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Declaration Of Independence Questions

The fact that he kept repeating the words tyranny and tyrant would really sell it to me.But they are like their king, “have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity.” The British people must be seen, as the rest of the world is seen, as “enemies in war, in peace, friends.” .He is really convincing the fact the King has become bad.Jefferson speaks of “the laws of nature and of Nature’s God.” What does he mean by this?Compare the tone or attitude expressed towards the British people with that towards King George III.

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Long-Lasting Hostility Among Indians Towards British Rule Essay

Sources 10, 11 and 12 suggest that the Amritsar Massacre, the incident in which British troops under the order of General Dyer fired at a crowd of Indian protesters on the 13th April 1919, did create widespread and long-lasting hostility among Indians towards the British.Suggesting that that the Indian people did have widespread and long-lasting hostility towards British rule because of the Massacre.This suggests that the Amritsar Massacre was not the only reason widespread and long-lasting hostility among Indians towards British rule was created, it shows that other factors came into play.However, the alternative view shown within source 12 is that Indians were not hostile towards the British, but they were in fact appreciative of their...

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History Exam Questions Essay

The Chesapeake colonies supported British mercantilism with their tobacco crops and the Bay’s rich fisheries.What did the term “Counter-Reformation” mean to the Roman Catholic Church?What does the term “indentured servant” mean?Lastly, the number of Africans bought by British dealers was up to 20,000 per year.What does the term “racism” mean?

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The Effect of Colonialism in V.S Naipaul’s Miguel Street Essay

It can be used to provide a clear picture of what was happening in British occupied Trinidad.Naipaul had realized this and thus began to write Miguel Street, the biography of colonialism itself.They have no idea what is happening to them as their culture, language, and country is stripped away from them.It is the everlasting scar that the oppressing nation leaves behind that is the true meaning of colonialism.Their schools are inferior to British schools.

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Australian cultural identity shaping family patterns Essay

” The British introduced a series of assimilation laws that called for granting of Australian citizenship to Europeans (who were living in Australia for at least 10 years and of British descent) – the aborigines were ignored initially.Being highly adaptive is generally the result of being open.Adherence to liberalism means that individual rights and freedoms are protected by the state.However, the adherence of Australian identity to British ways changed as European migration to the country increased at the latter half of the 19th century.Australian Multiculturalism Identity What does it mean to be an Australian?

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How Far Kim Is An Indian English Literature Essay

His joys are ‘the broad land and fields he felt,were ‘a cog-wheel unconnected with any machinery.’But I shall argue that he is not an absolute Indian.He knows his British origin but frequently he neglects to be a British.He is conscious of his ‘high’ birth and goes with Lama only for his own search for red bull.We are informed that he is a white born orphan who wears some ‘charmings’ in his neck which are his only heritage to prove him British.He is alien to a British and has framed himself in Indian style.Typically he belongs to the class of people in India who had firm faith in appropriateness of British rule over India, whose ideas are inspired by west but actions limited to their own cultural environment .British and India.He comes o...

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Climate and Polar Maritime Air Essay

The climate in the British Isles is described as cool temperate western maritime climate, although there are regional differences in climate across the British Isles; with average temperatures ranging from -0.2 to 20.9 degrees Celsius.In conclusion, the climate of the British Isles is a product of air masses so a large extent.Overall this shows that altitude can have a large impact on the climate of the British Isles, however air masses are also involved in this, which demonstrates that air masses still play a significant role in the overall climate.Therefore air masses so also indirectly influence the climate of the British Isles, meaning that they play the most significant role in affecting the climate.A larger angle of incidence will ...

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English Speech Essay

What reasons does Henry offer to suggest that the British were not worthy of trust at that time?You exist in in the home of the brave; Let us reinforce ourselves against malevolent and express integrity.If we do not have liberty, what are we?And judging by the past, I wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the British ministry for the last ten years to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves and the House.” The expression “judging by the past” gives Henry a sort of “justification” to what he is indicating.Without liberty and power, the American frame will develop into a fragment of the world’s recollection, disappearing in the shingles of time.

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The Political Agenda Of Cloud Nine English Literature Essay

.. As demonstrated in Cloud Nine, British identity was very much in question in the latter years of the 1970s and the early 1980s.The first Act, for example, takes place in Africa at the height of British colonialism, thus placing it in the Victorian era – a time during which colonialists perceived themselves as having a responsibility to civilize local cultures, while Act II takes place in London in around 1979.The quote, which is taken from Act 1, scene 3, portrays the way in which Clive just mindlessly accepts British history and tradition.In Act I, the audience is introduced to British upper-middle class family who are living in colonial Africa.The country that had once “ruled the world” had lost its position as the world’s greatest...

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Aspects of British Culture

British Culture is very rich in history, ethnicity, customs, and also future direction.So what does all of this mean?As many people can depict from their prior knowledge, British Culture has been known for their many kings and queens, knights, priests etc., however British Culture has changed.I do feel like I have achieved my goal of analyzing four categories or aspects of British Culture.What does the future hold in store for British Culture?

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How can the experiences and identities of Irish people in Britain inform understandings of Irishness and questions of whiteness in Britain

The post war Irish migrants in the late 1940s were treated as ‘British subjects’.However, although on an official level, the Irish were treated as British, Irish people at the time were experiencing racial discrimination in Britain/England.These people have Irish blood and were bought up in Irish households, however were raised in Britain, went to British schools and have British accents.Hickman also looks at the myth of British homogeneity, which developed in the 1950s.This was ‘marking the distinctiveness of the Irish component of the British population and diversity within whiteness.

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Imperialism Powerpoint Essay

This author believed that British money and brains brought many benefits—communication and transportation systems and an irrigation system that increased farmland and agricultural production.Nehru points out the negative effects for India of being a “colonial economy” for the British.This British author identified the “standards of humanity” that the British brought to India.In the second extract, the author pointed out that the British held all the high government positions and lived off of India.India supplied raw materials and agricultural products for England, and India was a market for British .

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British Monarchy Essay

Bill Jones, Dennis Kavanagh, British Politics Today, Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2003, pp 120-123.Although the British Sovereign no longer has a political or an executive role, he or she continues to play an important part in the life of the nation.To conclude, having discussed the arguments disparaging the British monarchy, then having looked at the arguments appraising it, to only finally deal with the analysis of the special status of this institution, let us now try to answer the question of whether the institution of the British monarchy is still relevant in the 21st century.In order to answer this question, we shall first discuss the arguments disparaging the British royal family, then we shall look at the arguments ap...

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Nils Christie: Theory on Causes of Crime

The issue first started in the 1920’s during the Irish war of independence, when the Republican Army launched guerrilla warfare over British rule in Ireland.Despite the oppression and hardships the Provisional Irish Republican Army felt they received due to the British Government, I feel it is morally wrong to take the life of another individual so their attacks on Birmingham and various other places in Britain was legally unjust.On the day mentioned British soldiers shot twenty-seven civil rights protestors, killing thirteen while patrolling, as a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march took place.British Government viewed the IRA as terrorists after several planned attacks within Britain including a Bank robbery on a bank in Be...

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Impact of War, Conflict & Terrorism on the UPS Essay

Conflict will also increase the stress levels within the British army which can lead to more serious problems such as extreme physical and emotional exhaustion.Overall it seems the main impact the British Army suffers from when it comes to War is the financial cut backs.So saying that makes it clear that it is going to directly affect the well-being of the British Army because it results in the loss of lives and in some cases human rights.The main reason the British Army sends troops out to Afghanistan is to get rid of the Taliban regime and Al Qaeda, a well-known terrorist organisation.It is said that the British Army has been involved in some form of conflict for around 100 years now, so you could almost say it’s just part of the job a...

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Humour Research

I think Americans understand British irony (most of the time anyway!Both the British and America versions of the comedy The Office are hugely successful on both sides of the Atlantic.Both shows have their own cultural differences, yet they portray a lifestyle which both Americans and Brits alike can relate to.This may stem from the fact that British culture is more reserved than American culture.British jokes, on the other hand, tend to be more subtle but with a dark or sarcastic undertone.

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Typically British Essay

The location in which Eden Lake is set in is very British because we see the vast countryside, a lot of forest but then also the local communities within their pubs and corner shops etc… This is typically British because near enough every single town or city in Britain has a pub, café, corner shop and so on.However this also contradicts what a British Horror film is because we don’t see the normal story line to a film.This type of narrative shows a typical British Horror film because we see; the blood from where charcters have been attacked, the weapons used, charcters being issolated, vast forest spaces, the girl being left on her own to defend for herself and so on.All together I believe that Eden Lake does strecth quite far to prove t...

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Is Immigration Beneficial to the UK? Essay

It might sound like foolhardiness to suggest this, but one of these British ways of life is that we tend to not like a lot of the people we meet.It might be the part of me that hates curry writing this, or it might be the part of me that identifies myself as British and wants to remain so, but I would much rather come home after a hard day to a lovely bit of roast beef with gravy, roast potatoes and some vegetables, than to some chicken smothered in a spicy sauce.My main concern for the country is the destruction of the British society.There were 10,000 foreign prisoners in British prisons in 2007, and 12,000 in 2008.To sum up in a longer way, I’m sure that Britain may seem like a crowd scene from a British Airways poster.

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Britishness Is Based On Shared Values Sociology Essay

This view of British culture is created and cultural theorist and historian Raymond Williams (1958) describes this as a selective tradition, where the work of some individuals is remembered and others, excluded.In contemporary British society people live amongst stranger citizens and regularly share things with them, whether that be .Sociologist Bhikhu Parekh looks at different obstacles that British society is faced with, such as racial discrimination and a racially orientated moral and .This biasness results in the exclusion of cultural influences from other countries of the United Kingdom or scattering populations like migrants, though cultural products are apparently common to all British people.William Shakespeare used literature an...

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Britain & France Essay

Many even through the Revolution considered themselves British but did not feel like they should stay part of the British Empire that was treating them as second-state citizens.But it was not an easy task to achieve victory against the more numerous and better trained British army.These are a few of the reasons that made Americans able to keep the British from winning the war until they received the foreign support they needed to win the war.Their main argument is that they felt to overtaxed and not represented in the British Parliament which basically violates their human rights as Englishmen.The type of battles the British troops were trained for worked better in the open space of Europe.

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Is The Modern State Inherently Oppressive And Violent Politics Essay

In India before British rule was formalised in 1853 The British East India Company pioneered negotiations with local leaders such as Mir Jafar.The shift and maintenance of formalised rule involved political, military and diplomatic intervention and this was true of India when the British Raj was established.In India oppression was debatably more a feature of colonial rule than violence, in that because the British saw themselves as superior, colonial citizens or ‘subjects’ as they were known, were not given equal rights.However it is important to take into consideration the fact that a state’s coercive nature does not mean that violence and oppression are inevitable.The Marxist world systems theory highlights the inherently coercive natu...

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Dunkirk-Not a Triumph? Essay

The final source that I am going to use that will back up Dunkirk being a disaster is B16; Lord Haw-Haw is questioning Churchill’s tactics, Churchill being a liar and how many more lives he is willing to sacrifice.The author had first-hand experience of these events which makes it so reliable.This was one of the worst losses of equipment ever sustained by the British military.The source tells us what a soldier would remember about the retreat to Dunkirk, “shame and exhaustion”- this would be because when the troops had returned to Britain Churchill would not allow them to go back and bring back more evacuees.This source shows that not everyone believed in Winston Churchill’s views and therefore where willing to question him.

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How Does Beverly Naidoo Use the Theme of Truth in the Novel “the Other Side of Truth”

They must face the challenge of danger from political assassins and the risk of losing their father forever.If she had not loitered with her packing they would not have been there when they gunmen came.Secondly, that the British authorities might realize that they came in on fake passports and send them back into danger.In Sade’s letter to her father informing him of the conversation she has overheard from Mrs. Appiah and Mrs. King that the Nigerian police want him for Mama’s murder and have asked the British police to send him back to Nigeria – Sade regrets that she and Femi have not told the truth about everything when they first arrived in England as their father will not be having these problems with the British authorities and they ...

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‘Modern democracy’ develop in America Essay

It was the first time that the colonists felt the unjust of British rule.The colonists regarded this as a bribe to make them end the boycott with British government so that the British can tax them.The British block ports and only allow American assemblies to meet once a year.The next year, British introduced another tax through Stamp Act.This rebellion alerted the British.

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Revolution, Confederation, Constitution Essay

Because the colonials were tired of the laws that the British Parliament was making.Document 5: Why, according to this document, were the Americans justified in fighting the British?Document 4: Who did Cresswell blame for the growing antagonism between the British and the American colonists?A crowd of Boston boys and men surrounded a number of British soldiers and began taunting and cursing them while pelting them with snowballs.From this excerpt, we can see how Britain didn’t mean to make a “massacre”.

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Antisocial Behaviour Essay

So perhaps Tony Blair’s plan is the right way to do it, though I personally believe that the plan is way too focussed on hard punishment than in are pedagogical way.So here we have two very different plans which in two very different ways will deal with two very important parts of the subject antisocial behaviour among British teens.I do not think that there is any exactly solution to this very important problem in British cities, small towns and schools but of course the Mosquito has already proven its worth in more than 3,000 locations with success and has made it safer for those people being harassed by the yobs in the public.The British former PM Tony Blair wants to force errant schoolchildren back to school by using dedicated truanc...

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Australian English Essay

Both language variants use the expression "different to" ("different from", which is also found in British English but not in the United States), which does not prevent the form "different from" from existing.referring to what in ancient times the British could spell with "-or".The notable differences from British English are: .Ultimately, there are only small differences when compared to the difference between British and American English, just as Australian pronunciation is determined less by region than by cultural and educational influences.Australian English and several British dialects (Cockney, Scouse, Glaswegian (in Glasgow), Geordie (dialect of Newcastle upon Tyne) use the word "mate" ("type").

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British Concepts of the ‘Rule of Law’

Coxall B, Robins L & Leach R (2003) Contemporary British Politics 4th edition, Palgrave, London .To conclude today’s British state does to some extent reflect the concept of the rule of law as the government is democratically elected, yet can have its actions scrutinised by Parliament, the media, and the European Convention of Human Rights.It was assumed that because the British state has claimed to have adopted the concept of the rule of law for its constitutional, as well as its legal systems that the British government and all its departments in reality accepted and adhered to the notion in full.New Labour passed the Human Rights Act 1998 in order to protect the human rights of all British people by enshrining the European Convent...

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Attitudes of British Soldiers to Their Commanders During the First World War

Sources A, B and M are useful in telling you about the attitudes of British soldiers and their commanders; but source M varies the view that is in the others as it is an officers opinion when writing about a dead soldier.But I know that Siegfried Sassoon was a soldier in the British army and that he is also one of the most influential war poets.Finally in Sources A and B, there are no specific criticisms towards the commanders; but instead broad ideas that the authors thought should be improved.If there had been criticisms about the creeping barrage as an attack instead of just “by his plan of attack,” then the arguments would have been more reliable as it would have been clear that the writers had researched their arguments.Through my o...

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State-funded faith schools

British law obliges a parent to ensure that his or her child is registered and attends school regularly.According to Heffner and Zaman (2007, p. 228) “In recent years, the issue of Islamic education has been a vital part of the debate about what it means to be a British Muslim today and an important terrain in the negotiation of identity, citizenship and co-existence.” .She said he had always felt British and believed that his British passport would protect him, but for the first time he felt an alien in his own home.Third generation British-born Muslim families no longer think of themselves as immigrants, although what it means to be a British Muslim is still a concept being negotiated.Does it mean that we are all free to live in our ow...

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