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Pscychological Effects of Ragging on Student and Counteractive Measures for Prevention Essay

No admission/Withdrawal of approval granted under section 10(k) of AICTE Act.•Withholding a scholarship or other benefit.The AICTE or an Agency identified/nominated for the purpose and affiliating Universities and Directorate of Technical Education of the concerned State Govt./UT shall maintain an appropriate data base of the affidavits in the digital form obtained from every student at the time of admission to the technical institutions, Universities including Deemed to be Universities imparting technical education.Declaring the institution ineligible for consideration for any assistance under any of the general or special assistance programmes of the AICTE.The AICTE shall, in respect of any institution that fails to take adequate steps...

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Management Education In India Commerce Essay

AICTE needs to ensure that soft and hard infrastructure is of a good standard.Fifthly, Private colleges or institutes not affiliated to any universities nor approved by AICTE.In case of repeated failure to comply with AICTE norms, they may be deregistered.There are many management colleges which have failed to follow the rules and terms & conditions laid down by AICTE.The apex body, AICTE, needs to set up very stringent standards for setting up a new management institute.

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Educational Opportunities for Class 10th Students Essay

net Tanuja Rampure, Shimoga (Karnataka), India.highereducationinindia.indiaeducation.(For 10th onwords) till your graduation & on KVPY-Kishore Vaignanik Protsahan Yojana (For 11th & 12th Students) & onwords Post Matric Scholarship for OBC’s Post Matric Scholarship for studies in Hindi from Non Hindi Speaking States.NTS- National Talent Search Scholarship.

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Investment in the Indian Education Sector Essay

Higher Education o Department of Higher Education – MHRD o University Grants Commission( UGC) o All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) o Statutory Councils ?The UGC, AICTE or some other central regulatory body approves norms and standards of the institute.t corporate entities that are not subjected to any government regulations.Additionally, sector’s less correlation with the broad economic growth makes it more attractive.It will subsume regulatory bodies such as UGC, NCTE and AICTE, thus making the process more streamlined.

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Quality Parameters In Higher Education Education Essay

Build better relationship with stakeholder .Incorporate findings of the research undertaken by teachers .Undertake research to develop new and innovative approaches for teaching .Disseminate findings of research for wider usage .All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has been established under the AICTE Act, 1987.

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Effects of Technical Education on India

Since the service sector is based on imparting skills or training to the students and youth, the education sector is the most sought after.Education is an important investment in building human capital that is a driver for technological innovation and economic growth.It has also advocated privatization of higher education without realizing the danger of making the system a commercial enterprise.It must provide gainful employment so that the sector is developed in a big way.The history of imparting formal technical education in India can be traced back to mid 19th century, although it got momentum in 20th century with the set up of Constitution of Technical Education Committee of the Central University Board of Education (CABE) in 1943; P...

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Placement Proposal Niam Essay

We have collaborations or association with FAO, CII, NABARD, ASSOCHAM, UNSAID, WORLD BANK, APEDA, ADB, EXIM BANK, NCDEX, FICCI State Governments, National Cooperatives and many more International forum constituted for a particular purpose.The students take field projects in rural areas, Agricultural markets and processing industries etc as Summer Projects, Live project, Individual projects and we have organized several Training and National /International Workshops.With a view to developing Agri-business and Marketing professionals, NIAM conducts an AICTE approved two-year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Agribusiness Management (PGDABM) since 2001. .It would be a pleasure to be associated with your organization and we would like our...

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Ethics In The Indian Higher Education System

In India, these are at the regulatory bodies such as AICTE, UGC etc, Institutes of Higher educations, the society, the people and the educators.The course prospectus needs to be planned to undertake continuous improvements wherein students would “walk the talk” based on ground realities and hard work.This relates to value education in actual circumstances by proper association and swaying the student base on their total personality and examples.The main intention of teaching Ethics is to help the student to share knowledge, building skills and developing minds of the young managers of tomorrow.Teaching value schemes must be hands on whereby we have to sensitize the students and must streamline an environment of actual experience.

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Agriculture and Environment Essay

We have to face these challenges and we have to accept these challenges.Introduction is different from ragging how will a junior remember a senior in positive terms if he remembers that he was tortured by the senior.If one want to learn professional manners he can use positive manners and friendly environment.AICTE and government have also banned ragging.Ragging prepares you to face the real world.

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Dr. N. Alagumurthi Essay

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) .BIO-DATA OF Prof. N. ALAGUMURTHI .The Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi, has appointed Dr.N.Alagumurthi as a technical expert committee member cum Government of India Representative of Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission.The Energy Society of India has honored Dr.N.Alagumurthi with Outstanding Achievement Award (2007) in recognition of his sterling merit, excellent performance and outstanding contribution in diverse fields of energy and engineering related activities that contributed significantly to the betterment of contemporary society.Dr.N.Alagumurthi is a recipient of BHARAT JYOTI award in lieu of the yeomen services rendered with excellence in the field of ...

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Management Education Challenges And Prospects Commerce Essay

* Entrepreneurship .* Customers Services Ma .(4) Private or government institutes approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) .* Stress Management Skills .* H.R.D Skill* Innovation/ Credibility .

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Trends and challenges of the Indian IT-ITES Industry

Thus the questions are well addressed with regard to the efficiency of this commission with respect to the UGC.It would be the functioning body for the higher education and formulate strategies for expanding the higher education sector in the prospering direction.It will also bridge the gap between the state and central universities.2 major functions :- allocating the funds and academic direction.The team also had representatives from leading IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc and academicians from prominent universities and schools and also from UGC, AICTE etc.

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Education in India Essay

The schools collect vouchers from the students, deposit them in their bank accounts and the banks then credit the school accounts with equivalent money while debiting the account of the government.Achieve Efficient Use of Public Funds.(a) Fund students, not schools (school vouchers, charter schools, conditional cash transfers); (b) Convert state funding to per student basis and link it to performance; (d) Give poorly performing state schools to private parties on learning outcome contracts; (e) Hire teachers at the school level, not at the state level; Promote Equity and Quality through Choice and Competition: (i) Apply the same standards to both private as well as government schools; (ii) Annual independent learning outcome assessment a...

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Expository research paper Essay

N. p. , n. d. Web.There is a scholarship for you.The author shows how very specific scholarships can be and how they affect other people who do not fit the description of what that scholarship wants.These affect more than just minority students, it basically affects everyone because being a non-minority is at a disadvantage of getting a scholarship or getting into a good college.Borowski, Susan.

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Scholarship – Miie Essay

(If you have completed this application electronically, please type your name in the signature space) Signature _______________________________Date ___________________ Completed forms and supporting documents should be sent to: [email protected] ac.**Students receiving full Government funding and/or full scholarship from any other source will not be eligible for a scholarship.International Foundation Programme Scholarship ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Details TitleMR / MRS / MISS / MS / Other (please give your title) (Please circle as appropriate) Surname or Family Name ______________________________________________________________________ First or Given na...

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Why I should…

Being a doctor was not my path being a Great teacher was.I am just as deserving of a scholarship as the person in line in front of me.Some might think that it’s selfish to think that by receiving this scholarship it will put me a step closer to the goals I have placed on my road of life.Explain why you deserve to receive a scholarship and how receiving a scholarship will help you achieve your goals Personally I am not better than the others applying for scholarships.I do not want a test but the efforts that I went through to show in their life and in their work.

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Study abroad will benefit your future Essay

Yayasan Khazanah Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship Programme .Genting Malaysia GENM Scholarship Awards .International scholarship under IDP .Perdana University (JPA/PSD) Scholarship Awards .MyBrainSc Scholarship .

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The Achievement of Desire

Hoggart was harsh and concluding in his description of “the scholarship boy.” In Hoggart’s opinion, the student, due to the way in which he learned, was ruined to a certain condition.It is in this way the difference between the two scholarship boys becomes clear.Though early in life as a student Rodriguez is the perfect “scholarship boy,” he is not as hopeless as Hoggart’s writings would suppose.In Hoggart’s words, “the scholarship boy wavers between scorn and longing.” This is not true of Rodriguez, who understands his past, and has no such problems.In “The Achievement of Desire,” Rodriguez makes important observations of himself and of his earlier life, likening himself to Hoggart’s supposed scholarship boy in most respects.

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Reflective Journal

(Collins Cobuild 2000; Grove 1961, Look smart 2000; WordNet 1999; Wordsmyth 1999; wwwebster 1996) and concluded that scholarship referred to profound knowledge acquired through long and rigorous academic research and study within a field; it means enlightenment (education resulting from analysis, understanding, and shared knowledge), eruditeness, and learnedness.Body Paragraph 4- How I have personally used Reflective practice to assist in my nursing scholarship.I have analysed the concept of nursing scholarship by breaking it down into different skills that I need to develop during my studies.A nurse scholar, (1) experiences long academic study resulting in the mastery of nursing knowledge, (2) possesses discovering skills by investigati...

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Should College Athlete Be Paid to Play Football? Essay example

When an athlete gets accepted into college to play football it is a privilege and receiving that scholarship is an honor and payment enough.The amount the scholarship is worth depends on the school.College is a place of education where a student will learn a skill that will help them support themselves and their families long after they are able to play football.Athletes receive enough money in the way of free education, free books, free room and board, free tutoring and free medical care.As Paul Daugherty states, “College is a privilege.

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Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

Kevin Ware Injury Could Put Scholarship at Risk.According to an article written by Tyson Hartnett, “A $25,000 scholarship covers the basics, university fees, tuition, housing, a meal-plan and textbooks.” But most scholarships given to college athletes are not full rides.Today, most college athletes receive a scholarship to pay for a portion or sometimes all of one’s college tuition.Why should they receive even more benefits than their scholarship and numerous perks?Unlike a student going to college with an academic scholarship, a college athlete on an athletic scholarship does not have the time for a job with workouts, classes, practice, and study time that is required.

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Bachelor’s Degree and Scholarship Essay

HOW TO APPLY • The Pathfinder Scholarship application must be submitted to the Full Sail Scholarship Committee at least one week prior to the desired start date.21 Student Success SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Effective for students enrolled in an eligible degree program, the Student Success Scholarship program will award up to $3,000 to eligible candidates.HOW TO APPLY The Student Success Scholarship application must be submitted to the Full Sail Scholarship Committee at least one week prior to the desired start date.• The Pathfinder Scholarship may be used with the Student Success Scholarship.SCHOLARSHIP FOR TEACHERS – ONLINE AWARDS This scholarship provides awards of up to $12,000 to eligible students who meet specific criteria based on financia...

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College Athletes And Student Athletes Essay example

With the decision, it seems that a lot of people are happy, but it should be kept in mind that all of these people are a part of the athletic world, or their job depends on them to put on a happy face.This payment though, isn 't the typical everyday scholarship money that is rewarded to a student or athlete, it is revenue paid to the order of the athlete in addition to school financial aid.What isn 't taken into account is those who are on the other end of the doctrine, those who are unsatisfied.Thousands of athletes participate under this association 's label, ranging all the way from student athletes who get full ride scholarships, to a moderate scholarship, to a low scholarship, and still to even none at all.The college athletic depar...

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Collegiate Athletes Receive Enough Payment Essay

No athlete is forced to play at the next level.College athletics should remain this way.Gerald says, “The schools that rake in billions from the labor of student athletes routinely revoke at the end of the academic year the scholarship of players whose gridiron injuries terminate their football careers” (par.College athletes should play for the love of the game and not in the hopes of gaining profit.Gerald says collegiate athletes deserve payment because of scholarship reduction, the risk of life changing injuries, and schools do not provide medical insurance to the athletes.

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Racism And The Majority Status Essay

You can celebrate your ethnicity through many ways, but offering scholarships to only certain ethnicities should not be one of them.They should not be awarded for any predetermined factors that one has no control over.The upper social classes no longer consists of just white people.You can’t sit back and expect life to just “happen” to you.If you are from an underprivileged family and you want to attend a university, apply for scholarships.

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Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

Velure, M. (2011, Sept 13).If the athletic scholarship and all the benefits were to be added together, student athletes are making over $150,000 a year.The scholarship includes tuition, books, food, and housing.Second, when athletes sign their National Letter of Intent, they are signing a contract that says that they are going to play for a university or a school in exchange for a scholarship.On top of a scholarship, student athletes are given other benefits such as free tutors, scheduling benefits, trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, free facilities, clothes, and equipment.

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Should College Athletes Get Paid? Essay

These athletes are seen as entertainment and many think of it as only being a game and don’t understand what it takes to be a college athlete.While some of the athletes do receive scholarships, it sometimes isn’t enough to pay for housing and tuition.According to Chen, high sc... ... middle of paper ... ...but not giving them any part of the profit.Jackson says, “We need to stop looking at college as it relates to athletics as an educational aperture and look at it for what it has become: a business platform” (pg.Some athletes are receiving as much as $50,000 a year including books, tutoring, and access to fitness centers.

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Toulmin Argument Essay

They get to wake up everyday knowing that they are getting the opportunity by setting their future up through sports and education.As a sport driven athlete, it is the adrenaline rush that fills the need for any monetary supplement.For their future or not, they bring in money to the school and all that gets awarded in scholarship money.Scholarship money is the least that the school can do for them.A college athlete should want to be educated and want the best for his or her future, either through education or through sports.

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Anna Todd Jennings Scholarship Essay

I feel like not only Anna Todd Jennings scholarship but any other scholarship should be for any student at their leisure.Anna Todd scholarship could be another terrible thing because it has a lot of racial comments, or things about.People would try to have riots, protest, or again try to take the founders money.Parents would be devastated if they here their child couldn’t get the scholarship because of their race.One student said, “If we do not take that money and use our education to topple the barriers of prejudice, we are giving the money to those who will use the money in the opposite fashion.” People would take action if they don’t change the scholarship rules.

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Integrating Scholarship and Practice with Confidence Essay

The rationale behind this plan of action for integration of scholarship and practice by way of confidence is to continuously increase one’s knowledge base.In the same manner as confidence in scholarship, confidence is equally important in practice.All in all, a strong scholarship background lays the foundation for successful practice; both of these principles are positive reinforcements for high confidence levels.By building on the foundation of scholarship through lectures, coursework, and hands on experiences, the road for increasing confidence is paved.Throughout the development of scholarship, one’s confidence level towards practice has the potential to increase.

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