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Ambition Case

Ambition is like a flower, whose smell is so sweet that lure people to get it.Nowadays, many people think ambition is antisocial, it is never a pretty prospect to ponder.But in my opinion, ambition is important and necessary for our society.For example, In the Three States conflicts, a famous leader named Cao Cao, whose ambition is to climb up to the summit of great rights.And to think of it, what the world will be like without ambition?

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Quote: Virtue and William Shakespeare Essay

Taken straight from an online dictionary, an ambition is a strong desire for success, achievement, or distinction; something so desired; goal; aim.“Virtue is choked with foul ambition… ” But what is a virtue?Now what is an ambition?“Virtue is choked with foul ambition” basically says we are our goals are foul, not correct.“Virtue is choked with foul ambition… ” What does it mean?

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Ambition – the Last Refuge of Failure Essay

Who have a desire and ambition; he will indeed be a successful person in his life and will be able to get what he wants.Ambition is the foundation of success.And determination strengthen and develop the ambition you have.Why is the man’s ambition?There are several meanings including the desire of ambition, determination, and access to the target .

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Ambition Essay

Abraham Lincohn had little or no education because he came from a poor family, but his political ambition were strong that he rose to become the President of The United States of America.All in all, ambition is a real friend who teaches us adaptable and resilience.We now all see how important ambition is, how important to have ambition exist.Bryant H. McGill also stated that:’’ Ambition is not what a man would do, but what a man does, for ambition without action is fantasy’’.Being stable in front of everything, never doubt, never give up and know how to get up on your own after falling is one more lesson about resilience that ambition teach us.

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Achieving Your Ambitions Essay

All these setbacks amount to are a few bruises on your heart, but as long as the determination never wilts, you can do anything you set your heart to.The road to achieving ambitions is fraught with difficulty…but I am determined- I challenge you.Getting up does not mean that you won’t fall again, but remembering that each time you fall you are a little further down the road, that each time you fall you are getting back up a little faster, that you must simply cling onto the progress you’ve made, will allow you to achieve your ambitions, for persistence is key.In life, everything happens for a reason, and beginning with a failure does not mean you will always fail.When your heart aches stop trying anyway, to find comfort in the life you h...

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Macbeth and Ambition Essay

Therefore, the theme satisfying your ambition leading to the corruption of the soul is present in Act 1, Scene 5, lines 15 – 33 through metaphor, alliteration, and connotation.The theme of satisfaction of one’s ambition leading to corruption is present in Act 1, Scene 5, lines 15-33 and can also be seen through the use of alliteration.Thus, Macbeth’s character change from being honest to being dishonest, displayed by alliteration, the theme of satisfaction of an ambition leading to the corruption of the soul can easily be seen in Act 1, Scene 5, lines 15 – 33 of Macbeth.To satisfy his ambition, Macbeth must be involved with these evil beings.Lady Macbeth than uses alliteration to describe what must be done in order to achieve his ambitio...

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Macbeth Comparison Essay

Lady Macbeth shows more ambition then Macbeth does in terms of gaining power regarding kingship.In conclusion I believe that Lady Macbeth is more ambitious in gaining power then Macbeth is by doing almost anything to gain power and forcing others to get involved just to achieve that power.Lady Macbeth however shows more ambition for power, becomes very upset upon learning how Macbeth feels how he doesn’t want to kill King Duncan anymore, she says “And Live a coward in thine own esteem” (1.7.46) meaning she’s calling him a coward for not wanting to kill Duncan and thereby gaining power.Thinking of the consequences he says “I’ll go no more: I am afraid to think what I have done;” (2. .Secondly Lady Macbeth shows more ambition then Macbeth ...

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Ambition in Macbeth by William Shakespeare Essay

This quote shows how Lady Macbeth influenced Macbeth’s decision, because after hearing about the prophecy, she also had the ambition for her husband to become King.After the murder of his father, Malcolm’s ambition to destroy Macbeth becomes so strong that he forgets all moral values and disregards the feelings of others; this ambition represents revenge.This ambition, the ambition of power, is by far the most deadly of all ambitions.Later, after Lady Macbeth drugs the guards, she boasts about the drugs “that which hath made them drunk Sprouse hath made me bold; what hath quenched them hath given me fire.” Now Lady Macbeth is almost certain that they will not fail; her ambition has clouded her better judgment and ignored the possibility ...

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The unending quest after the romantic dream, which is forever betrayed in fact

His death could possibly represent the death of his dreams and ambitions.Ageing could possibly mean the lack of having ambitions and dreams.However he realises his ambition could not be met as Daisy chose Tom over him.As soon as he realises he has lost Daisy and his dreams have collapsed, he becomes willing to take responsibility of the death of Myrtle.However, it seems to be vital in this novel to have a dream in order to make life worth living.

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How significant is the concept of the American Dream in the novel Of Mice and Men? Essay

This will then become an ambition.The cycle for George starts of with illusion, hope, and ambition then back to illusion at the end.Steinbeck immediately tells us that she will be the reason George and Lennie won’t accomplish The Dream, “Rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off” the rays of the sunlight in the story mean hope, light are referred to hope i.e.They want it before George and Lennie even have any contact with them, however it is split up into four beliefs: illusion, hope, ambition and delusion.His cycle covers everything: illusion, hope, ambition and illusion with the sudden cancellation.

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Book Thief & Macbeth Comparison

In the Book Thief, it is also ambition that leads a young girl to a streak of rebellion.Macduff wants justice for what happened to his kids and wife he takes actions into his own hands “my sword […] unbatter’d edge” the ambition behind his spite is so strong he wants to “find him” (Act 5, Sc 7, Ln 20-25).The strength of Ambition can empower even those who appear weak.Ambition is in our everyday lives people are constantly making goals and trying to live up to their own standards.Ambition is portrayed in multiple ways two of the most evident in Macbeth and The Book Thief are ambition out of spite and normal ambition.

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Macbeth Ambition Essay

The effect of ambition can be a double-edged sword.It can be concluded that Macbeth’s collapse was due to the poor decisions made, and his overall pursuing of his ambitions to make it to the top, .Representations of ambition within Macbeth .If Macbeth decides to seek his ambitions, that have now been reminded to him by the witches’ foresights, it would mean that he would have to eradicate the King of Scotland, through the act of regicide.The value foregrounded throughout this text is the representations of ambition within the play Macbeth, and we will be focusing on the protagonist of the story, ironically named Macbeth.

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Surpassing Limits-A Question of Morality Essay

However, this does not mean that he has the right to take what does not belong to him.com | Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words at Dictionary.Works Cited Catholic District School Board Writing Partnership (Ontario), & Ontario.Making decisions about right and wrong is an intricate concept; one must however remember that to be moral, they must be looked upon by others as so.Philosophy: questions and theories: Course profile, grade 12, university preparation.

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The supernatural is the force responsible for many of theevents of Macbeth Essay

But he isn’t the only one to be ambitious; Lady Macbeth is the dominant person in their relationship and her ambition for Macbeth shines through in the course of events.Macbeth’s role is to play the tragic hero whose fatal flaw is ambition.With a mixture of ambition and Lady Macbeth’s manipulative and encouraging characteristics there is definitely reason to doubt that the supernatural are responsible for Macbeth and his behaviour.He witches are introduced to the play in foul weather – they speak of thunder, lightning, fog, and filthy air this sets the play as one that the theme of evil is central.If the ghost is real, he could be trying to warn Macbeth that what he is doing is wrong and he must turn back, however this is unlikely becaus...

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Essay on Dr Faustus - Ambition

‘Christopher Marlowe’ by Roger Sales (Macmillan) .Faustus’ differently, not viewing ambition in such a negative way.Faustus’ also does by discouraging ambition.Whatever Marlowe’s view on ambition was, it is not made clear in the play, through Faustus or other characters.Marlowe reflects ambition in the character of Faustus to deter the audience from being ambitious, and over-reaching their place in the ‘Chain of Being’.

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How do generic conventions inform your understanding of Macbeth? Essay

My understanding of Macbeth’s tragic flaw, as evidenced in this soliloquy, is that he doesn’t want to damage his pride, his masculinity or his ambition and this, then, leads to his downfall.Shakespeare positions the audience, with monologues like this, to see that Macbeth is stressed, scared and confused about the act he is about to commit, this slowly leads him to lose his sanity just so he can please his wife, achieve his goal of ambition and protect his pride and masculinity.Duncan, he want does it to protect his pride.At the same time, the one only reason Macbeth wants to proceed in the deed is his ambition to become powerful, “but only vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself and fallson th’other.” Act 1 Scene 7, line 27.In my opin...

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How is Evil Presented in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth?

It is Macbeth who shows his own evil by deciding to contemplate murder in order to achieve his ambition.One interpretation is that this was always one of Macbeth’s ambition and the witches have finally voiced his deepest aspiration.The route is down to free will and Macbeth’s free will was tempted into evil and not instigated by witches but by evil ambition.However even though he may not consider himself to be evil, this does not mean that in Shakespearean times his character would not be considered evil.His ambition of wanting to be king and taking God’s law into his won hands would also be considered extremely evil and perhaps the evil ambition instigated the evil acts.

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Ugly Ambition in Shakespeare's Macbeth

As Siward's 10,000 men surround the highly fortified Dunsinane,  the messenger announces to Macbeth that Birnam Wood is moving toward Dunsinane, causing Macbeth's waning ambition to hold onto the one tiny morsel of hope, "What's he / That was not born of woman?(5.1) Thus it is that vaulting ambition has consumed the queen's goodness and transformed her into a deranged woman.Macduff discloses that "Macduff was from his mother's womb / Untimely ripp'd;" thus he is able to return with the head of Macbeth - a fitting end for one ruled by personal, selfish ambition.(133) Blanche Coles states in Shakespeare's Four Giants that the protagonist's ambition was not the usual narrow, personal ambition: He has admitted to a vaulting ambition.Ugly Amb...

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Unprincipled Ambition in Shakespeare's Macbeth

(106-7) Fanny Kemble in "Lady Macbeth" refers to the ambition of Lady Macbeth: [.Unprincipled Ambition in Macbeth The Bard of Avon saturates the pages of the tragedy Macbeth with ugly feelings of ambition - unprincipled ambition which is ready to kill for itself.Samuel Johnson in The Plays of Shakespeare explains the place of ambition in this tragedy: The danger of ambition is well described; and I know not whether it may not be said in defence of some parts which now seem improbable, that, in Shakespeare's time, it was necessary to warn credulity against vain and illusive predictions.We do have ample evidence of his ambition for his family, ambition for a son who might succeed him.But in the same way we have seen his greed and ambition ...

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An Analysis of Macbeth’s Ambition Essay

Ambition can be defined as the desire and willingness to strive towards achievement or distinction, the motivation in one’s life, it is one of the key sources to success but ambition can blind one from determining what’s right and what’s wrong.Shakespeare uses an abundant amount of brutal imagery in correlation to blood to develop Macbeth as a character and his growing ambition from start to finish as Macbeth is in a deep battle with himself; his innate prestige fighting with his ambition.His paths of ambition that he took to become king lead him into being a vain, vicious, and pitiless man; climbing over the dead bodies of his trusted friends and kinsmen to a power he is unfit to hold and grasp With Shakespeare’s use of dark and, light ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having High Self-Esteem

Advantages and Disadvantages of having High self-esteem are effected by many factors that can influence a person’s self –esteem like being self-centered, ambition and social interaction.In contrast, due to narcissism, those with high self-esteem might not relate with others well and might have relationship problems because whatever they do or say are come from just what they want and often they have not thought about others feelings and it could effects to their relationships.Moreover, they could be able to make social situations run smoothly than those who have lower in self-esteem.Having more ambition also means getting more high hopes and it is not easy for them to accept disappointment which could happen anytime.Having high self-este...

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My Ambition to Become a Pilot Essay

It is just that I want to be a fighter jet pilot, especially in the Indian Air Force.As they say, begin at die lowest to reach the highest I have been planning every move of mine that would take me to the threshold of my ambition.What is ambition?This is my ambition.But that does not mean that I want to become a pilot after obtaining Commercial Pilot License (CPL) from any living club and become a commercial pilot.

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Is Macbeth A Traditional Tragic Hero?

One other example of Macbeth’s ambition is when Duncan announces that his eldest son, Malcolm, will become the heir to throne and Prince of Cumberland.He had served his country well before Duncan’s death and before he died he still showed bravery when even the purest and greatest of people would have given up.His ambition is like a horse which tries to jump too high and falls in the other side of the fence.In the end he knew that he was wrong.To prove that Macbeth’s ambition is so high he hires a Third Murderer, when he already has two.

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Macbeth as tragic hero Essay

It is Macbeth’s ambition that leads him to murder people, as well as leading to his own death.His ambition ultimately becomes his nemesis, which makes him a full tragic hero.In Macbeth’s case, it is his ‘vaulting ambition’ (1:VII:27).Greed, power, ambition; greed for power and ambition is a part of human nature.He starts off as a brave, loyal and noble man, but his ambition and thirst for power lead him onto a path of ruthlessness and self-destruction, and ultimately his own death.

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Character Description of King Duncan and Macbeth Essay

Lady Macbeth fits in this picture perfectly.Even after the “deed” Lady Macbeth needs to calm him down.She needs to tell him that he should “consider it not so deeply” (Act II Scene 2) when he was not able to pronounce the word “amen”.His ambition is there, he wants to be the king, now he knows he is destined to be king he feels more tendency to murder than to be loyal.Macbeth, a worthy warrior, deals with his ambition in conjunction with his conscience.

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Ambition in Your Life Essay

Victor and Macbeth are examples of the individual that were driven by ambition, this ambition was so strong and relentless that it actually allowed both Victor and Macbeth achieved their impossible dreams.No one is born with the ambition that makes you obsessed with your goals and dreams in life.Chasing a dream is good, until the mind is obsessed and is poisoned with the ambition that will change you to a whole new person.Certain incidents must occur to push this person to let ambition make you become obsessed with the goals and dreams in life.Ambition is the best quality anyone can have, until we crossed the line of chasing a dream and just being obsessed.

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What Reasons Are There To Sympathise With Macbeth?

The murders he carries out are inexcusable, but the only reason Macbeth carries out these murders is because the Witches use him for a little fun.Macbeth isn’t sad when Lady Macbeth dies but Lady Macbeth wouldn’t be sad at his death either.He is brave at the start of the play – fighting for Duncan – and when he fights Macduff before his death.He knows both times that he could die but he fights anyway.To me, this shows that no matter how evil Macbeth becomes he is still good and honourable.

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My Dearest Partner of Greatness

If she had not kept the control in the former of these two situations, Macbeth may never have been able to shake off the guilt that he felt which would have meant that ambition or no ambition he would not have committed another murder or continued in his ruthless power quest which could have led to a quite different ending.Lady Macbeth is therefore not the only one thinking of the murder and I believe that eventually Macbeth would have been overcome by his ambition and killed Duncan if Lady Macbeth had not persuaded him to do it that evening.Macbeth is hailed by Duncan as ‘Worthy Macbeth’ and is obviously seen to have manly qualities such as bravery, but this does not satisfy Lady Macbeth whose vision of manliness involves putting ambiti...

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How is Macbeth a Tragic Hero?

Macbeth, a good general, allows his ambition to overwhelm him and becomes a murdering, coldblooded tyrant.Corrupting influence of unchecked ambition Macbeth is a play all about ambition, the witches’ prophecies spur both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to try to fulfill their ambitions, but the witches never tell Macbeth or his wife to do anything, Macbeth and his wife act on their own to fulfill their deepest desires.Moreover if Macbeth doesn’t have his unchecked ambition at the first place, then lady Macbeth’s argument on manhood will be a waste of time, indeed, the three witches awakes Macbeth’s ambition, and lady Macbeth is the one who pushes him, Macbeth is the one acts, who follows the bad idea when he already has an better judgement, sin...

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Virtue and Ambition in Julius Caesar Essay

Antony’s speech about Brutus that “He only in a general honest thought And common good to all made one of them”, draws a line between Brutus’s virtue and others’ ambition.Besides Brutus, the conspirators plan to murder Caesar derives from selfish desires, envy and ambition.It is ironic as he tries hard to prevent any possibility of ambition in growing into tyranny, yet in the end, the Roman republic is destroyed in his hands, when virtue clashes with ambition.Again, ambition and virtue clashes in the play upon the glory Caesar has ascended upon.Caesar continues to display various signs of increasing ambition and arrogance, such as Casca’s amusing account of Caesar’s thrice refusal to the crown when it was obvious he wanted to accept it.<...

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