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What Makes Us Happy?

The article with a title “What makes us happy?” by Joshua Wolf Shenk presents the information about researches dedicated the identifying main features of successful living.After reading and examining the article “What Makes Us Happy?” I came to decision that it deserves to be mentioned in curriculum of the psychology course with a title “The Pursuit of Happiness”.This statement is one of the leading in the question “What makes us happy?” It is well known fact that definitely important for every society member.The philosophic question “What makes us happy?” is too complicated and multilevel to give exhaustive answer.The article “What makes us happy?” by Joshua Wolf Shenk contains rather interesting and important information related the qu...

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“What Happiness Is” by Eduardo Porter Essay

Looking at a memento years after can remind us of that happy time in our past allowing us to re-live those moments, and keeping some sort of collection as a hobby and actively seeking out more objects to grow it give the satisfaction of hard work.Many, if not most, of the things we keep have an essence that goes beyond the physical character of the object.”(Frost) Continuing on to say that by collecting, holding onto keepsakes, and gaining the satisfaction of owning specific objects becomes something that makes people feel safe and secure and relives anxiety.Contrastingly an equally popular way of thinking is that material possessions make us unhappy and that only by not relying on them will we find true happiness.Cynical as Porter may s...

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Personal Life and Dear Fellow Students Essay

Hence, the value of relaxing and having fun is just as significant as the importance of a dedicated working day at office, or a committed day of learning at school.As the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” one must not only work hard but also devote equal time to nature the mental and physical aspect of life.Dear fellow students, physical, recreational and relaxation activities are.Therefore, in essence, to position ourselves as well-formed, energetic and happy individuals in our society we must develop a balance between our work and entertainment, education and play.We have developed kind of an object driven and materialistic attitude towards life and living.

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Personal Life and Dear Fellow Students

extent that we care only the marks and money!We have developed kind of an object driven and materialistic attitude towards life and living.Dear fellow students, physical, recreational and relaxation activities are very important, and yet, necessary component of a happy and healthy life.It helps the undeterred growth of our mind and body at the same time adding smile and tenderness to our daily life.Hence, the value of relaxing and having fun is just as significant as the importance of a dedicated working day at office, or a committed day of learning at school.

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Personal life Essay

” Most people would agree that whatever makes a person happy will lead to a good life, but happiness with each individual differs.According to J.L Ackrill from the Princeton university press Aristotle’s argument is as follows: 1) proper activities are those activities that best represent or fulfill the unique nature or purpose of humankind; 2) the unique nature or purpose of humankind is found in that particular quality which separates us from other species of beings; 3) that particular quality which separates us from other species of beings is reason; thus, 4) those activities that best express our reasoning abilities are those activities that will allow us to lead the Good Life; therefore, 5) some activities, like Janice’s activities, ...

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What Is Happiness And How Do We Gain It Philosophy Essay

In the words of Martha Washington, “I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.” .In his article, “Compassion and the Individual,” the Dalai Lama states clearly that the purpose of one’s life is to be happy.When we care about others and always make ourselves available and ready to help whoever is in need, then when we are ourselves in trouble, we would find everyone pursuing to lend us a hand and to comfort us.We would find people treating us the same way we treated them, with love and compassion.They would treat us with affection and care and help with...

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The Human Being and Living The Good Life Essay

It wasn’t until one of my friends starting bringing me to church, and I learned about God and the love and mercy He has shown us and given us; it was then that I realized that I need God in my life.I believe that because we were all born as sinners, accepting God as our savior and knowing that He loves us even after all the sin we commit, we’ve committed, and we will commit, will makes us feel loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father.He believes that the grace of God is what will make us happy and a relationship with God is true happiness.We do whatever we can to defend what we have, which makes us diffident.Even though my life isn’t perfect and I still face sufferings and trails daily, I feel fulfilled because I have God in my life; an...

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The Human Good

For no one is seriously suggesting that the happy life could consist of nothing but pleasure or nothing but honor or excellence or excellent action or theoretic activity; and perhaps everyone will agree that any kind of life that claims to be happy will contain some measure of several of these goods, as well as other good things such as health, prosperity, friends.The central good of a life is the one which, if that life were rightly regarded as happy, would be the source of its being a happy life.Moreover he makes clear each man has this contemplation of the highest truth and happiness only in the measure that reason is the end of the lower faculties.That this makes perfectly good sense shows that ‘happiness’ is not a snug translation f...

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What is Happiness? Essay

Happiness is judged by a wide range of physical emotion, it is judged by actions which bring us to the point of feeling happy.We have an unbelievable amount of choices to make that will guide us toward our expectations of happiness.This process demonstrates how personal growth has shaped us over time to a better understanding happiness.One of his talking points is how our brains are “experience simulators,” and we change our views of the world around us to meet our idea of happiness.” If eating pizza makes us happy because it’s the most delicious thing you have ever tasted, will it not be as enjoyable if there are too many choices of toppings to put on that pizza?

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Happiness Is Wealth

In my opinion there are few things that make our life happy.It gives us peace and happiness.In order to be happy we must have a spirit of social service.Freedom from worries and anxieties leads us to happiness.Last but not the least is some noble work which gives us happiness.

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C.S. Lewis: “We have No ‘Right to Happiness” Essay

But I do strongly disagree on Lewis’ part for his title in the essay “We have no right to happiness” because I know that based on people’s life can be found happiness in many ways whether they find happiness in life, being rich, or love.What we should have is balance in life in order to know what we know will make us happy.Because supposedly we can do whatever that makes us happy, despite the consequences?Even though, in the “Declaration of Independence” states that we are all equal and have rights to do what makes us happy, but to be honest it’s just all lies.In reality, we truly don’t have equalizes in our own country which I feel it’s a shame because why doesn’t the world not want us to be happy?

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How can we live happily ever after

In conclusion, we can be happier individuals if we have more positive emotions because positive emotions allows us to be more creative, enable us to find more resources to fight life’s challenges and also, positive emotions allow us to see problems and issues in a different light.Lastly, to be happy, we should laugh more, and make laughter contagious so that we can spread this happiness within us to everyone.In conclusion, there are indeed many things we can do to make us happy such as having material purchases, experiential purchases and community services.It is said that positive emotions widen our attention span, helping us to undo what negative feelings done to us, thus build enduring psychological, physical and social resources.We l...

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“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” – Aristotle

This leads Aristotle to his definition of the happy life as a life made perfect by the possession of all good things such as health, wealth, friendship, knowledge, virtue – all these are constituent parts of happiness.Therefore, reason is not only good for us but necessary to reach a compete life.What he teaches us is that we cannot become happy by living for the pleasures of the moment.Now if you were asked, why you wanted to become happy, the only answer would be – because you just wanted to become happy.Aristotle also makes a point about “moral virtues” – not lying, not taking a persons life, and other morally right things.

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Happiness: Meaning of Life Essay

It seems therefore that the purpose of our lives is to find those things that do make us happy, and then doing them.This therefore demonstrates if recreational activities are what people are working towards and it is what makes them happy it must then tie in with what they consider meaningful in life and therefore be its purpose.In conclusion it is clear that Aristotle’s statement may well be correct but it is entirely dependent on the individual to find what makes them happy.If you can find something that makes you happy, truly happy, then life will be a lot better for you.This then demonstrates that regardless of what you accomplish if you are not enjoying what you are doing you may lose meaning in your life and turn to unhealthy metho...

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What makes people happy Essay

Many people don’t really know what makes them happy.You must make decisions about life that are “right for you.” You must live the life you desire, such as a finding a meaningful job or career, embracing a particular faith and believing in God, finding a significant other to share your life with, engaging in leisure pursuits that challenge and immerse you in a state of “flow”, like reading a good book, playing the piano, or painting a landscape.In other words, we become happier by immersing ourselves in those pursuits and people and activities that challenge us, stretch us, require us to expend energy and talent, mould and shape us into something new.They cruise along the highway of life never thinking about what makes them happy.A varie...

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Living a Virtues Life Essay

Aristotle hits two main points and rules to live by, one being, “But this point will be consider later by itself makes choiceworthy and lacking in nothing” (699).Our virtue is what makes us different.We develop wisdom to help guide us to a good life and knowledge leads us to be successful.Which mean happiness can be explained in terms of reason; Therefore, do something because it make you happy it will be seen by the choices we make in life.Life takes us on a rollercoaster and we never know where we might end up, but if one looks at the bigger picture to what they want to achieve sometimes life has a weird way of proving to you that your desire is not really a desire, but it is a passion and by working hard and being successful that will...

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Marriage and Happiness Essay

” What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman.Starting his essay off by exchanging ideas in which children decrease the happiness of a parent by adding stress into their life, he ends with thoughts that kids make us happy nonetheless, since they are a product of two partners.He states, “Our children give us many things, but an increase on our average daily happiness is probably not among them” (Gilbert 986).In his words, “Children may not make us happy very often, but when they do that happiness is both transcendent and amnesic” (Gilbert 985).Gilbert’s, “Does Fatherhood Make You Happy” discusses how kids have an effect on a parent’s life along with their happiness.

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Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics: Happiness

Honor cannot make people truly happy because it focuses more on the people that are honoring them."True happiness lies in the active life of a rational being or in a perfect realization and outworking of the true soul and self, continued throughout a lifetime.';("Aristotle's…';,1) To experience happiness is to possess and make use of each of these qualities.Happiness is the greatest good since it is the ultimate end of a man's life.Aristotle believes happiness to be a combination of these four elements: "the happy person is one who expresses complete virtue in his activities, with an adequate supply of external goods, not just for any time but for a complete life.

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness Essay

Having all these congenial material items will make us happy but it is artificial happiness.This shows us that there are people who will choose happiness after pleasure.If we always choose pleasure over goodness and joy, we shall choke on the residues of the very pleasure that makes us who we are.If you execute what makes you happy, you?ll be the richest person in the world.Wealth is a material asset that gives us synthetic blissfulness, which will eventually fade away.

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What Makes You Happy Philosophy Essay

He starts off by stating how studies have shown that parents become less happy when they have children around them and how they would rather be spending time doing other things to make them happy, but later counters this idea with his reasons from personal experience.In his essay ‘Does Fatherhood Make You Happy?’ he explains that having children generally makes a parent happy.“Psychologists have measured how people feel as they go about their daily activities, and have found that people are less happy when they are interacting with their children than when they are eating, exercising, shopping or watching television” (Gilbert 985).“First, when something makes us happy we are willing to pay a lot for it, which is why the worst Belgian cho...

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Happiness Is Being Content Philosophy Essay

But that process can work in reverse: when we pay a lot for something, we assume it makes us happy, which is why we swear to the wonders of bottled water and Armani socks” (Gilbert 985).Yes, wealth can be useful, but it is not good or bad… Poverty… is not bad but is morally indifferent (just as wealth is morally indifferent)… The life that is happy or fruitful is the virtuous life” (Barnet and Bedau 995).Children give parents a feeling of pleasure that makes them forget everything else around them.“Psychologists have measured how people feel as they go about their daily activities, and have found that people are less happy when they are interacting with their children than when they are eating, exercising, shopping or watching tele...

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Four Things To Do to Increase One’s Level of Contentment and Happiness Essay

Fourth, one can look at his or her life under the lenses of accomplishment and gratitude so as to be happy.Growing up, it would be normal to feel that we need someone to complete us; and finding that suitable someone is notably crucial for this stage.But finding true happiness is about choosing the right relationships that could nurture, and not defeat life.This paper therefore concludes that a person is always empowered to make a choice in order to increase his or her level of contentment or happiness.But they are defining moments that can either make or break us.

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The Stoic And Epicurean Understanding Of Happiness Philosophy Essay

“The happy man is satisfied with his present lot, no matter what it is.” He claims that the man of seamless virtue will be happy even under torture, even on the bracket.Whatever, happy means at least it is thinkable to be happy in different notches one man can be happier than another and one year of one’s life can be happier than some other year.Clearly a person can be happy when he is not happy with firm things, although we would not say that a man was happy if he were not happy with anything in his life.Thus, a virtuous life according with nature is a happy life.He says that it is our in competence to see what makes us happy and we look for happiness in the wrong places.

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Aristotle Ethics Of Happiness Philosophy Essay

Therefore, reason is not only good for us but needed to reach an absolute existence.According to Aristotle they can be happy and lead a happy life.Now that if you were asked, why did you want to become or be happy, the only answer would be – because you wanted to become and be happy.Aristotle also makes a point about having moral virtues – not lying, not taking a person’s life, and other morally right things.Virtue of humans also will be the state of character which makes them good and which makes them do their own work well.

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The Role of Money & Happiness In our Life Essay

Happiness makes people more sociable and altruistic, it increases how much they like themselves and others, and it strengthens their immune systems.Just enjoy your own life.In my opinion the best situation is “no money no cry”, I think it supports the importance of happiness in our life, moreover it tells us that role of money is not the essential one.However I believe to keep our self healthy is the main reason behind happiness.Happiness does not just make us enjoy life more; it actually affects how successful we are in both our personal and professional life.

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Book Emperor Of The Air English Literature Essay

This is the most obvious declaration of happiness in the entire book, as she is able to firmly stand her ground and tell her mother that she is happy, and will continue to do what makes her happy, be it serving pancakes or cleaning the bathrooms at the restaurant.I believe that Lenny is and was happy, and just because a person may not show outward expressions of emotion, or whether they know exactly what they are feeling at a given time or not, does not mean they are not happy or unable to feel.“I think I will,” I say, and this makes my mother start to cry .He addresses if one can be happy despite the gravest of circumstances, whether happiness can be attained by lying to oneself, and if someone can be happy despite not having the best s...

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The Idea of the American Dream Essay

These possessions may only give use temporary satisfaction, but when a new gadget comes out we are no longer happy because the item we obtain is out of date.We feel as though with more money so we can buy luxury items that we can use for our enjoyment, thus making us happier.In reality these possessions only bring us temporary satisfaction.Money is needed to have these luxury items, but does more money bring us more happiness?For Mexican immigrants it is an escape from poverty, but the majority of us have been lead astray from the pursuit of happiness.

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What is Happiness?

However our view of the future is skewed by optimism, and we honestly all have no idea what will make us happy in the future.Gilbert (2006) describes this as “Experience stretching,” and goes on to explain how people can really be happy in one situation but later on, after further experiences, are not as happy in the same situation (p. 55).People travel through life with what seems like a single goal: to be happy.Mattering makes us happy.Man perceives the future in an improper manner, and with this perception man makes decisions now that he believes will make him happy later on in his life.

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Money Can Not Buy Happiness Essay

Happiness surrounds us in everything we do, it permeates every situation, money does not buy it; it is only attainable when you realize it was always there in the first place.Something as simple as appreciating the sunrise can make someone happy.Living things all around us experience happiness.However, I believe that placing value and finding meaning in all that we do will correlate to a happy life.Proponents of such a viewpoint often argue that money “makes the world go ‘round”.

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The Relationship Between Money And Happiness Philosophy Essay

So no matter without enough money we cannot be happy, it doesn’t mean happy comes from wealth and possessions.As you can see in these sentences as long as people don’t allocate enough time for their families, there is no way to make them happy.Because actually the money doesn’t make us happy, it can help us just by providing some satisfaction.While the earth is getting complicated and changing day by day, almost all people are trying to have a happy and fulfilling life.When money comes, it might hurt our friends and us.

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