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Marketing Communication With E-Commerce

This research critically analyses e-commerce as principle form of marketing communication in context of different marketing channels.First aspect of marketing communication is market research through which various organisations identify the requirements of the market.Further author classify personal communication channels in three forms depending on the medium of communication as: .. Advocate channels uses sales person as principle form communication.Hence the researcher has chosen a blend marketing communication (marketing) and e-commerce (technical) as an area of the research.However the emergence of e-commerce had a huge impact on personal communication channel and in recent times e-mail’s are becoming principle form of personal mark...

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Marketing Literature Review Essay

Some major contributors to motivation theories are Abraham Maslow for the Hierarchy of needs theory, Douglas Mc Gregor for Theory X and Theory Y, Frederick Herzberg for Motivation-Hygiene Theory.IMC requires “integration and co-ordination of an organization’s many communication channels, such as advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and public relations and publicity, to deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message about the organization and its products” (Kotler, 2000).Nowadays companies need to use a wider range of communication tools and messages effectively by embracing Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).The harmonizing of integrated marketing must start with the planning process, by allowing adequate feedback a...

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Market analysis for Whitbread PLC

Communication occurs at two levels, in what is said and how it is interpreted.The network theory is a very important method of communication because it enables the planner to predict how information will move around a network, target those with wider networks, provides sophisticated channels to spread communications and it is also possible to change attitudes with the network becoming a change agent.(Windahl et al, 2009)This way of communication will help to launch and promote the environmental initiative for CSR as it is a very efficient way because of the mass media involved but also and society’s opinion mainly influence.This will be analyzed by the systems theory and two-step theory.Two step model combines interpersonal and mass comm...

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EBay’s Growth Strategies: An Analysis

Communication: organizational communication and interpersonal communication plays a vital role in effective change management.Conclusion: eBay was able to make a strong impact on the market in USA, UK, etc.Using the following table the best theory to use is Lippitt’s Phases of Change Theory.Interpersonal communication increases relationship between employees and management which is very important for an organization to sustaining change.Maintaining the Change: developing new strategies for marketing, like campaigns, advertisements about the organization and how the organization operates is very important for the organization.

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Team Leadership Essay

The people in my marketing team were analyzed on the Jungian 16-Type Personality test, and the personality types in my group are two ESTJs, one ISTJ, and one ENTJ.In conclusion, I believe that the teams of people that have been assigned to me as my marketing team are serendipitously set to be a powerful and effective team.In the case of my marketing team, including myself I have four personalities, which to work from to put together a marketing team that will work efficiently with one another.Being an Introvert does not necessarily mean that this person is shy; rather, being an Introvert usually just means that interpersonal communication takes more effort and energy to do effectively than Extroverts.Making sure that everyone knows his o...

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Integrated Marketing Communications

Holm (2002) found that 70-80 percent of relevant literature in the field of marketing communications during the 1990s is based on the linear, process-oriented perspective on communication theory.claim that the most important and fundamental level is that of vertical integration of objectives and activities and that no effective marketing communication objective can be formulated, which is not directly linked to specific marketing objectives and to relevant corporate objectives.(2003), “Critical times; an integrated marketing communication perspective”, paper presented at the First International Conference on Business Economics,.This has emphasized the need to adjust objectives and strategies to changing marketing and communication realit...

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Functionalism Of The Marx Conflict Theory Sociology Essay

Hence, this had cause misunderstanding and conflict rises between communication systems because of forbidden objectives or motif.However the sociologists have their own explanation towards economic order, Marx classifies that early centuries class of society conflicts and capitalists are the elements which monopolize the economic market.Groups of people from lower class like labour might not have the ability to join within the system hence it shows that in economic market only involves who are wealthy and able to invest into the market.From the above, conflicts of society had verified that communication of recent system theory still consist with on-going struggle.Double contingency discuss about the trouble of communication between parti...

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FedEx Corporation’s Strategic Management Case Study

According to Mello (2011), communication is a critical factor in the management of employees in FedEx.The level of precision in communication depends on the model of communication that is used by the organization.There are different models of communication that are adopted by the organization.Several strategies have been applied in the management of FedEx to help the company position itself in the market, in spite of the existing competition in the market.The dynamics entail the nature of goods and services that are delivered by the company, the change in the means of transport and communication to ensure efficiency in the delivery of goods, and the management of the customers and the employees at the same time.

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Brand Awareness Essay

“Do you so believe in what you’re creating that you would trademark it?” says Andrea Fitch, (president and CEO of Red Carpet Creations, Inc., and national president of the Society for Marketing Professional Services, both based out of Alexandria), Va. Really consider what kind of brand could represent the business through the next decade.With Satisficing, however, consumers might just evaluate apartments within a certain distance to their desired location, stopping when they found one that was “good enough.” This theory, though robust enough to encompass many of the shortcomings of Utility Theory, still left significant room for improvement in the area of prediction.The focus of this paper is to examine the major decision-making models, ...

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Advertising and Sales Essay

What do you understand by integrated marketing communication (IMC)?It includes managing customer relationships that drive brand value through communication efforts.The purpose of marketing cost analysis is to determine the profitability of sales control units, like market segments, sales territories and products.· Specify the combination of the five basic IMC tools – advertising, Personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing · Promotion mix can vary .“Public relation is the management function which evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an organization with the public interest and executes a program of action and communication to earn public understanding and acceptance.” The ...

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Marketing and Communications Strategy: Hackney Empire Theatre Essay

– Its threatening weakness could be its ‘ancient’ image, which could be a turn-off for young and innovative artists Thus, a marketing strategy that attracts this segment should be prepared .This explains why some effort of marketing through the mass media failed (Davis, 1981).From the considerations that have been revealed by the analysis tools, we can generate various effective marketing and advertising strategy, for example: passing away discount tickets, making an advertisement to local TV and radio shows, making a demo performance in nearby campuses, etc.In addition to the considerations made above, it is also critical that we understand the market enough to generate a marketing segmentation and positioning plan.Marketing segmentat...

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Corporate Communication Activities And Tools Marketing Essay

The firm in so doing is silently green marketing.Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 20(3): 357 – 370. .In understanding that communication complexity leads to more audience centred theories, we can choose to mention one general theory that runs supportively of corporate communication, the coordinated management of meaning.Corporate communication international (2003) Retrieved on 5th April 2010 from .While effecting this communication it’s vital to consider the stakeholder theory Freeman (1984, 1994) whereby the “stakeholder concerns are incorporated into strategic planning progresses, with stakeholders’ competing interests kept in balance.” .

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Effectiveness of Communication Arts’ Audio-Visual Presentation

This theory was applied to media areas such as marketing, advertising and consumer behavior and proves to be consistent and applicable to the vastly growing media and computer mediated environments most especially on web expertise, attitudes towards the website and trust in the internet.Elaboration is “the extent to which a person carefully thinks about isssue-relevant argumentscontain in a persuasive communication” Griffin, Em.A First Look at Communication Theory:8th Edition.New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.To highten the minds of the audiences the researchers decides to produce a persuasive audio visual presentation that is more relevant to the real life of Communication Arts community in Colegio de San Lorenzo.The researchers will also inclu...

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Advertising and Promotion

BPP Marketing (page 138-141) .Marketing management .The challenge for the marketing team is .For a marketing manager, the challenge is to understand how customers .Micro marketing is the process of individualising marketing, so that .

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Marketing communication of Pepsi toward customer perceptions

I will apply in-depth interview to collect data from Pepsi’s marketing department staff related sales promotion that they used and also involve other marketing strategy.As communication efforts become increasingly specialized in order to target fragmented audiences, the cost and inefficiency of marketing communications has increased, whilst the ability to measure campaign effectiveness has decreased (Pickton and Broderick, 2005).The main purpose of marketing communication is to find a balance in the customers’ mind, in order to achieve the highest demand from the customer such as increase benefits, reduce costs.In the last ten years, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) has become a powerful tool in the market field (Christensen et a...

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Marketing Communication in Benetton Evaluation Essay

In one communication, it would appeal to a segment of consumers only to lose them in another communication attempt.Thus, companies are able to embrace advertising as a cyclic process in their marketing communication strategy.Nan, X. and Faber, R.J. (2004) ‘Advertisement theory: Reconceptualising the building blocks’, Marketing Theory Articles, vol.Marketing communication policies.Strategic integrated marketing communications.

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Marketing Research and Promotional messages Essay

This means the marketing strategy should be built around safety.Innovative Marketing Communications: Strategies for the Events Industry .It is important to thinking about the marketing strategies when looking to change attitudes and bias options on products.When a company is looking to create a marketing communication message it is important to understand the type of consumer they are marketing towards.Looking at marketing communication it is important to consider the consumer you are targeting and their needs.

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The Importance Of Marketing Channels Marketing Essay

Second, the enterprise must understand the goals of internet marketing, such as establish the CI, show the products, develop the marketing space, investigate the feedback, improve the after-sale service etc.As the theory of marketing, traditional marketing theory means no internet technology impingement.1980s’ marketing is the revolution time of marketing, which was a part of contemporary marketing and a new beginning of marketing.Internet Marketing is best deployed as part of an overall strategic web marketing campaign, which should be viewed as a synergy of business models, platforms, technology and techniques applied to meet business objectives through good website marketing.The research theory of marketing began to be known to the so...

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Influence of Stakeholders in Contemporary Organisations Analytical Essay

The two channels include the management stakeholders’ ways of communication.The theory underscores the importance of direct communication with stakeholders.According to the communication theory, the tone used by the communicator may affect the people in the environment.The tone used in communication is an example of a strategy that can work positively for the focus organisation.On the contrary, it is a way of marketing an organisation.

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Leadership theories and models applied to TATA Communications

e) Path Goal theory: – this theory was coined by Robert House.These assumptions/views were explored in his theory X and theory Y. .This theory is called Theory X and Theory Y. .Ability to steer business proactively anticipating market developments.1) Personality Trait theory: – As per this theory, leaders stand apart from non-leaders in terms of some personality traits which are unique.

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Strategic Communication in Public Relations Expository Essay

The overall aim of any marketing communication should be to make consumers learn the availability of the brand and accept it and know its reality (Weilbacher, 2003).The behaviorist theory, when applied to advertising and PR, removes clutter, repetition, and skepticism in marketing communication.The theory helps to eliminate confusion that could arise when advertisements are categorized together with other forms of marketing communication, like public relations, by being distinct about the meaning of advertisements.I found the behaviorist theory to be the most reliable posit for use when making interpretations and implementations of marketing communication strategies.The impact of the theory on strategic communication is that it compels r...

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Globalization Has Meant That the Local Is No Longer Important Argumentative Essay

Firms have realized the importance of social media marketing in the current competitive market.Communication- a core component of globalization- is a very important weapon in the political arena.This has seen a number of firms embrace marketing using such media as Facebook, Tweeter, and YouTube among others.The social media and other communication systems have changed the social way of life of people around the world.Political leaders use this communication channels to pass their message to the followers.

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The Implications Of Media De Westernization Media Essay

Although there is an increasing marketization in China’s media, “there is no clear and unequivocal evidence of ‘progress towards market reform’.However, there are interesting links between globalization and de-westernization in the field of media and communication.The 1990s saw a decline of cultural imperialism paradigm in the field of media and communication.In the field of media and communication, the United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) plays an essential rule.And China’s dominant media contents in political communication remain to be anti-foreignness, culturalism and nationalism in the Chinese language of politics (Rawnsley and Rawnsley, 2006).

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The Tenets of a Successful Advertising Campaign: Understanding the Role of Good Ideas & Creative Minds Essay

As observed by Stern (1996b), this theory seeks to move away from the primacy traditionally accorded to formal analysis of textual properties and elements toward a more integrated and holistic approach of the interaction process that puts much focus on the targeted audience rather than the advertising message and/or executional strategy to coincide with mounting interest in consumer culture theory, brand communities, and the novel service dominant logic of marketing.These multiple marketing communications are not only intrusive to consumers, but the high level of exposure is perceived to contribute towards circumscribing their moral development.Overall, the tenets of successful marketing campaign discussed in this paper can be used to de...

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How Can Managers Adopt Marketing Orientation Successful?

How is the whole organisation involved in marketing?There are a number of forms in which communication can be passed on and this can be in the form of speech, writing, data communications, actions and gestures.With marketing orientation, its best asset is that rather than production process being the main target, its actually the needs of the customer.Here again, it shows how important communication is filtered in a way that all is understood and carried out successfully.Also the term horizontal communication is similar but the workforce has an input where they can suggest their area of work can be improved.

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Consumer Behaviour Theory Analysis In Nokia And Motorola Marketing Essay

Analysis of various factors pertinent to a nation and its individuals assists the company in its further marketing decisions for marketing their mobile handsets (Schiffman, Kanuk & Wisenblit, 2009).In the direction of claiming its benefit the company also make use of higher-up advertising and marketing techniques that in turn help in gaining competitive advantage in spite of its competitors (Nokia Leads Change through Continuous Learning, 2003).This model assists the company in marketing its handsets in the present competitive environment.The identification of cultural, social, personal and psychological factors that affect Nokia’s consumer behaviour assist it in all of its further marketing practices like segmentation, positioning a...

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Importing And Exporting

.. Heckscher Ohlin theory is some what different from absolute advantage and comparative advantage theory since it emphasizes only on the production factors in which the company has expertise and from that produce the goods.The sale of services and goods into the foreign market is difficult for them rather serving the domestic market.Comparative advantage theory is the extension of absolute advantage theory which stated that a country should produce only those items in which it has expertise and specialization for the purpose of developing the comparative advantage in terms of resources.Customers can now interact with the suppliers due to the recent development is the communication technology has improved the way of purchasing goods, si...

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Product Life Cycle Theory Essay

How they (Oligopolies Corporation) get the market domination, face the competition, maintain and raise their market domination, increase their economic scale into a big business and further how they can reach the market power as global company.Transformation from H-O theory to PLC theory .e) There is an effective communication need between producer and consumer in the development of new product stage.Assumptions Comparison between H-O theory and PLC Theory .PLC theory as a dynamic trading theory can explain these three areas: a) Reality of pattern and direction of international trade which is domination of developed country with rich of capital.

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The Effectiveness of Public Relations and Relationship Marketing to the Successful Promotion of Winbeldon Championships Essay

This is referred to as the relationship marketing and is aimed at achieving the objective of creating customer loyalty for products offered by the company, interaction between the company and the market it serves, and the retention of the market share commanded by the company (Botan and Taylor 2004).‘Bridging Two Schools of Thought: Applications of Public Relations Theory to Political Marketing’.‘Symmetrical Communication: Excellent Public Relations or a Strategy for Hegemony?’ Journal of Public Relations Research.Vol 17 No.It also supports the views of the asymmetric theory on the assertion of the idea that public policies and ideas should stand in the market place on their own based on merit.Transferring Effects of CSR Strategy on Cons...

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Strategic Management Approaches For Managing Change

Etisalat’s diversification uses strategic alliances with global suppliers, which helps expand to international markets, yet decreases communication internally .Qualitative research methods also use narrative interviews, grounded theory, participant observation, ethnographic interviews, log books and diaries, phenomenography, ethnography and thick descriptions (Jankowicz, 2007, 118-134) (Kelly, 2006, 118-129).Kraus (2008) feels global change management must include identifying obstacles in employee attitudes and behavior to create stronger information and communication strategies (Golding, 2008, 82-104) (Hiatt, 2003, 55-68).The progression in the chart shows how in research methodology, deductive reasoning is a top-down approach that goes...

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