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Theory of Knowledge Essay

However, if everything is seen as art, then the word ‘art’ is in danger of losing its meaning because it no longer distinguishes certain things from others. I believe it is open to interpretation whether does something have to have a meaning or if it does not, is it still considered as an art?

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An Except from The Decay of Lying by Oscar Wilde

It may be said that art has more control over nature than nature has over art, but it can not be said that art is superior. Art is more perfect than nature in the sense that art is more human.

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Essay on Different Philosophies Of Art And Art

Personal background with art relates to John Dewey’s explanation of how art ought to be understood. Subsequent to the study of different philosophies of art, as well as completing projects asking for personal preference in art as well as objective “fine art,” a personal philosophy may, by necessity, include subjective and objective facets.

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‘Do You Call That Art?’ a Conversation

He takes the great periods of art and shows how they interacted with each, succeeding schools challenging preceding schools and so on until eventually there will be an end to art where we have reached a final stage of enlightenment and there is no longer any need for dialectics. If we do not draw boundaries, if we don’t make distinctions between art...

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Art upsets, science reassures

This would therefore mean that the two have opposites in Braque’s view of art upsetting and science reassuring. There are similarities between the two, if there are many similarities doesn’t this mean that art and science could reassure or art and science could upset.

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Art Galleries should allow artworks to speak for themselves

For many viewers of art, those who don’t have a great understanding of art history, this information is useful. An example of when I had such a difficulty in interpretation of Contemporary art was when I first viewed Alighiero Boetti’s embroided world map in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Importance of arts Essay

Thus, Tolstoy came to the natural conclusion that art must be evaluated from a moral viewpoint; he therefore approved of art that generated good feelings, and objected to art that, from his point of view, represented reprehensible events or actions. “Art is an original, chiefly emotional … dialectic approach to building life.” Now we can envision th...

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Arts and pornography Essay

Do you think it is art, nasty art, performance art or pornography? I see it as a line, on one side it is art, and on the other it is pornography, because I don’t think that an art piece can be both art and pornography at the same time for a single person.

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What Is Art? Expressivism in Art

He accuses counterfeit art of appealing only to a certain class of people, but to place a religious constraint on the value of art does not, as Tolstoy intends, unite the classes, but places exclusivity on art too. Central to his argument, Tolstoy criticises the art of his era and infers that art had lost its true meaning to be exchanged for a count...

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Should Art Be Censored? Essay

Rudolph Giuliani has no right to decide for the city what is right to show in a museum, putting borders on the artistic expression on an artists is like telling them not to do art anymore. Every city needs some culture, and with culture and art comes a very broad amount of feelings and opinions, having museums means that you have to be able to accep...

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Joseph Kosuth Essay

Based on a tautology - "Art is the definition of art" - he asserts that art is language, that art falls within the domain of ideas, that it has nothing to do with aesthetic or taste. Kosuth must thus demonstrate that there is no art before the beginning of conceptual art and that conceptual art takes over from philosophy by putting itself away from ...

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Modern Figurative Art Essay

(b) Do you think computers can create REAL art on their own, or are people required to create art? Human intervention is what makes Art, Art.

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Philip Johnson’s Glass House Essay

is unlivable as a domestic space; but as a work of fine art, the . The art of domesticity means not just that the house is art, but that the very way of living in it is also an art, made and remade on a daily basis.

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Aristotle Versus Plato Essay

Therefore, the function of various discussions of mimetic art in the Republic is ethical: wherever he mentions art he discusses it in relation to education and ethics. Aristotle becomes the defender of ‘mimesis’ against Plato and develops a theory of art with reference to ‘mimesis’ and claims that art (mimetic art) is superior to philosophy and hist...

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Digital vs. Traditional Art Essay

Traditional art is what most people think of as "art." Digital Art Revolution: Creating Fine Art With Photoshop.

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Marxism Concepts of Art | An Analysis

Eisenman supports the statement that art history itself, especially art history of the nineteenth century, has been significantly transformed by the prevailing attitudes of radical scholars; Marxist philosophy has played a signal role in overturning the formerly prevailing confidence that art history could be told as a straightforward, descriptive n...

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The Many Forms of Art Essay

...a subjective experience and becomes - art is art because I believe it to be art. Within a classroom setting I would use a stimulus activity of going on an excursion to the state art gallery, local art gallery, or walk in the community to public art sites.

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Art as Expression Essay

Art is emotion and passion mixing into something for others to partake in; there is no private art, there is only art that no one else has applied their own perceptions to yet. Art is the way we have always talked to each other as people, and the pure aesthetic painters and songwriters of the last century do not produce art.

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Plato the Republic Essay

Also having villains in art it allows the children to be able to recognize what is bad, and who are bad people. Plato’s republic will be very simple, and will not allow hardly any new art.

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Art After Philosophy (1969) Joseph Kosuth Essay

Indeed, it is nearly impossible to discuss art in general terms without talking in tautologies – for to attempt to “grasp” art by any other “handle” is merely to focus on another aspect or quality of the proposition, which is usually irrelevant to the artwork’s “art condition.” One begins to realize that art’s “art condition” is a conceptual state. ...

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Pablo Picasso Essay

This story is provided alongside no language, reasoning or primary emotion… because of this is art knowledge? It is also debatable as to what art is defined as, regardless of the effect that it has on an individual.

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Street Art : The Transfiguration Of The Commonplaces ' Riggle Essay

If Riggle wanted to convince his audience even further on how these conditions can define “all street art and exclude everything that isn’t” then he would need to specify further what he means by ephemerality, vandalism, anti-thetical and meaning. Riggle also presents a series of conditions for art to be considered street art.

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Essay about Art and Religion

However, this does not mean that there exist no forms of practice which do incorporate art into the ritual. In one way, I feel, the ritual involving the mandala can be observed as art in its entirety.

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A Christian Perspective on Nudity in Art Essay

It seems that children should be exposed to nudity in art from an early age with the understanding that it is proper in some contexts and improper in others (many of which have been discussed above). Many times in art the baby Jesus is shown quite openly nude.

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Impact of Photography and Film on Art

The photograph tells a thousand words, and the art is there because the picture that hangs in the gallery is unique, and this in our mainstream world is the only notion of art. “Mechanical reproduction of art changes the reaction of the masses toward art”, and the difference between aspects of film and other art forms.

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Essay on Griselda Pollock's Opinion on Art History

She makes a point that because of this, there has to be changes to art practices today in order to fully understand the meaning behind artworks. Artists Mythologies and Media Genius, Madness and Art History.

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Is Street Art a Legitimate Art Form?

But street art is not generally viewed as “art” worthy of the status of works in a gallery or a museum, although as Walsh says, it is not strictly denied the status of genuine art because it utilises various aesthetic elements (1996). One only needs to look at all of the street art in Melbourne’s colourful lanes to see how a place that could otherwi...

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In My Minds Eye There Is Peace Philosophy Essay

According to Robert Thurman, “Wisdom” he writes: “The Buddha called his failure to know who he was “enlightenment.” that selflessness kindles the sacred fire of compassion; “the inner self is energized with compassion and the infinite life becomes your ongoing work of art” (p.463). This could mean, that helping others will become an art form, that w...

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Arte Povera Movements in Modern Art

Celant believes the first choice of using the existing structure is a complex art and the second choice, a free art is a poor art due to it involving unforeseen events and working within the present. Jannis Kounellis was also an artist that was associated with Arte Povera, Kounellis questioned conventions and traditions within art and also made art ...

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Political Philosophy and Brief Critical Evaluation Essay

What is the mimetic theory of art? (2) But why, for Hobbes, are these internal resources insufficient?

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