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Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy Essay

• The study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use and dispose of products, services, experiences or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society.• By studying consumer behaviour we try to understand & gain insight into: .Cross Cultural Variations in Consumer Behavior .Definitions of Consumer Behaviour .It would be difficult to overlook the importance of culture as a motivator of consumer behavior.

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Consumer behavior Essay

The Filipino consumer buying process is a complex matter as many internal and external factors have an impact on the buying decisions of Filipinos.Culture is the fundamental determinant of buying behavior and decision making.When purchasing a product there are several processes a Filipino consumer goes through.Understanding the consumer attitudes and behavior is one of the key factors for an organization to successfully tap the business opportunities in the Philippines.This aspect is more crucial especially during crisis periods when there are number of changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors.

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A Comparison Between Pakistani And British Consumers On Buying Moblies Marketing Essay

Pakistani culture represent the most part of Asia’s culture and British culture represent the most of European culture.The selection of products by consumer affect by the culture and it can help companies to design their marketing plan.Consumer buying behaviour is said to be different from one business to another in a way that consumer buying behaviour tends to have different attitudes about the needs and purpose of buying while the business-to-business approach is one which is more on supplier-company relationship.Culture shapes the lifestyle of the consumer which affect directly on the buying pattern of the consumer.Culture here play an important role on the consumer buying pattern as individuals can not live alone.

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Causes and Effects of Consumerism

Three phrases from Stuart and Elizabeth Ewens (1982) which they see as indicative of the recent tendencies within consumer culture describe it best.To understand how we have become this consumer crazy culture it is important to understand the humble beginnings of this crazy fixation.Instead, it should be seen as a form of social consumer culture.Another factor adding to the consumer culture is the portrayal of this culture.If we accept these desires as natural or inevitable, then consumer society seems natural and inevitable as well.

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Effects Of Advertising

• These types of advertisements have had a negative influence on our culture by promoting promiscuity, debt, and entitlement.CULTURE OF CONSUMERISM .AMERICAN CULTURE?• The role of advertisements is to determine what the consumers purchase.• Advertising has always shown the latest and greatest consumer products, which has driven the average consumer to always want the latest and greatest products to show off.

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How Companies Use Acculturation

Consequently, companies have to develop the ability to understand and identify how those factors are established over individuals and how culture traits will impact on foreigners’ assimilation about the local culture traits and if it will influence directly their consumer buying behaviour.Consumer buying behaviour is totally inside the boundaries of companies’ strategy, organizations have to understand how their customers or potential ones behave to define strategies such as price, promotion, distribution and products characteristics.Consumer re-socialization indicated how an individual consumes inside the new culture and acculturating individual’s self-management is related to how someone self-indentify to maintain or change his buying ...

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Developing a brand identity

Consumer self-image is important in the explanation of consumer behaviour as consumers purchase goods, corresponding to their self-image.Park (1986) claims that brand success in the market depends on the choice of brand identity, the usage of identity developing image, and the guarantee that image adequately transfers brand identity, chosen by a company, differentiating it from competitors and responding to a desired consumer equity.How is the brand conceived by a consumer .This is consumer understanding of a complete brand set, developed by a company.The importance of brand in the market is influenced by company’s ability to evaluate the fact how consumers interpret the image of brands and company’s ability to manage the strategy of br...

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The Culture of Consumption Essay

From the mere discussions on what consumption means and does to people to the commoditization of culture, the consumer culture has significantly conveyed to us who we are as individuals and as a society because consumption is a socio-cultural practice.The consumer culture has therefore become reflective of the evolution of the modern society that have gone through the stages of industrialisation.Interestingly, similar what Gabriel and Lang (1995, as cited in Edwards, 2000) have mentioned as to consumption being neither ethically nor politically neutral proves to be an important point here; by means of consumption, the hybrid culture has given way a consumer culture steeped in ethical and political issues.This shows that the consumer cult...

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Cross Cultural Marketing Communications

Our consumer looking for coffee may therefore look to see if it is decaffeinated, what the flavour strength and type is described as and possibly even the usefulness of the jar after the coffee is used.However, they also embody the different behavioural attitudes of the consumer which manifest n the different purchase decisions.The change is often seen as driven by new products, but the real change can be seen in the way that the consumer behaves, after all, if a new product is developed, but does not succeed it will not impact on the overall market, whereas changing attitudes will force change in the suppliers.This school of thought recognizes that people worldwide share certain thoughts, but it also stresses the fact that these needs a...

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Consumer Culture Is Central to Understanding Contemporary Identities Essay

(Featherstone, pg 67) Therefore many people would be happy to say that in today’s society, consumer culture has an enormous effect on our identities.Secondly, arguments supporting the view that consumer culture is far less important than in the development of one’s identity.So is it possible that consumer culture managed to take over the power of all the other aspects of the creation of identity in the past 200 years?Even though the second part of this essay attempts to support the idea that there are other factors affecting contemporary identities more than consumer culture, we should not forget its importance.He says that consumer culture develops our identity because since there is now such an enormous choice of products, it gives con...

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Understanding The Media And Celebrity Cultures

Synthesizing former statements of the conception of consumer culture, why don not we understand it simply as a material movement in the procedure of consumption, which is accompanied with psychological thinking and value orientation.Firstly, as celebrity culture is a fairly complicated topic, this study merely provides brief introduction of the reason of the emergence of celebrity, the way to understand celebrity, and the impact of celebrity on media in consumer society.Above all, the precondition of celebrity culture the context of capitalist consumer society.To the conception of consumer culture, there are a lot of versions,Chinese economist Lezhong Wang (2002) has defined consumer culture as the presence of human’s creativity in the...

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Walmart’s Foreign Expansion Essay

I believe that it is nice for a different culture to be introduced in their home culture because learning and having different cultures come together is good.Walmart discovered this and had the Chinese consumers mindset by doing various tactics that made their sales soar, they are definitely on track.Walmart needs to have the China culture on their mind in order for them to be successful there.China consumers were discovered to be bargain hunters but also noticed that they had to change a bit to fit the Chinese culture.They are used to something already they cannot be bombarded with a different culture that they are not knowledgable of, they need to be introduced to it first before that can even be successful.

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Ikea Global Marketing Essay

The major disadvantage are: .Limited selection of advertising appeals for some markets to arouse the attention of local consumers.Branding control.Are the cultures of the world becoming more similar or more different?Cost savings/Mass Production .

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What are the key factors and subfactors that influence consumer behaviour

Culture is the essential character of a society that distinguishes it from other cultural groups.For example, they would offer special price discount during such period to enhance their sales.Marketers must understand the way a person’s culture and its accompanying values, as well as a person’s subculture and social class, influence their buying behaviour.The underlying elements of every culture are the values, language, myths, customs, ritual and laws that shape the behaviour of the culture.A reference group refers to a set of people that consumer is motivated to please or imitate (Solomon, Michael R., Elnora W. Stuart pg 205).

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Consumer Behaviour When Buying Coffee

When consumer is buying on the quality and a nice product, there will be based on believe signal, consumer will focus on finding the lowest price product and buying on promotion.Consumer behaviour is what consumer wants and needs.The consumer searches for the information on the products and service that can solve the problem that consumer having.Furthermore, I have learn that there are five of internal factor that influencing the consumer behavior which is culture, social, personal, economy and psychological.In the consumer behaviour, there is five steps of the behaviour there is problem recognition for the first steps this is to know what is the problem of the consumer.

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Consumer Behaviour Essay

Hispanic consumer spending has grown at more than twice the rate of general-market spending over the past four years.But learning about the whys of consumer buying behavior is not so easy—the answers are often locked deep within the consumer’s mind.The 50-plus consumer segment now accounts for nearly 50 percent of all consumer spending, more than any current or previous generation.Each culture contains smaller subcultures, or groups of people with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situations.Consumer purchases are influenced strongly by cultural, social, personal, and psychological characteristics, as shown in Figure 5.2.

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Personal Factors Affect Consumer Behavior

2.6 Types of Consumer Buying Situation .During this stage, consumers gather useful information about various alternatives through many ways such as talking to sales staff, reading consumer magazines or going to Internet to compare and evaluate options.This chapter presents a literature review of basic theories of consumer behaviour and consumer adoption.Culture is an essential notion for understanding and analyzing consumer behavior, because people use culture as a window to view marketing trends, messages, tendencies and products.For the purposes of studying consumer behavior, culture can be defined as: “The values, attitudes, beliefs, ideas, artifacts and other meaningful symbols represented in the pattern of life adopted by people tha...

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Cultural Influences on Eating Out Habits in the Uk Essay

However it is suggested by the author that the idea of a more individualistic consumer is more relevant to British culture and many other cultures residing within the UK may still enjoy unified meal times together as a family.Therefore it is suggested by the author that given the large number of decisions a consumer has to make when choosing an ethnically themed restaurant or takeaway, and the impacts that a multicultural society has on the consumer as an individual it is necessary to explore how and why consumers might influence one another to make a purchase decision based on food consumption.The author suggests that this inability to mobilise a new brand into an area of the country may stem back to the area’s cultural identity based o...

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Consumer Buying Decision Process Marketing Essay

However, consumer .. Place or distribution channel is a set of interdependent institutions , for delivery of good and services to the consumers.Culture is a key determinant of the consumer behaviors (Wallance, 1965; Jung & Kau, 2004).Lorinczi, Bacs, & Nagy (2009) studied about factors that influences consumer decision on carbonated soft drinks consumption, and the result of their study showed that, flavor is the most important factor that influences consumer decision.() show that level of consumer knowledge about food ingredients and consumer understanding of relationship between nutrition and health are important to consumer’s attitude towards of functional foods.Kasikorn Bank (1997) studied about consumer behavior of supplemen...

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Effects on Buyer Behaviour in Arab Culture

And the value of product “A” among the consumer is more than product “B”, the one reason of choosing product “A” of superior quality and high price is because the consumer thinks that “Give something and get something of value” is clear that when consumer decide to purchase a product or service then he expect that the chosen product or service will satisfy his needs.These all above definition provides a broader concept of culture that culture is basically name of shared values developed in particular environment, it gives an idea that one culture is not superior to another culture but may be different due to beliefs and values, knowledge, arts, law, manners and morals, habitat and skills.According to (Keegan et al, 1989) that cultural va...

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Identity and Consumer Culture

Slater (1997) outlined some main features and characters in consumer culture: first, consumer culture is a culture of consumption.Therefore, for the previous two points identity is ‘fit’ with the contemporary notions of consumer culture, and for the last one, consumer culture poses the challenge for constructing an identity.Also, we were received and guided through ‘media consumption’ vice versa, this point was demonstrated by magazines and advertisement in consumer culture, and within this process compared to the previous one individuals are not so active to construct identity to some extent, they were guided by media information.However, Consumer culture is a contradiction in terms of culture because it characterizes the destruction of...

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BMW Research.How does the consumer impact a marketing plan created by the brand? Essay

Positive customer reviews influences other consumers negatively towards a certain brand while negative consumer reviews influences other consumers negatively.How Does the Type of Buyer or Consumer Affect a Marketing Strategy?.This shows that a consumer can be influenced by other consumers towards a certain brand.Journal of Consumer Research .An organization can segment its consumer market through defining groups of consumers with characteristics which are similar, but every segment will have varying types of consumers.

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Factors influencing consumer behavior

Cultural factors are coming from the different components related to culture or cultural environment from which the consumer belongs.For brands – especially for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) – successfully “integrate” the family is both a real challenge and an opportunity to develop a strong consumer loyalty among all the family members.Among the factors factors influencing consumer behavior, psychological factors can be divided into 4 categories: motivation, perception, learning as well as beliefs and attitudes.An individual and a consumer is led by his culture, his subculture, his social class, his membership groups, his family, his personality, his psychological factors, etc.. And is influenced by ...

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Cultural Distance Measurement And Its Impact Marketing Essay

In this case, as mentioned above, the brands such as Sony, McDonalds, KFC, and Nike identified the global consumer culture and their trends which patronized them to create a brand image in the minds of the consumers.It is essential to understand the aspects of cultural dimensions to assess the impact of culture on consumer decisions, as the culture tends to manipulate the decisions of the consumer based on cultural value system (Akaka and Alden, 2010).In fact, there are several models of culture differences which are utilized to determine the framework of culture in shared groups or in a group acting as an interpretive model of consumer behaviour.By the above mentioned interaction models proposed by (Hofstede, 1980b) and (House, 2004), c...

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Advertising to Youth Consumerism

When looking at the consumer consumptions we are able to identify that male consume more products compared to women.As Abram has mentioned that during the 50’s this was due to the fact that male earned more money than ever before thus they were seen spending more on consumer goods.As a result this will affect the potential consumer, especially the youth because they are considered to be in the adjusting stage where they are still determining who they really are.Consumer products range from cosmetics, soft drinks, cars, internet providers, health drinks, health foods, residential developments/ living accommodations and of course vacation spots.As shown in the graph that the higher our education is or the older we are, the less likely it i...

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The Consumer Society Essay

He further argues that Consumer Culture is in principle, universal and impersonal.He simultaneously agues, that there is an ultior claim towards this definition, as although it seems universal and is depicted as a land of freedom, in which everyone can be a consumer, it is also felt to be universal because everybody must be a consumer.He believes that this new culture is a pecuniary culture based on money.According to Slater (1997), Consumer Culture is the culture of market societies and is defined though market relations.Therefore the question arises whether the culture of consumerism poses a profound threat to the freedom and individuality of the consumer.

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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis Essay

When at first the consumer was influenced by cultural and family.The factors that influence us as consumer to purchase the products we do connects to our psychological and social being.Consumer Behavior.Each consumer has buying power and that power determins which brand is worth the money he or she has earned.The ecological factors that affect consumer behavior are physical and social surroundings.

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Advertising Strategies for Indian Customers

Marketers must understand consumers’ perceptions of international, national and private brands because it enable them to know consumer needs and to position products better against the background ofdifferences in product quality, price, prestige, and the like.According to Bullimore (1995) ‘without advertising, we would not have brands or innovation, consumer choice, value for money or our diverse media’.Because the advertising if effective can create a connection and help the consumer to take a decision quickly and easily.According to Abernethy and Franke (1996) argue that the evidence on consumer attitudes toward advertising shows that consumer prefer advertising that helps indecision making.Advertising is a method in which companies ca...

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What Factors Influence The Consumers Buying Behavior Marketing Essay

The company should examine carefully why consumer has chosen this product and try to satisfy the consumer needs rather than try to change them .The world leading authorities on marketing researcheres: professor Armstrong and professor Kotler, they analyzed ” the consumer buying behavior refers to the buying behavior of final consumer, individuals and households who buy goods and services for personal consumption.”( Armstrong & Kotler, 2009) .There work is in-depth study of consumer behavior which states that marketers have very little control over the factors that the consumer makes to purchase a product.The awareness of this big gap between China and the USA is very important to marketers, so that they can adjust there marketing str...

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Internal External Influences On Consumer Behaviour Marketing Essay

The culture and value related information can be considerably used by coffee companies marketing managers to create messages and advertisements that are more likeable and tempting to attract consumers (Consumer Behaviour: The Basics, n.d.)... Consumer behaviour is quite subjective as a consumer decision-making process is affected by number of factors.By serving coffee in a way that resonate with the priorities of US culture, US coffee marketers can increase their chances of consumer acceptance and success.This consumer purchasing decision related information is difficult but critical for marketers as it helps them in identifying what is significant to the consumer and what influences him/her most at the time of taking their purchase dec...

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