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The origin of White-Nose Syndrome in Little Brown Bats Essay

The researchers null hypothesis is that the European P. destructans will affect North American bat hibernation at least as severely as does North American .Do the results support or reject the null hypothesis?If the European P. destructans is causing WNS in North America, how come European bats aren’t dying from the same disease?This could be due to the environmental differences of North America as compared to Europe.Use the graph below to predict what the results will look like if the null hypothesis is rejected.

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What is it Like to be a Bat?,

What is it Like to be a Bat?The world of human and animal existence has more like qualities than many would admit, or even be aware of in the first place.It’s the inability to feel and experience the actions of a bat that make it improbable for a human to be as a bat as, and vice versa.Thomas Nagel, in the end, concludes that it is not feasible for a human to feel what it is like be a bat.Nagel moves beyond the bat and correlates the idea of what it would be if a Martian scientist were to examine a human’s thought processing.

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The Physics of Baseball

Your friend, or however is holding the bat, will be able to feel the vibrations as you strike the bat, when you hit the bat and no, or little, vibrations are felt then its a good bet you have found the 'sweet spot'.This effect is thought to allow an aluminum bat to 'bounce' the ball further and quicker off the bat.To find the sweet spot in a bat, all you need is a hammer, bat, and a friend may be helpful for an extra set of hands.When you're off a little with a wooden bat, the bat takes away from the balls kinetic energy resulting in a weaker hit.Have your friend hold the bat lightly from the knob of the handle on the bat.

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Juiced Softball Bats Essay

You are putting everyone at risk or even killing someone because you decided to use a juiced bat.There is some disagreement about whether or not ABI (accelerated break-in) falls under the category of “bat doctoring.” (CincySoftball.com) certain sanctions like the USSSA checks the bats at National Tournaments.There is some disagreement about whether or not ABI (accelerated break-in) falls under the category of “bat doctoring.” (CincySoftball.com) Using an altered bat with the bat being certified is a federal crime.If a bat goes through testing and does not pass the certification of ASA (American Softball Association), USSSA (United Softball Specialty Sports Association), NSF (National Softball Federation), ISF (International Softball Fede...

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The Theory Of Physicalism

Other than the learning behaviors, physicalists also cannot explain phenomena like memory, mental illness, belief, desires and the feeling of fear.Nagel proposes that even if a human being has all the knowledge about bats’ perceptual system, including details of how bats’ sonar system functions, there is still no way a human being can understand what it is like to be a bat.Another famous example, “what is it like to be a bat?” proposed by Thomas Nagel (1974), also argues against physicalism.A human being has the ability to explore and research on what it is like to be a bat based completely on scientific information.Mary had no idea what red, blue, yellow, or green actually “looked” like because all she had experienced was black and whit...

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Reciprocal Altruism in Vampire Bats

Reciprocal is more beneficial and practical, because vampires live in small groups and this way have high probabilities for giving and receiving help from the others.Benefits: By donating, a bat indirectly benefits because it is more likely to obtain a regurgitation from bats to which it has previously donated.In the experiment it turned out that bats were feeding each other within one roost and often, but not always, relatives.70% or regurgitations were between mother and her child, the rest were between mother and a child other than her own, or other adult females.What is more, bats indicate each other by series of calls.

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Physics of Echolocation

By instinctively examining the echoes that they receive, the bats will be able to tell the direction that the object is coming or going from, how fast it is going that way and how far away it is from the bat.A dolphin can also identify smaller animals such as fish and shrimp, which make up most of their daily diet.The waves that the bats send ripple out from them circularly and will bounce off of anything that is in the bat’s way, and will also go back to the bat in the form of an echo.Also like the bat’s sounds, the dolphin’s clicking sounds, are mainly made by the dolphin to find the location of objects by echolocation.In places like the Grand Canyons, you can hear many echoes because the sound waves bounce off of surfaces, then others...

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Reality is the state of a person, place, or entity being true or actual

Likewise, a bat would never know what it is like to live a human for the same reasons.Referring back to my diagram, the non-physical and physical approach to reality would definitely be a different interpretation for everyone because we all have different senses.Not everyone succeeds in business which is reality, but the fact that this person started the business because of someone else’s reality means he was paired with ‘high hopes’ which was not his reality, but rather an illusion.He argues, imagine an approximation of what it might be like if we were bats.For example, one would never know what it is like to live as a bat because we are not physically a bat, regardless of the fact that we may know the living conditions of a bat; we wou...

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Theory of Mind: Daniel Dennett vs. Thomas Nagel

“What Is It like to Be a Bat?” Philosophical Review LXXXIII (1974): 435-50.In his publication titled What is it like to be a bat?As said in What is it like to be a bat?Although Dennett’s intentional stance seems like a sound hypothesis, there are some shortcomings to this method such as how it does not provide a clear distinctions between living and non-living entities in which the latter, although the theory might suggest otherwise, are as far as we know, incapable of carrying out any mental processes.As I have stated above, Nagel commonly uses the subjective character of a bat and our inability to experience this character as a means of further proving that dualism is most possible the correct choice.

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A Straight Bat Essay

Before Timothy goes to his boarding school George gives him a cricket bat as a present.When George gives Timothy the bat and expects him to become a cricket player it’s almost like he is caging a bird, Timothy doesn’t really want to play cricket but there isn’t much he can do.“You must score lots of runs with it, Timothy… Hundreds of them” He expects his son to love cricket and to become a star just like he was when he was at the same school.Your father still holds the record for the quickest century” he expects his son to be just like him.When hisfather finds out about this he is furious and even smashes the violin “With a swift downward motion George smashed the violin across his knee.” The smashing of the violin is like Timothy gettin...

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Physics in sports Essay

I don’t think the USGA will budge on the .83 upper limit for the COR of a driver on the PGA Tour but manufacturers will find a way to continue to put out new products that hit.With the new technology of the carbon and fiberglass bats, questions can be asked like, is there a point where advancements have gone too far?Consumers will continue to buy the new bats that the bat companies put out no matter how high-tech they get.As for the golf industry I believe that it will continue to flourish even with the coefficient of restitution controversy.

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The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner Essay

Last season, Sosa’s bat broke and it was noticed that his bat was corked, which makes his bat lighter and easier to swing.However, I do not think that Sosa meant to use the bat, I feel that there is no need for someone like Sosa to use a corked bat.People may say that athletes like Gary Shefield, Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Jason Giambi, and so on have used such steroids.An athlete must compete to win the ultimate prize, like winning the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, and so on.In conclusion, many athletes, like Smith have tried to “buck the system,” whether for personal good, or just overall performance.

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Physics of Baseball

If you hit the ball at a bat's "nodes", the frequencies (each bat vibrates at several low and high frequencies at once, which is like the harmonics of stringed instruments) cancel out and since this happens you don't feel the sting in your hands that you experience when you hit the ball at different points on the bat.This motion is important to understand because every vibration the bat experiences takes energy away from the ball's speed as it leaves the bat.When you strike a bat against a ball it sends vibrations, much like the vibrations acting on airplanes or bridges, which travel in waves through the bat.If hit hard enough, the bat would break because this is a weak spot in the bat due to the stamping of the emblem.There is some disc...

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Physics of Baseball Essay

I will discuss a brief history of baseball, forces that are applied in baseball, the curve ball, and what exactly happens when the ball meets the bat.Having a heavier bat causes less recoil.If the bat recoils then energy is lost into making the ball go further then it would have.The speed of the ball is a factor as well but not as much as the speed of the bat.Why not have a really heavy bat?

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Testing Evolutionary Brain Size Change in Bats Essay example

The question remains, though, what characteristics did bats gain to make them need a larger brain?These authors proposed that evolution of the brain in different bat lineages had involved reduction as well as enlargement in brain size.This interpretation was challenged by Safi et al.The suggestion that bat brains may become smaller in evolution was spe... ... middle of paper ... ...h as bat brains, brain volume is approximately equal to brain mass.Preliminary analysis indicates that the data generated and collected from this past summer show that bat brain sizes in the family Rhinolophidae have increased, not decreased, in size over time.

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Philosophy Of Mind Essay

Nagel poses the question, “what is it like to be a bat?In the paper “What Is It Like To Be a Bat?Maybe we never will be able to.How will we ever give an objective description of the mind?If we try to put ourselves in the place of the bat, we could only guess what it would be like to perceive sonar reflections and that guess would be in the context of the senses we know from our perceptions (sight,sound,etc.

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Ethics and CSR in British American Tobacco Essay

Tobacco firms want to give the notion that they are presently like any other large company: responsible and concerned about the happiness of their stakeholders and customers (Collin, 2002).In conclusion, WHO seems to disprove a direct alliance with BAT but they do not overlook the tobacco industry’s effort to help at any cost.Stakeholder theory will be function in order to recognize the key stakeholder, whom the BAT fear, in order to examine the relationship linking BAT and BAT stakeholder and how this influence BAT’s CSR.The report has been approved UK Business in the Community’s 2007 Corporate Responsibility Index, by Sustainable Asset Management’s Sustainability Yearbook 2009 (SAM by Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI)) and in the...

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Organizational Direction of British American Tobacco Nigeria limited

As operations of BAT Nigeria are directly funded by parent corporate body, access to adequate finances, as compared with other competitors, puts BAT Nigeria in the elite club of organizations with formidable financial resources.Looking at the history of PMI’s entry to new markets, they capture major share of the market within 3 years, like in Benin.Apart from these local factors, BAT Nigeria has benefited from legacy and technological expertise of parent.Thus, process evolved quality of BAT products is been key source of competency.Secondly, with ownership of land and providing the farming community with help in taking mortgage loans, latest farming technologies and better tobacco seeds, farmers can be driven to come in a legal two way c...

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Essay on Mexican Free-Tailed Bats

Egg-laden moths contain a high percentage of fat, making them the main candidates for feasting by nursing female free-tails... ... middle of paper ... ...ed Bat Chirp Syllables: Bayesian Functional Mixed Models for Nonstationary Acoustic Time Series.""Dietary variation in the Mexican free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis mexicana).Species Profiles.The Mexican free-tailed bat species are classified as carnivore.Bat Conservation Internation, 2014.

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A Tale for Winter Essay

Once all the bats had settled and found places to hang from, the bear stood up.The bats had heard Vladimir’s cries for help and had come to rescue him from the ravenous grizzly bear.He turned around to see what looked like a small pile of brown pine needles wandering towards him.With a free cave all to themselves, the small creatures of the forest had a party until the sun came up.All except one, a young bat named Vladimir, who had not been able to sleep for the howling of the wintry winds.

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Globalisations Impact On British American Tobacco Economics Essay

BAT is with the rest of the tobacco industry is an industry which grows and profits from burning plants which produce pollutants and risk damaging the user and the people around the user.With more R&D, BAT should be able to uncover more ways to reduce environmental damage throughout their operations and also seeks ways to harness the use of natural resources more efficiently.BAT encourages their farmers to plant their own renewable sources of wood for fuel in countries where wood is used as fuel.It is wishful thinking to say that BAT is unaware of this but wishes to contribute to environmental efforts.In conclusion, although BAT is a highly successful MNE which produces much monetary profit for their share holders, stake holders and ...

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Physics in Sports Essay

The ways physics can help society are endless.Physics in sports is only a small example of how understanding things like vectors, trampoline effect, and strain energy can advance a sport so much.With the new technology of the carbon and fiberglass bats, questions can be asked like, is there a point where advancements have gone too far?“The Physics of pole-vaulting.” Neo Vault 2003-2005 .In doing this project I really learned that physics is so much more than just equations and scientific terms.

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Investigate software application Essay

Also, a very big twist in the play is when the heroine dies, so like most super heroes bat-man does have heroine who he can’t really have yet.Although like most super villains he is bad and has had a hard life.This creates lots of tension in the film and it is a bit like its flashing from scene to scene like your heart beat getting faster and faster.For example, a lot of the public don’t particularly like him, at one point they even try to send him to jail.Also, like a lot of super hero’s e.g.

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Comment critically on comparative advantage as a basis for international trade Essay

The productivity of a country in producing a good dictates what it will trade, and a country that is very inefficient in producing a good will move onto something to which it is more suited.This is something else that is not taken into account by the model.There are of course cases where this is overridden by the factors mentioned, but ultimately comparative advantage theory does form a ‘basis’ as the title suggests, to almost all international trade.It may also be very expensive to transport the bats to the UK from Pakistan, making it no longer economically efficient to trade here.Once again, this is not exactly how it works, as politics and economics merge to create something slightly different, but it is highly likely to be something ...

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Cricket Essay

1820’s – Round arm bowling was allowed, instigating more bounce so the cricket bat became lighter with a higher “swell”.1835 – The length of a cricket bat was restricted to 38″, which is still the same today.1840 – The first recorded use of a “spring” being inserted into the handles of the cricket bat.The cricket bat became roughly parallel with a maximum width of 4.25″.Bat- A wooden bat is used.

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The Money Ball

For a hitter who has 150 total hits, 30 doubles, 1 triple, and 10 HR, the equation would be: 108 (150 – 30 -2 – 10) + 60 (30 x 2) + 6 (2 x 3) + 40 (10 x 4) = 240 Total Bases Now, to calculate Slugging Percentage (SLG), take total bases and divide by the number of at bats a hitter has.It is calculated as total bases divided by at bats.Lets suppose a player gets a “base” for each base he reaches during a season.We would calculate: 240 Total Bases / 500 At Bats = .480 SLG.where AB is the number of at-bats for a given player, and 1B, 2B, 3B, and HR are the number of singles, doubles, triples, and home runs, respectively.

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What Are The Mechanisms Of Ozone Depletion Environmental Sciences Essay

Based only on the environmental considerations, HP demonstrates BAT.Choosing BAT: The whole picture .Although, SCR has improved removal efficiency over HP, the impact of ammonia production fails to demonstrate SCR as the BAT in comparison to HP in this case.How should we approach situations like these, where reducing one environmental impact causes another?Identify BAT for the conditions of this case study, assuming that you are Head of Engineering and Technology Division in a company.

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Technology in Sports Essay

Sports Technology has been constantly getting better and knowing the differences between each sport and how they perform will distinguish the manner it will be investigated in.A study was done in 1989 with a stationary test (no swing) and it showed that wood and aluminum bats were the same, but did not bring into the effect of the velocity of the hitter swinging the bat (Russell 2006).With the resources given to use we should se more technological advances in this day and age.With out sports technology some sports may have never been evolved such as golf with the evolving clubs and baseball with the research of metal bats.Showing how technology was advancing and more people were interested in the research of the baseball bat.

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=BAT’s business structure and operations

With such planned action BAT has encountered declination in growth volumes due to confine in the supply of duty-free items.BAT has established a strong market stance with light cigarettes under some of their popular brand and increased its sales volumes.Other markets in South Africa, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Norway and European regions have tradition of strong smokeless tobacco and hence BAT growing opportunity.BAT also encountered with such kind of incidences, which might be a major cause for declination of revenues.Nevertheless, BAT does not refrain from developing its business opportunities into rising markets, like, China where number of smokers presents opportunity for its profit.

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Materialist View of the Mind-body Problem Analysis

Unique and persistent individual patterns of brain activity across different memory retrieval tasks.He makes the point that in order to even begin to form an idea of what it is like to be a bat (or even another person) we must adopt their point of view.23, 557 – 578. .We could never know what it would really be like to be a bat because we could never share the same subjective experiences as them.Miller, M.B., Donovan, C. L., Sokol-Hessner, P., German, E., Van Horn, J.D., Wolford, G.L.

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