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What It Means To Be Canadian

To no one’s surprise, being a Canadian means different things to different people and it is quite commonplace for many Canadians to have multiple identities and even multiple allegiances.As most students of Canadian history are aware, the aforementioned rebellion led to the Durham Report of 1839 wherein John Lambton, the Earl of Durham, advocated the cultural assimilation of French Canadian Lower Canada into a larger union with Lower Canada that would be dominated by the English.In general, Bill 101 has allowed the French language to retain somewhat of its lustre amongst visible minorities arriving in Quebec: recent data compiled by the Canadian Human Rights Commission indicates that, by a 2 to 1 margin, French is the first official lang...

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Gender Discrimination And Indian Act History Essay

However, the most important distinction between Canadians and Americans, like the rest of the Western countries, was the fact that Canadians have always shown more willingness, and readiness to observe human rights, peaceful means of achieving ends, and finding common ground and a method of consensus among differing parties.This means that the Canadian government knew that women raised in this culture would assume that their children would be considered an Aboriginal by blood because of themselves, thus setting an obvious obstacle and a possible trap for women to fall into.Events ranging from the Residential School policy of assimilation in 19th century Canada to the Chinese head tax that was in effect, Canadian political culture is marr...

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The Character of Freda in “The Whirlpool”

That's why the only way to summon childhood is to visit the place you actually grew up like a crazy scent adventure.The Whirlpool characters have various opinions and ideas about what they mean and what they mean about Canada and Canadians.Please be aware that dizziness and nausea may occur if you are watching the jet bath for a long time.And many characters have their own Canadian viewpoint.From the Canadian point of view, this novel shows different shines that Americans see in American novels.That is really terrible.

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Canadian, eh? Essay

Rediscovering their wealth goes to the heart of our Canadian nature.Everyone knows it, every country plays it, but it remains Canadian.If someone has been described as Canadian, it means that he is a part of Canadian society.Every Canadian community is a gold mine of diverse people, cultures, traditions, and history.They continually strive to better themselves as individuals and as a whole, by raising their education standards for Canadian youth, keeping their health care system functioning at full capacity and maintaining a peaceful country.

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Identity Crisis in Canadian Film Essay

Third, it also assumes the loosely Lacanian principle that Canadian consumers of culture are predisposed to identify and enjoy the semiotic and mythological systems of their nation, and further connotes that Canadians have fair access to their own cultural products.Identity Crisis in Canadian Film Much has been written about the ways in which Canada's state as a nation is, as Peter Harcourt writes, "described" and hence, "imagined" (Harcourt, "The Canadian Nation -- An Unfinished Text", 6) through the cultural products that it produces.The familiar concept of "Canadian culture", and hence Canadian cinema, within critical terminology is essentially based on the principle that the ideology of a national identity, supposedly limited by such...

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Canadian writing and the language of the colonizer

“Where Is the Voice Coming From?” Canadian Short Fiction , 274).The Post-colonial Studies Reader, 401).Translating words which relate to the Canadian experience and all this entails, including “City”, meaning “Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax” rather than the remote metropolis, Lee creates his own language and is able to resume his writing (Lee.While the players in history, ranging from Queen Victoria to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, are given their full titles, their existences reinforced by recorded evidence, the lack of solid fact ensures that the Cree have been almost erased from Canadian history.As his experiences and national identity are unique, he believes that it is not sufficient to take a British or American story and...

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“Consumers Know Best” by Lena Leung

providers’ office every week looking for local Canadian channels.Also, by not having the standards set by the CRTC; we would be pouring out Canadian dollars into the hands of the Americans.Everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding Canadian channels but we must consider the consequences should the CRTC not implement these standards.In the article “Consumers Know Best,” by Lena Leung, it is argued that no one likes Canadian television; therefore, the CRTC (Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission) should not be regulating our programming.Since Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world it is important to provide everyone with the knowledge of past Canadian culture.

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Canadian Identity

One of the preeminent things to exemplify what it means to be Canadian is the flag, the Canadian flag, also known as the maple leaf, is a recognized symbol of Canada; it has also come to symbolize unity, tolerance, and peace.It has become Canada’s largest food company with over four thousand restaurants across Canada.This brand became a part of our national identity.Lastly, Terry Fox, one of Canada’s national heroes is a symbol of Canadian identity.Terry started his journey in St John’s, Newfoundland where he dipped his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean to begin his odyssey.

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Canada’s benefits of globalisation

Within the political aspect, globalization means that the governments are increasingly implicated in events that occur well beyond their own borders.The social sphere of globalization means that friendships and family ties extend around the world and that our neighbors come from half a dozen different countries, speak different languages, and worship different religions.Politics globalization means that governments are increasingly impacted in events that occur well beyond their own boarders.The Canadian government sent out thousands of Canadian soldiers and funds to help out Haiti, showing just how politics do play a role in globalization as well.Here it means that some Hollywood movies are as popular in Europe as they are in Los Angele...

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Domestic security Essay

It is fair to question then, why do the policies, legislation, NDA and Canadian Constitution Act 1867 outline rules with respect to civil power?Again the author says, “the protection of the Canadian coastline is defined through Defence policies, which encourage Maritime elements to increase surveillance of Canadian water and approaches in the cooperation with the Canadian Coast Guard, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the United States Coast Guard”.An article by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives relay that after Sept 11 attacks, the Canadian government developed the concept of Reinventing Borders.The Canadian Forces is being pointed out by the author as the sole organization capable of handling the task and responsibiliti...

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Multiculturalism and the Canadian identity Essay example

According to some groups, this report dealt primarily with French and English linguistic issues and did not pay enough attention to issues referring to other groups within the Canadian population.However, in this era of multiculturalism, could the current immigration flow help us determine what is a Canadian and, to an extent, what is Canada?Is multiculturalism a Cerberus of Canadian identity?Richard Moon (editor), Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada, UBC Press, 2008, 309 pages.On the other hand, a Canadian could be a beer, a hockey-playing beaver or even a canoe floating in a summer day's sunset.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Musical Ride Essay

In June of 1904, the NWMP was renamed the Royal North-West Mounted Police, and later, in February, 1920, the name was changed yet again to what it is today; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).Nothing is more Canadian and nothing makes me happier as a Canadian then being part of the thunderous applause that follows another stunning 100% genuine Canadian performance from the Musical Ride.“5 Facts about the RCMP Musical Ride.” www.cbc.ca/news/rcmpmusicalride.-Huggett, Melanie.Since a serious need for law and order arose in Western Canada in 1873, Prime Minister Macdonald’s Conservatives brought that needed law to the West in after the Cypress Hills incident, when a group of Canadian Natives were killed by Canadian and American trappe...

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A Message For Canadians : The World 's Fastest Growing Of A Nation By Putting Their Own Freedom

A real change, Canada voted liberal instead of Conservative.People can wear whatever they want it’s a free country "A face covering is a face covering, it does not matter what it is” (Nathalie de Montigny).Canada has to learn from its past mistakes when religion is targeted it’s for sure no laughing matter.Harper has spoiled the name and meaning of beginning Canadian.Islam as a religion was established by Muhamma... ... middle of paper ... ... anything to show their support for the niqab and religious coverings, saying it should be a “non-issue” (Jon Keefe 1) to vote wearing whatever I want.

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Culture Conflict In Canada

Examples of legitimate means are obtaining a job and making an honest living, while illegitimate means are selling drugs, prostituting etc.What this statement means is that each of these individuals are trying their best to adapt to a society in which everything they do is being considered a crime, therefore at the most they are trying to adapt as much as they can to the expectations and norms of the middle class which do not include the lower class.For example, there are violent subcultures that Ferracuti and Wolfgang describe as individuals learning from being constantly exposed to violent practices as a means of problem solving.For example for the middle class, making a decent wage through legal means is a way of life and what is cons...

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The Canadian War Measures Act Essay

The War Measures Act itself allowed the government to: censor and suppress publications, writing, maps, plans, photographs, communications, and means of communication, arrest, detain, exclude, and deport persons, control harbours, ports, and territorial waters of Canada and the movements of vessels, control the transport of persons and things by land, air, or water control trade, production, and manufacturing, and appropriate and dispose of property and of the use thereof (Bolotta, Angelo et al."War Measures Act."United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights: What Are Human Rights?Youth For Human Rights International, 2002.: Youth For Human Rights Video."

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Essay on Cultural Analysis : Canadian Culture

World Orientation: .Canada is an individualistic culture, however people belong to many groups, and are motivated to achieve external success in the form of possessions, positions and power.Canadian Culture Analysis .Canadian culture tends to accept uncertainty with less resistance which is indicative of how the acceptance of new ideas, innovative products and a willingness to try something new or different, whether it be in tech... .Combined with the “doing” orientation, Canadians feel they are in control of their own fate.

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Oral Tradition and Cultural Hybridization: The Canadian Imagination Essay

Ultimately, though, these archetypes fail to take into consideration the authentic Canadian imagination, which is that of the Native people of Canada.The oral tradition that dominated Canada before the arrival of European settlers is the authentic Canadian voice, and everything produced by the European writers settling in the Canada is either a stifling removal of that voice, or a European-Canadian hybrid."The Forsaken" and "The Onondaga Madonna" Brown, Russell, Donna Bennett, eds.An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English.Scott, Duncan Campbell.

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The Tragically Hip Essay

this was around 20 years ago, in which much of the journey for Downie since then had been an exploration of his views on what it means for him to be a Canadian, and one could watch it evolve in terms of their lyrics.This was recognized by the Royal Conservatory of Music, which is an organization that honors Canadian artists that made permanent contribution on the music industry.Since the band had over 30 of their songs marked `Top 10′ on Canadian radio, it goes without saying that almost all their records are impressive.For example, watching Canadian television will not vary so much from watching American television for they are styled similarly, from the pace to the advertisements, no matter if an American or a Canadian produced what wa...

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Mounties v. Cowboys Essay

I think that the audience that Sarah vowell was trying or expecting to hook was the Americans, and that her whole purpose was to change their point of view on Canadian history and their country.I think what Sarah vowell is trying to say through her writings is that America doesn’t need to be so prideful and mean just to be a great country.America went to war and Canada went to meetings.It may look like the Mounties haven’t done anything dangerous or victorious, but they are known for their fairness to Indians who seek refuge in their country, and that is how I see Sarah Vowell reversing her friends’ assertion that Canadian history “isn’t inspiring”.Sarah Vowell’s opinion in the sermon is similar to her ideas about American and Canadian c...

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The Lgbt Of The Canadian Military Essay example

Ex-military members who have been terminated from the military during the era of anti-gay in the military still suffer from mental issues.The Canadian Forces values a sense of togetherness, being uniform, and separating from civilian standards.Theoretical paradigm: Social Constructionism The Canadian military is an organization that values uniformity, order and efficiency.However this does not mean that all is well and forgotten.When the Canadian government decided to lift the ban and allow the recruitment of LGBT groups, many argued that this allowance would cause issues in terms of effectiveness, performance, integrity, and morale.

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Why Government Should Ban Tobacco Essay

The great amount of carbon monoxide that cigarettes release is polluting our air and if cigarettes were banned by the Canadian government that’d mean 4.93 million Canadians wouldn’t be polluting our earth anymore, rather they’d be sustaining our land.But one law that the Canadian government has yet to pass on could be the law that could save the most lives, that law is banning the production of cigarettes to the Canadian public.I strongly feel that the Canadian Government should ban cigarettes because of the fact that it’s harmful to the economy, to the Canadian people, and the environment.Every year the Canadian Government is passing numerous laws to the public to protect the people of the country.If anyone in this class ever thinks abo...

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Understanding Environmental Assessment Principles as It Pertains to Canada’s Forest Essay

This can mean the identification of alternative means of meeting similar or identical objectives e. g. the inclusion of alternative sites in the report (Gilpin, 1995, p. 4).No matter how complicated is the check list that will be prepared by the Canadian government and no matter how extensive are the matrices used to extract the most amount of information regarding the ecological impact of a particular project there is just no foolproof means of predicting what will happen after the project is already completed.Screening In its most basic form, screening simply means a mechanism put in place to determine if EA is mandatory or not.“Canadian Environmental Assessment Act: How to Determine if the Act Applies”.But when it comes to the boreal ...

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Studying Literature Essay

Although most teachers allow, and sometimes even encourage, students to focus on more modern Canadian books for their ISP, their classroom experience is usually limited to studying these older generations of Canadian literature.As a result, many Canadian students have problems appreciating their culture, since Canadian literature is not promoted well enough.When discussing Canadian writers she argues that Canada, as a state of mind, does not really exist: 4“I’m talking about Canada as a state of mind, as the space you inhabit not just with your body but with your head.This means that our own culture has never had the chance to develop as we have always been under the thumb of a more powerful foreign culture.It is believed that students s...

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Hindrances to Development of Canadian Immigrant Religions

Sikhs on the other hand are equally challenged of defining who are a Sikh and what it means to be Sikh.In another instance, the carrying of the “Kirpan”, a religiously mandated sword among Sikhs, is another concern that directly runs in conflict with Canadian law.There were also restrictions on the immigration of South Asians in Canada before which was principally motivated by the mounting fear of invasion or dilution of the purity of Canadian race.Muslims were suspected as hostile, militants, fundamentalists and terrorists, which created tensions, anxieties and revulsion between Canadian society and Islamic values and practices.The modernization and adaptation of immigrants in Canadian society involved the process of modifying or compro...

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Should Canada Be Involved In International Conflicts?

This includes funding for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the federal prison system, and border traffic and security operations.The Canadian Peacekeepers Medal is awarded to all Canadians who serve on peacekeeping missions.Protecting ourselves does not mean we have to create violence and a dangerous environment for ourselves.It just means we have to be smart in our actions and words, and keep the name of “peacekeepers” alive.The number of troops may seem large but it means that there are only 3.1 troops per 1000 Canadians and only 2 active troops per 1000 Canadians.

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Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms

The Canadian charter does put limits on freedom of expression in that it must be non-violent.This approach to views and issues says many things about the Canadian government and the Canadian view of rights and freedoms in addition to other things.This shows a lot of sophistication within the Canadian government as it is showing that the government is willing to truly look at each issue as needed rather than relying upon the issues to find solutions from previous answers.This means that the government does not look at the rights and freedoms as if they are all stemming from the right of freedom of expression and that they are simply willing to look at each right and freedom based on the needs and the issues that are being dealt with.This ...

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Essay on Canadian Drama

Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999.Cambridge [etc.Establishing our boundaries: English-Canadian theatre criticism.By deconstructing the approaches that French Canadian playwright Steve Galluccio, Mambo Italiano, and English Canadi... ... middle of paper ... ... Canada, we are able to evoke a culture and its urgency into a philosophy and art form.In this instance, by differentiating French Canadian and Western Canadian queer theatre, we are able to analyze what drives each cultural representation.

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Canada and NATO

An Anglo-American initiative was King’s prerequisite for Canadian participation in a security treaty; for Norman Robertson it was “a providential solution for so many of our problems.” .Canadian High Commissioner to Secretary of State for External Affairs, April 2, 1948, DEA files, 264(s), quoted in Escort Reid, Time of Fear and Hope, 132. .“To put it bluntly,” he said, “agreements on ‘policies and tactics and timing’ were essential ‘if this policy of preventing aggression by the threat of immediate and overwhelming devastation is to work collectively’.” Pearson wanted to know what the words “instantly,” “means,” and “our” meant in the new American formula of depending primarily “upon a great capacity to retaliate, instantly, by means ...

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21st Century Racism in Canada Essay

Although the Canadian government has apologized and tried to make amends the clear sentiment still permeates through the people.The Indian Act also gave the Canadian government the power to erect residential schools.“What It Means to Be Black in Canada.” The Mark News.The abuse was so widespread and gruesome that the Canadian government pledged over three hundred and fifty million dollars to help the Aboriginal peoples that attended the residential schools.“‘Systemic’ Racism in Canadian Forces Needs Inquiry, Veterans Say – Nova Scotia – CBC News.” CBCnews.

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Сase study on target disaster in Сanada Essay

Unable to understand the Canadian tastes and culture .On the other hand merger means combining forces with another company and seeing it as one.This means that the company should have understood the culture, the likes and dislikes and the do’s and don’ts of Canadian people rather than assuming that what tastes and culture is going in U.S, will go the same way in Canada too.Target should have a different strategy before entering in Canadian markets.Inventory problem have often lead to empty shelves and many of the stylish, exclusive brands what Canadian see in target’s American stores did not come to Canada.

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