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The Role of Peter in the Ministry of Jesus Essays

The Role of Peter in the Ministry of Jesus Peter is mentioned 39 times in the fourth gospel, which is much more than in either of the other synoptics.Jesus renamed him Peter, ‘He [Andrew] bought Simon to Jesus, who looked at him and said, ‘You are Simon son of John.Jesus predicted at the Last Supper that Peter would deny him three times before the cock crowed when Jesus was arrested, Peter did deny Jesus three times, once to the woman who guarded the gate to the High Priests House, once to a group of soldiers and once to the relative of the man whose ear Peter cut off, once he had denied Jesus a third time, the cock crowed.It was also the time that Peter was being commissioned and being told what is expected of him; to feed Jesus’ lambs,...

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Being Christian: Living For God

To me the most important aspect of living a Christian life is to tell others about Jesus.I think the virgin birth of Jesus is if not the most important, but one of the most important parts of the Bible.I do think that yes, it was very imperative that Jesus be born of a virgin.Being a Christian I think it is fun to learn more about the history and different stories about Jesus.If Jesus had not been born of a virgin, He could not have died on the cross to save us from our sins.

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Biblical Meaning For The Word Samaritan

John is based on making the followers of Jesus better followers and to recruit for Jesus and his cause.I feel like he as opposed to many Jews feels like Jesus interacting with a Samaritan is important to understand what and who Jesus was.John is mostly about showing why people should believe in Jesus and that it is important to let other people know, his stories so they can also believe in the "messiah" 2.This is why this story of Jesus asking for water from a Samaritan woman is so radical.The word mostly shows up in chapter four in John, when Jesus is talking to a Samaritan woman and asks her for a drink (paraphrased from the Harper-Collins Study Bible NRSV).

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Book Review Share Jesus Without Fear Essay

I also plan to get a small pocket Bible with the Share Jesus Questions and Scriptures and have it with me at all times that I can be prepared when opportunities arise to share Christ.I agree with this that every believer should be sharing Jesus with someone.In the beginning, I had the thought that I was not good enough to share Jesus with anyone.By asking these questions Fay states the conversation can be easily steered towards Jesus Christ because these questions allow people to give their opinions freely.Start to use some of the Share Jesus Questions and Scriptures Fay uses to direct conversations toward sharing Christ.

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The Identity Of Israel And Jacob Is Israel Really Mean Essay

When answering this question I started by thinking what does the terms Jesus is Israel and Jacob is Israel really mean?Woven through the fabric of scripture, the link between the identity of Israel and that of Jesus is strongly intertwined.Jesus and Jacob were both called God’s firstborn or beloved son.For me the key to understand the identity of both Jesus and Israel hinges on the solidarity that Jesus identifies with Israel, and his disciples.As a result it would logically follow that if we understand discipleship we would know what it meant to be a follower of Jesus.

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The Son Of God Religion Essay

Peter thought that Jesus was power and glory.We hear Peter’s answer to the question asked by Jesus is correct.Mark says Jesus is Divine; He is the Son of God, not some local hero.Peter calls Jesus the Christ but he really does not understand what he has said, he did not really understand what this meant.He saw Jesus as a great person with great power greater than that of Caesar and King David rolled into one.

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Essay on The True Character Of God

Jesus still chooses to die for our sakes, so that we may know the Father.If Jesus had leapt off the pinnacle of the Temple and forced God to save him, this is not trust.Jesus could have missed all of the suffering in the entire world and potentially gotten the same power he got later (or so Satan allures you to think).Instead Jesus would have been forc... ... middle of paper ... ...s me wonder, was this promise true?Jesus would not have needed to die and Jesus would not have needed to suffer any for our sakes.

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Blind Bartimaeus

Jesus asks Bartimaeus: “What do you want me to do for you?” The question may function to highlight the message that Jesus never forces himself and his will on anyone—he gives everyone the opportunity to freely, without coercion, respond to him.Jesus stops in his tracks and instructs someone to “Call him here.” Those who, a moment ago turned away, walked by, ignored the blind beggar, now actually listen to Jesus, obey him, and as they approach Bartimaeus offer words of acceptance, invitation and encouragement: “Take heart, get up, he is calling you.” The one who spoke these words, perhaps a disciple, who had witnessed Jesus’ healing miracles before, now anticipates that Jesus is going to do something wonderful for this blind beggar.Today,...

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Portraits of Jesus by Robert Imperato Essay

Many of the things that this book reveals will help those who are new to the relationship with Jesus Christ.This is because this is all that he knew and understood about Jesus.From this view, we learn how each person related to Jesus, His life and ministry.It tells me of each author’s background which helps to explain the way in which they viewed Jesus Christ.This time I learned that more about the meaning and reasoning behind parables and why Jesus told them.

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Christian Foundations By: Kathleen Fischer & Thomas Hart Essay

Jesus was sent by God to deliver us from evil.He was crucified through Pontius Pilate, who was convinced that Jesus was harmless, and gave his people a chance to declare Jesus innocent.Under the pressure of the crowd, Pilate sends Jesus to his death.Jesus was crucified with an inscription over his head that read ” Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”.When you read this book you will also know that the understanding of God will not only come out of one book and that Jesus’ life and teaching is an on going challenge and process of interpretation.

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Jesus Creed “Response Paper” Essay

Jesus uses the parable of the Prodigal Son to illustrate, showing what Abba is gracious and loving, waiting for us to return.McKnight believes the Jesus Creed is the foundation of everything Jesus teaches about spiritual formation and after having read his book I have to say I agree.I have started reciting Jesus’ Shema for just that purpose and will use the structure provided by the Lord’s Prayer often to remind me of how and who I should be making petitions for.I did not know Jesus had amended the Shema of Judaism because I didn’t know there was a Shema before reading this book, but now knowing this I can more clearly see what Jesus was doing.The Jesus Creed has really helped me to look at Scripture from what I believe is a more biblica...

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The Bible as a Historical Document

an opinion about Jesus.My first quote of Jesus was from Matthew 12:49-50; Jesus refers to .are the two quotes in which I criticized Jesus' actions.The next two quotes I used (Matthew 12:13 - Jesus Breaking the .of Jesus by reading his quotes from my New King James Version Bible, and .

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Jesus Reflection

I have not yet traveled all over the world, but have been to many places in my own world before discovering the way of truth in Jesus Christ.As it reads in (Luke: 48, NKJV), “But Jesus said to him, “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?” Jesus still then performed His healing among sinners; this teaches us as a people to turn the other cheek!I have been practicing some of Jesus’ Teachings before I could understand them in their entirety.As Jesus was seized in the darkness among His apostles was missing one, Judas.As Jesus knew Lazarus was asleep and His disciples thought it meant literally, He knew his miracle would negate disbelief.

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The Meaning Of Jesus

Wright believes that Jesus death was planned by Jesus.In the context of the many recent movements to distinguish the real Jesus from the church’s Jesus.Wright believes so much in the resurrection of Jesus Christ into a bodily being unlike Borg who argued that Jesus came back as a spirit that could only be seen through visions.Wright does not really have any argument about Pre-Easter Jesus and Post-Easter Jesus.Despite all these, Marcus Borg does not really believe in Jesus bodily resurrection from the dead though he loves Jesus and believes in him passionately.

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Role Of Pastoral Counselling In The Churchs Ministry Religion Essay

These show how God was concerned about our wholeness, thus by sending Jesus, people through him where and still are able to experience a new dimension in their status.When people touched Jesus’ life, they experienced in him the healing power that comes from the openness to oneself, others, nature and God.In describing his mission, Jesus openly quoted prophet Isaiah’s words which states: .Jesus was therefore able to speak a language that communicated a healing to people struggling in alienation and despair; this was part of his mission.This is what all those who touched Jesus, experienced.

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The Second Coming of Rizal

Well it does, to other people or the ‘Rizalians’, but as a Catholic, I would not give in to this kind of idea nor even believe whatever other people believe in with regards to their beliefs in Rizal’s so called similarity to Jesus.I mean, this article in fact is really long for us to read and with regards to history, not all of us are really in to reading these kinds of things, but this changed my mind.I guess we should know who the real hero is.For me everyone can become a hero but being a hero does not mean you should die for the country with no reason.Did Jesus roam around the world and had a ‘girl’ in whichever place he went?

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On the Eucharist

I believed deep in my heart to the God that has revealed himself to Moses, but I do not believe that the death of Jesus on the cross would be enough for me to be saved.Cantalamessa, noted that the individual alone knows exactly what really the content of his heart but one needs to really absorbed the thoughts and feelings of Christ with a more seeking heart of the reason why Jesus give his flesh and blood now available in the sacraments.That when one wish to partake in the sacrament, partakers should truly have a genuine self-searching heart and mind, the partaker must let the words of Jesus dwell richly, and absorbing fully all the spiritual nutrients that one will get from the Holy Spirit.I believed in the words of Jesus, which said, “...

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Interpretation Of Feeding The 5000

It spreads the message of Jesus with a relatively simple yet powerful story of one of his miracles.At the time, Jesus was travelling around with his disciples, teaching the people.The characters in the story are Jesus, the disciples and the 5000 people that Jesus fed.Jesus was asserting his role as the messiah.The text chronicles the life of Jesus with storytelling.

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Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

Jesus was entrusting to Peter to be a leader in the Church when he said to Peter “Feed my sheep.” .There Jesus had fish cooking on burning coals and invited them saying “Come and have breakfast.” When they had finished breakfast, the following dialogue took place and is recorded in John 21:15 thru 17 – When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord, “he said, “you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” Again Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you truly love me?” He answered, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus said “Take care of my sheep.” The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” Peter was hurt because Jesus a...

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Why A Preferential Option For The Poor Theology Religion Essay

Looking at the poor and seeing in them Jesus himself is a personification which helps us to reflect the equality of all human beings.“Jesus himself identified himself with the poor and oppressed and in loving and serving them, we mysteriously discover Him in them.” The Catholic Church has perfect model through him, we owe the knowledge of the poor to Jesus Christ himself who came to this world as a man and notwithstanting the nature of God identified himself with the insignificant, the poor and the oppressed .Matthew 25, is a key chapter to lead the church to understand how Jesus wants us to look at the poor and how to treat them.Yet this does not mean that the rest will have to pity the poor and make them feel more powerless and depend...

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I Am Sayings Of Jesus In Johns Gospel Religion Essay

After Jesus had satisfied the hunger of five thousand people from multiplying five loaves of bread and two fishes; they had became hungry again and asked Jesus to tell them about the spiritual truth about the food that nourished each of them.Life for the church flows from Jesus, and one cannot absorb life from Him unless they are united with Him.John uses ideas that were current in his time to proclaim that anyone who believes in Jesus and obeys Him cannot be controlled by evil, and because Jesus is the Light darkness cannot overcome Him.Believers can be nurtured by Jesus’ life through meditating on and absorbing His words.They did not know the spiritual significance of the food given nor that Jesus Himself is that food, but assumed that...

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The Preacher of Christ and His Work Essay

“In love 5he predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, 6to the praise of his glorious grace.” We are adopted through Jesus Christ.Whether or not one chooses to accept Jesus and His gift of salvation is up to them, but what is up to me is to make sure they see the choice before them, and that requires magnification.We are adopted “through Jesus Christ”—through his suffering.Therefore, as a preacher it is incumbent upon me to magnify Jesus so that all the world can see Him.I want to magnify them to the point that everyone in my community can see Jesus and his church through my life and my work.

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What can a study of St Mark’s Gospel tell Christians about what it means to be a disciple

Jesus Christ, son of man, says that “For whoever wants to save his own life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it”.“Look, we have left everything and followed you”, Peter said to Jesus in ‘The Rich Man’, and Jesus replied; “Yes, and I tell you that anyone who leaves home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and for the gospel in this present age will receive a hundred times more houses, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and in the age to come he will receive eternal life”.What Jesus is saying is that regardless of the suffering, the torture, the lack of wealth, to have eternal life and to truly believe in him is all that matters.” By “forget self” He means be...

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Ethical Teaching of Jesus Essay

This essay is based upon the work of three authors as they examine it – Schillebeeckx in ‘Jesus: an experiment in Christology’, Curran in ‘the Ethical teaching of Jesus’ and Douglas, ‘A non-violent Christology’ and will look at the main characteristics we can expect to find in those who follow him.We find the ethical teaching of Jesus of course in the writings of his followers that make up the New Testament.In Luke 14 we have Jesus words about the cost of being a disciple.Curran asks whether anyone, however much they may admire the principles, can truly live up to the ethical teaching of Jesus.In ‘The parables of Jesus’ we are told that Jesus himself is to be seen as a living parable of what God’s care for man.

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BIble – Interpretation Project

Jesus goes on in this passage to further explain his warning by telling the parable of someone who was warned of a future burglary in his household.Jesus used this parable to show that his coming is not something to be taken lightly.Jesus is saying that there WILL be a day I can come and I WILL leave people behind.Jesus goes on to say in Matthew 24:41, “Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left” (NIV).In addition to the parable before Matthew 24:42-44, Jesus teaches a third parable as chapter 24 is read further.

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The Importance Of Being Earnest Religion Essay

Jesus speaks of his sheep in front of an audience who does not fit that category: “You do not believe, because you do not belong to my sheep” (v. 26).And Jesus is doing this in the very place where God’s kings had always spoken to God’s people.Jesus doesn’t fit the shepherd stereotype and it’s probably fair to say that we aren’t the brainless herd animals that we assume sheep to be.While these hopes can be met incompletely through what the world offers, they are only met perfectly and completely through Jesus as Savior, the Good Shepherd of the sheep.Notice, though, that Jesus describes voice-hearing in two different ways: “I know them, and they follow me” (v. 27).

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Response to Recovering the Scandal of the Cross by Green and Baker

It is important to keep focus that Jesus bringing in the Kingdom of God was not just about a new set of personal moral values, or a new way to deal with political reform, Jesus was not just a teacher with some radical and inspiring ideas about inner and outer reform, he was declaring war on suffering and oppression itself.The Kingdom of God was the central theme of Jesus’ ministry and was above all that Jesus demonstrated and embodied.It was the sacrifice, that faith, that holding on to love in the blackness of night that defeated death and raised Jesus from the grave.Jesus has come to pay a ransom in order to liberate us from Satan’s dominion (Matthew 20:28).And there, in the darkness, Jesus in one final act of courage and trust, set hi...

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Briefly Examine The Seven I Am Statements Religion Essay

Jesus states He is “the life” as the saying “I AM the resurrection and the life.” Again we observe Jesus associating very closely with life.9:1, 5) in wisdom tradition of Israel the manna was interpreted as word and instruction so John’s Jesus is the spiritual word of God and hence the real food moreover Jesus’ bread of life speech invents wisdom’s claim that “the one who eats of me will hunger still, the one who drinks of me will thirst for more” (Sir.As Jesus’ claim to be the way, the truth and life is of great importance that there are not many ways to God but the only way that Jesus embodies and proclaims the truth is a major theme throughout John’s Gospel.Jesus as the miracle worker, John drew on the ‘signs’ source to construct the ...

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Evangelism and my Christian walk Essay

You should be able to identify a servant with Jesus because of the lifestyle he or she lives.The Scripture teaches us to tell others about Jesus Christ.Share Jesus Without Fear.“True ministry to others, ministry that was modeled by Jesus Christ, requires you to minister as a servant”6 (Leach and Wheeler, p.5) A servant must have a willingness and desire to serve so, do not miss an opportunity to serve and provide some immediate relief for someone else.Some of my plans for evangelism include going out in the community and building relationships with people and lead them to Jesus.

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Сhurch rules and Jesus

I give you Jesus, Lion of the tribe of Judah, .I give you Jesus, who said I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live .I give you Jesus, the Bread of Life, and supplier of water, if we drink, we’ll never thirst .Yes he betrayed Jesus and hung himself afterward, but before the betrayal, he was the treasurer for Jesus’ ministry.I give you Jesus, Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

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