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Confusing Truth Essay

5 Different perception of ‘heavy alteration’ As shown above, it is difficult to discern manipulated digital images to truth or falsehood depend on the intention.All these suggest that digital imaging, with numerous ways of manipulations, has clarified the fluidity of truth.At the end, the judges disqualified the photo since they thought the photo were too extreme and unacceptable.Take Klavs Bo Christensen’s photo of Haiti in 2009 as example, his photo has been processed in terms of the color tone and sent to a Danish photo contest (see Figure 2.3 Example of manipulated photo with bad intention Take the award-winning photo about Tibetan Railroad in 2006 as example (see figure 2.

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The Importance of Photography in Market Essay

According to Picture Imperfect written by Carry Barret and David F. Carr established in September 2004, for surviving as a digital enterprise Kodak were supposed to change all process lines from analog to digital if so they could give new products and services to their customers.Because of the digital cameras, the number of photographers has been growing up which makes more competition so companies can have better advertise.Social network websites like Facebook and Flickr, and digital camera and printer maker industries like Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard and Sony are raising huge money annually.Digital technology has effected to different section of market, photographer jobs and photo market which includes manufactures and customers beha...

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Ethical and Unethical Implication of Digital Manipulation

What is ethical in the digital manipulation and enhancement of a photo?” (Lodriguss, 2006) We must consider the effects of media that is being re-touched and take the damage this has caused seriously.Traditionally, photographers shooting with film were conscious of how many rolls of film they carried and mentally self-edited the frames they shot by selecting precise moments with the event, estimating when they thought they thought they had the photo they sought.” (Coleman, 2007) The use of digital manipulation has been used to enhance the quality of color for photographers to help bring out the natural beauty of some pictures that some work fails to produce.What if a digital manipulation is there to protect the feelings of someone in a p...

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How to Take Professional Quality Pictures with a Digital SLR Camera Essay

Furthermore, taking photos with a digital SLR camera reduces the amount of time that otherwise would be spent editing with photo-editing software to improve the quality of the photos.There are also special features to consider for the individual photographer’s needs (Busch, Digital 61-63).There are many advantages to making the transition from a point-and-shoot digital camera to a digital SLR camera.The first step is to purchase a digital SLR camera that suits the photographer’s needs.Lenses are one of the main items to consider when purchasing and using a digital SLR camera.

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Describe the hardware and software used to create and edit graphic images Essay

The processor also works out the calculation that is required to operate digital graphics.By using digital cameras it will be easy for them to put the pictures directly onto the computer system from the digital camera.USB Devices – With digital graphics using a USB device is need in order to input or move graphic images to another computer or onto a different device such as a digital camera.The graphics card proceeds digital information directly from the operating system stating what needs to be shown on the monitor.Digital Camera – When working with digital graphics, professionals will usually need to bring in their own images for their work so they will usually use digital cameras.

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Define The Word Digital Forgery

Conclusively, the issue of digital forgery has caused controversy for many years, yet recent advances in technology have helped to detect and discourage unethical uses of digital forgery.As a computer science doctoral thesis proposal, Micha Kimo Johnson, of Dartmouth College, created three digital image analysis tools to detect digital image forgery.Collectively, there exist numerous ways of detecting digital forgery through the use of specialized software, which helps to inhibit the malicious use of digital forgery.After understanding the history, ethics, and forming well-informed opinions concerning digital forgery, the question one would likely ponder now is: “What can be done to stop the unnecessary use of digital forgery?” Several s...

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Ethics And Issues Essay

Altering any image or piece for one’s own benefit in order to gain money is a crime, thus a fraud and not an art.Software have been developed where any alter in the digital images are spotted and traced that avoids altering of any digital piece as well (Pearson, 2006).Altering digital photos and stating it as your own work is like stealing someone else’s work, making some additions and stating it as your own.Since the natures of digital photos are, in a way, alterable, these pieces are never considered as a piece of legal evidence.Just as the painting of Mona Lisa will always be the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, no matter how altered it is, any work done on anybody’s presently done work is a crime.

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Contrast and Similarities Between Digital and Film Cameras Essay

Photo quality is depends on equipment in digital cameras whether film cameras has no variation.Some special effect and zoom etc can changeable in digital cameras while film camera does not has those option.But in digital cameras photo quality depends on megapixel, sensor and on many other things.On the other hand, digital cameras produce bright view instead of mild darkness.Brightness, hue, value, saturation etc are also same in digital and film cameras.

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Why Kodak Failed – and How to Avoid the Same Fate

Anyone who has followed the rise of digital imaging over the last 15 years might shrug this off as inevitable.The real future business model for digital photography was destined to be social media.Indeed, even the fundamentals have changed in that people don’t take photos with bulky cameras at special occasions anymore.That means that Kodak, had the company recognized that customers no longer wanted to print but rather wanted to share online, would have been smart to deemphasize its printer business and build its online property — ofoto — into something more than just an easy way to upload and print photos.It rolled out a line of digital cameras, sold inkjet printers, and bought a photo sharing site called ofoto.com, which it eventually ...

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Forensic Photography

The advent of digital has seen the near demise of film in popular photography.To ensure the integrity of digital photographs, law enforcement have to take certain precautions in dealing with digital images.To do this with digital photos only needs a computer and the latest copy of popular image processing programs.These programs can add, subtract or even modify elements in the photo to reflect a false representation of reality (Nagosky, 2005).Even though film manipulation has been a constant threat over the years, it is much more easier to do this in digital and it is sometimes difficult to prove that no manipulation has occurred.

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Digital Photography

The ease of digital manipulation has led some to think of digital imaging as being less “pure” or as a form of cheating compared to traditional emulsion based photography.Sales figures seem to back up the idea that the majority of consumers are happy with the output of digital cameras as digital cameras reach higher penetration with every succeeding year.Because digital cameras already store their images in a digital format, they are easier to post-process in computer image manipulation programs such as the popular Adobe Photoshop .Exploring Digital Photography .In the early days of digital, the faithfulness of digital photography was seriously in question.

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In Todays Society Photography Plays An Important Role Media Essay

The year 1980 was the moment when news photography went digital and the digital imaging technology started.Manipulating photographs is nothing new, however and we have got the opportunity to see digital manipulation of images everywhere like in the news, advertising, music and film culture etc: “All images that appear in the press are manipulated in one way, shape, or form, whether they’re by choice- by that image being chosen over another – or by cropping, or by digital manipulation.Programs like Adobe Photoshop contain digital filters that are used in image enhancement, transformation or correction of the image.But when this term comes in contact with Mass Media, then it shapes into digital manipulation (fa legatura cu digital, grotesc...

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My Project On Tourists Who Are Shooting Essay example

Nowadays, with the development of digital technology, digital cameras and camera phones are widely used among tourists.Available from: .(Mar 09, 2009).When I got my first digital camera several years ago, I always tried to take as many pictures as I can while traveling.Since the portable photo devices came out and soon popularized among ordinary people, taking photos has become a fashion or a necessary while traveling.

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Kodak Strategy Essay

By the year 2000, Kodak had sunk more than $5 billion into digital investments during the 1990s, but received only $20 million in digital earnings in 1999 to show for it.In fact, they invented the first digital camera and realized that digital technology would transform their business.To catch up to their competition, Kodak created a fourth group, the Consumer Digital Group, to change their main product line from traditional film to digital products.They turned their focus to digital cameras and printers, photo kiosks (like at CVS and Wal-Mart) and online photo sharing.Kodak wants to develop the customers of traditional cameras into future consumers of digital products.

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Digital SLR

I recommend people to select their DSLRs according to what they are going to use the camera for, for example for people, for professional pictures, or for just vacation photos... Vercillo, K. ( N. D).How to choose a DSLR camera.Kodak was the one who produced the first digital camera back in 1991 and it was even advanced enough to be used by professionals.During the 20th century the pace of technology development in cameras and photography continued at an accelerated pace much like many other key technology developments, just like how a digital camera evolved into a DSLR.

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The electronic gadgets and technological related markets

This is where her choice criteria became important in helping her decide which Digital camera will be most suited to her needs.She also had heard her aspired group talking about the features they had in their digital cameras.Having seen people with a range of digital cameras she was unsure which technical features would be suited to her needs so she turned to her peers and family for advice because she wanted to attract positive attention to herself and build her dominant position within her family and friends.Eventually it becomes a necessity and more important to have a digital camera.She did not have first hand knowledge about the technical criteria she was looking for but because her aspired group all had digital cameras and had boug...

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Why Photographers Should Go Digital? Essay

Although the quality of the picture in the traditional capture is greater than a digital camera, yet considering the various other facilitating aspects, people are fast switching over to the digital photography.Edit Your Digital Photos.“Digital Image Editing & Manipulation Vs Traditional Photography and Processing” .“Digital Photography Workflow” .Editing Digital vs Traditional Photos .

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Identifying and Collecting Digital Evidence

For EACH item of digital evidence you identified, explain what potential use that item would be to your investigation (e.g., what kind of evidence it is, and what type of data that item might hold) AND how you would collect that item as evidence (with emphasis on your care, collection, and handling of that item consistent with digital forensic best practices described in your textbook).Law enforcement should check for fingerprints in multiple places: the digital evidence seized, the mouse/keyboard, and the actual desk.The hard drive on the desk would be a good third source of digital evidence to seize.All digital evidence must be stored in an area where it is climate-controlled and does not have excessive humidity.Identify three (3) pote...

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Documentary photography

The next day, in a journalistic first, both The New York Times and the Washington Post ran front-page camera phone images that were taken by citizens, not by photojournalists.75 In describing the emerging citizen journalism trend, Dennis Dunleavy of The Digital Journalist writes, “The future is here, now.These include the further assimilation of digital photography work-flows into the newsroom, the improvement of consumer photo technology, and the omnipresence of photo technology – including cameras in portable devices such as cell phones and PDAs.Digital photography is the predominant means of image capture for American newspaper and magazine photojournalism today.With digital technology came digital photo manipulation.In the “old days”...

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The Sixth Sense Technology

Even though computing devices allows us to carry computers in our pockets, that connects to the digital world continuously, BUT is no link between our digital devices and our interactions with the physical world.IMPLEMENTED IN SMART PHONES(developmental stage) .• He is a research assistant and a PhD candidate at MIT Media Lab.Pranav also won Young Innovator Award by Technology Review.Capture photos with fingers: why to take camera on your holiday and no tension for the photo space as this Sixth Sense computer will work like your camera.

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Araki Nobuyoshi and Photography Critical Essay

London: Phaidon Press.Londres: Phaidon p.6.6Araki, Nobuyoshi.In The words of Araki photography is a form of lying since the object of the photo is the truth.7 Warren, Lynne.

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Before, if one wanted to share digital photos, one had to email everyone to let them know.Nowadays, one’s social identity may be shaped by affiliations that are visible to onlookers at any moment through connections in SNS like Facebook.Although one may change many aspects of one’s personal identity quickly and easily, one may not be able to change certain aspects of one’s social identity.This negotiation often occurs with little conscious thought; people comfortably interact with one another, revealing what is appropriate while assessing what information is being given.Profile generation is an explicit act of writing oneself into being a digital environment (Boyd D., 2008) and participants must determine how they want to present themsel...

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Digital tattoo Essay

Image compression techniques, such as JPEG, inspired the use of the frequency domain to insert undetectable digital tattoos into images.A digital watermark can generally be considered a form of steganography.As with finding needles in a haystack, you can use a very strong magnet to find the needles or you can just burn the bale if the needles are worth it (the message carried by the digital watermark which may have more value than the marked signal).Paul Levinson also talks about digital tattooing.The term digital watermark was first used in 1992 by Andrew Tirkel and Charles Osborne.

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Hardware and Software

HDR Photo Merge: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photo Merge tool can combine two or more bracketed exposures in order to produce one perfect exposure.Scanner: Scanners will take an image of a drawing or photo and converts them into digital images.Mobile Phones: A mobile phone can be used to take photographs like a digital camera.Digital Camera Resolution – When deciding on resolution needs, thinking about intended output is important.Digital Cameras: A digital camera is a device that’s used for taking photographs, like a conventional camera.

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Can digital art be considered fine art Essay

Digital art is a mere manipulation of the real and traditional art.Digital art is meant for people who have less interest in fine art.The interested people and artist who value art prefer the traditional art as they can relate and derive better meaning from it compared to the digital art (Quora, 2014).In digital art, a person has anonymity from construction and immunity to error.Some people argue that Digital art is not art, it is basically a collection of photo shops for people who don’t know how to draw.

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Advantages Of Second Generation Orthophoto Information Technology Essay

Method based on the merging of terrain and buildings orthophotos: the digital terrain model (DTM) and the digital building model (DBM) are processed independently.The introduction of digital photogrammetric cameras opened up the prospect of a fully digital work-flow, from camera to orthophoto.Orthogonal projection using a Digital Surface Model that takes into accounts the sudden elevation changes of artificial structures.A digital orthophoto image is an unprocessed digital aerial photo image rectified to an appropriate DEM of the equivalent area.Method based on dense digital terrain models: This technique was introduced by Ecker (1992) and further investigated by Skarlatos (1998) and uses digital terrain model with fine resolutions.

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High dynamic range imaging Essay

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) brings together a set of digital techniques for capturing an image or a video, with a large dynamic range.It would be less expensive if the device manufacturers placed a non-linear circuit between the sensor and the analog / digital converter of the device, a solution which had already been used towards the end of the last century for television cameras.First developed for computer-generated images, the technique then adapted to digital photography and later also to digital video capture.As such, it constitutes a potential digital archiving format and above all can be re-exploited when HDR display technologies become available.At least if we start with an image in JPEG (8 bits per color) but, by starting...

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Kodak Case

However, it seems appropriate they began increasing researching into digital technology and recognized it threatened their current business model.Yes, if Kodak has adopted the digital revolution and been an early player they would have been able to maintain market share as well continue to improve and advance technology.However, the digital imaging department still failed to be profitable resulting in more layoffs.In 2003 Kodak had a respectable share of the digital market as well as the most photo transactions.The main profit sources in digital imaging comes from the camera itself and services related to printing, storing, and sharing picture.

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Camera Technology and How It Changed Photography

With digital you can see images immediately (Layne, 2011).The advances in digital photography provide faster results of the finished product.With digital you can pick and choose the photos you want to print.Digital vs. film photography & using Photoshop.In conclusion, digital photography is less-expensive, faster, and provides better quality prints than film or instant.

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Buyer decision process Essay

As most customers, Tony ringed his friends, asked how was the opinions and knowledge of the brand of the product from them, read some news about digital camera from magazines and newspapers, found some information through the internet, even go around several camera shops……At last, he limited the scope he the researching.Just like Tony, If he is satisfied this time, the next time he want to buy a walkman, or digital TV, or DVD player, he may skip of the second stage(Information search) and the third stage(Evaluation of alternatives).There were lots brands of digital cameras on sell at that time.Digital camera could satisfy the demand of customers by it’s bigger LCD screen; transiting photos to computers from the camera; colorful display; ...

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