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The Toulmin Model of Argument

Claim of Cause: Tougher laws governing the sale of handguns would mean a decrease in the number of homicides each year.Warrant: Equality of access is a basic American value.Backing: Sometimes the warrant itself needs evidence to support it, to make it more believable, to further “back up” the argument.Single parents in New York City more than anywhere in the country.Gay marriage should be federally legalized.

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Access to E-Mail Essay

ex=1203829200&en=58b05e0425027b1b&ei=5123&partner=BREITBART, Accessed march 5, 2008. .The author likens the mistake to the FBI receiving a warrant to search one apartment and the landlord mistakenly giving them the keys to the whole building, but the problem with that analysis is that in this case, the FBI did not immediately know it had been given a master set of keys.com/2008/02/17/washington/17fisa.Now, with issues like the one discussed in this article, it appears that the focus may be changing and law enforcement may be charged with determining how well the respondent complies with the warrant as well.Gained Unauthorized Access to E-Mail”, New York Times, February 18, 2008.

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The Fourth Amendment in Criminal Procedure Essay

The Fourth Amendment is not a total protection against all searches and seizures against all searches and seizures; if it is declared under law a person can be searched or seized.There are some specific things that are governed by the Fourth Amendment that deal specifically with criminal procedure such as arrests with warrants, searches with warrants, arrests without warrants, searches without warrants, seizure of evidence, and different types of stops and seizures (Criminal Procedure).Now after reading that some people may think they are completely safe from all types of searches and seizures, but they would be wrong.LII / Legal Information Institute.The exact wording of the Fourth Amendment is “The right of the people to be secure in t...

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Civilians and law enforcement should be aware of the basic human rights Essay

Are you allowed to be searched without a warrant?Retrieved August 26, 2017, from .they have a search warrant which can be obtained from the judge.August 26, 2017. .This article states that the only way someone is allowed to be searched, and therefore arrested, without a warrant is if a police officer visually sees a crime being committed.

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The Exclusionary Rule Essay

Upper Saddle River: Prentice .Policing Ameria Methods, Issues, Challenges.It the police don’t have a warrant then they have no right under the law to search you home or property.This is what some people are trying to stop, the officer going in without a warrant.Then there is probable cause, with probable cause it gives the office a little leeway to search without a warrant.

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Cognizable And Non Cognizable Offences Law Essay

Cognizable offences have been defined under Section 2 (c) of the Criminal Procedure Code as follows; ” ‘cognizable offence’ means an offence for which, and ‘cognizable case’ means a case in which, a police officer may, in accordance with the First Schedule or under any other law for the time being in force, arrest without warrant”.According to Section 2 (w) of the Criminal Procedure Code, “a summons case means a case relating to an offence, not being a warrant case”.A non-cognizable offence has been defined under Section 2 (l) of the Criminal Procedure Code as follows, “‘non-cognizable offence’ means an offence for which, and ‘non-cognizable case’ means a case in which, a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant”.Warrant...

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Rationalism: Empiricism and Knowledge Essay

They may disagree over the nature of warrant or about the limits of our thought and knowledge.Let’s call this additional element ‘warrant’.The warrant that provides us with knowledge arises from an intellectual grasp of the propositions which is clearly part of our learning.A good deal of philosophical work has been invested in trying to determine the nature of warrant.Rationalists also vary the strength of their view by adjusting their understanding of warrant.

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Rationalism Essay

First, such accounts of warrant are themselves quite controversial.Some rationalists think that a reliabilist account of warrant provides the answer.How can these beliefs be warranted if they do not gain their warrant from the experiences that cause us to have them or from intuition and deduction?An appeal to Reliabilism, or a similar causal theory of warrant, may well be the best way for rationalists to develop the Innate Knowledge thesis.By appealing to Reliablism, or some other causal theory of warrant, rationalists may obtain a way to explain how innate knowledge can be warranted.

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Future Law Enforcement Weapons Essay

Only when the safety of a person is threatened, may Law Enforcement use this tool without a warrant.The Automatic License Plate Recognition Device allows police officer to check thousands of license plates, to determine if vehicles are stolen, if registered owners are wanted, if driver’s licenses are expired or revoked.This tool is similar to the grill Mount Launcher GPS as far as tracking the suspect.This tool allows the officer possibly find the name and history of the suspect easily.This tool has no relation to the 4th and the 8th amendments, it does not harm, and it is only for Law Enforcement benefit only.

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Warrantless Search & Seizure

He then objected to the officers’ request to “look around.” They did not have a search warrant.Warden v. Hayden is an example of the hot pursuit exceptions to the Search Warrant Rule.The exceptions to the search warrant rule is .During the search the questions arose, whether it was a routine inventory searches are impermissible and if not, whether they must be conducted pursuant to a warrant.If a fleeing suspect enters private property while being followed by police officers, no warrant is required to go in that property in order to pursuit, even if the suspect is in no way associated with the owner.

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Criminal Procedures

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.Criminal Procedure .Comparative Criminal Justice .Belmont, CA:        Thomson/Wadsworth.Oxford: Hart Publishers.

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Exclusionary Rule Essay

It does not matter if there is no warrant and the police invaded the house of a private citizen as long as the truth was discovered and the person responsible was caught.However, the downside of this rule is that if evidence is found in illegally searched areas, even if it can very well summarize the outcome of the case will be put to waste for the simple reason that there was no warrant of arrest or it was not indicated in the warrant that such place is included in the search.For a search to be valid the warrant to search should be able to describe in detail the items to be searched, the location and facilities to be confiscated (Roberts, 2007).The resident was bound to leave the place the day after but since it was a Sunday, the court ...

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United States vs. Leon 1984 Essay

A warrant was issued in the search of the drugs; and once they were convicted they argued evidence seized pursuant to the warrant; the officer did not make point of his reasoning for the warrant.Nor would an awesome risk proving a case of good belief while waiting on a warrant.Does the Establishing Probable Clause violate the Exclusionary Rule of the Fourth Amendment?The Court is correct but needs to remember that as police involved in criminal cases, they need to remember the role they play and getting warrants is apart of the job and the law.Legal Reasoning .

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Search and Seizure

In this case, they have full authority to seize the gun even without a valid search warrant because of the plain view doctrine.(“Plain View Doctrine” 1999) Example of this is when police officers went to the house of a suspect to serve a valid warrant of arrest.Ziegler asked that the evidence against him be excluded from evidence on the ground that copying his hard drive constituted an unreasonable search without a warrant and violates the Fourth Amendment.Under the plain view doctrine, police officers who are not searching for evidence but otherwise have a right to be in the position where they view the evidence and he subsequently comes upon an incriminating object is exempted from the requirement of search warrant.The following are th...

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5 steps in a process to collect digital evidence Essay

Even if the investigation does not involve a search warrant, care must be taken to operate within legal guidelines because ANY investigation may “end up as prime evidence for lawsuits in the future” (Solomon et.al, 2011, Loc 2351).al, 2011, 2361).al, 2011, Loc 2389) and thinking about what possibilities these items would be used for.Take note of what you see and what you think it means.

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Amendment vs. Patriot Act Essay

I hope the liberties this nation offered its people are not forgotten.The Bill of Rights is the foundation of this country and if we learn anything from experience a structure can not stand without a strong foundation.In addition, this provision authorizes the equivalent of a blank warrant: the court issues the order, and the law enforcement agent fills in the places to be searched.What this means is that the governmental agencies can enter a house, apartment or office with a search warrant when the occupants are away, search through their property, take photographs, and in some cases even confiscate their property.The establishment and guarantee of basic human rights has been for so long the appeal for people around the world; intellect...

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Entering a Private Place without a Warrant Essays

Obtaining the warrant to search the Ellis home does not restrict them to only look in one area of the house, whatever has happened could have started in one area, continued throughout different rooms while resulting with the final outcome in Mary Ellis’s bedroom closet.The only way to try to understand what happened and why is to look for evidence in any room that looks like there could’ve have been a struggle in it.In the final paragraphs to follow, I will discuss the exclusionary rule and the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine and their importance and how it relates to this scenario.In this paper, I will discuss and give details as to what is needed for police to get a warrant and under what circumstances they are allowed to enter ...

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Plain View Doctrine Essay

One of the exceptions however to the search warrant requirement is the Plain View Doctrine.Following a long line of jurisprudence, among the possible reasons why a police officer may be considered to be legally present in a particular place is if a) he is serving a search warrant, b) he was in hot pursuit of a suspect; c) he made the entry through valid consent; d) he made a valid arrest with or without a warrant.Any object seized in the absence of a search warrant will be inadmissible in evidence.The officer was not serving a search warrant since he had none.The initial intrusion must be justified by a warrant, by an exception to the warrant requirement, or by other circumstances authorizing his presence.

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Intelligence-Led Policing and Civil Liberties

New York: Novinka, 2002.With the new provisions of the Patriot Act government can now search and seizures your property, papers and other things that belong to you without probable cause or a search warrant and do not have to tell you anything until after the fact.Retrieved February 18.This means government to perform wiretap without having to show probable cause to obtain a warrant Patriot Act caused changes to be made to Fourth Amendment, because they had to be probable cause for a warrant to be issued by a judge.Report from the Field: USA Patriot Act at Work.

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National security Essay

“Why Privasy Metter Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide.’” Chronicle of Higher Education 15 May 2011: n. pag.Solove, Daniel J.The PATRIOT Act also allows for search and seizure of private records without a judicial warrant under specific rules.“The Patriot Act Isn’t Broken.” Christian Science Monitor 6 Mar.“Why We Endorsed Warrantless Wiretraps.” Wall Street Journal 16 July 2009: A.

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The Issue Of Freedom And Safety

But what if the government does mean well?But where there’s smoke, there’s fire; where one step is taken, the next comes easier.The rest of us didn’t, and nobody should be made to pay for something they didn’t even want to do.Innocent people get hurt in the meantime.Intrusion of someone’s privacy begins when he can no longer look at his mail without knowing whether someone else read it or not.

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Criminal law

All these three elements are involved in this case because the Maryland Police department voluntarily committed a criminal act.First, is important to understand that there must be a concurrence between a criminal act and a criminal intent.As for the jurisdiction of the criminal law, regarding the violation of the Fourth Amendment, when the police take a DNA example without a warrant from a person arrested.In this case, you find two things, a crime, and the intent to cause harm.In other words,” it means that a criminal intent must exist at the same time as a criminal act” (“Mens Rea,concurrence, Causation”, 2007).

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The benefits of domestic surveillance

c. University of Chicago Professor of Political Ethics Jean Alshtain elaborates simply: i.But in terrorist emergencies, this relation breaks apart.Thus, so long as the actual content of communications is not collected, the government can collect metadata without a warrant.The Supreme Court, in Smith v. Maryland, noting that the collection related only to information about communications and not content, found no Fourth Amendment violation when, without a warrant, the police recorded the defendant’s outgoing phone numbers.“Needed extensive logistics and networked operations.” .

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Mapp v. Ohio Case Brief

Appellant grabbed the document, and a struggle ensued in which the police recovered the “search warrant” from her.Taking for granted the dissenting opinion, the Court must first find whether the evidence should have ever been admitted into the Ohio court.The opinion stands today and is one of the hallmarks of the criminal justice system.Further, simply because the appellant (or both appellant and appellee) do not argue or specifically brief the Court on a specific issue does not mean the Court must be blind to an issue before it.The officers displayed what they claimed was a “search warrant”.

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White People and Father S Birthday Essay

Selected Essays.Los Angeles, CA: Lone Wolf Editions, 2008. .Wallis, William.— Warrant Glen.Sherman Oaks: Ston & Scott, 2008.

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The stage of racism, poverty, and social class differences Essay

26 Jan. 2012. .Los Angeles, CA: Lone Wolf Editions, 2008. .“Maya Angelou (Author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings).” Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia.Sherman Oaks: Ston & Scott, 2008.In Warrant Glen’s story, Will loves his father or at least that is what he thinks.

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The Argument Against The American Government Essay

In the “you” list the things that need to be looked up from the constraints.In the “constraints” for “target audience” write down things that limit the audience from understanding.In the “you” column, the participant writes down how they are similar and/or different from the target audience.In the “you” column, list things that limit the participants understanding of the article.TRACE helps to comprehend the article which is important to then use the article in writing.

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Business Law Text Notes Essay

A statute that gave the government a broad ranging freedom to conduct searches of property, internet activity, bank accounts and other activities that used to require a warrant.Today a corporation may be held liable for criminal offenses committed by employees who acted within the scope of their employment and for the benefit of the corporation.Evidence seized in an illegal search without a warrant is inadmissible in court and any information obtained during an illegal search that leads to a later discovery is inadmissible in court as well.White Collar Crime is the term used for a variety of non violent criminal offenses committed by business persons and business organizations.Also provides the defendant is entitled to a court appointed ...

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An Argument For The Juvenile Death Penalty Essays

She commented, “So you think a nine year old who accidently kills their mom should get the death penalty?” This seems to be many people’s idea of the juvenile death penalty, an overgeneralization and misunderstanding of the types of crimes and situations that would warrant the death penalty."Invest in Love."Robert Denies, Jon Cries — The Murder of James Bulger — Crime Library.Scott, Shirley L. "Death of James Bulger."Grey's Anatomy.

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Search and Seizure Essay

(N.D.) Fourth Amendment.The reasonableness clause forbids unreasonable search and seizures which ties into the warrant clause which states that warrants will only be issued as long as probable cause is present.It Like It Is (Vol.58) J. Crim.Stop and Frisk: Say .Younger, Evelle.

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