also her grandfather.As females were not allowed to participate in such rituals she finds herself in a situation where she feels her grandfather doesn’t want her, “Why doesn’t he want me?” By sticking by her grandfather after all he put her through, Paikea shows how her love towards Koro remained strong throughout.He suggests that Paikea is an omen “When she was born that’s when things started going wrong for us.” After a series of events involving a pod of whales being...

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Whale Rider Analysis Essay

She is denied access to the “leadership” school, was told not to touch the motor boat pump, she was not allowed to train with the fighting sticks, and was directed to stay away from the whale.The story of Paikea was created and influenced by a man and a woman who both understand the complexities of the Maori lifestyle, and the difficulties that go along with living as a part of it.He uses these traditions as a way to keep females oppressed and Paikea continued to fight back, and prove him wrong.She learns the chanting and taiaha fighting from her uncle, she fies the pump, finds her grandfathers lost whale tooth, wins the speech contest at the school, and saves the whale at the climax.This is an important point as the creators of the char...

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Film Review: Whale Rider

He demonstrates this fact, first and foremost, by naming his daughter Paikea; the sacred family name meant to denote the male heir.Secondly, Paikea s father abandons his family, community, and homeland altogether to live and work abroad in Western Europe.Alone, for the most part, and eager to gain acceptance from her grandfather, Paikea develops an interest in those things that Koro holds dear to his heart.Through her example, and ultimately the brave act of whale riding, which leads to her acceptance as future chief, she sparks a cultural revival within this modern-day Maori community.This promise that is upheld in Paikea s strength and bravery unites the generations once again under the banner of the Maori heritage.

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“Whale Rider” – How and why the movie uses narrative structure

All of the events combined would have the story seem a bit repetitive andcontinuative, but the narrative structure of the three acts enabled the story to flow thoroughly.Whale Rider uses narrative structure in many forms to better describe the story to the viewer.These three techniques and others in the movie clearly gave it more rhythm and meaning, which helped the viewers go deeper into scenes than the third person events on the screen.She then finally proves her worth to Koro by riding the whale out to sea, which saved its life.Her courage and fortitude finally gets through to Koro, who accepts her as his successor as chief.

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The Movie The Whale Rider History Essay

A ‘Ngati’ is a Maori tribe Ngati Porou and is a traditional Maori kiwi located in regions east of Cape and Gisborne in the North Island of New zealand.paikea, the Whale Rider, is said to be an ancestor of these people.Duryea on the other hand comes from today’s young generation the one who believes in going for what you want no matter what .this was illustrated by Duryea’s failure as a family man and husband.The legend prophesizes that another whale rider will be born to lead the Maori people.As shown in the movie pai was blamed for her brother’s death, she was seen as the harbinger of bad fortune by koro her grandfather but piakea always focuses to be a good leader .paikea’s main aim was to be success as a good leader and provide leader...

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Whale Rider Essay

In the room when they are both alone, Pai is unconscious when Koro says to her “Wise leader” this shows that Koro has faced the facts that Pai is the born leader.In the extract The Happiest Refugee a scene that relates to a inner journey is when the passengers on the boat have been rescued by German sailors.In this scene extreme close-ups and close-ups are used to create a sympathetic mood and provides interaction between the characters and the viewer.This shows a physical journey because the passengers on the boat were in poor living conditions, dehydrated and starving but there was nothing they could do about it.“Dad cracked into a whopping great smile as he tasted his own salty tears of reliefs” this quote doesn’t only use imagery, im...

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Lord Of The Rings Leadership Style Theology Religion Essay

This leadership situation in The Whale Rider: The movie is set in New Zealand in the fishing village of Whangere.Koro is the chief of the village and he comes from a line of chief who was known as Paikea who arrived on the island centuries ago riding on a whale.When the whale needed help to go off shore Pai rode the whale to safety.She is brave enough to jump into the sea to get her grandfather’s whale tooth, which clearly describes her quality of bravery and courageous above all her determination to becoming a leader.The movie ends with Koro accepting Pai as a Wise Leader, and the people and the whale following her commands.

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Intercultural Communications Essay

The film whale rider has a different and a more powerful approach.She was named after Paikea who was a legendary ancestor who arrived in New Zealand carried on back of a whale.She is able to awaken the dying whale ride ion its back and guides the herd to go back to the depths of the ocean.Whale Rider never becomes a saccharine because it is partly a straight tale and also partly a gripping mystical fable.Whale Rider provides a powerful message of hope and watching this film provides a healing experience.

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Creon and Koro in the play Antigone by Sophocles Essay

While Creon’s sexist attitude remains until the end of the story, Koro changes in the end of Whale Rider.The stories both have women trying to persevere in a world where they have less rights, and strong leaders trying to suppress them.Both Creon and Koro exemplify sexist attitudes throughout the Greek tragedy and film, along with their lack of humbleness and their personality that reflects on them thinking they have a higher rank than everyone.Throughout the movie, Whale Rider, Pai persistently strives to show her grandfather her strength and even goes as far as trying to join the school Koro establishes because she wants to learn the proper way to be the leader of the Maori culture.Their closeness shows that the tragic hero has not cha...

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The Film “A Whale of a Ride” Essay

It was a joy to see him figure it out in the end, and head out to sea alongside Pai, who was everything he yearned for but couldn’t see that it/she was right in front of him.It was fun to see Rawiri’s passion for teaching Pai the “old ways” carry over to influence him to clean up his own act.At 12 years old, the main character, Paikea “Pai,” has successfully navigated through Erikson’s first four stages.Being an artist myself, I appreciated Porourangi’s passion for his art and family – though it was obvious why he couldn’t live with Koro.The film “Whale Rider” took me on a whale of an emotional ride.

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The Whale Rider Movie Theology Religion Essay

In the film Gandalf is concerned of their follower’s emotion and opinions, but he was also in charge for mission which should be finished.Paikea was a strong willed girl who was born to be a leader even though koro didn’t see that straight away.For example, at her first school concert, when all her peers were misbehaving, Pai continues to sing, keeping her focus, determined to prove that she is serious about the tribe’s culture and her ambitions to become the whale rider.Throughout the movie, Paikea battles her way so that Koro sees that she is good enough to become the leader hence she used her power well.As Paikea exerts herself to Koro, she shows skills of a leader.

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Whale Rider Essay

Third, Kahu help themselves to become the next Whale Rider.Fate is very important Kahu fulfill her dream to become the next Whale Rider.Secondly, ironically, Kahu also indirectly help to fulfill her destiny of Koro and ancient cattle whale third , Kahu fulfill her destiny own fate is an important theme of this novel, is the fate of the Maori whale saved Kahu.Second the Koro and ancient bullfighting whale is ironic that, in order to ensure that Kahu is the future of Whale Rider.This is the part of the chief, should have do.Third, Kahu meet her fate be the the next Whale Rider bite her great-grandfather is the important part: Whale Rider communication whale.

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An Analysis of Witi Ihimaera’s Whale Rider Essay

For the readers it is for the book’s climax.Ihimaera does a great job of manipulating the motivation of the reader and intertwining it with the motivation of the characters while also leaving a prism in the middle of reality and literature where some of the gaps and missing pieces are left to be filled with the reader’s empathy, curiosity and imagination.It was thought provoking and interesting to see Kahu strive for her grandfather’s acceptance from before she could even walk.For Rawiri, Nanny Flowers, and even Kahu herself, it is for the end of Kahu’s childhood and for the answers to be revealed.Kahu is destined to be the next chief of the Maori in Whangara, New Zealand, a tribe that has descended from the legendary “whale rider.” Howe...

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Niki Caro’s Whale Rider – An analysis in relation to journeys Essay

Works Cited: .Ihimaera, Witi (2003) .[Film]”The Whale Rider”.Koro’s epiphany is thus one of the greatest differences between the two texts, as he is able to surpass the greatest obstacle in his journey and move forward, whereas Okonkwo is unable to change, leading to his death.Directed by Niki Caro (2003).

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Whale Rider: The Maori Culture Essay

TAKITIMU: The Gods of Maori.The Whale Rider [Motion Picture].Ancient History Sourcebook: Code of Hammurabi, c. 1780 BCE.This shows that because religion/s around the world have practiced their core beliefs in an attempt to guide humanities behaviors, yet , as we can observe with the “Whale Rider,” even the most influential community and cultural leaders can become miscued in their ideologies.Nga Atua- The Gods Religions across the globe have conceptualized a belief, generally surrounding the implementations and implications of th... ... middle of paper ... ...izable religious leaders can be wrong, as witnessed with the “Whale Rider.” A Religion is the basic practice that gives meaningful purpose to life filled with insecurity.

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Examine the Role of Rawiri in the Whale Rider Essay

In conclusion, Rawiri narrates the events in the novel through his point of view and highlights certain themes and issues presented by the author.Lastly, he also provides comic relief which help to lighten the mood of the novel, especially during times of tension.Furthermore, he is the one who consistently sees the signs of Kahu’s fate to rise up as the next leader of the tribe.By providing humour, it lightens the overall atmosphere and learn more about the characters.He is also he guardian of Kahu and takes care of her, assuming a fatherly position.

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Research On The Native American Tribes History Essay

Just like American today, languages are slightly different from the Far East to the Great West and everywhere in between.Hides were also used in the making of the lodging that the natives inhabited.The leader of the canoe would have been given this position from his father, and he would harpoon the whale first, he would also receive the first piece of the whale when it was returned to shore to be rationed out between the others.All in all, I have found that Native Americans were equals in the struggles that they faced.Whale hunting provided the Nootka tribe with a lot of great materials like oil, bones for tools, baleen for trapping, and of course plenty of meat.

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Military Sonar Harms Ocean Life Essay

Due to mass beaching scientists began researching and found that the whales in fact had ear and brain bleeds.In the 1960s, the development of digital computer technology made plotting of sonar data much easier”1 With the improvement of the sonar the military was going to try and communicate with whales but found the whales were no longer in their regular site.According to NOAA, “The technology steadily improved, and by World War II, was used once again for military purposes.NOAA Ocean Explorer Podcast RSS.Passive sonar allows military ships to detect submarines and other vessels without transmitting their own signals to other ships since World War I. Sonar allows a shipmate to be able to know the exact speed, coordinates, and how big the...

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The Effect of Underwater Acoustics on Whales Essay

(1996) the Conservation of Whales .D.G., Thomson, K.H., and Green, C.R., (1989) Analysis and ranking of .and Thomson D.H., (1995) .Academic Press .Marine Mammals and Noise.

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The International Whaling Commission Essay

The first major step in the whaling industry, The IWC was set up to provide proper conservation and regulation of whale stocks."Irreconcilable Differences: The International Whaling Commission And Cetacean Futures."Review Of Policy Research 28.6 (2011): 631-634. Business Source Alumni Edition.Journal Of East Asia & International Law 4.2 (2011): 419-447.Academic Search Premier.Ethics & International Affairs 26.1 (2012): 103-12.

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What Is Business Ethics Management Essay

According to Tesco they took the decision due to lack of customer demand .This campaign was created to end the sales of whale meat in Japan.I personally believe that Tesco was afraid of losing its position in the market and getting a bad reputation, which clearly tells us that how these stakeholders can have a huge impact in the way you conduct your business.Tesco took its decision to stop selling whale products shortly after their second meeting, and indicated that it had immediately stopped purchasing whale meat.EIA and Greenpeace met with Tesco representatives on two occasions and told Tesco the UK s leading retailer to immediately withdraw all whale meat products that were being sold in at least 45 of their supermarkets stores in the...

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High Feeding Costs Limit Dive Time Essay

The TDRs actually recorded the oxygen level of each tagged whale.Using the TDR technique to record the energy cost of lunge, we were able to deduce that the more lunges a whale makes, the more time it spends recovering at the surface, usually regaining oxygen levels.In the lunging-costly model, observed forage depths, vertical speed, number of lunges, time spent recovering at the surface, are some of the variables that were examined to provide an outright solution.Based on the results of this experiment, it has been found out that lunge-feeding in large whales is an energetically expensive activity.“High Feeding Costs Limit Dive Time in the Largest Whales”.

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The media play in encouraging Essay

London, Thousand Oaks, New Delhi & Singapore, SAGE, pp.Policy, Organisation and Society Special Edition: Different Globalisations, vol.Tourism Management, September, pp.Law, L., Bunnell, T. and Ong, C 2007, ‘The Beach, the gaze and film tourism’, Tourist Studies, vol 7, no.Through the analysis of the film The Beach as well as various researchers including Law, Smith and Urry a further understanding is established in terms of media and the influence it can have on tourism whether in positive or negative conducts.

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A study on motorcycle rider characteristic and behavior in Dhaka City Essay

, 1994) and the aggression examination was made using the Aggression Questionnaire of Buss & Perry (1992).A total of 200 motorcycle rider participated in the survey.This study presents essential information relating to motorcycle rider driving behavior resulting from the questionnaire survey for riders.The results of the rider survey were analyzed to yield significant variables influencing motorcycle road crash experience and frequency.These findings can be used to develop more accurate procedures for the analysis of the quality of service of motorcycle paths as well as to develop a comprehensive simulation model.

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Stakeholder Analysis Sea Shepherd

The Faroese people should actually hunt them and not force the whales to beach themselves.on an island where very little plants can grow and whale meat makes up most of their food.The community needs the meat to survive; on the other hand, they are also stakeholders because this whale meat could affect their health.A course of action that would have to be followed would to be a different way of killing the whales, not slaughter 3,500 pilot whales at once.They should go out far into the ocean and give the whales a chance to get away.a .

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Environmental Effects of Whaling

Among the worst impacts of whaling is the fact that it has had severe impacts on the whale populations.This particularly affects the minke whale and it also endangers other species such as the fin, sperm, right, blue, sei, grey, and the humpback whales (Stoett, 1997, p. 34).The bottom of the line in this argument is that it leads to an unprecedented overkill which eventually will lead to extinction of the whale species.In some countries such as Greenland, USA, and Russia, this kind of whale hunting is still practiced to this date.The argument here is that by tissue analysis of the hunted whales, scientific investigators are able to gain substantial knowledge regarding a whale’s breeding habits, age, as well as the whale communities’ dist...

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