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Religious Fundamentalism Essay

On the flip side, western influence is not the only factor that leads to the rise of religious fundamentalism as the effect of globalisation also plays a part in creating religious groups.Therefore, due to the failure of modernization it actually leads to the rise of religious fundamentalism.However, the effects of globalisation and the failure of modernization also is one of the factors in the rise of religious fundamentalism.US supports for the mujahedeen in the Afghan war also lead to the rise of the religious fundamentalism.In conclusion, Western influence plays a big role in the rise of religious fundamentalism.

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The Strict Obedience of Fundamentalism Essay

It is also known to be associated with a forceful attack on outside threats to their own religious culture and beliefs.The term fundamentalism derives a religious affiliation in coherence to a set of very complex beliefs.Their burnings and physical abuse that they caused were not only to frighten and warn their enemies but to also show their devotion and overall worship to Jesus Christ.Since the beginning of Christian Fundamentalism there has been many interactions between religion and militancy.To say Religious fundamentalism is always totalitarian may give some false pretenses.

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The Fundamentalism And Caste Conflict Phenomenons Religion Essay

However, there is an attempt made in this paper to find out firstly, what fundamentalism means, secondly how fundamentalism becomes the base for Casteism; thirdly how Casteism paved the way for different conflicts; and finally, this paper deals with the Pastoral Response from the Pastoral Care and Counselling perspective to the caste conflict situation, which emerged from fundamentalism.Whereby, the existence of Caste system demonstrates that the root of the Casteism comes from the Indian religious traditions and Hindu philosophy.For which Augsburger suggests that “the mediators seek progressively sharpen their basic skills of empathy, active listening, sensitivity to needs of parties, sense of timing, verbal and non-verbal communication...

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Religious vows Essay

Primarily, these emphasized other aspects of religious life without mentioning the three fundamental commitments which nevertheless remain implicitly contained in all religious consecration (see below).But in the main religious rules of ancient and medieval origin, there was no question of this trilogy yet.This way of life is generally explained by the religious rule given by orders and religious congregations, and which is adapted to modern times by customaries.Religious vows refer to the public commitment by which a man or woman promises to follow the precepts of a religion.The two main ones are the superior and the ruler of the religious institute.

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Common Practices in Religion Essay

Different religious feelings that are often experienced whenever the practice is taking place.This explains why there is no single approach as to what entails religious practices.Such a situation would totally erode the gains made in the religious world today and also lead to mass confusion among the staunch religious followers.The mainstream religious groups attract millions of followers, which is an indication of just how strong religious faith is.In some religious groups, members engage in incarnations and a sense of adoration.

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Islamic fundamentalism: Causes, History and Effects

Only Muslim intellectuals would comprehend the failure of modernity’s projects and the return to religious fundamentalism as part of a postmodern outlook.Jeff Hayness (1999) also asserts that religious fundamentalists, feeling that their way of life is under threat in the modern world, aims to reform society in accordance with religious tenets, to change laws, morality, social norms and sometimes the political configurations of their country.From the definitions above, fundamentalism is seen as a radical reaction to the new social world (modernity) to the purity and originality of religious fundamentals and morality of a certain religion or faith.The same contact could also eventually result in secularization or liberalization, as contac...

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Religious Rejections of Globalization

According to Stahl, religious complaints against globalization focus on two main themes: the demand for justice and the defense of tradition (Stahl 339).In defense of tradition, he claims that globalization is a competing form of religious organization that seeks to promote material realities and economic values over moral principles (Stahl 341).Despite this, few western scholars consider Christian fundamentalism a real threat to the stability of their nations as they wrongly believe that the most dangerous face of fundamentalism is to be associated with Muslim faith.The re-emergence of religious fundamentalism as a political force has been propelled by the perceived threat of globalization which promotes the spread of Westernization, ne...

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Middle East Conflict example

On the other hand, Islamic terrorism is a form of religious terror, which propagates violence and jihad (holy war).In addition to such a popular term, widely used in Islamic literature, there is the term Islamic fundamentalism, which refers to the positions of exclusively those Islamists who propose to return to the origins, the foundation of Islam, and adhere to the literal and a narrow understanding of the Quran.Middle East Conflict The notions of Islamism, Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic-Jihadi terrorism are often used as interchangeable in the Western discourse.One should not confuse the concepts of Islamism (political Islam) and Islamic fundamentalism.The latter is a religious phenomenon, which means strict adherence to the rules...

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Fundamentalism & Globalization

Or, religious authority might offer a positive good such as eternal life, nirvana, utopian community, perfect health, great wealth, or other valued states (Chaves, 1994).The “goods” to which a religious authority structure controls access might be deliverance from sickness, meaninglessness, poverty, desire, sin, or other undesirable conditions.New religious movements continue to arise; older movements like Pentecostalism and Mormonism are expanding; religious fundamentalisms thrive throughout the world; and, at least in the U.S., substantial segments of the population continue to say they believe in God and continue to participate in orthodox organized religion  (Chaves, 1994).And to expand upon that, they tend to assume they contain the...

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The Impact of Christian Fundamentalism on American Politics Essay

Christianity is not only thriving in the modern world, it has even spawned an influential religious, social and political movement called Christian Fundamentalism.It can also be explained through the enduring legacy of the Puritans and the religious refugees who came here from Europe hoping build a Christian nation.Stephen Haseler who is an outsider (a European analyst) can provide an unbiased view of Fundamentalism and he made this remark concerning the subject matter: For some time, Christian Fundamentalism had been informing aspects of US foreign policy.And in 2003, the US government … criticized the President of France after he announced plans to ban the wearing of ostentatious religious symbols…” (2005, p. .It would be impossible ...

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Context of Islam and Buddhist Fundamentalism Essay

At its most basic aspect fundamentalism implies attention to the religious fundamentals.In relation to this Heston claims that Marty and Appleby considers fundamentalism as offering a specific “reading of certain texts of the history [a particular] religion and peoples…hence fundamentalism appeals frequently…on sacred space that provides a concrete focus” (131).First, it is to be seen as characterized by the rationalization of authority, and the replacement of a large number of traditional, religious, familial, and ethnic political authorities by a single, secular, national political authority.Such a depiction of fundamentalism with the emphasis on its religious character as well as its aim of reconsecration fails to consider that fundam...

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European effect on American-Indian cultures and religion in the 17th century Essay

8 The fatal implications of the Europeans in the England were the revolutionary landmark of renaissance which saw various structures including religious and political autonomy.The surging Europeans in New England brought a great drive of religious awakening.The nonconformity concept was alleged to the influence of religious development to the impact of preventing conscience liberty to think and do as people’s wishes.This was a revolution and renaissance adjudication which was perhaps rejuvenating the traditionalism and the religious backwardness operating within the societal structures of American Indians.Through their implications, civilization and renaissance which was characterized by change in the religious, political and economic ba...

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Effects of Global Unsecuralization

Fundamentalist religious groups embracing millenarian traditions pose a significant threat because they believe in the need to provoke a religious apocalypse to usher a new age of peace for humanity.This forceful imposition of religious practices is problematic even within members of the same religious community as some of them seek a more moderate approach to their religious beliefs while others wish to go back to purest form of religious practices.Unsecular movements also represent a problematic development domestically for multi-ethnic states that have diverse religious populations because they seek to impose certain religious practices publicly over others.Where secularism allows for the tolerant practice of multiple religious practi...

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Islamic Fundamentalism

” In order to understand and support or refute this quote by Dr. Paul Orogun, it is necessary to look at the causes, goals and mechanisms embedded in religious fundamentalism, as well as the similarities and differences between it and other similar ideologies such as ethnonationalism and Liberation theology.It is this collection of characteristics that form the foundation and lay out the goals for the ideology of religious fundamentalism.In order to understand the magnitude and power of Islamic religious fundamentalism, it is helpful to compare it to other similar ideologies, like Liberation Theology and Ethnonationalism.These are the mechanisms by which religious fundamentalism survives and is implemented as an ideology.It is different ...

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Fundamentalism Essay

Fundamentalism seeks to justify a conception of the world responding to a need for intellectual and existential security, recognition of identity or to ensure the prevalence of political, community or religious power.For example, there will be a radicalism of argument and hostility to the contrary; and a heteronomy manifested by dogmatic statements or the use of authoritative arguments.This word does not systematically refer to religious fundamentalisms.The term “fundamentalism” comes from Christian fundamentalism.The various fundamentalisms therefore have as a matrix the general characteristics of Christian fundamentalism to which we must refer to understand them as a whole.

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Psychology of Prejudice

p. 262) In conclusion, although almost all religions teach that we ought to love all people regardless of race or sexual preference, more  tour religious views and not those who we look at as in violation of those beliefs.So, it can’t be said that religion causes prejudice or vice versa.They have a real faith in their religious teachings and genuinely want to follow It.These findings upset religious leaders and psychology of eligion researchers of that faith because of the stigma of, what Is essentially, being labeled as racist and homophobic in todays society.In describing the relationship between religious Involvement and prejudice.

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Religious Fundamentalism

Sinhala-Buddhist fundamentalism is a main cause of the violence between Sinhalese and Tamils.Fundamentalism involves adherence to a specific and basic set of doctrines.Religious fundamentalism, in all its forms, can easily be found across the wide array of literature available for research today.Although fundamentalism espouses that one must actively repel anything going against the doctrines it holds sacred, perhaps this should be reduced to defensive stance.Examples of articles and material on religious fundamentalism that are most common include discussion of its history, basic definitions, opinions and criticisms, and most of all, instances wherein specific religions practicing fundamentalism have gone to extreme methods for their ca...

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The Morality of Atheism Essay

Bigotry and prejudice are moral evils, whether masked in racial, ethnic, or religious antics.A great number of individuals lead a morally good life precisely because of their religious commitments.The principal problem with a divinely-based moral system is most obvious with respect to religious fundamentalism.As a result, religious fundamentalism provides a breeding ground for arrogance, hatred, and intolerance.Theologians have attempted to justify their religious preferences based on an appeal to the bible.

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Solutions to religious intolerance in Nigeria: implication to national development Essay

Religious Intolerance and Education in Nigeria Several causes of religious violence has been identified in some literature such as (Agwu 2009; Gofwen 2004; Salawu 2010, Iwara 2006, Kwaja 2009; Omotosho 2003, Sanusi 2009).A cursory look at all these factors reveals religious intolerance, fundamentalism and extremism.Education helps to liberate the minds of religious adherents of all dogmas that tend to generate and create intolerance, fundamentalism and extremism.It is indeed the fear for the liberation of the masses from religious fundamentalism and bigotry that could be achieved through .Religious intolerance it could be argued is the outcome of the way that religious education is taught.

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The Free Exercise Of Religion Essay

These conflicts mainly arise when a business wants to refuse service to a customer because their business request goes against their religious beliefs.Religious freedom laws are the best way to ensure free religious exercise prevails in the workplace, protecting the constitutional rights for all business owners and their customers.Allowing the government regulatory power over the religious actions of private businesses jeopardizes the concept of religious liberty, endangering the First Amendment by mixing church and state.Private businesses have no legal obligation to keep religious beliefs and work separate, leading to conflicts between business engagements and religious practices.Allowing businesses to refuse service based on religious...

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Treatment of the Women Throughout the History and Cultures

Religious Fundamentalism Threatens Women.The development towards withdrawal and denial of women rights in the region through legal and political influence has been indicated to have its basis in the religious fundamentalism and the support of these tendencies by governments.Although religious fundamentalism is not directly sponsored in India which is implied to be a secular nation, emphasis or support of communalism in the country may be viewed as religious fundamentalism because the ideas of communalism view that people have common political, economic and social interest because they share a particular common religion (Amrita, n.d.).Religious fundamentalism ideologies may cause a country to adopt laws that not only physically or directl...

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Islam and Islamic Fundamentalism Essay

Only this time, these forces happen to be bonded by their common allegiance to the Islamic faith and their pursuit for self-determination.It also entails an examination of the role of gender and class in the creation of socially acceptable standards for religious adherence and how attitudes and preconceived notions of religiosity affect the individual and collective decision to engage in hostile and violent religious activities.Thus, while religious fundamentalism may superficially appear to be the product of Islam’s teaching, Hashemi argues that it is the general tendency of extremists to take things literally; referring to the latter’s justification of violent actions as the “holy war” or jihad.Likewise, the rapid urbanization and mode...

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Jihad In The Eyes Of The West Religion Essay

A religious place used as a base of operations may invite a counter-attack.If the enemy realizes the danger and the mistake of using a religious place as a base, and changes the battle-front, then Muslims must conform to the change.In warfare immunity is to be afforded to all religious rites and observances.To attack religious places and to destroy them or to do any kind of harm to them is absolutely forbidden.If the enemy spares the places where religious ceremonies are held, then Muslims also must desist from fighting in such places.

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Assignment On The Fundamental Rights

The Right to Freedom of Religion, covered in Articles 25-28, provides religious freedom to all citizens and ensures a secular state in India.The Cultural and Educational rights, given in Articles 29 and 30, are measures to protect the rights of cultural, linguistic and religious minorities, by enabling them to conserve their heritage and protecting them against discrimination.The State is also empowered to regulate any economic, political or other secular activity associated with religious practice.Article 26 guarantees all religious denominations and sects, subject to public order, morality and health, to manage their own affairs in matters of religion, set up institutions of their own for charitable or religious purposes, and own, acqu...

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Importance in the Handmaid’s tale Essay

Religion is presents the main strengths that Gilead uses to control the different positions and is used as a justification method.In addition to this the fact that women had no way of checking shows they have no access to bibles therefore another practical part of religion is not in practise.Weather that is religious faith in the religion she has come to hate or alternatively it may be faith in herself that she can survive even in this time of dyer.” The fact that Gilead has made up new parts of the bible shows the leader have used fundamentalism as an excuse for the creation of the regime.Inside Gilead biblical and religious references act as fundamental laws and polices towards the controlling regime of Gilead.

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Essay on Beliefs Taken to the Extremes

From the Inquisition, to suicide bombers in Israel, to the fighting in Ireland, to the recent events at the World Trade Center religious beliefs taken to extremes have been seen.Because of their blatant hate and ignorance the Religious Right shows their true views and their anti-family agenda.What the Religious Right preaches is nothing more than Anti-Freedom, Anti-family rhetoric that threatens to undermine the very fabric of the American family, in all its forms.Through movements, organizations, and people the Religious Right wishes to impose its belief system upon us, the American people.One such group is the Religious Right.

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Religious Experience is Nothing but Fantasy Essay

William James set out specific criteria for a religious experience.In conclusion, not every criticism levelled against religious experience is sound.James based in conclusions in part on Pragmatism; the doctrine that truth is the acceptable conclusion for whomever concerned; in this sense, religious experiences are very much ‘true’ to the believer.The above criticism to religious belief was proposed by Sigmund Freud; who thought that the origin of relig exp (religious experience) is rooted in the unconscious and that they are a product of eschewed psychosexual development.And if we reject most religious experiences, then those remaining must be of the same psychological nature so they too can be dismissed as fantasy.

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Religion and Politics Essay

This is why it is not only the right but the responsibility of religious leaders, and of lay people in religious communities for whom this tradition is the basis of their lives, to remind those in power of this vision and to do so in such a way that the pretentiousness which is often present in kings and emperors and in public policy makers is punctured.In Zimbabwe for instance, the political leadership of Mugabe has been greatly criticized for negatively impacting social and religious aspects of the country; the choice of such a country for this study would therefore provide a very interesting analytical angle for the research.I would therefore select at least 5 countries from each continent and do an in-depth analysis of the various re...

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Similarities between Christianity and Shinotoism

In most occasions, this pathway gives the follower a way for them to live a godly existence that will ultimately bring them closer to Him.When the fundamental principles of both Christianity and Shintoism are look at in detail, the general petition of each of the religions seems to come from a more widespread plan of action for an individual.Undoubtedly, a person craving to comprehend the spiritual and the religious has served as the drive for the sustained expansion and progression of religious communication.A large amount of followers are occupied in the ‘offer a meal movement,’ which is basically when a person skips a meal on a monthly basis and instead donates his or her money to their religious institution for worldwide liberation a...

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Essay on A Clash Between The Government And Religion

What laws should the government be able to make which result in impeding or allowing certain religious acts?The amount of court cases where different religious groups are involved are showing up less often, which shows the successful integration of the laws set by the government into these different religious groups.This will definitely help the members of those religious groups because they will not have to choose what authority to be faithful to, because the laws made by the government will not interfere with their religious practices.One, giving too much power to one religion, which would anger and limit the members of religious minorities, and two, prohibiting actions and rituals that some churches deem really important and necessary...

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