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“Night” by Elie Wiese

What is the whole point of primary and secondary sources?Second-hand, published accounts are called secondary sources.You may or may not have noticed that some things are under both the lists primary and secondary sources.They can all be secondary sources.The deference between a primary and secondary source is determined on they were originally created and they are being used.

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Evidence Rule Essay

A secondary source, in a form of a testimony can be used as evidence.A secondary source will only be admissible if the original document is not available.An example of introducing a secondary source in place of the primary source will be when a document that would prove that there really has been a contract been lost, say, in a fire.However, a secondary source may be used as the evidence to be presented on a court trial if the original is not available.So when the original document is difficult to produce, it doesn’t mean that the secondary source can be used as an alternative.

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Secondary data Essay

Advantages of Secondary data .2.The accuracy of the secondary data as well as its reliability would depend on its sources .3.It helps to make primary data collection more specific since with the help of secondary data, we are able to make out what are the gaps and deficiencies and what additional information needs to be collected.Unpublished sources: Secondary data is available from unpublished sources also.Disadvantages of Secondary Data .

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Islamic Law Essay

Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that all the four secondary sources can be characterized as forms of Ijtihad and all contribute towards it.Hence, these secondary sources are part and parcel of Islamic law and must be taken as such.Importance of Secondary Sources in Creating Law and Development of System of Shariah While studying the Islamic law, one must keep in mind that the times have changed a lot since the era of Prophet Muhammad and with the passage of time many situations came up which were not there in the times of Prophet.All this is only possible through these secondary sources, if used correctly in accordance with the basic teachings of Quran and Sunnah.These secondary sources provide a sequence and a data base to the Mu...

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Making Research Decisions Essay

Define the distinctions between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources in a secondary search.The best way to avoid a misinterpretation of the data is to look for the original or primary source that is referenced in the secondary source and directly quote or use the data from that.A primary source is one that uses a valid original work such as raw data and is the most valid type of data.e Format: This has to do with the way the data is presented “and the degree of ease of locating specific information within the source” (Cooper and Schindler, 2011).Secondary sources interpret the data and research from a primary source, an example of this would be a textbook or news article.

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Source Essay

A secondary (or second-hand) source is "information gathered by someone other than the person citing it, analyzing it in a document or using it for other purposes.The typical secondary source reports past events at the same time as it does a work of generalization, analysis, synthesis, interpretation and / or evaluation of these events.What connects a primary source to a secondary source is interpretation.Many researchers have commented on the difficulty of producing secondary source type narratives from “raw data” which is the stuff of the past.Many secondary sources employ other secondary sources as primary sources, in part because all secondary sources are themselves written "in their day" and in some academic and cultural context, a ...

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Monsters Essay

The Research Essay should be four double-spaced pages in length (1000 words).Your argument should use quotations from the primary and secondary sources.The proposal must do three things: identify and describe the monster and its society; name the primary and secondary sources you will use; explain the research problem that your essay will explore.At the end of the essay include a Works Cited page that lists in alphabetical order the primary and secondary sources used in the essay.It should be well organized into clear paragraphs, with a thesis statement in the introduction.

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Tax Law Analysis Essay

Secondary sources are quite superior as compared to primary sources but they are useful in discovering, examining and assessing primary sources.South-Western Federal Taxation.This essay explores the primary and secondary sources of tax law, substantial authority and the roles of the courts and internal revenue service in interpreting and applying the sources of tax law.Secondary sources of tax law are usually writings concerning the law.Although it is said that primary sources are more superior to secondary sources, secondary sources help a great deal especially when primary sources are unavailable, unclear and unfavorable.

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Outline for English B

I will post online questionnaires on Facebook and ask any upper secondary school students to reply to these questions (and ask them to send it to anyone they know of that is a Norwegian upper secondary school student).Then I will talk about how the Internet has affected the English of Norwegian upper secondary school students.* Classroom/School Cantina Questionnaires .These kinds of sources present a general statement of how the English language is changing, but to find more specific information on the Norwegian upper secondary school students, I will present some of my own research.One source I’ve found are the works of Dravid Crystal, arguably the best expert of the English language today (the URLs will be listed in the “List of Found ...

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The History Of Emperor Constantine

Eusebius states that letters to the Church in 324 support his Christian beliefs, while the same “statements to the public were all neutral as regards religion.” (1990:351) Prominent secondary historians, like Chris Scarre, prove that “Constantine trod warily in imposing the new official religion on the empire” (2000:316), indicating that the emperor was more concerned with maintaining his popularity with the masses than expressing his religious beliefs.While secondary historians can never conclusively explain the discrepancies between Constantine’s messages and the recorded evidence, they are able to separate themselves from a religious bias more effectively than primary sources.Secondary historians outline the problems with reliability ...

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Breast Cancer

(Complete sentences are not necessary.f. Describe at least two examples of information the secondary source provided.Do you think this source might be biased?What is the name of the primary source, and where did you find this information?c. Describe at least two examples of information the primary source provided.

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Statistics for Management Essay

A research can be conducted withoutsecondary data but a research based on only secondary data is least reliable and may have biasesbecause secondary data has already been manipulated by human beings.Many government publications are relatively cheapand libraries stock quantities of secondary data produced by the government, bycompanies and other organizations.Secondary data can be less valid but its importance is still there.2.Large quantities of secondary data can be got through internet.3.Much of the secondary data available has been collected for many years and therefore itcan be used to plot trends.

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Wikipedia: Primary, secondary and tertiary sources Essay

A tertiary source is a generally very large compilation of secondary sources which provides a summary of their content.Without a secondary source, however, a primary source can be used for factual or descriptive assertions, without interpretation (e.g.Some materials can be both a primary source and a secondary source, depending on the use made of them.On the other hand, to source information placed inside the article devoted to the Apple company, the source does not need to be centered, but must just contain the information that is reported (in fact, if the information is purely factual, the source does not even need to be "secondary" provided it is reliable and as far as possible independent).Any interpretation of a primary source must ...

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Marketing Research AT&T

Another advantage of secondary marketing research is that it is already converted into charts, demographics, and organized whereas primary research must be processed prior to understanding and interpreting.The major disadvantage of secondary research is that it was not specifically conducted to address the organization’s specific problem or concern.When compared to secondary marketing research, the cost of paying employees to help compile the information, the time to retrieve company records to analyze, is much more expensive to do then simply pay an outside company for their information on the same or similar market.AT&T is accomplishing this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and by driving innovation in ...

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Explain why it is both necessary and helpful to study the context of prior history Essay

Secondary sources are gathered from primary resources and have been analyzed then presented in the form of books or articles by historians.McNeill, W. (2013).Secondary sources can be considered as arguments/interpretation of a primary source and include library databases, textbooks, journal articles and news articles.Why study history?.However to best understand the context of history and the values of the participants, nothing is as valuable as a primary resource which include the personal accounts of people having experienced the event.

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Business and financial performance of an organization

The secondary data is data collected by someone other than user.External Data: As the term implies secondary data is obtained outside the organization.Examples of data analysis techniques are Porter’s five forces model, PESTEL, SWOT, Ansof Matrix etc.Example of secondary data sources includes newspapers, magazines, financial portals, and different government websites.External information is helpful to analysis the business strength weaknesses and competitive environment and how it effect on Sainsbury.

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Supporting Children with Dyslexia and Its Impact on Child’s Early Education and Learning: A Perspective of Teachers and Parents

Further, based on secondary data collection researcher will evaluate views to derive a suitable conclusion and provide a viable answer to the research question (Mitchell & Jolley, 2012).The secondary data collection requires much less time as compared to primary data collection and involves least monetary input (Mitchell & Jolley, 2012).The secondary sources will be used to define dyslexia, identifying its impact on learning abilities of children, identifying measures taken by government and healthcare authorities to support children suffering from this disease, measuring the extent to which teachers and parents can play a role in supporting children suffering from this disease, and at last for suggesting development in the area ...

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The Nature And Purpose Of Business Research

Keeping this in view, it is strongly recommended that secondary research should be carried out; however the results cannot be deduced by seeing the results of this research alone.Accuracy: This is an important factor which should be considered before going for the secondary data.Thus one cannot go blindly on the results obtained from the secondary research.For accurate results, it is requisite that both primary data and secondary data should be considered.Primary data and secondary data are the two categories in which the data can be classified.

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Conclusion Report for Immigration Research Question

The determined key pull factors for immigration is composed of wealth/affluence, political security and seventy percent of participants claim employment potential (economic prosperity) which makes it the most chosen contributing factor which can be reinforced by secondary information that as well signifies economic opportunity and political stability as the principal requests of immigrants.The purpose of this social science research was to indicate and answer the imposing research question of “What are the factors and motivations an individual considers when choosing a country to move to?” After conducting a questionnaire and using other reliable sources to collect primary and secondary data, I can confirm that from the data we gathered ...

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Technology Changing The Face of Education Group Discussion Essay

Although these recommendations are given here in the context of post-secondary education, many of them are applicable at the primary and secondary levels as well.It is important to find out what statistical knowledge various disciplines use and what topics and technology they want taught.(Source: Rossman and the large group discussions.)(Sources: Wood and the small group discussion.)More research should be conducted to determine what students learn when doing simulations.

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Null hypothesis. Marketing Essay

The data gathered from interviews is systematically checked and compared with the secondary research.There is is a mix of primary and secondary data sources.– Understanding the quality of the source material .Full transparency of source data is provided for all secondary sources.In this case the most suitable data source will be a desk research because this information will have already been gathered, analysed and reported on by other companies.

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Questionnaire Design for Business Research

Secondary data can be gathered by internal and external source of data collection.There are common sources of collecting secondary data such as from Bureau of the census, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and various other agencies.In order to use the secondary data three steps must be completed: ..A secondary data source is a summary of a book or set of records.It was secondary data because it had already been collected by the hospital in the way of their charts and discharge abstracts.

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History Controlled Assessment Essay

The source is a secondary source as it was an interview for a book made up of personal memories, which was written in 1990.The source is also quite useful to women wanting to know about women’s rights and who campaigned to gain women’s rights.This next source I will be talking about is a secondary source and is a letter.The source was created to persuade people to allow women’s rights, such as the vote.The source was also created by a woman named Sylvia Pankhurst.

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The quantitative data analysis

What is most important is that both primary as well as secondary data should be accurate, reliable, appropriate, valid, precise and timely.But secondary data analysis is a valuable asset as they can act as a model for the collection of primary data.An issue that doesn’t come in forefront when discussing secondary analysis is the principle of ethics behind using it.Suffice it to say that there might not be a need to choose between primary data and secondary data analysis at all, as the researcher can easily incorporate both in their research to gain a degree of balance between their strengths and weaknesses.Besides, the reliability of the secondary data is also a major function of the organisation that gathers, organises and publishes the...

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Evacuation in Britain during World War II

This source creates a huge contrast with source 7 because in source 7 evacuation is shown as a bad experience but in source 10 it is a great thing.But I think every source would have to have a detailed evaluation because it is very hard to tell how reliable a source is until it has been evaluated well.By looking at source 9 which is a secondary source written later after the war, I can see that the evacuees obviously liked there evacuation areas.Source 7 is a written source which is secondary because it was written in a book after the experience in the war.Mrs Preedy’s experience as an evacuee was not a happy one however, Source 10 contradicts this source because the experience of evacuation seems really different, but in this source eva...

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Isomers of butanol

When the secondary alcohol was placed in the Lucas Reagent, it turned cloudy after sixteen minutes.If scientists are trying to determine whether any given alcohol is a primary, secondary, or tertiary alcohol, they can oxidize the alcohols with some form of a catalyst and be able to separate the alcohols from one another.My prediction based on the theories learned in class was correct in that the primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols will undergo substitution reactions, but only primary and secondary alcohols will undergo oxidation reactions due to their chemical properties and their molecular structures.Oxidizing Agent1-butanol (Primary Alcohol)2-butanol (Secondary Alcohol)2-methyl-2-propanol (Tertiary Alcohol) .Another source of erro...

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Statistical Research in Psychology Essay

(Hossain, 2012) Secondary Data Secondary data is collected from various sources and not collected directly from the researcher.Both forms of data are recommended to ensure accuracy of the conclusion.Some examples of secondary data are books, magazines, websites, journals, and government publications.Data that is collected can be first hand or from other studies which is classified into primary and secondary data.Forms of Data Introduced Data that is used throughout research is classified as either primary data or secondary data.

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Identification and Provision for Mathematically Gifted and Talented Students: A Critical Appraisal Dissertation

Some of the secondary sources that may be used in data and information collection in secondary research include the traditional books, journals, thesis and dissertations that are readily available in libraries, information materials that are syndicated, industry studies and government reports that are under control of specific government agencies (Bryman, 2001).When conducting research using secondary research sources, it is at the discretion of the researcher to determine where he or she will find these secondary information materials for research.Nonetheless, the researcher will closely collaborate with these institutions that are capable of providing secondary materials for research to facilitate smooth collection of information and d...

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The Revolutionary Storming

Primary source are sometime more reliable compared to secondary source, because they get first hand information on the events.LIMITATIONS: By looking at the limitations of the source, we could find a lot of possibilities that might affect the accuracy of the source.As Jean-Pierre Houel lives during the same period of time, this source will be a primary source.Therefore, I think this source should be rather reliable, lacking some accuracy.ORIGIN: This is a secondary source.

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What is Information? Essay

Any information coming from an internal source will be reliable because you know the source can be trusted.From a source in which the user has confidence .Secondary information is useful to a business because it is a much cheaper way of gathering information.secondary information is often less reliable than primary information but it can sometimes be more useful than primary information.Reliable information is information that comes from a trusted source and you can rely on being correct.

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