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Eating Disorders Essay

Mentioned that CBT models are made to fit round the client and not the client to fit round the model, yet there are suggestions and comments made that other therapy are more flexible than CBT.Emphasis were made on the limitations on CBT trails, there was only one comparison made between CBT and BFT.In a Naturalistic study of treatment and response carried by Thompson-Brenner et al says that, although CBT showed the strongest association with the outcome in a subsample characterized by poor relation, personality functioning, dynamic therapy was associated with better global outcome in the overall sample.Fairburn mentions eating disorders and CBT are a perfect match because eating disorders are fundamentally ‘’cognitive disorders’’ and CBT...

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Benefits and limitations of cognitive behavioral therapy treatment

In particular, future efforts of CBT clinical researchers must demonstrate the effective of treatments outside research centres as well as turn more attention towards disorders overlooked by CBT (e.g.CBT can help in the here and now, but relapses can occur as the root of the problem if it is in the past is not usually discussed in a CBT session, which is focussed on the present.For the moment, embracing the “talking therapies” is a very good step in the right direction and it is hoped that other therapies will continue to be evaluated so that patients of the future would have a choice of “talking therapies”, including CBT, but also others like life coaching, NLP and hypno-psychotherapy.According to (Ingram, 2009, p174) “In the acute trea...

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Case study: The Treatment of Depression

In particular, future efforts of CBT clinical researchers must demonstrate the effective of treatments outside research centres as well as turn more attention towards disorders overlooked by CBT (e.g.On the other hand, in the same article by James (2009), Derek Draper a CBT practitioner and author states that CBT “draws on the obvious truth that how we feel is inextricably linked to the way we think and behave.In another recent study, a comparison of a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) website with an information website for depression has found that after 6 months only the CBT website was significantly effective in reducing symptoms.For the moment, embracing the “talking therapies” is a very good step in the right direction and it is ...

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The History Of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Also, CBT therapists generally need to ensure they have a sound theoretical grasp of the interventions they implement so they can change course or justify their decisions when necessary.Grant (2004) points out CBT is not one single entity but a broad church of therapies ranging from explicitly technique focussed styles to standardized computer CBT packages or highly structured manuals used by health care professionals at low cost at the other end of the spectrum.Hall argues that CBT has won the public relations campaign compared to competing therapies.In conclusion, whether therapists champion or disdain it, CBT is a therapy that is undeniably a dominant force in therapeutic practice at this point in history.If these questions cannot be ...

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Essay

O’Reilly et al (2009) have also developed an interesting approach to using CBT with children and young people.So how has CBT been adapted to incorporate children and young people, whose very cognition and emotional stages differs from that of adults?The first controlled trials did not take place until the early 1990s and the majority of research has focused on the impact of CBT on adults.Each session introduces another core CBT concept to the young person, such as the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.Even so the NICE guidelines on Depression in Children and Young People recommended the use of CBT, firstly, rather than pharmacological interventions.

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Compare contrast and evaluate two psychotherapeutic approaches

However, many CBT therapists do use aspects of this approach and this has the potential to enrich CBT as a therapy.Considering the average 16 weeks that CBT involves, a comparison is problematic.CBT encourages clients to become aware of their thoughts, and to focus on thinking patterns.A meta- analysis on CBT done by Chapman et al (2006) looked at the treatment outcomes of CBT for a wide range of psychiatric disorders.This does not, however, proof that psychoanalysis is any less effective than CBT, merely that it is more problematic to test its efficacy due to lack of trials, and the varying lengths of time, often years, that clients spend in therapy.

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What are your beliefs about the causes of abnormal behaviour

CBT provides clear structure and focus to treatment; the therapist continues with the steps and changes course only when there are sound reasons for doing so.Donald Meichenbaum: The Clinical Application of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is based on the concept that behavior change may be achieved through altering cognitive processes.Meichenbaum’s most famous piece of work, Cognitive-Behavior Modification: An Integrative Approach is considered a classic in the field of CBT.When combined into CBT, behavior therapy and cognitive therapy provide clients with very powerful tools for stopping their symptoms and getting their life on a more satisfying track.Who should avoid having CBT .

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CBT and Depression Essay

In their multisite study, panic disorder patients were randomly allocated to three months of weekly acute treatment followed by six months of monthly maintenance treatment with either CBT or imipramine, each alone and in combination, or pill-placebo, again alone or in combination with CBT.As CBT concentrates on here and now situations, probably one of the biggest limitations of this intervention is perhaps for those who does not recover from CBT and face with relapse is that their core beliefs and schemas are that strongly held, it is not possible with CBT to dig out their core beliefs that are formed in childhood and early adulthood in detail with such a brief therapy.Similarly, a different PET imaging study revealed that “recovery thro...

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Task-Centred Practice and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

As shown, both TCP and CBT are very practical approaches: each has a clear structure, a strong evidence-base and uses evaluation to show the efficacy of an intervention.CBT focuses on changing behaviour from inappropriate to appropriate.However, handled with care, collaboration and transparency, both TCP and CBT can be used to support service users to empower themselves into making the changes they want to make.Furthermore, by not accounting for oppression and discrimination, TCP and CBT may inadvertently exacerbate both.Both CBT and TCP are highly structured and easy to use (Payne, 2005).

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Evaluation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Effectiveness

CBT for psychosis: A qualitative analysis of clients’ experiences.Recent research has indicated that different forms of CBT can be effective such as individual and group CBT (Warman 2005) and Functional CBT (Cater 2005).This analysis particularly focused on a set of 25 research studies and was conducted with reference to the following nine key areas: Determinants and measurement of quality of life, social functioning and occupational status, hospitalisation and relapse, compliance with pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments, drop out and compliance with CBT, general impressions of CBT, unexpected and unwanted effects, the economic outcomes of CBT and its use in the management of change.The research evidence suggests that CBT ...

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy Essay

Being treated by a counselor with specific CBT expertise is recommended.The CBT approach has recently been used in many pre-packaged, brand name programs such as, “Reasoning and Rehabilitation,” “Aggression Replacement Therapy,” “Thinking for Change,” and others (“Preventing Future Crime with CBT”).CBT works by changing people’s attitudes and their behavior.What is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)?These are just a few of the many problems that can be successfully treated with CBT.

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A Theory Based Evaluation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Science & practice of CBT, Oxford, Oxford University Press .A Place for CBT…and CBT in its Place in Therapy Today – December 2006 .I am fully aware that CBT is structured, time limited, measurable and directive compared to Person Centred Therapy which is non–directive and believes the client has his or her own answers.Very often, CBT clients will return to a CBT therapist a number of years later after it was first received.I then went on to review the tools used in the four step process of CBT (assessment, formulation, intervention and evaluation) and I incorporated how my learning of theoretical concepts related to my work based practice.

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Case study on cognitive behavior therapy

Similar to how CBT is applied to other psychological conditions, CBT is given to patients with anxiety disorders in order to make the patients aware of the sources of their anxiety.CBT had been confirmed as effective by a number of authors.Through CBT, patients are able to realize the roots of their depression, fear or anxiety.Although CBT may be a tried and tested strategy for depression problems and other similar disorders, some patients are hesitant to take in medications.This ability of CBT helps psychologists and mental health professionals in achieving their goal of treating affected individuals and giving them better quality lives.

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Treatment Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Psychology Essay

A study examining the differences between intensive (daily) and weekly session of CBT in adults with OCD, found that intensive CBT had an advantage of efficacy at post-treatment (Storch et al., 2008).A study in 2004 examined the effects of CBT, SSRIs and the combination of these in children and in adolescents and found that children with OCD should receive treatment with CBT alone, or CBT with SSRIs (Barton & Heyman, 2012).Additionally, CBT combined with SRIs was found to be as effective as CBT alone (Geffken, Storch, Gelfand, Adkins & Goodman, 2004).Thus, although CBT was found to be more effective than pharmacotherapy, in case of depression, medication for depression prior CBT treatment, it may be more beneficial (Geffken, Stor...

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Development of Cognitive-behavioral Therapy

Allen (2006) also suggests that the combination of CBT and pharmacotherapy is more effective than CBT alone in patients with comorbid depression and OCD.Since CBT emphasizes testing therapeutic models contained within the rubric of CBT for accuracy, its efficacy in treating multiple psychological disorders continues to improve.Since CBT focuses on both cognition and behavior as primary changes areas, certain types of desired change fall outside of the realm of CBT.CBT and pharmacotherapy have been established as the two primary treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder, with exposure and response prevention being the most effective form of CBT (OCD; Allen, 2006).Thus, for the purposes of this section standard CT and other forms of CBT...

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Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychology Essay

From Freud’s work to CBT & How it is applied to Selective Mutism Sigmund Freud is known as the founding father of psychology.According to Javel (1999) CBT is closer to Freud than classical psychoanalysis is.This is why it is so important to identify the patient’s cognitive distortions.Furthermore, with CBT it is very important to identify patient’s cognitive distortions and educate them on how they can turn their core believes into more acceptable and positive ones (middle stage goal).In CBT the concepts of automatic thoughts, core beliefs, and the desire to please the therapist are introduced (Javel, 1999).

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Comparison of models of psychotherapy

In conclusion, it is clear to see that the way in which depression is treated through psychotherapy will proceed along very different paths depending on the client’s choice of psychodynamic or CBT therapy.CBT will involve a much more interactive action based therapy in which beliefs thoughts and actions can be assessed.In both CBT and psychodynamic therapy the therapist and client are seen as working in alliance with each other to treat the clients depression.The Evidence indicates that CBT is the most effective therapy to proceed along to overcome depression however for many, overcoming depression in the long term requires a exploration of the true reasoning and meaning behind their behaviours before overcoming their depression can even...

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Limitations Of CBT For Social Phobias

Medication is indicated if it is the client’s first choice, or if CBT has failed or if there is a long waiting list for CBT.The National Institute for Clinical Excellence provides evidence that CBT is more effective than no intervention and that CBT has been found to maintain its effectiveness when examined after long term follow up of eight to fourteen years.In a study by Rosser, Erskine & Crino (2004), the researchers studied the treatment success of CBT with antidepressants and CBT on its own as treatment for social phobia.Thus, it can be stated that CBT is a useful and successful therapeutic intervention for social phobia.The practical use of it could be further improved through continued research, and through therapist training ...

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Overview of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT has been criticised on multiple fronts, both from within CBT and from alternative therapeutic perspectives (Andersson & Asmundson, 2008).Critics argue whether CBT models and techniques can be applied to these disparate populations or whether CBT is best suited for the population in which it was developed.Although there is general agreement on the key characteristics of CBT, outlined earlier in this paper, there is not an accepted definition of the essential elements that comprise CBT.In practice, CBT is a collaborative, time limited, structured, educational, empirical and active form of therapy utilising a variety of methods, some specific to CBT, others adopted from other therapeutic approaches.The clarification of the essential...

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Palliative Care

The interdisciplinary treatment team works with the individual to develop an individualized treatment plan that is central to the case conceptualization and goal setting of CBT.A variety of disciplines, such as nursing and social work, use CBT techniques in palliative care settings... Overview of CBT in Palliative Care .The CBT group showed significant improvements compared to the zopiclone group in total wake time, sleep efficiency, and slow-wave sleep; total sleep was the only area that did not yield a significant difference (Sivertsen, 2006).Individuals receiving palliative care often need assistance from the treatment team with practicing skills, such as relaxation techniques, and adapting CBT interventions as goals of care change.<...

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Ethnic Minorities Evaluation Essay

The use of culturally adapted CBT has empirical support.The minorities examined in the studies that benefitted from culturally sensitive CBT include Chinese, Latinos, and African Americans, among others.An awareness of the client’s cultural background and values can help counselors support culturally sensitive CBT interventions adapted for minority clients.Cultural Adaptation of CBT for Aboriginal Australians.Can CBT Be Effective for Aboriginal Australians?

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Cognitive behavioural therapy treatment for severe depression

(2004, p.284) Isn’t the “good” and “wrong” labelling of thoughts and behaviour in CBT supporting this categorical thinking?CBT is labelling the negative thinking as wrong and simply tries to eliminate it with changed cognitions, reality testing and training.As it is such a complex theme, it is a loss that the NHS, mainly for economic reasons, decided to promote CBT as the only treatment of choice... One reason for NHS to choose CBT as the favoured form of treatment is, that it has been subject to intensive scientific testing for many years and has been found “as effective as antidepressant medication and other forms of therapy.” (Mulhern et al., 2004 p.185) I don’t want to challenge these results in my essay, instead want to understand ...

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Social Workers And Social Work Essay

To support the claim that CBT is relevant to Social Work from a Social Justice perspective the authors, .Rawls identifies such prim... ....s (Olmstead, Abraham, Martino & Roman, 2012).Access to a manual alone is unlikely to confer a high level of clinician competence and fidelity in delivering the treatment.There are a number of CBT manuals for treating SUDs.

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Effective Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Therefore it is important to question whether or not the benefits felt by participants receiving CBT, SP or DG are due to a “placebo” effect compared to participants who are left on a waiting list who may feel they are being neglected and do not expect any improvement in symptoms.Suggestions for future trials include RCTs comparing the effectiveness of group CBT compared with individual CBT for older adults and trials comparing CBT with anxiolytic medications such as benzodiazepines.The second study in particular deals with this issue well by comparing CBT with a discussion group, which requires the patient to be involved with the intervention, and a waiting list period in which the patient is very much aware that they are receiving no t...

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miller, g. (2007, June 6).HealthyPlace.com - Trusted Mental Health Information and Support - HealthyPlace.Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been used for more than thirty years to treat children who show disruptive or aggressive behavior.(CBT Can Help With ADHD).In a study led by Steven Safron director of behavioral medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospitals department of psychiatry conducted a study on CBT and ADHD.

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Case study dealing with depression

While it is clear that the psychodynamic and CBT traditions represent diametrically contrasting models of overcoming depression.Thus questioning whether the lack of empirical support for psychodynamic therapy does in fact mean it is not as useful as CBT in treating depression, or whether it is just the case that CBT is easier for researchers to test empirically and thus more research is readily available to be published.Furthermore the duration of CBT therapy and anti depressant treatment was not specified; meaning that further more comprehensive research would be needed to be able to conclude that CBT does in fact decrease the risk of relapse from depression .The Evidence indicates that CBT is the most effective psychotherapy to overcom...

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Compare and contrast the theories

While both the CBT and Psychodynamic approach attempt to diminish psychopathological symptoms and grief, a very central difference between CBT and psychodynamic therapy is that psychodynamic therapy attempts to determine at why you feel or behave the way you do.The main focus of CBT is placed only on the person in therapy, their schemas, automatic thoughts, and cognitive distortions (Freeman & Eig, n.d.).Specifically, psychodynamic therapy concentrates on trying to uncover the deep and often unconscious motivations for feelings and behavior whereas CBT does not necessarily consider this a priority – you can’t see what’s ahead of you when you’re looking over your shoulder (Freeman, 1993, 2011).CBT and psychodynamic therapy both addres...

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Use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Depression

In comparison, the studies into BA have mostly small numbers of participants and do not provide the same rigorous comparisons as those carried out into CT and CBT.The CT and CBT studies include more than a handful of controlled, double-blinded studies which are the gold-standard of health psychology research.Some researchers have suggested that the studies that have looked at CT and CBT have treated those with depression as though they are heterogeneous group – which they are not.This essay will first address the basic features and use of CBT in the treatment of depression before moving on to behavioural activation therapy which effectively uses a subset of the approaches used in CBT, finally the approaches will be compared and contraste...

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD): Theories and Treatment

One clear similarity between the CBT treatment of psychosis and that for anxiety is their comorbidity in psychotic disorders.This is in contrast to CBT for anxiety which will focus more on problem solving.These are addressed using standard CBT techniques such as those used in anxiety.The client suffering from psychosis is likely to have a much wider range of symptoms to deal with and, as such, CBT for psychosis generally takes longer and addresses more complex issues.While the repertoire, order and specific implementation of techniques used in CBT differs between psychosis and anxiety, the therapeutic relationship will be central to success in both treatments.

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Evaluate the approach of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is not suitable for everyone, only helps certain conditions, it had been shown good results in treating anxiety and depression Eysenck, P.286, 1997 “but is especially effective with panic disorder.CBT does not take in account genetic factors, also does not take in consideration interpersonal factors like his social role, life experiences that can produce mental disorders.Also the therapist encouragement to tackle this abnormal behaviour is vital interpersonal skills like warmth, acceptance and empathy will make the CBT more successful.CBT does not rely on the past, but in the present here and now, therapist and patient will look at patient problem in different perspective more healthy and positive.As above referred CBT is mixed with ...

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