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Film Music: Gabriel Oboe (From the movie “Mission”) Essay

Bird__ C.  Oboe .Grandfather__ A. Flute .Match the correct instrument to each character in “Peter and the wolf”.How does the music have the power to communicate with people and changing people’s minds?Write a short poem or a short story and choose an instrument then improvise a short musical piece that connects the poem or short story.

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Reasons Why It Is Necessary for Non-Music Students Can Appreciate Classical Music

Just like the first music of this concert-長城, this music was introduced by conductor.Classical music could be created by mixing different ways or styles so that it expresses lots of emotion and feeling and you may get plenty of meaning, message and feeling from it.Moreover, classical music would give you plenty of space for your critical thinking, which means you could define which music is good or bad.After this concert, I started thinking why I should appreciate classical music because the music concert I heard was talking about classical music.As everyone knows, serious music is not easy to understand for some people who are not talented in music or not always listening serious music.

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Music is a ubiquitous companion to people’s everyday lives

On the other hand, rock music also helps the mood regulation by dancing to the rhythm of the rock music.Rock music is a form of music which is a combination of rock and roll and a pop music.A Smith and Larry W. Morris of Middle Tennessee State University had researched that EDM music or any kind of non-lyrical electronic music has a positive influence on our cognitive functions of the brain.Music has now become a part of people’s everyday lives, that’s why some students tend to listen to music even while studying.According to a report in the journal Neuroscience of Behavior and Physiology (Pavlygina RA et al., 1999), a person\’s ability to recognize visual images, including letters and numbers, is faster when either rock or classical mus...

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Killings vs. in the Bedroom Essay

The majority of movies use music to help bring out what the scene is about but this movie didn’t do that and it worked.If you want the audience to feel sadness while watching a particular scene there would be sad music in the background.Many scenes showing Matt Fowler and his wife’s marriage falling apart were silent and the absence of background music made those scenes powerful.One of the qualities of the film that I thought was very clever was how Director Todd Field chose to not use any background music.In the short story she said to him “Did you do it?

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An Analysis of the Cinema of Short Films

Best Animated Short Film Award Best Documentary Short Subject Award Best Live Action Short Film Sundance Film Festival .Through this dissertation, I aim to explore the world of short films in the context of movies which have won the Cannes Short Film Palme d’Or(French:Palme d’Or du court métrage), which is the highest prize given to a short film at the Cannes Film Festival.Once the man realizes that it is a wrong number that he has dialed, the music stops playing in the background.The short film starts off with light summery music with nothing clear on the camera but a blur.At the same time there is light music that comes in as the girl runs towards the noise she heard and the music becomes much louder as the girl sees her mother lyi...

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Music Censorship Essay

Next, I want to talk about who regulates the censorship of music and this includes the PMRC and the Recording Industry Association of America, or the RIAA for short.The RIAA regulated the censorship of music before the PMRC started, but the did not give any kind of standards, criteria or guidelines for determining which albums should be labeled and which albums should not be labeled.First , I want to talk about what decides if music should be censored and this includes parents and corporations.This was a revolution in music history and changed the music industry forever.Some of the parents liked the lyrics and music that their children listened to, while others did not.

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The Movie On the Waterfront Essay

The music has rapidity and suspense that leads you to think that something bad is about to happen.At the beginning I did not take much interest in it because I was confused of what was happening and why it was happening.After reviewing it with the class the beginning made sense, so the second time I was more focused on the movie than the first time where I was just in blank about it.The camera movements would be between Joey and Terry when they are talking about a plan to convince everyone he really is dead.I am not a big fan of black and white movies.

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Human And Computer Information Processing

Many researchers, such as Rauscher, have supported the idea of the “Mozart effect,” in which instrumental music enhances the performances of tasks (particularly tasks related to spatial reasoning).The instrumental music can cause problems with short-term memory and also verbal tasks if the instrumental music also is associated with words.Even if the words are not present in the real music, the instrumental music that is associated with words can damage short-term memory.Furthermore, Sarah Roy of Missouri Western State University pointed out that previous research on the topic of instrumental music and short-term memory has not explored the concept that some genres of music actually may provide an environment that aids in memory recall.An...

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Narrative Poetry Essay

In fact, any time you turn on a radio, you can hear narrative poetry on nearly any radio station.For example, short stories have characters, a setting, a conflict, and a clear beginning, middle and end.Songs are simply poems set to music, and the songs that tell stories are narrative poems set to music.Narrative poems have many similarities to short stories.The best place to see or hear narrative poetry today would be in songs.

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One Day In September Essay

When the credits finish the music changes back to the calm, peaceful music as before and the audience see slides of what appears to be a happy couple’s marriage.The shot then changes to a prisoner however you cannot see his face, the sound then changes into tension building music to create suspense between the audience and this prisoner this also shows us black and white images of were he lives over these shots the prisoner goes directly into who he is and describes his past and his training.The sound then changes to an upbeat ‘feel good’ song showing clips of the Olympics which confuses the audience slightly to what went wrong.A woman is narrating over these short clip and goes straight in to talking past tense saying ‘It was only a yea...

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The Effects of Genre of Music on Memory Retention

Future experiments should continue to explore the effects of genre of music on memory retention of an individual to know if a certain genre of music has a significant effect on cognitive processes of an individual.The first group imagined the study words while listening to George Frideric Handel’s “Water Music.” The second group read the study words while listening to the same music as group 1, and the third group used no music at all.High scores are in the classical music group while low scores are in the rock music group.From this data, researchers extrapolated that listening to any kind of music can aid memory, provided it’s a type of music you enjoy.The scores made by the classical music group has a mean score of 21.93 while the scor...

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The Effects Of Music On Memory Psychology Essay

Subjects are required to put on their headphones and adequate volume of baroque music, which is tuned at 60beats per minute, is played.In another word, experiment was conducted without any music or in silence.Music was first played for 30 seconds to relax the subjects’ mind before proceeding with the experiment.Constant: types of music, sets of items to memorise .. Fifty subjects who are within the range of 18 to 23 years old were chosen to be involved in the experiment conducted.A new set (set 2) of 30 items in pictorial form was then given to the subjects to memorise while the music was still playing and with their earphones on.

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Debussy; 20th Century Impressionism

· This source has a small section on the instruments used in impressionistic music, I will then be able to write about how these instruments give the effect that they do in both of Debussy’s works.For nearly the entire history of Western music, chords had been used to build and relieve tension, thus giving the music a sense of direction.This source also provides an example of how music and art can link together.· This source is good as it explains what new devices Debussy had inputted into his music.* This source explains about Impressionism but talks about what impressionist music does not include and what makes it different.

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The Effects of Music Genres and Gender on Memory Retention

These are the four conditions that didn’t have a significant difference on memory recall: no music while studying and being tested, with music for both situations, no music while studying and with music while being tested, and with music while studying and without music while being tested.The significant difference of unfamiliar radio music played classically (URMPC) from the other two suggests that listening to unfamiliar classical music is preferable for people who like listening to music while studying.Harmon and Sandberg’s (2005) study about the effects of popular music on memorization tasks didn’t yield their expected result that music impairs memorization and recall instead they came up with an unexpected finding that women recalle...

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Musical Theatre Essay

The music must be well written and actors have to be accomplished singers.The show is all about the music as in, the music is the main focus and everything else in the production is secondary.Operetta’s music is lighter than operatic music.It is “Total Music”, they do not speak at all, even in conversations.Musical Revue is a type of multi act theatrical enter­tain­ment that uses any combination of music, dance and sketches.

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How background music effects short term memory

Demonstration of a musical irrelevant sound effect to testify the phonological loop hypothesis thus requires a vocal (music that is more speech-like) and non-vocal background music (music that is less speech-like) condition.While the optimal music tempo condition in serial recall performance has not yet been fully known, in order to examine this arousal effect, the serial recall performance along the range of music tempo is needed for further study.They are vocal-slow music, vocal-fast music, non-vocal slow music, non-vocal fast music, silence and pink noise.The result showed fast-paced music, even though containing a larger amount of acoustic variations, was not more disruptive than slow-paced music.Nonetheless, combining the results of...

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Effects Of Background Music On Short Term Memory Psychology Essay

By showing that an equivalent non-vocal version of music failed to produce any significant impairment, our study therefore elucidates the cause of this damaging effect of vocal music is due to its vocal content.They are vocal-slow music, vocal-fast music, non-vocal slow music, non-vocal fast music, silence and pink noise.In regard to this inconsistent finding, future research should study the effects of instrumental music in more comprehensively through examining and comparing the effects of different kinds of instrumental music on serial recall performance.As the present study removed vocals from vocal music to reconstruct the otherwise equivalent version of non-vocal music, it might well because of this procedure also removed the sub-s...

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Walt Disney’s Fantasia

What Stokowski was trying to say was that music and animation should be used side by side one another.Fantasia incorporates the use of sound, music, and animation.Creating a proper balance between a movie and its music can be very difficult.Before a segment’s narrative pattern was complete, an overall color scheme was designed to the general mood of the music and was patterned to correspond with the change in subject matter.Music should be able to express every day events.

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Music Therapy Essay

Psychiatrist and music therapist Ira Altshuler, MD promoted music therapy in Michigan for three decades.Endorphins triggered by music listening and music-making provide a kind of natural pain relief, where dopamine leads to feelings of buoyancy, optimism, energy and power.No one knows all the ways music can benefit the body, but studies have shown that music can affect brain waves, brain circulation, and stress hormones.I was going to pick a few of these and talk about them but, all in all, music therapy helps so many people that I will talk about the overall outcome of what music therapy does for everyone I have listed: Children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly with mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, Alzh...

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Race and ethnicity Essay

It may be expressed through music, literature, and even in humor.“Entertainment” is another function that allows listeners enjoyment of the music.K-pop main function of music is entertainment.For instances, one of a function of music may “contribute to the continuity and stability of culture”.This function of music allows the listeners to connect back to their culture and their past.

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Vincent by Tim Burton

Burton also uses music as the ambience to give a picture of how adults’ sense of reality seems right and the child’s imagination seems bizarre.When Vincent indulged in his preference for Vincent Price and bats and spiders, the music begins to change to organ music, from simple to richer tune.Although the short story is mainly occupied with the portrayal of Vincent and his obsession with the activities that involve the darker side, Burton is able to bring in the contrast of the adults’ sense of dominion and the child’s powerlessness.Burton also exaggerates by extending Vincent’s short time in his room to “years of isolation” and Vincent’s only expression in “I am possessed by this house, and can never leave it again”.He wrote the short an...

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The Origin of American Music

Some older people look down on this, but I think music gives teens a sense of who they are, the kind of music you listen to shows who you are.Certain kinds of music will die but the concept of music will never end.Many people love to dance, but without music you couldn't dance.For example heavy metal music will make you feel differently than classical music will make you feel.People use music for many different things, like for instance dancing.

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The Orff Schulwerk Approach To Music Education Education Essay

Comparing both learning-processes and building on the knowledge we have from language learning, a child should start listening to music, then imitating the music and later in life the child will learn how to interpret the symbols used in written form.“This means that, when a child is young, he is similar to a primitive human being – at least musically – in that both are naive and rely primarily on natural rhythms and movement to make music.” Although this theory has not been very widely accepted by most music educators, this is where the Orff method of teaching music begins.” Elemental music is never just music.“Where traditional Music Education dictates that a child must learn to read music right away in order to be a self-guided and i...

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Music Appreciation Essay

Figured bass is a musical notation using numbers to indicate chords, intervals, and other aspects in relation to the bass note of the music and basso continuo is the harmony of the music itself.Why do you think this composer was an influential figure in Baroque music?How would you describe Baroque music?What aspects of the music lead you to this emotion or feeling?To me, baroque music is highly eccentric and decorative; extremely difficult and concise, yet beautiful all at the same time.

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Suspense in “The Birds” (comparison of the book and the film)

In conclusion, I found the movie to be more suspenseful then the short story.The music becomes slow and spooky when an important event is going to happen.Also, in the short story, the army steps in to try and help fight off the birds.The short story concludes with the characters getting more supplies from the Trigg’s.The movie was more suspenseful for me than the short story.

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Music Essay - America Needs Rap and Hip Hop

Hip-hop is constantly attacked in the music world.Those who stick to the conventional definition of music argue that Hip-hop has no melody, and that since there is no singing it isn't true music.Rap music is an important cultural phenomenon that represents a part of society that, after many years, has found a voice.Despite some of the controversial elements of hip-hop, rap music is an essential tool for the African- American community's search for identity.Many music critics argue that rap is not a valid form of music.

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Music And Its Effects On Society Essay example

For instance, students who suffer from unsatisfactory coordination skills can be made to bang a drum in time with the rhythm of a song, dancing, likewise, improves coordination and increases the ability to handle stressful situations in loud environments.Few realize the true extent to which they are impacted by music; its applications vary from media exposure in advertisements to personal entertainment.Music is effective as a prompt and reinforcer to increase verbal response in preschool-age children with limited verbal communication” (musictherapy.org)....] enhanced sensory-motor skills.” Therefore, music therapy can be useful in a variety of ways.“Musical presentation of new vocabulary words results in an increased number of words lea...

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Music During The Classical Period Essay

* Melody Balanced and symmetrical patterns form well-defined, usually short musical phrases that give listeners a sense of regularity.Music from the Classical period is characterized by balance, simplicity, and logic which make it easy to understand.In music, it indicates the music written from about 1750 to 1825.* Harmony Classic music used mostly straightforward progressions that keep harmony simple, logical, and yet elegant.Balance and order were two of the most important qualities of the music of this period.

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You Rock My World Essay

Unbreakable was never released as a single / music video after Sony Music's decision to stop promoting Invincible only three months after its release.Like many other Michael Jackson music videos, this one takes the form of a short film based on a script by Michael Jackson and Paul Hunter.Michael didn't want to release You Rock My World as the first single and music video from the album, preferring the title Unbreakable.There is also a bootleg salsa remix by DJ Berna Jam, popular with fans of this type of music.There is a short film version and a music video version, the second being the shorter.

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Music vs. Book Essay

We will listen to the music we love countless times over the course of our lives.On the contrary, music doesn’t answer questions by itself.The nature and kind of music defines that what type of message they render on the youngster.Music are more passion and emotional than books.It exists in an extraordinarily wide array of genres and styles like vocal music (song, choral music, and opera), solo instrumental, chamber, orchestral, band and etc.

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