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Harry Frankfurt’s “Freedom of the Will and Concept of a person”

In his Freedom of Will and Concept of a Person, Harry Frankfurt asserts that the common philosophical approach to the concept of a person is wrong, as it interferes with his own perception.are equally applicable to a single individual of that single type.” In contrast to Strawson, Frankfurt alleges that a person must have both a first-order desire and second-order desire or volition to be a person.To explain better the notion of a person, Frankfurt calls upon an example of two narcotic addicts, called the wanton addict and the unwilling addict.A wanton, plainly stated, are “Agents who have first-order desires but who are not persons because, whether or not they have desires of the second order, they have no second order volitions.” The e...

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Frankfurt on Personhood and Moral Responsibility Essay

A person could have done otherwise if the casual determinism is false, and therefore they are not morally responsible.By saying this however, Frankfurt is accepting his theory that if one does not have these second-order desires they are not classified as a “person”, and then they cannot be held morally responsible for anything, since they are not a “person”.According to Frankfurt, to be a person, one must have a second-order desire.Saying that whether or not we have free will is by chance seems to deny that our actions are willful at all, but when he mentions that we have a “state of affairs” (20) that could also cause us to have free will, he is essentially sustaining his original argument.While a desire is a short term will, it can ca...

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Essay on Free Will and Determinism Essay


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Intrinsic Motivation Essay

Attitudes and motivation in second language learning.A brief overview of individual differences in second language learning.How does anxiety affect second language learning?His research points toward some language learners attempting to avoid communicating in a second language due to fear of embarrassment over their current skill level in speaking the second language.Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is learning development in which people acquire a new language – more commonly known as “second language” in addition to their native tongue.

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Evaluation of a groups work Essay

In one corner there was two people hugging, in the centre there was a person laying on the floor, and to the other side and slightly to the back was a person reading a newspaper story, of the things going on around her.This also shows status, as all the paparazzi were bent over at different levels trying to get a picture, it shows that the person in the middle has the most attention, and has the highest status.However the person doesn’t want to be photographed, and is trying to turn away from the cameras.The second image displayed good spatial awareness, as each individual thing that was represented had its own space, and it was very clear and easy to see what the meaning of it was.Their first still image their was one person in the midd...

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Analysis of Abbey Tomb, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, and To Autumn

reader which weakens the sense of a direct dialogue.directly in ‘To Autumn,’ another character is addressed beside the .With the use of the first person Beer is able to create what resembles .reader, even though the poem is written in the second person because .or second person, like ‘Abbey Tomb,’ are purely expressed to the .

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What is a person? Essay

But most importantly, a person can communicate, unlike an animal a person can use language.The incapability to reflect on themselves (first and second order desires) is mainly due to the fact that they cannot use language.This is providing that the concept of a person is not stretched too far, for example attempting to address an envelope as a person is not exactly adequate.Further, a person is able to command first and second order desires.Lastly, the difference between a person and a non-person (animals) is that people can give reason and justifications for their actions and beliefs.

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Major Factors Influencing Learners’ Achievement in Second Language Acquisition

This paper has briefly presented some major factors influencing learners’ achievement in second language acquisition.The study of second language acquisition.Another major aspect of personality that has been studied with regard to second language acquisition is inhibition, which is said to be a negative force for second language pronunciation performance.Understanding second language acquisition.Learning and Teaching Styles In Foreign and Second Language Education.

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Masciantonio Case Note and Critique Essay

Appellant put forward that considering the circumstances of the history between Masciantonio and his son-in-law that any ordinary person would have lacked self-control.Considering that a jury has no legal experience and therefore, no understanding that provocation could still be a defence in the second instance if they found that a reasonable person would have lacked the ability to regain their self-control it is up to the trial judge to explain in a manner that is understandable.McHugh J put forward that the fatal wound could not be determined as to whether it was caused in the first instance or the second instance, and that the wording used by O’Bryan J was reflective of whether or not the jury found the Appellant had inflicted the fat...

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The Best Predictor of Success in Second Language Acquisition Is Motivation

We are automatically driven to communicate so motivation to learn a language is already pre-determined; however, when we look at this in the context of second language acquisition then learning is a little more complex.By understanding that motivation is predictor of success in second language acquisition, the adjustment of the classroom environment in turn can contribute to positive motivation, leading to a greater success in second language acquisition.Gardner, R C; Day, J B; MacIntyre, P D. (Jun 1992): Integrative Motivation, Induced Anxiety, and Language Learning in a Controlled Environment Studies in Second Language Acquisition14.In a clear example on how instrumental motivation can vary ones decision to learn a second language, in ...

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Human Linguistics and the Importance of Second Language Learning in Modern Living Essay

htm What is the Importance of Learning a Second Language?And whatever these benefits and advantages are, it is the duty of the second language teacher to make his/her students realize it.Also, like any other teacher, a second language teacher is an agent of change.For one, travelling often to a particular place would make a person want to study the language of the person.The Role of the Second Language Teacher Apparently, there are “benefits and advantages to those who take the time to explore the language of a culture different than their own” (What is the Importance of Learning a Second Language?

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Othello, By William Shakespeare Essay

A second indication of Othello 's inkling is when Iago planted ... ... middle of paper ... ...ords have on Othello; that now he has changed to a more temperamental person.Secondly, the cruel character Iago who everyone believes is an honest person but in truth is an evil conniving person.Just think about something and say to yourself is it truly what it appears to be?Finally Othello, who at the beginning of the play is generally a calm, cool and collected person but at the end his true nature is shown.This concept of appearance verses reality could be relevant in anyone 's life.

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Audio Visual Material in Education

To find out the most effective way of acquiring second language .The effective process of acquiring second language will be researched with the help of the questionnaire and experiences of the learners.The objective of the research is to find out the effectiveness of the audio-visual materials in second language acquisition... A survey will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the audio-visual materials in acquiring second language.The study is about to find out the most effective way of acquiring second language.

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Audio Visual Material Is More Effective English Language Essay

To investigate which way is more effective in acquiring second language .To evaluate how effective the materials that are used to acquire second language .The objective of the research is to find out the effectiveness of the audio-visual materials in second language acquisition.The effective process of acquiring second language will be researched with the help of the questionnaire and experiences of the learners.Audio —visual material is more effective to acquire second language is a product and analysis based research that will be conducted by taking a survey on the people who have experienced the audio-visual materials during acquiring second language.

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Paired Reading Essay

Will they take turns with each person reading a paragraph?* Place the top student in the first list with the top student in the second list * Continue until all students have been partnered * Be sensitive to pairings of students with special needs, including learning or emotional needs.Or will one person read while the other person listens?Have students offer feedback and praise frequently for correct reading.Adjust pairings as necessary * The reader from the first list should read first while the reader from the second list listens and follows along * The second reader should pick up where the first reader stops.

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Appearance and Weight Issues in the Workplace Essay

The standards should not be different for males and females.Our society is so wrapped up on personalities , models and actors on television with a standard of appearance and weight that most television networks and stations really doesn’t have a choice on having a certain appearance on their station.Should these standards be different for male and female.Our society look at the news and weather to see not only the news and weather but the persons performing these reports.The competition to gain viewer are a large part of stations staying on the air.

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Speech Acts Politeness And Turn Taking

Resulting in communication gap and distances which did not enable the second language speakers to develop their language the way natives speak it... Coming to the interview in which all the three elements of the communication process that have been discussed above will be integrated upon the observation, we see that all of them have some effect or the other in making communication slightly difficult or biased when a native English speaking boy and a second language English speaking boy communicate.So this is one of the biggest problems that Second language English speakers face with Native English speakers.When speaking English they do not realize that they have to blend into the culture as well and try not to blend in their own culture...

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Teaching With Affection Teacher Student Relationship Education Essay

The use of a methodology based on love and affection seems according to all the information declared previously has a positive impact in student´s learning process in a second language.Mozkowitz’ studies corroborate the use of humanistic activities in second language classes contribute helpfully to learners’ behavior and the attachment with the target language.Studies have demonstrated the use of humanistic activities are valuable for teaching foreign and second languages due to they help to improve student´s behavior, mood, and they make classes more enjoyable and motivating for learners.According to all the data presented it seems the Pedagogy based on love has all the elements required for the improvement on student´s learning process...

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Would You Want to Live Forever?

However the person living forever would always be humored because the chocolates are everlasting, and like the sweet taste of chocolate, life would be ever more sweeter.But if you are to live forever that would set in the minds of others that you are some sort of freak that never dies and a weird person that, just isn’t normal.Ah second love.Imagine one person alive to witness all of mans failures and victories, all of mother natures disasters and glorious makings.The second date, the second holding of hands, the second kiss, and the second death.

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Free Will and Group Willing Addicts Essay

Considering that it was a free will that means that he had control of his actions.A person that has more than one job is more free than a wild animal.“When the origin of anything is in the person himself, it lies with him either to do it or not to do it.If it wasn’t forced then it should be blamed.The second group, unwilling addicts, have a second-order desire not to take the drug.

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The Communication Cycle Essay

A person has an idea.This is partly because Eileen listens more than she talks when she is interacting with a child.Eileen is always very encouraging when a child comes to speak to her.The second person decodes the message.She smiles a lot, focuses on their face, but also notices what they are doing.

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Computers and Firefighting

One, the firefighters are still getting burned, second the heat prevention is so good by the materials the firefighters can¡¦t detect when they have entered dangerous heat levels, until the heat makes its ways through the jacket in a radiant manner.Turnout Gear: The Next Generation .The ultra-wideband uses millions of narrow pulses every second to give a more accurate reading of distance and location.Article on the new technology for the Fire Service .Kalpana Srinivasan, CoolWriter Internet Associated Press, Firehouse.com (6/14/2000) .

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Emily Dickinson comparison of Poems Essay

There is also significant change in punctuation and additional dashes in the second piece.The second stanza however changes completely, from light and spring like to dark and wintery.Maybe it has to do with changing political atmosphere and the start of the civil war.The changes in punctuation and capitalization show she is more impatient and maybe even more formal in the later version.The word “Lie” completely cancels the notion of Resurrection in the second piece.

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Houston – How to Talk to a Hunter Essay

Usually conservative societies seek to unjustly subordinate women to male power.Rather, Houston incorporates both gender in analyzing and critiquing the existing gender relations.In addition, this second-person point of view enables the author to avoid taking sides with regard to the gender debate.To illustrate, by describing the reaction that the hunter will have towards the lady in the second-person, the author avoids being unnecessarily antagonistic in the story’s development (Houston 12).In effect, the author leads the reader in developing the story’s plot as opposed to unilaterally telling the story by herself.

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The Alternate Universe of Second Life Essay

People wouldn’t need a job, or friends, because Second Life provides that all from the comfort of your home.Maybe get a portable one for a little bit more and then you we can carry our second life with us.Imagine a world where no one leaves their homes and Second Life becomes their real life?The authors give an example saying that one person actually said, “I’d rather panhandle on the street than leave Second Life.Like IBM, Sears, Circuit City, and Nissan all connect to customers through Second Life.

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Ethical Theories and Criminology

The second theory is Virtue ethics.Although the common moral decisions may come easily to people as to doing what is right, but there are many moral dilemmas that require a person to take careful reasoning and thinking before committing to a decision.First, “it is an analysis of only one set of moral concepts to be specific; it is an analysis of “right,” “wrong,” “ought,” and the other concepts that figure in the branch of normative ethics known as “the theory of moral obligation.” Second, “not all uses of the terms “right,” “wrong,” etc., are linked to divine command; and, of those that are, not all are linked to the same set of commands” (Augustine, 2008 pg 1).There is nothing that shows that a person with good character is more likely...

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Ethics Awareness Inventory and Personal Values Essay

In order to apply this definition to practical decision making it is necessary to specify the nature of the moral obligations considered intrinsic to ethical behavior.There are two aspects to ethics: the first involves the ability to discern right from wrong, good from evil, and propriety from impropriety; the second involves the commitment to do what is right, good and proper(cite1).Management 521 .(cite1) There are two aspects to ethics: the first involves the ability to discern right from wrong, good from evil, and propriety from impropriety; the second involves the commitment to do what is right, good and proper(cite1).Ethics is concerned with how a moral person should behave, whereas values simply concern the various beliefs and a...

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Rawl’s Theory of Justice

Second principle deals primarily with social and economic differences which will be a part of any society.Rawls says that the first principle is prior to the second.The second principles apply, in the first approximation to the distribution of income and wealth of organizations that make use of differences in authority and responsibility, or chain of command.The second is that these rational people will be able to agree in advance on how society is to be structured.The second reason Rawls says the two principles of justice are sufficient is that they are the basic for the structure and regulation of just institutions.

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Narcotics Anonymous: Twelve Steps To Recovery

I have very little to say about the second meeting, only it helped fulfill my second idea, about seeing someone I can relate to.My life has been truly enlightened because of these two meetings and I have chosen to continue going to the second meeting once a week from here on out.The NA movement asserts only that its members have found acceptance of addiction as a disease to be effective in helping them come to terms with their condition.” The second meeting I attended was totally different, it was a youth night meeting.The second meeting didn’t have a speaker so we passed around a suggestion box and then had an open discussion on each topic in the box.One would be for me to be inspired in moving toward recovery and the other would be my ...

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The Terrorist, He Watches Essay

After the second stanza of the poem, the narrator seems to be the terrorist himself, watching eagerly as people go in and out of the bar, counting down the minutes until his bomb is supposed to go off.This can be seen from the second stanza and until the end of the poem, as the narrator now seems a little more aware of what is going on, keeping the countdown by every minute and every second.” That is the magic of the first person narrative – we are able to experience everything firsthand, as though we were accompanying the protagonist.Edgar Allen Poe uses the first person narrative perspective to help build suspense within the story by letting us know what exactly was going on in the mind of the murderer.The role of narrator seems to cha...

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