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The impact of SATs

In the same way that the approach to SATs depends on the individual school, the level and the inclination of the impact depends on the individual child, and their individual level of aptitude, dedication, self-belief and resolve.However, from the outset, SATs have attracted considerable criticism in the media, not only from teachers and parents, but also from education researchers and government officials (Yarker, 2003).This limits a holistic approach to their education, as this teaching method revolves around memory and repetition, rather than skills and application.Consequently, the rest of the primary curriculum subjects, especially art, music and physical education (Webb, 2006) may not have as much time devoted to them.Although the e...

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Effects of School Funding on Student Academic Achievement

Regressing SAT scores against per pupil expenditures on primary and secondary education and percentage of high school students who took the SAT .I hypothesised at the beginning of the study that per capita expenditures on primary and secondary education would have a significant effect on SAT scores.I anticipated that states with a higher portion of domestic wealth would score better because there would be more local money going into infrastructure, and assumed that states with higher levels of spending on primary and secondary education would be higher because they reflect a greater education initiative.An exhaustive list of the variables I used were: Mean Composite SAT scores, Mean Verbal, Mean Math, Geographical Region (dummy variable)...

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Changes identified in English in the national curriculum

The national curriculum for English from key stage 1, was enhanced how primary school children should be taught English in a more functional perspective, identified in the ‘Cox Order’ during the early 1990s, to develop the attainment of literacy.The UK education system has seen many changes that have been determined for the good.Nevertheless, the gender gap seems to be more apparent with the introduction of the General Certificate of Education (GCSEs) with boys under achieving in all subject areas.The gender gap is not the only primary issue here, but also that 50,000 children have failed in reading and have no literacy skills.It is reported in the education reform that the standard expected for an 11 year old at KS2 is level 4, however,...

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How Stressed Children Are in a Primary School Essay

Therefore if we need to consider whether children are suitable subject for stress research, it would seem that there is no reason why a well structured, ethically sound study on stress levels amongst children could not be carried out in any primary school.The world of primary education, it would seem, from anecdotal evidence from parents of primary school pupils, is not what it used to be.In October 2007 the Cambridge Primary Review explored life in a primary classroom from a child’s perspective.It told parents of an uncomfortable truth that primary classrooms are not the places of fun and learning that typifies an idealistic notion of education in the UK.Children, it would seem, are well equipped in the modern primary classroom to cope ...

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Standardized Testing: The SAT and the ACT Essay

The last section of the SAT is writing.U.S. Department of Education.The SAT has three sections which are critical reading, mathematics and writing.Their purpose is for gauging student knowledge for placement and possible success rate.The ACT, like the SAT, has sections of knowledge within each section.

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Uk vs Usa Education

The SAT is optional but is recommended by school guidance counselors and parents.Also a high SAT score can provide scholarships.“The SAT® is a highly reliable standardized measure of college readiness used in the admission process at nearly all four-year, not-for-profit undergraduate colleges and universities in the United States” www.collegeboard.com.From ages 4-11 children are based in ‘’primary school’’.The SAT consists of three sections: Math,Reading and writing,which are scored out of 800 points, the total score is out of 2400.

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The Positive Effects of Music on Young Children Essay

Recent data from the University of Texas has shown that students who have had an arts education, particularly music, have earned higher SAT scores then those who have not (Sibal 3).Music is not used for enjoyment only, but also scientific, physical and educational purposes to benefit the lives of children.Skills like patience and self-confidence help children to take on and conquer larger and more complicated issues as they turn into teens and young adults.This higher education helps children later in life as teens and young adults.Music has gone through many changes and phases and different changes over time.

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My Philosophy of Teaching

I feel that education is important because you have to have an education to be able to succeed in life.When I decided to become a teacher I sat down and asked myself these very questions.This term is the traditional, or back-to-basics, approach to education.I think that I was made to become a teacher because my heart has been set on teaching from day one.After obtaining my elementary education degree I plan to continue my education by pursuing my master’s degree at Concord College.

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Citizenship Education Essay

When Citizenship Education is appropriately represented within the primary curriculum, it will need to be resourced and funded accordingly.The Primary Review submission from the Citizenship Foundation Citizenship Foundation, March 2007 6 References: i UNICEF Report on Child Well-Being in Rich Countries (2007) Education and Skills Select Committee Report on Citizenship Education TSO (2007) Every Child Matters DfES (2003) ii iii iv OECD League Table of Young People’s Risk Behaviour.Citizenship Education is currently under-recognised and under-developed in the primary phase.Fontana Press ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’ DfES (1993) Primary National Strategy (PNS) DfES (2003) ix x xi as advocated by Shirley Clarke in Enriching Feedback in the Prim...

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Understanding The Curriculum Values and Principles

Known as the ‘Simple View of Reading’ (2006), many teachers objected to this method of teaching, and following a growing feeling of disillusionment generally within the teaching ranks surrounding the perceived government strangle-hold on the profession, the fated Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum (2009) was commissioned by Ed Balls, the then Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.‘Education only flourishes if it successfully adapts to the demands and needs of time’ (The Primary National Curriculum, 1999, p11) .Proposed was a new curriculum based on six areas of learning (English, communication and languages, mathematics, the arts, historical, geographical and social, physical development, health and wellbeing, s...

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National Curriculum Values Aims and Purposes

Can I still access pages from the new primary curriculum website?The National Curriculum (NC) was introduced into the United Kingdom by the Conservative government as an ‘integrated framework for learning’ (National Curriculum Primary handbook, 2010, p8) through the Education Reform Act of 1988.Before the report was delivered, The Cambridge Primary Review, an independent enquiry into the condition and future of primary education in England and which had been launched in October 2006 was published, led by Professor Robin Alexander.An appreciation, engagement and respect for others will direct them into becoming responsible partners, parents and citizens with a constructive, responsible and valued role to play in society, whilst preparati...

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Essay about Excessive Testing in American Schools

While standardized tests are problematic at all ages and levels of schooling, they are especially questionable in primary grades.Educators support reforms that .Retrieved October 15, 2003 on the World Wide Web: .We feel it is detrimental to a child's education to enjoy reading.Shugart, Karen, & Carroll, Beverly (2003).

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Curricular theory and theorists Essay

Since the real purpose of education is not to have the instructor perform certain activities but to bring about significant changes in the students’ pattern of behaviour, it becomes important to recognize that any statements of objectives of the school should be a statement of changes to take place in the students.Selection of learning experiences.‘It is also because this view of curriculum has been adopted that many teachers in primary schools, have regarded issues of curriculum as of no concern to them, since they have not regarded their task as being to transmit bodies of knowledge in this manner’.Organization of content 5.Education is most often seen as a technical exercise.

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Education Environment Essay

This will require you as the Education Assistant to undertake some manual handling (lifting, reposition of the student, moving the student from the wheelchair to the toilet etc).The parties bound by the General Agreement are the Director General, Department of Education and the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union, Western Australian Branch.Duty of Care for Students: The purpose is to provide information to staff of the duty of care imposed by law, to take care to minimise the risk of harm to students.Child Protection: The purpose of this policy is to state that all staff employed by the Department of Education is committed to the care, safety and protection of children, including factors such as possible sexual, emotional, physic...

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The Roles And Responsibility Of A Teacher

With a degree or similar in a relevant subject for the primary National Curriculum, a PGCE – Postgraduate Certificate of Education – could be a good route.Becoming a teacher is fun and will make you enjoy your life.It will also make you please that you are able to teach others and make them feel proud of themselves.It also shows the difference between schools and undermine their child education as other students would resort to bullying when they find that the student go to a bottom school.Curtis, 2009 explains that the head teachers of primary schools are asking parents to not believe the league tables as it is it is not reliable.

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Relationship between SAT Scores and Family Income Essay

The main purpose of this investigation is to determine whether there is a relationship between SAT scores and family income of the test takers around the world.“SAT Scores and Family Income – NYTimes.com.” The Economy and the Economics of Everyday Life – Economix Blog – NYTimes.com.“SAT Scores Rise with Family Income.” Cleveland OH Local News, .Despite of the previously mentioned limitations, the found χ2 value, 5.760, rejects the null hypothesis that SAT scores are independent from family income and accepts the alternative hypothesis that SAT scores are dependent from family income.The type of data that will be collected is the SAT scores and family income of the two-thirds of test takers who voluntarily reported it to collage board ...

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Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) and the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)

Quite ironically, on this particular issue both the UUP and their primary opponents the DUP appear to share a degree of agreement.In this respect it is therefore not entirely absurd to presume that the parties through their relative continuity on issues such as education, agriculture and so on, which have long been overlooked by the major parties, the two can be pulled closer to each other and through this can begin to address and resolve the significantly more important issues such as policing and decommissioning.To begin with, I will analyse the primary policies of the UUP and the party’s approach to the GFA.Finally as far as education is concerned the SDLP have worked for student grants to be once again reintroduced.They sat in the Ex...

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Standardized Tests

Gruber, G. (2008).New York: Peter Lang Publishing.The essay portion of the SAT is a good measure of students’ ability to write essays at a level acceptable in college institutions.An important note to consider is that standardized tests will serve a very good purpose if test results are evaluated in consideration of the challenges faced by the educators – multiculturalism and language barriers, among many others.Nonetheless, while standardized tests cannot measure other skills equally relevant for success like artistic ability, character and values, good business sense, creativity, etc., these tests have their worth and purpose.

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What Is Brain Based Learning Education Essay

While not necessarily touting the merits of college application processes, the fact that institutions of higher education recognize that testing alone doesn’t truly measure a student should provide a clue to the government about the big failure in the benchmarks set by the NCLB Act.The American educational system truly owes it to itself and all the educators and students to really analyze the downfalls of standardized testing as benchmarks for achievement, and begin to rewrite the NCLB Act to where education does what it’s meant to do; which is to teach, expand minds, and open new worlds to old and young alike.The objective of this project is to create a brain-based learning environment to teach reading successfully to primary learners a...

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The National Curriculum In Primary Schools

In Primary schools, teachers complained of the increased workload imposed by the National Curriculum, especially at the end of Key Stage 2 with the preparation of SATs, and this lead to Dearing Report which brought the load down by 20% (Alexander, 2012).To conclude, it can be said that there have been one main Education reform Act, the 1988, and many education acts from 1988 to 1997.In primary schools, the reforms could be noticed with the introduction of Key Stages 1 and 2, the national Curriculum with Maths, English and science as core subjects, while others were considered as foundations and religious study as statutory, the introduction of SATs and the literacy and numeracy strategies.In primary schools, two Key Stages, 1 and 2 were ...

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Education and Funds Allocation: A Comparative Analysis Essay

In the study, explanatory variables are: Dollars per Pupil, State Population, the Governor’s Salary, and the percentage of high school students taking the SAT.From the indicators set by the UNESCO, this study will be focusing on the following response variables: Teachers’ Pay, Income per capita (income per person, including children), the percent of students graduating from the high schools, the number of people that are illiterate, and average Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Verbal and Math Scores.The average SAT scores and illiteracy differed from the other indicators, since a rise in the population line showed a dip in the SAT and illiteracy lines.In the United States (US) Educational System, progression is from one to two years of pre...

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Why You Wish to Attend the University Essay

The Conservatory of Music has about 170 undergraduates in six majors: Music Performance, Music Composition, Music Education, Music History, Music Management and Music Therapy.– All Students should take either of the SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics – Students applying for the following majors should take the SAT Subject Test in Chemistry: .School of Education has 170 undergraduates studying to be elementary school teachers, works with another 200 from other majors who are pursuing secondary teaching credentials, and has 300 credential and/or graduate students.Primary consideration is given to an applicant’s academic course selection and achievement.Most faculty members are involved in research, but their primary responsibility is to te...

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Education Systems of France and America Essay

Differences in the Primary Educational Systems of France and USA Education at the primary level is highly stressed upon in both the countries.According to “Education in France,” 2006, in 2006, the French federal budget for education was $83 billion (or 64.Basic Differences between the French and American Systems From the origin of the two systems of education, to the policies governing teachers, the federal budget allocation for education; the dissimilarities are many.‘” French education is divided into three parts; basic American education is in effect branched into only two, primary and secondary, with the third component, higher education, is fast becoming a privilege, not enjoyed by too many students in the current era.In the early s...

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Primary Education The First Stage Of Compulsory Schooling Education Essay

In conclusion, Primary education must be grounded upon the needs of children as individuals.Since 2008 personal, social, health and economic (PHSE) has been added to the strategy for primary education.Furthermore, new aims and values should be adopted within modern primary education.By providing exceptional care throughout Primary education it is clear that potential can be maximised and utilised for the benefit of the individual and society (toward Q1).The notion of delivering PHSE through the Primary phase, rather than commencing during Secondary education, is a positive step as a preventative measure to avoid the current generation making the mistakes of previous generations.

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History of Biligual Education Essay

Kenji Hakuta, shows in his article, Points on SAT-9 Performance and Proposition 227, “test scores rose in districts in California that kept bilingual education, as well as in districts that never had bilingual education” (Hakuta).It wasn’t until the Civil Rights Movement Era and the Bilingual Education Act of 1968, when bilingual education was reintroduced into the United States.Critics of bilingual education believe that children who receive bilingual education will not be able to help students learn English as well as English-only students.Critics of bilingual education believe that poorly trained teachers and complicated bilingual education structures cause more confusion than English-only programs.In addition to the belief that child...

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Standardized Tests

The educational system is now relying more than ever on standardized tests as their primary evaluation tool, a tendency that has forced teachers at all grade levels to mold students around performance goals and relative standards of brilliance instead of internal ambitions.Moving away from standardized testing is a goal that should be met in the near future.Standardized tests could be good for a number of reasons, but because they are weighted too heavily, they cause anxiety that obstructs learning and are not objective.Additionally, the essay portion will no longer appear on the SAT starting in the 2014 school year; the essay that currently appears on standardized tests are not objective in the slightest.Studies have shown that SAT scor...

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Mathematics in the Primary School Essay

The Great Mathematical Problems.Mathematics in the Primary School.Stewart, I (2013).Beginning by exploring the ways in which I was taught as a child, examining what framework was used for the teaching of mathematics, before continuing to explore if education reforms and learning strategies could have influenced by experiences.Last accessed 1st Nov 2013.

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Assessments for Early Childhood Programs Essay

The purpose of assessments and evaluations is a great concept, but placing too much pressure and emphasis on the test results is tainting the original purpose of learning.Van Hemel, explain that “although the same measure may be used for more than one purpose, prior consideration of all potential purposes is essential, as is careful analysis of the actual content of the assessment instrument.Their main purpose is to help students, teachers, and parents.Each of these serve a different purpose in order to give different pieces of information needed to evaluate the child in question.These two principles explain the main purpose of why assessing is important and how assessments should be conducted.

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Changes to the National Curriculum

This defeated the object of Ofsted inspections as it wasn’t the normal teaching standards that were being tested.The ‘Education Reform Act’ (ERA) came into effect in 1988, this enabled Kenneth Baker the Conservative Minister of Education to implement the roll-out of the National Curriculum in 1992 within primary / secondary education.[Angela Harrison, BBC] .The 1992, Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education) formed as part of the major overhaul and centralisation of the school system begun by the Education Reform Act 1988, which introduced the National Curriculum, extensive testing in schools and the publication of league tables.Figures released by Ofsted in 2009 show that 11% of schools checked since last September were rated outst...

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Academic Achievement of Homeschooled Children Essay

” Peabody Journal of Education, 75(11), 1-7 Ray, B. D. (2000).However, the purpose of this study is purely to identify academic achievement within both the home school student group and public school student group.Group 5 will consist of 25 children have been schooled in public school and have parents that have a high school education and Group 6 will consist of 25 children that have been schooled in public school whose parents have a college education.Eleventh (11th) and Twelfth (12th) grade students were chosen for this research because they are at the end of their respective high school education and one can better assess their overall education.Studies in Education Policy.

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