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Factors Influencing Corporate Cultures Descriptive Essay

The organizations’ history and background play a critical role in shaping the ultimate corporate culture.Corporate culture is acquired with time, it differs from one corporate entity to another, and it is subject to various factors.Culture in the corporate world dictates how organizations conduct themselves.On the contrary, the involvement of all stakeholders shapes the ultimate corporate culture in an organization.Corporate culture cannot be established in boardroom meetings.

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Corporate Culture Essay

Corporate values are used to define corporate culture and drive operations found in “strong” corporate cultures.Organizational and corporate cultures are formal and informal.Corporate Culture Corporate culture is the shared values and meanings that members hold in common and that are practiced by an organization’s leaders.Statement of Corporate Mission vol.Uncovering culture in organizations.

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Corporate Identity

Unfolding the corporate identity concept Corporate communication A number of academics have stressed the links between corporate communication and corporate identity (Cornelissen and Harris, 2001; Van Riel, 1995; Varey and Lewis, 2000).The seven main dimensions put forward in Melewar’s categorisation are; corporate communication, corporate design, corporate culture, behaviour, corporate structure, industry identity and corporate strategy.Although it is not very clear from the responses whether corporate identity is a product of corporate structure or vice versa, it could be concluded that corporate structure has an interceding role in corporate identity management (Stuart, 1999a).Some interviewees believed that corporate culture and corp...

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The Impact Of Strategic Allicance In The Company Culture

Thus, we will accept the hypothetical statement that “diversity in corporate culture would hinder the existing culture in the firms forming the alliance, and this will result in ineffectiveness and unsuccessful outcome in the alliance.These include the issue of compatibility of corporate cultures of the firms forming the alliance, and other issues as leadership and human resource management in the implementation of the corporate alliance, inter alia.Here, it is seen that when an existing corporate culture is not compatible with the newly introduced culture from the alliance, this tend to potent an hindrance to effective way of carrying out management and other operational functions in the alliance formed.The need to study the compatibili...

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Cultural Approach For Organization Is A Theory That Was Written By Clifford Geertz And Michael Pacanowsky

The workers shared meanings or culture played a larger role in their output as opposed to technology.Through rituals and corporate stories the environment can be prosperous and have a greater output from the workers.This suggested the workers had a strong corporate culture.Pacanowsky and Geertz see culture as more than a part of organizational research, it is not something an organization ha... ... middle of paper ... ...hat environment.The theory explores what exactly cultural is in a corporate context and how it effects the environment, and once culture is established can it be changed.

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Definitions by scholars on corporate culture

Southwest Airlines is one of an example company which benefits positive effects from the corporate culture.Corporate culture is instrumental in an organization’s success.The question how companies find a new identity in this world can only be answered by considering their corporate culture.As we understand so far, corporate culture means something have to do with the people and the unique quality or character of organizations.If a corporate culture is lowering morale, a top-down approach is needed, setting out the vision from the top and demonstrating acceptable behavior.

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Impact of Conglomeration on Cultural Industries

The inequalities in society are legitimised by the cultural industries like media which help retain the power and wealth domination of the corporate heads.The information that is generated is that which can help retain the power and position of the corporate giants and tycoons.Thus, the media and other cultural industries become bound and shackled by the chains of the interests of the executive and corporate heads.With increase in corporate interests in cultural industries and media whose primary motive is earning large profit and returns, many scholars feel that there has been a compromise in the quality of news generated.It is imperative that initiatives be taken to liberalize them from the corporate interests which bind them.

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What Is Meant by “Corporate Culture”? Essay

What is meant by “corporate culture”?• Corporate culture may be based on beliefs spelled out in your own mission statement.• Corporate culture is important because it can make or break your company.• Cultures that are not aligned with corporate strategy can lead to decreased loyalty, a lack of motivation, and high employee turnover.• Corporate culture is a blend of values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time.

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Can Culture Be Caught or Taught Essay

The 10 reasons why it’s important for a company to pay close attention to its solid corporate culture: 1.Generates positive public relations.Employees who are a fit with the corporate culture will quickly integrate with the team and find their stride.A thriving corporate culture that fosters loyalty and provides intangible benefits to employees, such as work that is fulfilling and leaders they respect and trust, can actually reduce employee demands for higher compensation.If the company’s corporate culture permeates everything from the way meetings are conducted to the format for the bios on the company’s Web site, candidates will know if they are a good fit.Companies that truly live their corporate cultures are higher performing and bet...

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University of Phoenix Organizational Culture Essay

The value on the stock price of the company was the top value in Enron’s corporate culture, over integrity, honesty, and customer satisfaction.Although the specific financial shortcomings are not fully addressed in this paper, the corporate culture dictated the intentions of these shortcomings and therefore can be held responsible.The corporate culture made it hard for ethical objections to be heard or taken seriously.It was in fact Enron’s failure to develop the right corporate culture that led to it’s collapse.Enron failed to create a successful corporate culture from the start – there was nothing in it’s set of beliefs and values that accounted for customer service, business ethics, or integrity.

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International Marketing

If the consumers and their culture do not respond well to the innovation, it will reflect on their sales (and their brand).It is possible that consumers may exploit them or use them in a way the corporations may not have intended them to be used.These innovations would not carry negative connotations and are simply made to advance society.Cultural consequences that multinational corporations are harder to consider.If corporation had to be constantly cautious of creating something new or developing a new concept, corporations would have limited rate of success and/or achievement, and this goes the same way for society’s advancement.

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Corporate Culture Influence on Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Should it appear that new strategies cannot implemented under the current corporate culture, then the company management and stakeholders should consider developing new culture that will enable companies to achieve long term goals.As mentioned in various sections of the paper, corporate culture lead to the development of personal and team cultures that get practiced in company activities.Thirdly, the efficient communication afforded through corporate culture leads to information reaching employees in most efficient manner, and therefore lead to employees being able to make decisions and implementing beyond expectations.Specifically, corporate culture enables employees to develop the much important individual culture, which holds that the...

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Managing Culture Essay

Management of organizational culture should identify and develop an organizational culture that allows for agility, encourages alliances, companionships and networks; promotes knowledge management; promotes corporate responsibility and proper integrity and incorporates diversity.In coping with the management of organizational culture, it is important to identify as much as possible the features of the present or new target culture; the illusions, symbols, customs and assumptions that add force to the culture.Culture extends over the range of management thinking and corporate culture has been one of the most continuing catchphrases of organizational management.The success of contemporary business organizations could be highly attributed t...

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Relationship Between Organizational Culture And Strategic Management Commerce Essay

On the one hand, the spread of the culture of organizations to establish the organization’s image in the public help; On the other hand, the corporate culture has a great influence on the development of social culture.enterprises in major changes must be considered with the basic nature and status of the relationship, because the basic nature and status of the enterprise is to determine the basis of the corporate culture, at the same time to play existing corporate personnel role in ensuring the implementation of change in the original culture conditions.First, excellent corporate culture is an important condition for the formulation of corporate strategy and is able to highlight the characteristics of the enterprises, the formation of t...

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Elements Of Culture Corporate Artifacts Commerce Essay

Partnering with this iconic industry The culture of Hilton hotel group helps the corporate to attract more customers and increase their customers loyalty indirectly... Corporate culture not only have impact on customers’ decisions, but also on the employees’ satisfaction and performance, organizational culture has the potential to increase the corporate performance and employee satisfaction, the relationship between the culture and performance are that organizational culture can have a significant influence on a company’s long-term economic performance and will probably be an even more important factor in determining the success or failure of firms during the next 10 years, the impact of organizational culture is also related to the ser...

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Organizational Culture at Dell Essay

The culture of the organization is closely linked with the corporate culture and it also incorporates the vision and mission of the organization.As far as an organizational culture is concerned there are two important aspects related to culture these two important aspects are strong and weak culture.A strong culture is a winning strategy for most of the organizations and that is the reason why many companies emphasize a lot on organizational culture.The General Managers and the Culture: The culture aspect is focused a lot by the organization and Dell maintains a zero tolerance policy on culture right from the beginning.However, all of these theories have certain aspects that are common and they believe that corporate culture is quite har...

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What Stimulates Entrepreneurship In Large Organizations Commerce Essay

The corporate entrepreneurship and the innovation literatures indicate that one method of managing the uncertainties of innovation is through organizational structure (Burgelman, 1983, 1984; Nielsen, Peters & Hisrich, 1985; Tornatzky et al., 1983).Taylor Bernard (2001), ” From corporate governance to corporate entrepreneurship”, Journal of Change Management, 2:2, 128-147 .The change from corporate governance to corporate entrepreneurship could be seen as a large problem because it has to deal with all the organizational aspects.The way in which a firm sets up a good corporate culture and handles the above problems will be determining for the firm’s entrepreneurial success, as culture gives people direction and keeps the whole organiz...

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Ryanair’s Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of Ryanair is very much influenced by O’Leary, strengthening the notion that the CEO can dictate the corporate culture of the airline.O’Leary orchestrates Ryanair’s communication strategy from the management team down with a hierarchical approach, enabling communication from a corporate strategic level which is reflected within its corporate culture.(2001), “Corporate identity, corporate branding and corporate marketing: seeing through the frog’, European Journal of Marketing, 35(3-4), 248-291. ... Balmer (1995), corporate brand refer to corporate reputation, corporate image and concern on perception.(1997), Corporate identity past, present and future, works paper, University of Strathclyde International Centre for...

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The Theoretical Studies Of Organizational Culture Commerce Essay

the corporate culture is divided into strong culture and weak culture.The company corporate culture reflects to a large extent the national culture of which the company is part (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003).For example in the merger, people from different cultural backgrounds and national cultures can be socialized into the culture of the merged company, and therefore follow the corporate culture, but if the corporate values are contradictory and counter the national cultural values, employees will be resisting the company’s corporate culture.That’s why it’s essential for the acquiring company to understand the national culture of its target because it will be helpful during the acquisition while the acquirer have to plan the integration...

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Cultural and Ethical Dilemmas Within the Colourful Corporation Essay

Colourful Corporation can motivate and improve ethical behaviour by reinforcing a corporate policy that includes ethical considerations.adopt the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework ,which is the most widely used reporting framework for performance on human rights, labour, environmental, anti-corruption, and other corporate citizenship issues; encourage the needs of ethical behaviour within and by the corporation to the employees; contribute to charity in the form of providing facilities such as, schools and orphanages for the poor and unfortunate children in the developing country ; update the corporate policy to include ethical considerations required for each business making decision; create an ethical culture within the corpo...

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Mcdonalds Marketing Campaigns And Glocalisation Marketing Essay

Years of research have led the corporation to a thorough understanding of the culture and sentiments of the public.However, innovation has led to the introduction of products which has resulted in increased footfall of consumers eating at McDonald’s and growth in the number of outlets nationwide.Respect for Indian customs and culture- McDonald’s worldwide is well known for the high degree of respect to local culture.With regards to globalization, the corporation has set its objectives to offering their customers a complete Indian experience, which suits their culture.Since most of the western nations nearly share the same taste and culture, the corporation uses the theory of standardization since there is hardly any difference in the cul...

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Corporate Culturism

Willmots article seems to be exceedingly one sided, as his claims of detrimental effects to individualistic freewill are repeated over and over again.Willmott claims that “corporate culturism is the systematization and legitimizing of a mode of control that purposefully seeks to shape and regulate the practical consciousness and, arguably, unconscious strivings, of employees…To the extent that succeeds in this mission, corporate culturism becomes a medium of nascent totalitarianism,”(1993. pg.Pushing employees toward a mode, a monoculture of assorted affinity, where the employees’ are under an unconscious spell of striving to accomplish extraordinary effort in order to obtain increased corporate competitiveness.To back up his claim Willm...

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Challenges which organisations and managers face

“Culture is complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, laws, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society”.Negotiations are also a frequent part of international business.The environmental problems and changes plaguing multinational corporations can be divided into four parts, namely political system problems, legal, economic and cultural environment.In the past, corporate institutions solved their problems through analytical methods of breaking down the problems into smaller divisions, fixing components and carrying out an assessment of the expectations of familiar sequences of success or failure, and determining the loss, if any.A corporation’s competitive advantage can be stre...

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Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change Essay

In the corporate and healthcare industries, change is happening all the time.Building a higher-performance culture is fundamental to the organization’s ability to adapt and change, and to its lasting prosperity.This article addresses how the Corporate Culture within an entity can aid or hurt the change process at hand.Corporate Culture is defined as a set of characteristics that define a particular company.A company with a low performance corporate culture can place a burden on the attempts to change, making it more difficult for everybody involved from management all the way to customers.

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Popular Culture: Effects of Big Corporations on Society Essay

This is brought about by the need for them to abide by the principles of corporate social responsibility.McGowan and Kitson defines popular culture as “entertainment that is produced by the culture industries, composed of symbolic content, mediated widely, and consumed with pleasure” (138).Second, they have affected the popular culture such that their marketing efforts have led them to send messages and images that are accepted by the society.Almost all corporate employees work everyday in order to cater to the needs and wants of the people.In identifying the relationship between popular culture and the different forms of marketing campaigns that affect it, it is important to define what popular culture means.

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Five Companies and the Organizational Culture of Innovation and Change

Canon thrives with a corporate culture of innovation and change.Age-old formulas work, but a desire to look for a different framework for management which redefines “corporate culture” creates an additional edge.Kotelnikov V (n.d.) Corporate Culture: Achieving Higher Results Through Sustaining Employees’ Focus on What To Do and How To Do It.This innovative corporate culture of diversity makes GE unique in its learning culture.Google (2007) states that “..it has persistently pursued innovation and pushed the limits of  existing technology to provide a fast, accurate and easy-to-use search service that can be accessed from anywhere.” Google’s corporate culture shows a good corporate ethos built on innovation.

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HRM and Corporate Culture: Resource Management Status Qualitative Research Essay

As Willmott (1993) emphasizes, the idea of a corporate culture is comparatively new and, therefore, is currently in its evolving stage.Once defining the major features of corporate culture, one will be able to define the factors which can influence it most, which will, in its turn, lead to the discovery of the ways in which HRM personnel can impact corporate culture.As it has been mentioned previously, HRM has a considerable impact on the corporate culture and the way in which the system of corporate values is built (Ogbonna & Harris, 2002).As it has been mentioned above, HRM does have its impact on corporate culture, shaping it to a considerable extent.According to the ideas offered by Grugulis and Wilkinson, corporate culture is values...

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Gap Between Brand Identity And Brand Reputation

The differentiation paradigm and integration paradigm both stress on corporate culture.The aim of corporate branding is integrating the culture internally in order to deliver coherent value externally.The author elaborates on many points of view relating to this issue to ensure a corporate can convey a consistent value... De Chernatony (1999) presents integration paradigm of corporate culture.Corporate branding is one of the theories respond to the claim that brand building involves internal integration.

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Impact of Globalization on organizational behavior

Thus meaning that the main challenge is to find the balance between the global trends and corporate culture, therefore it is possible to argue that globalization could threaten the whole nature of the organization; its values, customs and direction that helped build it in the first place.When a multinational company is expanding globally it has try to maintain its corporate culture whilst keeping up with global culture, finding the right mix can be difficult.All of this makes it harder to establish a shared corporate culture.Corporate culture .As was mentioned earlier globalization has an effect on organizational culture, therefore when an organization becomes more diverse it becomes more of a challenge to facilitate both organizational ...

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Managing culture within organisation: Event industry

This corporate culture will assist in improving the work culture of the firms and would enable them to gain competitive advantage (Event Management UK, 2010).The environment within a company can be called corporate culture.The effective corporate culture not only helps individual employees to grow, but, it does help event management companies as well to grow in long run and maximize their wealth through higher customer satisfaction levels.The corporate culture of the event management companies, due to their good performances has improved their prospect in enlarging the structure of such events.An organization can include a theme that revolves around the corporate culture of the company to have a varied theme and to promote organization’s...

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