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Baccalaureate Nurses vs. Associate Nurses Essay

Baccalaureate nurses can move up and work as Nurse Managers, Case Managers, Quality Management and Infection Control.The next thing the Baccalaureate nurse did was go into the patient’s room asked a variety of questions and came back out of the room and told Nurse A, that the patient qualifies for state health insurance and that she will work on the vouchers for his medication for a month.If there is an ADN nurse and BSN nurse applying for the same position most likely the BSN nurse will receive the job before the ADN nurse because “ the additional course work enhances the student’s professional development, prepares the new nurse for a broader scope of practice, and provides the nurse with a better understanding of the cultural, politic...

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Journey to Become a Nurse Essay

Back in 2011, the average salary of a registered nurse was $65,950 annually and the average hourly wage was $34.71.Never underestimate a day in the life of a nurse.There are many opportunities and advancements you can take advantage of from being a nurse or going to nursing school.Learning about nursing, what it takes to become one, what their average day is like, and what to expect for nursing has been informational.I found out the average wage is $34.71 and the annual salary is $65,950, what schooling you need to participate in before starting a career as a nurse.

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Nursing Informatics And Nursing Essay

The Nursing Informatics Workforce: Who Are They and What Do They Do?.Tools to equip the nurse with as much information as possible to be able to render patient care, but nothing will take the place of the human touch.Nursing Economic$, 29(3), 150-153 Sullivan, F. (2001).(n.d.) P.A.T.C.H.References Kaminski, J.

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Educational Preparation Essay

Being a resourceful nurse is not just beneficial, but crucial to patient care.If a nurse isn’t using the correct resources, the patient is the one that suffers.Competencies aren’t based on just the task the nurse is about to complete, but knowing why she is working towards completing this task.Often times the nurse finds herself faced with not only caring for the patient, but managing high-tech equipment involved in that patient care.If one of those systems is not working correctly the nurse is cued in because of our critical thinking skills.

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Essay on What is Nursing?

Some of those nurses may take care and clean up babies that have just been born.1) Some of those same kinds of nurses may help the babies with deformities, sicknesses, or diseases that need a more specialized nurse to do.1) The next step in nursing you can become is a licensed pra... ... middle of paper ... ...u of Labor Statistics, .There are several fields that a nurse can specialize in.You can also challenge the main test and if you get a good enough grades you won’t have to take any classes.

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Challenges for a New Nurse

They do not take the time and energy necessary to care for themselves.First, take a deep breath.Education and continued dedication to bettering yourself as a nurse can only help you.Actively looking for ways to perform in a more efficient manner will help you to find ways to become a better nurse.It is hard to take care of others if you yourself are a train-wreck.

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The Nursing Field Of Nursing Essays

Besides the pay, there are also emotional rewards associated with nursing.Yet I did not know the finer details of the practice, or how to even become a nurse.When I realized I wanted to become a nurse, I did not really have any background on what it actually meant.Essentially, nurses take care of people.For anyone who has an interest in helping others recover and be healthy, nursing is the perfect profession.

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The Nursing Career

For a nurse to be hired, she or he must take a series of examinations to qualify for her R.N license (registered nurse).In order to become a licensed nurse, one could take a three year course at a college, or a four year program at a university.(In some areas such as the States, she may have to take additional exams).Being a nurse is open to both females and males although traditionally nursing was considered a predominately female profession.A hospital nurse has various benefits.

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What Motivates You to be a Nurse? A Personal Reflection

One final trait a nurse needs to have is to be caring and empathetic to patients as the nurse evaluates and conducts a plan of action to solve their health problems (AllNurses.com).After deciding I wanted to be a nurse I decided to look into the different fields I could to take part in.the most important lesson a nurse could learn is to relax because when someone is stressed they do not act how they usually would and if a nurse is in a certain situation where its life threatening they need to learn how to control their stress levels and figure out the situation at hand as calmly and efficiently as possible.By obtaining my BS I can then be better prepared for when I take my National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) test to become a l...

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Registered nurse Essay

When someone takes a bachelor’s degree or higher with a four year university, they receive more training in areas such as communication, leadership and critical thinking and will have a better opportunity to obtain a higher position than someone with a associates degree (United States).A registered nurse takes care of sick and injured people.For someone who holds a bachelor’s degree who decides to obtain an MSN, it takes an additional two years to receive their master’s degree (United States).Registered nurses can advance from a head nurse to a senior-level nurse they are more of a director, vice president, chief of nursing and assistant director (United States).After completion of the ADN program to receive the BSN and MSN it takes thre...

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Therapeutic Relationships In Mental Health

The nurse must work alongside the service user and support them in aiming for the goals that the service user has made and not what the nurse expects them to be able to do.Listening is, the nurse hearing what the service user is saying and understanding what is being said, not what the nurse thinks they are saying.Both the nurse and service user should show respect for each other and the nurse should respect the beliefs of the service user, even if they do not agree with these.When the nurse gives their views to the service user, any specialist language, for example jargon, should be avoided as this may act as a barrier within the therapeutic relationship as the nurse is not taking into account if the service user understands what is bei...

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The effect of media on nursing Essay

I think nurses don’t get enough credit sometimes because of some of these shows.Maybe one of the things we as nurses should do is advocate more for ourselves and each other as well and not just the patients.When the show Nurse Jackie was first premiered I read that the New York State Nurses Association criticized the unethical behavior of the title character, and the damaging impression regarding nurses that such a portrayal could have on the public.It showed real events that take place in the ER and what the nurses actually do.With the changes in the healthcare system we also need to make sure we are educated and up to par with all the newest nursing concepts and latest technology in order to present accurate information and be able to ...

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My Definition of Nursing

The nurse that cared for me acted very professional.It is reassuring to the patient to know that the nurse enjoys caring for them.I think the Jeanette Rudy SON does a wonderful job in empathizing what they believe a nurse is and should be.I believe it takes a special, passionate person to want to become part of a proud and honorable profession.When the nurse uses critical thinking toward understanding and caring for patients, the care becomes goal oriented (Potter, 275).

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Nursing Theory and Research Essay

The phase begins with awareness that something is wrong which requires an admission to hospital it may be days or weeks or whenever the patient takes responsible for his own self-management.According to Henderson’s definition of nursing “I say that the nurse does for others what they would do for themselves if they had the strength, the will and knowledge.When we compare with Christensen’s model (1990), interpreting is the “attempt made by the nurse to attach meaning to the status of the patient and the situation” (pg.It requires the nurse to view nursing as a collaborative between the nurse and the client.Not only that, caring takes place within the context of a therapeutic relationship and is considered a moral vital of nursing.

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Essay on The Field Of Nursing Is A Wonderful Field

Nursing takes a lot of school and practice, but it is a big reward.In nursing you will always have options and lots of help.She also said “being a nurse was a great experience.Although the steps in becoming a registered nurse and being a registered nurse sound challenging some may say it is all worth the struggle.A nurse is more than a care provider, she is the one doctors and patients depend on.

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Role of Requirements of a Nursing Entrepreneur

A nurse entrepreneur should obtain an “errors-and-omission” professionally liability insurance.“Tag Archives: Nurse entrepreneur.” Nurse Entrepreneurship New Rules.“Simply Salary.” Registered Nurse Entrepreneur Salaries in CO.“Brief History of Nurse Entrepreneurs.” Nurse Entrepreneurship New Rules.– American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC).

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The nursing process

As the nurse is speaking to the patient, they would be establishing what is wrong with them, how much pain they are in and could it lead to a further complication or could it be easily sorted out.The use of open and closed questions; open questions starting with who, what, where and why are allowing the nurse and patient to chat and allowing the patient to chat about life and what is worrying them at the moment; and the nurse time to make any relevant observations about the patient.The nurse must listen to the patient’s answers but also make her own observations.The nurse would also be taking the patient’s vital signs.Communication:- In order for the nurse to gather information and establish what is wrong with the patient there must be g...

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Five Attitudes toward Quality Nursing Care

She was more like a friend then a nurse.When the patient entered the hospital for breast removal operation, luckily she found her friend in the role of nurse.At the end, the patient had full trust in this nurse.This nurse helped the patient in taking one important decision at this crucial juncture.Her friend was not only a seasoned nurse but performed her duties of caring in the night of her surgery.

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Bad Nurses

If someone isn’t caring and compassionate then they really shouldn’t be a nurse.Doctor Kinsley called for an available nurse.He was lying in his bed struggling to take every breath.This means a nurse could abuse a patient or take their medications without other states being notified.We thought that suctioning out his lungs would help him to breathe a little easier so I volunteered to ask the nurse for help.

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Nursing Future and the Impact the Iom Report Has on It Since

Nurse educators are assisting in improving the education of nursing by changing the core curriculum to meet the new competencies that one is expected to obtain.Currently there are many pathways a nurse can choose to pursue and is expected to be expanding in the near future.There is a need of nurses in nurse education, primary care settings and research which require a BSN degree or higher.We need nurses from all fields to take the initiative to better improve our healthcare.For example the IOM report states that the research from the INQRI showed that it has lessened the medication error rates, by the nurse clarifying doctors’ orders and providing patient education.

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Image of Nurses

In the movie understudy, nurse characters do not really take active role in the proceedings.Nurse characters in the movie also exhibit the same type of relation, however, not as deep as that of the main characters connection.In the movie understudy, it can be noted that nurse characters are portrayed in the same manner as how these individuals are in real life.Likewise, being a nurse also entails creativity since nurses must be able to device various ways or schemes in which patients would be comfortable with their presence.In most movies, nurse characters possess the value of service to others, humanism, scholarship and achievement.

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Differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the ADN

The nursing profession then calls for better qualified nurses, but that does not mean that the qualification the nurses do have has to come from a BSN program, experience also had an effect on the abilities of the nurse.The ADN nurse may treat what they believe is a seizure solely based on what they were told, and by assessing their medication usage of Depakote.So, the BSN educated nurse had the educational background to investigate deeper into the purpose of the Depakote that he was taking, he had severe depression, rather than a seizure disorder.However, with the additional communication based training that the BSN nurse does during their schooling, they have learned to ask a lot of questions to get the entire picture of the patients l...

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New Technology in My Field

There were distinct similarities of expectations between all of the participants that were interviewed in finding what makes an ideal home nurse to their technology dependent children.The findings of the study showed what the parents considered to be ideal traits and their expectations for a home nurse that can care for their child effectively and mesh with the household.They want a nurse that makes their child feel cared for like a mother would and is approachable and forms a bond.I can now understand more clearly what it takes to be a nurse and what it is like to come into someone’s home to care for a technology dependent child.There may be certain things they can pick up on by just being the parent that a nurse wouldn’t and it is impo...

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My Nursing Ethic

Remembering your nursing passion.The online journal of issues in nursing.Sept. 30, 2010. .Did you become a nurse because you wanted to accomplish a higher degree of education and skill in order to attain self-actualization?Moral courage in healthcare: Acting ethically even in the presence of risk.

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Barriers To Effective Communication In Nursing Nursing Essay

.. An education or experience gap can occur when a less educated/experienced nurse works with another senior nurse who is much more educated and/or experienced and the junior nurse has trouble understanding the concepts, procedures and/or medical terminology used by the more experienced nurse.For example when a physician instructs a nurse to convey important medical information to patients but the nurse does not fully understand the information and due to fear, she does not ask for further explanation from the doctor and gives the wrong information to the patient.These type of issues usually occurs when a nurse feels threatened by a co-worker, fears the possibility of making a mistake and doesn’t say anything to avoid judgement or lacks...

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Current Media: Nurses Portrayed as Non-Critical Thinkers Essay

The idea that nurses are not critical thinkers and are depending on doctors for advise and orders counter acts the real job description is of me as a nurse.As a future nurse, the publics view of me is important.I will always strive to be a leader in the health care system by taking pride when fulfilling my role as professional nurse.Each nurse in Canada should work hard and act professional to do their part in promoting a positive image that will reflect all canadian nurses as a whole.Canadian Nurse: Canadian Nurses Association.

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Identify The Nurse Patient Relationship Nursing Essay

.. One common reason for poor communication is that it has to do with a nurse having a lack of comfort or fear in communicating with another nurse or doctor.Poor communication also occurs when the nurse and patient speak different first languages.For example when a physician instructs a nurse to convey important medical information to patients but the nurse does not fully understand the information and due to fear, she does not ask for further explanation from the doctor and gives the wrong information to the patient.Mispronunciation or incorrect signing can mislead the provider or patient, causing the patient to lose his trust on the nurse.The senior nurses also take for granted that the junior nurses understand all that has been expla...

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Schizophrenia Essay

Which statement will assist the nurse to assess if this goal has been met?One of the behavioral interventions that the nurse plans to teach the clients is ways to cope with symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.The nurse plans to talk about relapse prevention.The nurse should directly ask the client about thoughts of harm.When the nurse asks Bob to share one goal for the day in community meeting, he states, “I’m going to take a shower and .

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Why a BSN is the future over ADN Essay

Also it opens the door for further education such as but not limited to Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia, Nurse Practitioner, and the list goes on, but these are my hot buttons.The Associate trained nurse is more task oriented, while the BSN is based on theory and research.They both take the same state mandated NCLEX, but have a different time of training.“The Associated Degree takes a shorter path of two years where the BSN takes a longer with 4 years of education to complete the degree.” Now to break this down and let you know the difference of a 2 and 4 year nursing program.This paper will focus on the abilities or competencies of a prepared Associate Degree nurse, and the abilities or competencies of a Baccalaureate Degree Nurse...

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Ethical Theories of Nursing Essay

A nurse must keep in mind that ethical standards are relative to person, place, time, and culture.Ethical relativism takes into account for the variability in what is considered to be normal or acceptable to any given culture.This is an essential process of becoming a nurse as nobody is perfect and allowing oneself to be open minded about change will allow them to be the best nurse possible.It is these ethics that make a nurse so valuable to clients and ultimately makes a nurse the client’s best advocate.If a nurse is better educated on the culture of their client and what is considered normal or taboo they will be better equipped to provide excellent care in that persons eyes without infringing on their culture or having a biased opinio...

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