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Narrative Theory in Virgina Woolf's To the Lighthouse Essay

(For those who prefer a shorter text, I can recommend Maurice Blanchot’s “The Madness of the Day,” Margaret Atwood’s “Happy Endings,” or Jeanette Winterson’s “The Poetics of Sex”.)We go on to read D. A. Miller, Peter Rabinowitz, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, and Russell Reising on the subject and debate the relative strengths of each position, paying particular attention to Reising’s critiques of Miller and Barbara Herrnstein Smith and discussing which theory most adequately encompasses their reading of Woolf.Narrative Dynamics: Essays on Time, Plot, Closure, and Frames.Some undergraduates are surprised to learn that the author has to select the point at which to begin her novel, and amazed to learn t... ... middle of paper ... ... place simult...

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Ethan Frome Essay

(or the antagonism) that exists between Zeena and Ethan.Choose two key scenes and explore how Wharton brings to life the tension .Re-read from page 16 “When his wife first proposed that they should give Mattie an occasional evening …” to page 17 “and that words had at last been found to utter his secret soul.” What does this passage reveal about Ethan’s feelings towards Mattie and explore the way in which Wharton brings to life those feelings?Re-read from page 16 “When his wife first proposed that they should give Mattie an occasional evening …” to page 17 “and that words had at last been found to utter his secret soul.” What does this passage reveal about Ethan’s feelings towards Mattie and explore the way in which Wharton brings to ...

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Studying The Age Of Innocence Novel English Literature Essay

Women within New York society also have to be compliant and supportive of their husbands, regardless of their spouses’ behaviour as “May’s only use of the liberty she supposed herself to possess would be to lay it on the altar of her wifely adoration.” (Wharton, 1918:160) Wharton also presents the merging of identities of women with their husbands through the characterisation of the van der Luydens who “were so exactly alike that Archer often wondered how, after forty years of the closest conjugality, two such merged identities ever separated themselves enough for anything as controversial as a talking-over..”.The author further highlights Newland’s cowardice and apathy by stating that he “instinctively felt that in this respect it would...

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Essay on Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence

Sholl, Anna McClure; “The Work of Edith Wharton,” in Gunton’s Magazine Vol.Wharton uses Newland Archer as a major role of irony in her novel, The Age of Innocence.Wharton uses the novel The Age of Innocence as a source of ironic twists that tie into her autobiographical effects.Wharton, Edith.“The Age of Innocence takes place during the last breath of New York high society, although its members did not sense the dramatic changes coming to their world” (Hadley11).1 Wharton, uses irony typically for a humorous effect.

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Upper Class Desires: Edith Wharton Essay

Edith Wharton herself was a member of the upper class but she criticizes the importance that people place on it.Tuttleton, James W. "Edith (Newbold Jones) Wharton."Dictionary of Literary Biography Vol.In Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth Wharton criticizes the values people place upon joining and remaining in the upper class.Unlike most women in the society Wharton w... ... middle of paper ... ...egaurdless of her social status but show the inner works of the tight knit society.

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Short stories of edith wharton Essay

A study would be remiss if it did not find the connections of Edith Wharton to her more closely related contemporaries.These American authors would be called the Lost Generation because of this aspect of society that Wharton had already exposed.Clearly, however, Wharton was the more accomplished of the two when it came to writing shorter works – James’ works that offer social commentaries successfully are his novels such as The Turn of the Screw and The Portrait of a Lady.The authors of 1920 would come to emulate Edith Wharton.Wharton should be examined for her valuable role as a female author writing of social values and implications in the early 1900s.

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Ethan Frome Dialectic Journal Essay

‘I hope that’s not so, Zeena,’ he said” (Wharton, 108).When the door of her room had closed on her he remembered that he had not even touched her hand” (Wharton, 97).She flushed up warmly and whispered back: ‘No, Ethan, I ain’t going to trouble’” (Wharton, 137).Everybody but you could see it’” (Wharton, 109).“On the way over to the wood-lot one of the greys slipped on a glare of ice and cut his knee… Then when the loading finally began, a sleety rain was coming down once more, and the tree trunks were so slippery that it took twice as long as usual to lift them and them in place on the sledge” (Wharton, 100).

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Feminism In Wharton’s Writings

Nonetheless, Wharton’s preference on female gender as the central characters in her writings cannot justify the claim that Edith Wharton is a literature feminist.From this excerpt anyway, Wharton uses the term ‘black sheep’ to indicate the family members that could bring humiliation to the Mingott.Again, Wharton may had intended to criticize on the society’s code of conduct, and in fact there is no other evidences in Wharton’s text (House of Mirth and Ethan Frome) that has clearly stated the prejudice towards women in the act of divorce.Thus, the question of feminism raised due to the common negative stereotype of a woman role, has been well compensated by Edith Wharton herself in the novels.Edith Wharton described the appearances and be...

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Comparing Equality in Henry James' The Turn of the Screw and Edith Wharton's The Lady's Maid's Bell

Mrs. Blinder, another servant, describes the loyal relationship between Mrs. Brympton and Emma, her previous handmaid: "My mistress loved her like a sister" (Wharton 17).Robbins, Bruce.Upon employment, Hartley discovers for herself that "Mrs. Brympton [is] the kindest of ladies" (Wharton 15).New York: Simon & Schuster, 1973."'They don't much count, do they?

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Essay on Behavior of Olympic Athletes

The US women found it difficult to deal with the fact that they came in second place especially after all the hard work and effort they put into winning gold both before and during the Olympic games (Wharton, 2014).Some athletes are very disappointed with third place or very happy with second (Wharton, 2014).Wharton, D. (2014, February 22).According to Wharton, most athletes are happier with a bronze medal rather than a silver medal (2014).If we look at the 2014 Olympic winter games in Sochi we can definitely see the disappointment in the US women's hockey team after winning second place to Canada (Wharton, 2014).

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Woman Issues In The Age Of Innocence English Literature Essay

( Wharton, 2005, p183) Except for May, Mrs.Welland is also an example of socially required woman(she trains her daughter to be one as well).Although Wharton makes Ellen Olenska her ideals of freedom¼Œbut in general, she sees the problems in what the society has offered, but when it comes to another option, the question remains.For Ellen, Wharton gives her intellectual freedom, an artistic eye and feminine charms.For the other female character May, when she makes her official appearance in the novel, “In her dress of white and silver, with a wreath of silver blossoms in her hair, the taIl girl looked like a Diana just alight from the chase.” (Wharton, 2005, P62) One could immediately associate her with youth and virginity.For Edith Wharto...

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Significance of Narrative in “Ethan Frome” Essay

” (Wharton, 1911).The novel of Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton is a story within a story because the narrator is detached from the actual events that happen to Ethan Frome and the members of his household.Through the construction of the narrative of the story, Wharton is able to show how history is collected, interpreted, and confirmed—history is just a collection of subjective accounts gathered from various sources that somehow show some consistency and therefore a relative truthfulness in them.The story starts out more than twenty years after the incidents of the “smash-up” which makes the exposition rather, anti-climactic, as Wharton explains in her notes, since it is already partially revealed what would become of the characters.Wharton...

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America’s Workplace Inequality Essay (Critical Writing)

In this way, it is perceived that foreign competition has robbed the country’s citizen their jobs as companies locate and operate modern industries based on the logic of global market (Wharton 85).William Julius observes that the consequences of changing income inequalities in the American workplace is leading to massive unemployment among many people, specifically those from minority ethnic groups and resides in Ghettos (Wharton 85).What therefore is emerging is the tendency of foreign and local corporation to adopt the most efficient and cost-effective global policies and strategies, which in turn have led to job loses, wage decline, and numerous changes in the way work is organized and executed (Wharton 86).Nevertheless, the emergence...

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Eliza's Responsibility for her Own Downfall in Foster's The Coquette

Beginning with The Coquette, Eliza Wharton is a selfish woman.Eliza Wharton made a pretty flirting in the novel by Hannah Webster Foster.Due to the death of her fiancée, she escaped future marriage, and Eliza is determined to enjoy himself, regardless of the outcome.Hannah Webster Foster's cookie Eliza Wharton was guilty.It is a pastor who provides her a comfortable family life and famous luxury.I think that she is single when two men get married.

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A Compare and contrast essay

In the case of the man who seemingly conversed with the raven; despite the sad life of loneliness he had he could not enjoy the comfort of living with his loved one.(Wharton, n.p) Due to her weak condition readers get to see that her husband tends to go behind her back; through a relationship with Mattie.The predictable ending to this gentleman would probably be dying miserably.(Wharton, n.p) Other than guilt shame would have been the other thing that would have caught up with him.Ethan Frome is a story written by Edith Wharton.

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Ethan Frome Analysis Essay

Mattie’s change in mood reminds Ethan of “the flit of a bird in the branches” and he feels that walking with her is similar to “floating on a summer stream.” Later in the novel, when Ethan goes downstairs to tell Mattie that she will have to leave their house, their conversation has the effect of “a torch of warning” in a “black landscape.” Similes, comparisons of two unlike things that use words of comparison such as like oras, are direct comparisons that Wharton uses throughout the novel.One of the best examples of Wharton’s careful control is seen in the descriptions of the events immediately before and after the “smash-up.” As Mattie and Ethan ride the sled down the hill, Wharton captures the initial thrill of the speed and then Etha...

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How Does the Framed Narrative Have an Effect in Ethan Frome? Essay

Wharton uses battle imagery to describe the way winter conquers Starkfield.Wharton easily changes the focus from The Narrator’s first impressions to the dramatic action of the journey taken by Ethan and The Narrator in the snowstorm.In the prologue, Wharton sets the frame for the main story.Wharton provides minimal information about Ethan.The house’s function appears to be a place of confinement and isolation for its inhabitants.

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Ethan Frome Key Passage Analysis Essay

Wharton suggests that Mattie and Ethan are closely (and perhaps idealistically) suited to each other – she describes their walks as a ‘communion’.It is interesting to note the descriptive language Wharton uses to describe Ethan’s vision when he is with Mattie.Mattie’s description of the landscape looking as it had been painted strikes a deep chord within Ethan and he feels that Mattie is able to articulate ‘his secret soul’.Wharton uses the environment as the meeting point for the lovers’ ‘wonder’ – looking up to the stars (an image often synonymous with dreams and hope) or across the fields.The symbolic nature of the dish representing the marriage of Ethan to Zeena is shattered and Ethan is liberated by the moment – however fleetingly.<...

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The significance of the title “Roman fever” by Edith Wharton

Especially, the title “Roman fever” conveys thoughtfully the significance of that theme.The true face of the upper class for which these two women represent as a result is exposed ironically by Edith Wharton, one of the best American writer of the twentieth century.Noone except Edith Wharton !Wharton wrote in her work: ‘no worse risk than catching cold during the cool hour after sunset’.It’s no exaggeration to say that Wharton’s ironic and metaphoric use of illness in this story contributes to her work the immortal validity.

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House of Mirth by Edith Wharton Essay

Lily Bart becomes a disastrous figure; trying with her imperfect moral possessions to live up to her intellect of what is right, even when it means facing impoverishment (Wharton, p. 25).In the pinnacle, Wharton shows with great power the sexual operation at the heart of the financial dependence of women.” (Wharton, p. 35) To keep herself buoyant economically, Lily is desperately in need of a husband, but she is disastrous in finding one due to the fact that, deep down, she knows she does not want one.In the lessening action, when Lily Bart has been evicted from the society that has prearranged her values, Wharton shows that Lily Bart is not ready to become accustomed to a dissimilar way of life.What is evident from the first frame, just...

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A Critical Lens Onto Edith Wharton 's Writing Essay

As vestiges of antiquity remain in this small town, the threat of a new, more competitive economy always lurks on its outskirts.These distinctions provide a space in which Wharton thrives, particularly in Ethan Frome, whose narratives are multiple and fluid.Indeed, he admits that he is not telling Frome’s story directly, but is instead piecing together “this vision of his story” (Wharton 14); that is, whatever the narrator might be reading as part of a hermeneutic reveal – whatever knowledge he is gaining in compliance with globalized capitalism – is found within himself and not from Frome.For Wharton, an American integrity lies within American writing, but so long as American identity is subject to globalization, writing and reading mus...

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Shattering the Glass House of Mirth Essay example

New York: Barnes & Noble Classics, 2003.Poverty is repulsive to that society and overshadows her beauty, the one thing she comes to depend upon as her saving grace.Faced with financial destitution, she is forced to attempt to reconcile with herself; with the values that have been instilled in her since childhood and with her desire for individual freedom.Her desire for individuality is strong and causes internal conflicts, as well as goes against the group mentality of the society she is a part of, leading to external consequences.... middle of paper ... .

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Women's Issues in The Awakening by Kate Chopin, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Souls Belated by Edith Wharton

Women's Issues in The Awakening by Kate Chopin, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Souls Belated by Edith Wharton .W.W. Norton & Co. NY.Chopin and Wharton write about infidelity, passion and love; and Chopin and Gilman write about women working for pay.Wharton, Edith.The Yellow Wallpaper 657-670.

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Analysis of The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

Wharton makes her depiction of the van der Luydens ironic by several different means.Here and throughout the novel, Wharton employs certain imagery by which to portray Old New York society.It is also they who judge the severity of the offense against Ellen Olenska; Wharton describes them as the “Court of last appeals.” And finally, it is they who decide that action must be taken to amend for the insult.At Mrs. Mingott’s house, Wharton demonstrates how Archer’s thoughts on form depart from the norm.The van der Luydens are “mouth pieces of some remote ancestral authority which fate compelled them to wield.” Wharton subtly hints that there is something primitive about the van der Luydens’ influence over society and that their power is due m...

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A Comparison Of The Women Of Wharton And Deledda

Wharton, Edith.New York: Norton, 1995.these people or contrast the, either task would be worth doing over again.Edith Wharton .ignorance" (Wharton 53).

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The Time of Innocence Essay

Newland is stunned to see Ellen again.The son, learning that the cousin her mother lives in Paris, decides to visit Ellen at her Parisian home.Twenty-six years later, after May's death, Newland and his son are in Paris.Edith Wharton was fifty-eight at the time of publication.The Time of Innocence (original title: The Age of Innocence) is an American novel by Edith Wharton published in 1920, for which she received the Pulitzer Prize in 1921.

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Ethan Frome and Feminism Essay

The emotional entanglement of Edith Wharton’s characters to their situations of love, sex and death, the reality for the story is one, is the complete circle of the other, and for Wharton this circle represents the emotions of the characters themselves in their unique situation, as Kuribayashi writes, “…erotic impulses are often born of close encounters with death, either one’s own or that of a loved one, though contact with death may also quench one’s sexual urges”.Her style of writing, at once reflecting her life and at once giving the reader clear identities to the characters and their emotional attachments to each other or to their own experiences makes Edith Wharton a literary genius.For Wharton, these desires aren’t about love nece...

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The Metamorphosis and Ethan Frome

It is important for people to be able to fulfill their obligations to family and society while still being content within themselves.He complains that he is tied hand and foot(Wharton 115).Ethan’s internal disabilities take on an external appearance after the "accident".Both Ethan and Gregor are trapped by a physical disability, but they are also trapped by what most would consider the normal daily routine of life.Although these two cases are extreme, the consequences of feeling trapped within one’s own environment can be similar to those of Ethan and Gregor.

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Edith Wharton’s “Souls Belated” Essay

Each must resign himself to marrying the one he loves.The insight Wharton gives readers into Lydia’s personality contrasts sharply with how little they know of Gannett.But perhaps the most telling point of view shift comes at the end of the story, where Wharton retreats into an omniscient, objectively descriptive narrator.Wharton continues this sympathy for Gannett by telling the last section of the story, where Lydia actually tries to leave him, from his point of view.Wharton also uses this point of view to answer many of Lydia’s, and therefore the readers’, questions.

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The Importance Of Setting English Literature Essay

“The Cask of Amontillado.” Literature: A Pocket Anthology.In the story “Roman Fever” they both got into the argument because they were standing on front of the colosseum and they remembered what happened at the colosseum at the time before they were there.Wharton, Edith.Boston: Pearson Academics, 2012.The setting made everything possible in the story “The cask of Amontillado” for montresor to leave Fortunato to die and because of the isolated and dark place no one came to know about Fortunato who was asking for help.

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