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Effective Leadership In the NHS

As long as more highly a leader want to reach an organization of health, so much more needs the leading faculty and influence.Thus, for example, some researchers have focused on studying who leaders are and on what leaders do, specifically, through the identification of those personal attributes which differentiate those individuals who are perceived as leaders, or who act in the role of leader.For the leaders of health care, leadership can be defined as a dynamic process of seeking a vision for change in which the leader is supported by two main groups: fans within its own organization, and influential agents external organizations that work to the outside of leader environment.Thus, more recent research has focused attention on the rel...

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Leadership and Management in Changing Context of Healthcare

Teams in this context mean “a group who share a common health goal and common objectives, determined by community needs, to the achievement of which each member of the team contributes, in accordance with his or her competencies and skill and in co-ordination with the functions of others.” (WHO, 1984) Under the previous team leader’s management, the team had achieved a mature and productive level of performance that fell within Tuckman’s model of team development of a performing team.The team leader used his positional power in a negative way, filtered information and gave the management a distorted view of how the staff were coping with the change process.The new team leader appeared to be more concerned about a successful completion of...

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Reflection On Leadership And Management Skills

My role as a leader is to identify, explore and resolve issues that may be causing conflict, this may be uncomfortable but can only be achieved with perseverance and some degree of risk (Outhwaite, 2003, p347-375).I have been able to identify key qualities from the LQF which not only fit in with my leadership philosophy but in my role as a leader.“Anyone working in the NHS regardless of their position, grade, qualification or place of work, may be a leader or agent of change and improvement” (DH 2001).As I become a more effective and efficient leader, then my peers will have less reason to resent my management style and pressure me into acting upon issues that are troubling them.Some of these qualities fit in with being a transformationa...

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Effective Leadership Strategies in the NHS

Transactional leader avoids risks, is result focused, not flexible and adaptive to situations.One thing that is certain is that change will always be a part of the NHS and learning how to work within this culture to the benefit of the public will remain a priority.For instant should an emergency situation arise, the leader would demonstrate autocratic leadership skill rather that participative.Furthermore research on emotion intelligence has confirmed that this concept is what differentiate the good from outstanding leader Goleman (2000) thinks that leaders who developed emotional intelligence becomes aware of the emotions of others and are more likely to promote a healthy working environment.This indicates that, to be an effective leade...

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National honor society Essay

Being a student with 92 GPA, I have to say my character build up every day because I learn something new on a daily basis.Leadership is a big matter of my life, being in the leadership class I know leader does not mean to take control or boss other people around.NHS is a way for me to start achieves goals.Being in NHS I have experienced and inspired as a waitress, caring, and being considerate.To wrap it up, I strive on overcoming all problems that I will later face in life and set my aim to leading, helping others, and making right decision builds upon my character.

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Leadership And Management In Nursing Nursing Essay

The team members did not consider that the new team leader possessed appropriate expertise or personal characteristics.The relationship between the team leader and the staff members eventually deteriorated to a point where communication broke down.Teams in this context mean a group who share a common health goal and common objectives, determined by community needs, to the achievement of which each member of the team contributes, in accordance with his or her competencies and skill and in co-ordination with the functions of others.The new team leader’s source of power was based on his hierarchal position in the Trust rather than on expertise or knowledge as shown by the previous team leader.(Mullins, 2002) The leader demonstrated characte...

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Effectiveness of Performance Related Pay: NHS Case Study

Within the NHS organisational model one would assume targets for performance will centre on measureable statistics such as treatment times, waiting list turnover, number of patients seen and treated, level of discharged patients.The NHS has seen relative success where PRP schemes have been applied, with 51% of NHS managers recently commenting that PRP schemes in their trust had resulted in employees working harder.It could therefore be supported that the introduction of performance related pay into NHS trust models is applicable.One might argue this is especially difficult within the NHS model and compounds the issue of burden and blame as medical professionals find themselves having to become more like managers (Kurtzman et al, 2011).PR...

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Leadership theories in the context of healthcare management

The New Labour Government included leadership as the part of their modernisation of the NHS and has been enshrined in the work of the NHS Leadership Centre, created in 2001as a part of NHS Modernisation Agency (The NHS Plan, DH 2000).However there is no evidence between the correlation of nature and the essential characteristics of leader nor on what an effective leader is.The manager under whom I used to work was a ‘transactional’ leader.The centre launched the NHS Leadership Qualities Framework in 2002 (NHS Leadership centre 2003) the components of this framework contains 15 qualities organised in 3 clusters of setting direction, personal and delivering the service.In this survey 156,000 employees from all 391 NHS trusts in England res...

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Risk Management and Patient Safety in a Hospital

When filling out the risk assessment current information should be included such as; relevant history, associated behaviours, clinical diagnosis and information from the service user’s perspective as well as information from family this will ensure a robust risk assessment and support patient safety (NHS Lothian, 2012).(NHS Lothian, 2012) state that the policy within mental health for risk assessments must be carried out for every service user that is admitted to hospital and becomes an inpatient this should be in conjunction with the service user.Research suggests that an effective leader can have a positive impact on service user care.Nicolson et al, (2011) states there is more ramification with being a leader such as: communication, e...

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How registered nurses might develop appropriate leadership skills

NHS Leadership Centre (2004) NHS Leadership Qualities Framework.The models are tools to help the nurse become a good leader, they are frameworks on which to build an effective leadership style, ideas from all of the models can be used and switched about to suit the individual leader.A good leader needs to understand themselves, be aware of their own feelings, actions, values, attitudes, beliefs and how they influence relationships and interactions with others, thus, a nurse cannot understand other’s until they themselves are self aware.(2010) “The role of Preceptor and Nurse Leader in Developing Intensive Care Unit Competency” Critical Care Nurse,.Empathy, also an essential skill for a good leader, it enables one to understand both the n...

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Health and Social Care within the British Welfare State

In 1979 Margret Thatcher a conservative leader and a Neo-liberal became prime minister after winning the election against Labour as it was said their bad leadership lead to the country being in debt.The remaining doctors decided to join the NHS days before the start of the act as they realised all patients would be joining the NHS leaving their clinics soon to be empty.Aneurin Bevan had a lot of opposition his main adversary was DR Charles Hill of the British Medical Association and organised a vote amongst all doctors to vote for or against the NHS, 85% were against and all those who were for were bullied for it and they created propaganda for the media to turn the public against the NHS.Osborne has announced that he will be funding the...

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The Impact Of Interprofessional Learning

Factors affecting team working are technological developments, as members of primary health care teams are not usually geographically close to one another, advances in information technology will mean that the information can be transferred more easily between members of the health care team.Other targets set out in the NHS plan included reduced waiting times and high quality of care (DOH, 2000).Smith et al (2000) argues that traditional assumptions about professional roles and structures are being challenged in the modernising NHS resulting in ‘role blurring’ hence requiring new accepting of professional roles (Higgs and Jones 2000 cited in Baxter 2008).“The delivery of the NHS’ modernisation agenda requires strong and integrated workin...

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Privatization of the NHS: Staff and Patient Views

He says it will mean even less access to the service and lower standards of treatment.Documents show that companies bidding for contracts to treat patients from the NHS waiting list will be allowed to take over NHS premises, doctors and nurses.Plans to transfer tens of thousands of district, school and mental health nurses, health visitors and community midwives out of the NHS primary care trusts were disclosed in a letter to the heads of NHS organizations at the end of last month.Not only does it siphon vital cash from local NHS trusts, but it also increases the level of competition between the NHS and the private sector for nursing and other staff’ ‘Private contractors must be removed from the provision of hospital support services.Mr....

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National Honors Society Essay

If I am inducted into NHS I will be happy to get the opportunity to participate in other events and activities that help people in need.Scholarship and leadership are the two pillars that I feel complement each other because one should be a leader in the community and school without forgetting to be a good student and scholar.In school, one can take up the position of being a leader by tutoring classmates.One can also be a leader by being a part of a club and helping the club officers and other members reach their club goals.If I were to join NHS, I would be given the opportunity to improve in all of these areas and learn from others who are doing the same.

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Organisational Transformation Case Study

It can also mean an effective organisation able to accomplish its goals (Watson, 1995, p.248).A strong leader is needed not just only efficient managers.At the same time a good leader can ssee what has to be adjusted and can persuade the people to follow his vision of a new business operation or strategic approach.In the event of breach of protocol, the hospital is liable, because as a public service the NHS owes a duty to provide high quality care to tax payingmembers of the community.There is a big difference of having a great leader and a great manager (Cavaleri, 2005).

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Healthcare Quality Strategy for Scotland

Scotland has the potential to develop into a world leader in health-care provision due to millions of individual care experiences that are person-centred, clinically effectual and safe.The clinical nurse leader position is an emergent dynamism as health care endeavours to cope with the challenges of today’s intricacy and result orientation.Heller et al (2004) argue that by and large nurses are insufficiently equipped for the role of leader in the course of their nursing educating programmes.Compared to other NHS employees, nurses are often the group that are closest to patients and thus are central to attaining a patient-centred NHS.The NHS has acknowledged the essential role of carers by introducing a new carers’ strategy to assist them...

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Why good leadership is important in nursing Essay

I will talk about what makes a good leader and the process it takes to become a good leader.When you have a good leader it helps motivate staff and keep up morale within the department, Adair (2002) and Alimo-Metcalf (2003) believe individuals are effective when they are confident and competent, being aware of their strengths and weaknesses helps them work well within a team.Cherry, writes, transactional leadership can work for simple straightforward tasks, however it is said that it can stop both leader and follower from reaching their full potential (Cherry).It is agreed that some people are born natural leaders, but is argued that you can teach someone to become a good leader, or should be a leader.As leader you need to be able to ins...

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Developing work plans to implement the nursing strategy

In relationship behaviour the leader engages in two-way communication by providing social emotional support.Relationship behaviour is the extent to which the leader engages in two-way or multi way communications.As a leader I believe that this is also important to any work group or person that is tasked to lead a project, team or service.The role of an Environmental Leader is to instil passion and direction to a group and the dynamics of that group.In summary, leader behaviours fall into two categories: ..

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Clinical Governance Concepts and Uses

It is emphasised that successful implementation of clinical governance requires the institutionalisation of the culture of quality improvement which is a process implemented over time (NHS, ND).However, within the NHS organisations, the various functional governance processes (financial, information, clinical and corporate) are often unlinked and as a result issues are often managed in isolation (Milton Keynes General 2006).Holt (ND) reflects on the common problems experienced with the implementation of clinical governance in the NHS (see Table 5).Table 3- Components of Clinical Governance in the NHS .. Clinical governance consists of an integrated system of different types of patient care related activity all aimed at improving quality...

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The Non Technical Skill Of Leadership Nursing Essay

Conversely, recession and NHS guidance (Department of Health 2009) which was written surrounding the important changes in health economy and economic crisis has thrown considerable insecurity on the future of the NHS including staff development, education and leadership training (Sherring 2012).A leader cannot be a leader unless they are inspirational, intelligent, supportive and totally in control – especially in a crisis.Programmes such as NHS Flying Start are available to encourage and guide newly qualified healthcare professionals to develop their skills including leadership.To be able to help others in the team to develop and progress, it is important for the nurse leader to offer regular team briefings and feedback sessions along w...

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Quality Care In The NHS

As the Operating Framework enters its live consultation it will be important to gather evidence as to strength of feeling with which those opinions, either for or against various aspects of the NHS reforms are held.This at time when the NHS is shedding much of its management workforce – and when managers have been under political attack.For example, previously published opinion has indicated that the medical profession were predominantly opposed to the package of NHS reforms outlined in the Working for Patients and were especially opposed to the administration of hospitals by self-governing trusts (Lister, 1990).Reorganisation will ultimately mean GPs will have to create new organisations and learn new skills.The CDC’s broad remit to ove...

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Managerial delegation within nursing practice

Registered nurses in exercising their professional accountability in the safe administration of drugs must comply with the 10 R’s as listed in the trusts drugs Policy (East London NHS) See: Appendix 4 .As a nurse managing drugs I know there is no room for guessing when drugs are concerned, I know the only way is the right way when lives are at risk.The differences lie in the roles of the leader and a manager as made clear by (Hughes et al 2006) in the following distinctions: “managers administer, leaders innovate; managers maintain, leaders develop; managers control, leaders inspire; managers have a short-term view, leaders have a long-term view; managers ask how and when, leaders ask what and why; managers initiate, leaders originate; m...

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On Equipping Myself with the Right Skills

Law Practice Today.Tichy, N. M. and Devanna, M. A.Werner, W. (2004).NHS leadership qualities framework.The transformational leader.

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Describe the promotional mix used by two selected organisations Essay

Advertising at the NHS varies to Tesco, as they do not advertise in terms of persuasion to gain profits, they instead advertise to make the public aware of illnesses, diseases etc so that people can respond effectively to this.Direct marketing is not applicable to the NHS because the NHS is a charity funded organisation, which does not run on profit.This makes people appreciate the organisation, as the NHS will have special days where they collect donations for the research organisation.At the NHS personal selling is not really used as the NHS is a service and does not sell products.They would intend to promote their organisation for people to use, however the NHS do not promote to get a profit.

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Impact of Health Inequality in the UK

The same strategies have been used by the NHS with their “No Smoking Day” campaign.Additionally, the NHS (2013) believes that these changes also affect the data about health.This is also influences the high rate in illnesses in this category, such as cancer and heart disease (NHS 1999) .According to the NHS (2013) the UK is perceived as healthier that it has ever been in its history.She also advises the NHS to start spending more on prevention than the 4% it currently does, so as to provide more help to those who need it.

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Collaborative Working Reflective Essay

The NHS Leadership framework is made up of nine leadership styles (see appendix 3).The leadership framework also encourages staff members at all levels across the NHS to become a leader and the main aim for this framework is to encourage everyone working in the NHS to become a leader of change, pushing for everyone’s opinions to gather a general scope of the main issues in the healthcare.The Institute for Innovation and Improvement (2013) states currently in the NHS we are facing an unpredictable challenge to improve quality and reduce the cost.Collecting the correct data both quantitative and qualitative at frequent intervals over extended periods allows the health professionals to make an uniformed decision about whether the change is ...

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Clinical Governance Impact on Occupational Therapy

Furthermore, the need for risk management has been highlighted in the NHS Operating Framework (Department of Health, 2009) by the introduction of ‘best practice tariffs’ – payments for good quality care.The responsibility for the quality of care lies with local NHS Trusts, which use clinical governance to ensure that a patient receives good quality care.Clinical governance does not replace regulation: registration with the HPC (obtaining and maintaining registration) and clinical governance are linked, and the paper ‘Clinical Governance Quality in the new NHS’ describes the relationship between clinical governance and regulation by the profession’s governing body as one in which the two aspects ‘complement each other’ (Department of Heal...

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Safe discharge of patients from a hospital

With this in mind, a newly qualified nurse is able to learn how to become a great leader.A leadership model, such as the action-centred leadership model, pioneered by John Adair in 1973, states that a leader must complete the task at hand, whilst simultaneously creating and maintaining a team environment and ensuring that each individual on the team is able to meet their own individual needs (see appendix A).A servant leader wants to make a positive impact for the benefit of a cause and not for reasons of wealth, popularity or power.However, there are several ways to define the role of a leader in more depth, depending on individual viewpoint, which are leadership models, philosophies or styles.Becoming a leader is not a formally designa...

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Analyse the challenges of change facing NHS

Their NHS partners, including so many chief executives and senior managers in the NHS, often lead the way in much of the development of their work since their knowledge is so vital.Their No Delays priority programme is focused on helping NHS trusts in England achieve the Department of Health’s objective of reducing delays in the health service – the 18-week patient pathway by December 2008. ... From the above we can analyse that the NHS began in an environment of conflicting ideologies and this state endures.Supply induces demand, yet resources in the NHS are finite.We also observe that the various challenges faced by the nhs and the steps followed by the nhs to overcome the challenges.

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Leadership And Management Are Complex Nursing Essay

This allows for analysis of the leader and their individual leadership traits, in term of effectiveness and efficiency and highlights their strength and weakness, which in turn can lead to the improvement of leadership capabilities.Cook and Leatherhard (2004) describe five characteristics of an effective leader that can be adopted into the clinical environment to produce the best care for the patients.Effective, accountable clinical leadership at all levels of the NHS from where patients are treated and cared for right up to the board of an organisation, is another essential pre-requisite of a safe, high quality and effective service (IIes and Sutherland, 2001).The role of leaders in the NHS is to improve patients’ care, treatment and ex...

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