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My dream as a child

Everything seems so easy when you are child, but once you become an adult you realize that life is not as easy as you thought it would be when you were a kid.To pursue the career you want you must work hard, be dedicated and be sure that’s the right path you want to follow.No one ever mentioned the hard work or how long it actually takes to become a police officer or a professional dancer.Once I got out of high school I was not sure what I wanted to pursue as a career, the only thing I knew was that I did not wanted to become a police officer.We are usually asked this question very early in life: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is one of the most popular questions asked by your parents or relatives.

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Statement of Educational Philosophy Essay examples

As a teacher, you must eliminate problems before they even start, you must let your students know who the boss is, and then become their friend.I think that sports and other activities are essential in a child's life.I also want to be active in extracurricular activities in the school.I will become that teacher; the teacher that I thought was too hard on me.I want to become an elementary teacher at a local school.

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My Personal Philosophy of Education

I think this will lead me into a life of happiness and success, money isn’t an issue as long as I enjoy my everyday life.I have been told that I am crazy for wanting to become a teacher because there is no pay, the degree is difficult to complete, plus many other reasons.Another main reason I am going into the education program is that I one day have the aspirations of coaching football and track.From what I have observed if I what to become a coach at the high school level I must first become a teacher, which works out because that is what I really want to do anyway.Starting back when I was in high school I used to think to myself that it would be fun to become a teacher, at the high school level.

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Goals Of Life

I hold these goals dear to my heart and take them very serious because it’s something I’m wanting to do so bad and for the rest of my life.Not a day went by where I didn’t wanted to do these certain things in life, I have dreamt about doing it and now today I’m trying to fulfill that dream and become what I’ve always wanted to do.There’s been nothing else that I wanted more in life then to become a world champion bareback rider.Well I ended up loving it and now I’m wanting to go pro and make it job that I do for a short period of time in my life.Now that I am in college I’m learning that it’s not a walk in the park, but the want and the drive I have for it, keeps me going forward and I won’t quit till get it.

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Why I Want to Become a Teacher Essay

Teacher of the year (2008) “I teach because I want children to know they have limitless opportunities that are available to them.” This goes along with what I am saying I want to do.Showing them the way in life, showing them that I do care what life brings them and how I can help them in their journey.Children make me happy, I cherish and love them and want to help them choose the path they want to take in life.I want the children to know that I am there and care for them and no matter what I will be truthful to them and I will help them in any way I can.I want them to learn that nothing should stand in their way of their dreams, because if you set your mind on doing what you want in life nothing is impossible.

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College Initiative Essay

Take for instance, one of my passions in life is music if I were to want to go pursue music and make it something major, the chances of me making it, becoming famous are high, but the chances of me staying famous are slim.In my family education was always stressed upon me and my brothers, because my parents didn’t want us to struggle our whole life living from paycheck to paycheck like many people before us.So here I am in college trying to better myself for my future, because in reality what most people do not know is that they need to go to college if you really want to really support themselves, make a better living.Since I want to major in veternarian medicine the requirements I will need are many certain sciences and many maths.Beca...

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The Kind of Person I Want to Be Essay

I want to be a good person.I want to become an understanding, compassionate, and caring person.I want people to feel comfortable talking to me when they need to do so, or listening when they need advice.I want to be able to say that I am proud of my life and all of the things that I have done.I want to be an honest, wholesome person who has enough courage to stand up for what I believe.

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High school Essay

When you’re helping a kid in their last few days to smile, this is an unique feeling, in this way I look up for this beautiful career.Becoming a global intern will be my chance to find myself and to do what I love most and I truly hope that it becomes reality because you can only find out what is possible if you never give up.And that’s what I want for my life, I want to be able to get to know every single spot on this world, I want to learn new languages, and help those people around the world.Three years ago, you would give up hope in this world, but there are still people that are trying to make a difference, trying to help it to survive.There were and there are many influent people and I want to become one of them.

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Siddhartha, Siddhartha And My Life Essay

He wanted to find the ultimate state of peace within himself and become happy without anyone telling him how to become happy.. After reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha and I both have dreams of our own and want to choose the future for ourselves rather than society choosing it for us.Siddhartha needed to experience everything in life to find out what truly made him happy.Siddhartha learned early in life that he didn’t want to just live like a Brahmin but to be able to experience everything in the world to find what makes him the happiness.As for Siddhartha, he didn’t want to become a Brahmin like everybody expected him to, but instead to experience the things he was always learning about.Siddhartha did what he wanted in life...

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Nietzsche And The Meaningful Life Philosophy Essay

Now that I have analyzed my elements and have become cognizant of what I want the most in my life, I am determined to pursue after this path.However, at the moment, I acknowledge that I am just part of the “herd.” But utilizing this introspection as a starting point, I will try to not be influenced by the standardized views of society, and pursue after what I truly want in my life, so that I can achieve my own happiness.I will continue to study hard now that I found out what I truly want in life.According one German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the answer to human suffering resided in “styling” our lives to the way we want it to be via a process of “becoming.” In applying Nietzsches ideas to my own personal life, I have come to the r...

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Henry Ford Essay

I wouldn’t want to change my career for anything; I have my mind set on becoming and exotic veterinary.There are many other universities that are just as good as Kentucky University; however that is the college that I want to apply to.There are many job offerings to become an exotic veterinarian every year.All of the reasons above explain everything I’m good at or at least want to become good at that’s why I want to become a surgeon.“ I have lived off of that quote because there is always something that everyone wants in life, and if you do not take advantage of your opportunities how are you supposed to accomplish what you want?

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Men and Women are Made Not Born Essay

Soas we can see, it is hard for women in Afghanistan to become what they want and be whothey want to be.I believe the term men and women are made not born, to mean that it is up toboth men and women to make their lives and achieve what they want in life.Another culture I want to look at is how women became men in the mountains ofNorthern Albania.Another way we could look at the topic ‘Men and Women are Made Not Born’ is thatmen and women have to earn what they want to achieve, they are not just born with theirtalents.It is up to the individual to decide what they want to achieve in life,they have the choice to carry on their education in what ever field they choose to bettertheir chances in the work force.

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My Hopes & Dreams Essay

When you were younger, you were always asked, “What do you want become when you grow up?” Some said a princess, rich, a singer, a fashion designer and even to fly!I want to grow up and make my Parents proud, especially when my Dad’s up there watching over me.I want something more realistic, practical and down to Earth.Everyone wants to become successful in the future, right?I’ve realised how hard life is now; that life cannot be like a fairy-tale.

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Comprehensive Life Plan Essay

Therefore the importance of life planning has become a crucial component of seeing my dreams come true.My first goal is to be become a consistent person who never compromises with my end goals.Number three: I want to volunteer with organizations like YoungLife.I want to be remembered for having a zest for life and a teachable attitude.I am excited about this new direction in my life and I believe this mission statement will be a constant reminder of who God is challenging me to become.

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300 Word Essay about Emerson Essay

I have my own determination because I know I’m the one that needs to work for myself to become as successful as I wish and I want to be good and passionate about something.Our determination about things become intensified and much clearer as we grow up and they may change.My parents are fond of me and they really support my decisions, they really want me to be better than them and they give me the best they can to achieve what I want.It all really depends when we find what we are passionate and determined about.Over time the interest in becoming a surgeon faded away because I started to know more about the many things you can study and do for the rest of your life.

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Clean and Clear Essay

Or you might want to be a pediatrician, specializing in the general health of children.I am so grateful for the dermatologist that helped me clear my skin; it really changed my life.So many people have skin problems and if I become a dermatologist not only will I be helping with people with acne problems, but I can also help with other skin problems.That moment is when I realized I wanted to become a dermatologist.I cant imaging how my life would be if I wouldn’t have gotten help from a dermatologist.

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Speech By Biff Loman English Literature Essay

Through the whole speech Biff is letting us know that he has become realistic, as we can see in ‘at least I thought so at that moment’.From this time on I knew Biff could get so much more out of his life, therefore I chose to call him a 52-year-old farmer, which actually states that he has followed his dreams and that he has listened to himself.He has become a very realistic person and explains this in the speech.His final sentence ‘You may dream, but don’t let your dreams dominate your life…’ is a statement I want to make.He should have become a carpenter.

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My Personal Philosophy of Education

We are helping them realize what they want to become and even what they do not want.I want them to know I will help and give them a chance to become a better person and try to help them achieve that better person.I want to be a role model for them, someone who will help them be a better person and to teach them they can be anything they want as long as they try their hardest.I want to be remembered for the one who helped and made a difference a child?s life and also as good role model .I want to be a role model and encourage children to do their best and do their all because what they do today will play a part on their future.

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Different aims in life Essay

That is why I believe that each one of us should have definite a purpose in life.Those who fail are not actual failures because failure is a part of success but those who fail to decide their aim are real failures in life.After my higher schooling I want to go to Mumbai or Delhi IIT (India Institute of Technology) to pursue my Engineering in the field of Mechanics.I want to serve this world with my talent because I believe that I have what it takes.Some focus on power, some on wealth, some want to become a rich successful businessman, some choose knowledge & education while some choose fame.

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Student Council Essay

If I want to live my life the way I want it to be, I have to start doing something.I don’t even know why I think this is a subject worth mentioning in my quest to have the life I want to live if I’m so confused by it.Dreaming about the life I want can only come true if I start to do something about it.If I want to be able to read this paper thirty years from now, the first thing I need to do is make sure I become healthy, and stay healthy.I want him to be smart; I want him to be funny, loyal and respectful.

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Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay

I want each and every student to understand what is going on, even if they have to ask as many questions that their minds think of, I want them to all be fully informed on what it is I am trying to get them to understand.I want to work with children with Learning Disabilities (LD), Behavior Disorders (BD), and my favorite Autism (AU).I want to be apart of that feeling and emotion.Now that I have made my decision to become a teacher there are a few things that I need to be aware of for my teaching methods in my classroom.I have a family full of teachers and it is exciting to see them come home and have that satisfaction of influencing someone’s life.

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Bricklayer’s Boy by: Alfred Lubrano

One can see this right from the article, when Alfred’s says, “Being the white-collar son of a blue-collar man means being the hinge on the door between two ways of life.” What Alfred means is that he is the link or change from his past generations into a newer way of life for his future generations; they obviously view life and all that pertains to life in two different aspects.However, what they dream of and what the children actually become are usually two different things.Another major disagreement that parents and their own children have is when it comes time to what the children want to do with their lives.The main reasons they are like this is because most parents want the best for their children, they care for them deeply, and the...

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Siddhartha the Holy One Essay

It really makes me think a lot about my own life and what my own personal vocation means to me.Just knowing how important my thoughts actually are makes me more optimistic about my goals in life, which shows that your beliefs really do matter.This is why I have decided to become a doctor.This can also be related to our ultimate goal that we want to achieve and it’s what connects our own Self, and God together.His main goal as a Samana was rid of his Self, meaning he wanted to become empty of thirst or desire for anything and everything.

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What Does the American Dream Mean to an Immigrant Essay

But he also did not want to follow any of the career paths his parents mentioned.To some, it is finding happiness in life.Parents in the United States are usually less strict and aren’t set on their children having one goal in life.Like Jing-Mei, Tony’s parents wished for him to be successful in life and try to become a doctor, engineer, or surgeon.Parents should open their children’s eyes to assortments of activities to truly broaden their horizons and let them figure out what they want to be; rather than setting for them one distinctive motive and telling them what they will be in life.

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Personal Narrative Example Essay

She told me I needed to explore my options and figure out what I truly want; take in consideration not only the job, but the life it would give to you.I can say though that it has not been until the past four months that I have actually figured out what I want to do with my life.She showed me how anyone can become what she wants if they truly want it.I want a life to be proud of.I want to live my life and be grateful for the little things while still making sure I can financially support myself so I am at least comfortable.

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The Good Life Essay

To take care of a baby and watch him grow up to be like you one day is a beautiful thing everyone in the world should want to do.Whether it’s making someone laugh when one is sad or pushing him or her to make them better, I want to be known as a great all around person.No matter where I end up in life, I want to be known as someone who was just a great all around person.I don’t know the numbers of kids I’d want to have, but at least one boy to play some sports with as I’m getting older.During my college experience, I want to join a fraternity as a way to make new friends and build new relationships.

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Dream Job: Starting a New Business Essays

I need to become a CEO that has a much pride as my grandpa.I have thought about what business I want to start for a long time then it came to myself.“Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision of something and a want to create” once said by David Karp, Tumblr founder and CEO.This quote expired myself to create a truly satisfied place that I want to work and will love doing.When I create my dream job I will become my success in my future, I will have my new tomorrow.

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A Letter to My Future Child

You have to treat others the way you would want to be treated so that you can get along with everyone and cause no drama.Your journey will have its ups and downs, the main thing I want you to do in life is to do the things that will make you happy because your happiness will lead to the happiness of others.You will not get what you want when you want it, you have to work for it and earn it.Sweetheart I hope this letter will help you make your choices throughout life and prepare yourself for what’s coming your way so that your life could have the best future possible.I have also learned that the reality of this modern life has become so fake that we have trouble trusting one another, we come to a point where we push away our loved ones wh...

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Dickens thought what meant to be a gentleman Essay

When Pip was young, he was expected to be Joe’s apprentice and work in the Blacksmith all his life but because his desire to win Estella, he wants to become a gentleman so he has new expectations but he is preoccupied of finding Estella.There was only really one reason why Pip wanted to become a gentleman, and that was to impress Estella, the girl he loved ever since he first gazed into her beautiful eyes.Dickens tells us this by when Pip says that he wants to become a gentleman.It’s not really him wanting to become a gentleman; I think Dickens replaces “need” with “want”.I thought that this was a bad choice to do because he tried to become something which he really that he wasn’t was by changing class systems.

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Erik Erikson’s Theory

But I believe in you and I know that you are going to be what you want to be if you only put your mind to it.” .I told him that I wanted to be lawyer and he said, “Son, you only become the person that you think you are and right now, you are not acting like the person that you say you want to be.Realizing what I have become and how far away my behavior was to my dream of becoming a lawyer, I started picking up my books at night.It is in not doing anything about becoming what you want to be that we fail to realize ourselves.The failure lies in resigning from the struggle of become what you want to be.

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