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Flame Test Lab

Then you will perform a flame test with the unknown sample for the site to see if it matches any of the solutions or salts you used as standard.Using the rules you have learned on orbital filling diagrams; correctly fill in the following diagrams for Potassium (K) and Strontium (Sr).3.Repeat the procedure for the sample, but this time look through the diffraction glasses and see if you can detect any other colors.Some stores sell “fireplace crystals.” When sprinkled on a log, these crystals make the flames red, green, and violet.I expect the ingredients in them are Barium and Strontium.

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An Analysis of Register in Email Messages

Sample 5 sure ready go.(see Sample 2) Sample 2 (abstract of an email) I really appreciate your message.In general, sample 4 features mostly the same linguistic characteristics as sample 1, such as the lowercase.CONCLUSION In the context of email communication the data revealed that the fluidity nature of email communication makes the distinction between written and spoken language rather vague.The interactivity of the messages, especially those in a chain (see Sample 1) influences the style of writing the emails in such a way that the interactants assume that they are ‘involved’ in the exchange of the information as though they are meeting face-to-face.

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The role of sales promotion

50,000$ for Sampling .Also what comes to the consumer mind first that the Tea is very expensive because of Nestle Brand name, so they used the in store sampling method to grape the consumer to taste the product and give them a lot of information about the product price and how it’s unique from the other products.The another type the costumer specific and that means that nestle went to a special super market like Carrefour and ask him to make a deal of promotion offers only for him, something specific, the consumer will find this offer only in Carrefour.25,000$ for Bonus packs.25,000$ for Premiers.

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DNA Profiling Techniques in Forensic Science Essay

To test even smaller sample of DNA currently mtDNA is the choice of technique.DNA profiling is the information of how a sample is processed and analysed and a DNA profile must be created by collecting and analysing VNTR’s (Variable Number Tandem Repeats), these are unique sequences on the loci which is an area on chromosomes.STR’s does have some limitations on sensitivity where it will work on degraded DNA samples such as damaged body tissue or bone destroyed by fire but sometimes there just isn’t enough sample to be tested giving no results at all for example aged bone.A reference Y-chromosome profile has to be compared with an unknown sample match for significance, to confirm that the match actually exists.When there is a match, the tw...

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Misuses of Statistics Essay

Indeed, while Statistics can also be misused in many ways such as using not representative samples, small sample size, ambiguous averages and dispersions, detached facts, implied connections, wrong and misleading graphs, wrong use of statistical techniques, serious violation of assumption behind the statistical techniques and faculty surveys.Hence we should be very careful in our decision making process as what to believe it .Mathematics in our world (1st ed.We are all different and unique in our own ways.As we can see from the two different set, there were no comparisons in either one of them.

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Microscopy, Cardiac muscle, Cornea, Eye Essay

Scissors were used to further open the sclera since the pressure from the scalpel would detach internal structures.Include a sentence or two on How to improve the experiment in the future or what the next step could be… References: APA format is common and most acceptable.The student used dissection scissors to remove the outer muscles and expose the location of the optic nerve within the adipose protective tissue associated with the posterior and lateral eye.Delicate and precise incisions were required to maintain the lens and attachment to the cilliary bodies or ligaments that suspend the lens within the aqueous humor behind the cornea.This dissection required proper safety equipment and attention to detail when making the initial inci...

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Customer Perception Of ICICI Prudential Products In India Commerce Essay

.. A unique set of associations within the minds of target customers which represent what the brand currently stands for and implies the current promise to customers.Convenience sampling involves choosing the sample on the basis of convenience.The sample size is restricted to 52 lac’s as it is not possible to cover the entire population in a given time.The sampling method is the way the sample units are to be selected... People facing common risks come together and make a small contribution.

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Project Report on Consumer Preference towards Cadbury

Favourable price makes people buy chocolates even more.They can even come up with unique shapes of the bar to create a buzz in the market and gain more customers.The company makes delicious foods that people can feel good about.Sample locations: Equal numbers of respondents (75 each) were surveyed from both the cities of Mapusa and Panjim.Cadbury’s core purpose is to “make today delicious” that captures the spirit of what they are trying to achieve as a business.

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Revive – The Long Mynd Tea Company “TLMTC” Coursework

The participants would be first shown the new tea bags and the moderator would direct questions around the first reaction of the participants, would they like to buy and use it, do they perceive the product to be healthy to understand if the health platform will work for the product, would they be ready to pay a premium for the unique offering, would they include the offering in their daily diet, what would be the likelihood of repeat purchase and most important of all; their suggestions on the product and its unique packaging.Internet interviews would save time and cost, at the same time in-venue surveys would optimize sample representation.TLMTC recognizes the issue and to counter and differentiate its offering we plan to introduce a u...

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Ethical Conflicts in International Business

The information is planned to be collected by sample method, the sample method followed is random sampling method.David C. Thomas and Kerr Inkson defined “cultural intelligence: People work for the Global Work place” is a representative sample of publications concerning Cultural Intelligence.Sample frame/unit: professionals, business people, employees etc, who are working in the multi cultural organisations.So however all these issues in cross-cultural business environment are being pointed out by every manager’s when they are doing host country projects, and many issues were researched by many authors and scholars and they try to make them better by bringing them into the real world.The reasons for selecting simple random method are acc...

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Market Research on Online Shopping

The sample size taken was 50.‘ Online shopping in India could touch $34 bn by 2015’- Firstpost.com ‘Indian Online Retail Market Analysis’- www.rncos.com (Industry Research Solutions) Online Shopping in India rises despite slump- Business Standard 2.2 Million Internet Users in Urban India Actively Buy Online-Times of India The Great Indian Online Shopping Guide-www.technovalley.in .The 3 main factors that we have considered in the sample selection are 1) Age 2) Gender 3) Occupation-Working, Non-working.Limitations and Suggestions .A sample of 50 respondents were taken into consideration from Mumbai.

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The product essay

This information can help businesses when producing a product and can save them a lot of time and effort if the information is already readily available.Field research is the collecting of primary data.A small random sample is not as reliable or affective as a large sample but a large sample can be costly and takes time.In a random sample any potential customer has an equal chance of being chosen.A survey cannot ask every customer so businesses choose a fraction or sample of people that may be potential customers to survey.

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Marketing Research Process Essay

Develop your “unique selling proposition.” What makes you stand apart from your competition?A primary danger of systematic sampling is that this design can produce a biased, or non-representative sample if the sampling frame from which the sample is selected is ordered in some kind of systematic fashion that will influence the composition of the sample.This technique is useful when little is known about a population being studied or the goal is to study social groups such as “social networks.” The problem with the snowball sample is the same; that is, not all units in the study population would have a chance of being included in the sample.Proportionate Stratified Sample — Stratified sample where the number of units selected from each st...

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Data Collection And Research Instruments Marketing Essay

What would you prefer to be considered during future rebranding procedures on specialty Coffee?The subgroup increases data reliability by enhancing accurate representation among the sample members (Loudon & Wrenn, 2002).First, to fully analyze and evaluate coffee shop viability based on the market trends and customer buying patterns.HLC brand will only thrive if the prevailing marketing trends within California promotes the brand entry strategy and enhance our bid to position our unique offer in the niche.Section C: Additional Information .As such, a questionnaire will be a key instrument to gather vital data from our sample population (Refer to Appendices B).

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Threats to Internal Validity Differences Between Online and Traditional Focus Groups Essay

If scores on the dependent measure differ between those subjects remaining in the two groups, the discrepancy may be due to the independent variable or to a unique characteristic of subjects able to endure a particular condition, a subject-related variable that would be disproportionately present in each group.There are three major threats to external validity because there are three ways you could be wrong — people, places or times.The interaction effects of selection biases and the experimental variable.A threat to external validity is an explanation of how you might be wrong in making a generalization.Reactive effects of experimental arrangements, which would preclude generalization about the effect of the experimental variable upon p...

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Functional and emotional benefits of marketing fundamentals

Makes sense when good opportunity can be found outside present business.This where the firm carries out its marketing activities, not to make only profits but to survive in long run by fulfils its responsibilities towards the society through good corporate citizen and build good public image of the company which will ultimately motivate consumers to purchase goods.“It is important that you make sure product marketing strategies are focusing on the highest value customers for that product,” McGee says .. Benefits includes functional and emotional such as (ego, status) and quality that can be measured by (unique features, reliability expert advice, service dependability, personalized service, convenience, availability and other things).Th...

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DNA Fingerprinting How Accurate is it

If someone sneezes or coughs on the sample, if the person collecting the samples touches their face or other body part and then touches the area that might DNA to be tested it essentially ruins the sample.Carelessness during the sample collection can introduce unwanted DNA into the sample therefore making it impossible to distinguish the DNA from the unwanted source from the DNA evidence.In the laboratory the sample is susceptible to the same types of contamination as when the samples are being collected as evidence and great care must be taken by the laboratory technicians to prevent contamination from occurring in the laboratory.DNA can be a powerful tool in forensic science because of the fact that it is unique to the person that it c...

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Different Types Of Formal Assessments And How They Are Used

For example it would not be in the best interest to use a writing sample for a Science lesson.Using Assessment to Promote Reading Instruction.U.K. (2010) Technique: Objective-referenced/Criterion-referenced/Performance Tests.This type of assessment enables teachers to make give assessments that are able to give them timely results in order to help students progress.Formal Versus Informal Assessments.

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How the Illuminati Effects the Music Industry Essay

It was initially created to serve as a super powerful drum machine but the ability to loud your own sounds (samples) made it very unique and some people say that the MPC was a key part in the creation of Hip-Hop.His setup consists of an MPC machine connected to a PA system via audio cables L+R, prior to the performance he would have loaded samples on the MPC ready for him to trigger using the velocity sensitive drum pads.This particular model was launched in 2008 and has a price tag of $3,500, the main innovations of this model was that it included an “8-track hard disk recorder a 20-voice, 3-oscillator virtual analog synthesizer with arpeggiator, a new sequencing engine with 960 PPG resolution, pad and track muting and mixing, 64 contin...

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Techniques to Increase Student Enrolment

Quota sampling is a procedure which ensures that all the sub groups present in the population will represent the sample to the extent on the desire of investigator.One group will contain a random sample from the international students and other from the domestic students.However, a few sample questions are listed below (not necessarily the part of final questionnaire): .We have selected a sample size of 200 students purely based on judgment and keeping in mind the limitations of the study.Obviously, the logic for using quota sampling for questionnaires is that we want student representing University of Wales from different geographical backgrounds and level of education to be part of the sample.

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standard operating procedures

Any samples that give concentrations greater than 0.25 mg dm-3, must be discarded and the analysis repeated using a diluted sample… Only concentrations in the working range of the method should be reported... Use of a standard, quality control and blank and a replicate sample and recording the information in a log book means that you can demonstrate with reasonable certainty that (a) the reagents were made up correctly, (b) the standards were made up correctly, (c) there was no contamination present, (d) the spectrophotometer was set up correctly and (e) the analysis can be repeated and give a result to within the expected limit.The overall uncertainty should be listed together with an explanation of how it was derived.The major sources...

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Methods Used in the Bio-Medical Industry

Some advantages of using this method in separating and analysing the sample is that it is possible to determine the percentages of dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in blood samples as small as 1.0 cm .The sample at this stage would be go to the accelerator which contains negatively charged electric plates where it accelerates the ions towards the magnetic field.First, The vacuum pump first removes unwanted previous sample and air which could interact with the sample by either colliding or reacting with the sample which would contaminate the sample and interfere with the final result.Next, the sample would enter the vaporisation chamber where a heating coil in the vaporisation chamber converts the sample to ...

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Birth Order on Achievement, Personality Traits and Relationships

By unique style of life, Adler was referring to the unique characteristics or pattern of behaviors by which humans strive for perfection (Schults & Schults, 2006).They used a sample of 710 undergraduate participants from midwestern university in the United States of America.As the first contributor to the idea of birth order, Alfred Adler believed that birth order plays a major role in allowing people to create their own personality and unique style of life (Schults & Schults, 2006).Thus, the final sample consisted of 391 participants (163 firstborns, 72 middleborns and 156 lastborns.Regarding birth order, the sample was divided accordingly: 41 % firstborns, 30 % middleborns and 29% lastborns.

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Tests of Significance: Uses and Limitations

This section of this paper has been divided into three major parts, the sample selection and sample size choosing which will discusses methods of selecting a sample and the size of the sample to be used in a given research, the second part deals with statistical analysis methods and procedures, mainly in significance testing and the third part discusses other statistical methods that can be used in place of statistical significance test.The researcher must make sure that the sample being used is not biased, that is it represents the whole population.A researcher should always make sure that the sample drawn is large enough to be a representative of the population as a whole and at the same time manageable.Systematic sampling is quite dif...

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An Analysis Of The Product Toothpaste

Keep in your mind, the more the uniqueness of your product becomes the unique selling proposition against your competitors in the market and it makes your offering product more precious to your customers than what’s being offered by your competition.Until and unless you can identify what makes your business distinctive in a world of identical competitors, you cannot achieve your sales goals successfully.Your product and your competitors’ can have very small difference but if you can’t find a effective way to communicate exclusivity and link it to the need of your target customer group, you have to find a unique and innovative way to fight with your competitors to sell out your product in the market.Positioning creates a positive and uniq...

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The Scientific Method Essay

What additional test could you perform to assist in the identification of these unknown samples?What specific test was crucial in confidence?Melting, boiling, or even chemical test may be performed.I am confident that I have correctly identified unknown substances 1-4 based off of color, texture, smell and solubility these measures were crucial in my confidence of my hypothesis.Sample (g)Volume (cm)Density (g/cm) .

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Trinity College

But regardless of my major, I want to receive a broad education that spans a variety of areas in the liberal arts, so that I will graduate as not only a viable job prospect, but also as a well-rounded and learned adult who can make diverse and valuable contributions to my community.Is there something in particular at Duke that attracts you?” The assignment here is not to describe why you want to go to college.I know that Trinity College is very strong in these areas.Think about what the student says about Duke: the school will “educate the student in a variety of subjects” and present a “range of challenges and opportunities.” The applicant wants a “broad education that spans a variety of areas.” The student wants to be “well-rounded” an...

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Fixed and random effects of panel data analysis

of a unique encompassing model.It basically tests whether the unique errors (ui) are correlated with the regressors, the null hypothesis is they are not.the sample period.levels of analysis within a unique hierarchical framework.to make the resulting variance-covariance matrix of the errors satisfy the Gauss-Markov .

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Type of Art

In many cases, the unique art patterns of the Gothic style are created by medieval masters, whose names have not been preserved.Gold and silversmiths produced the unique church utensils decorated with filigree, semiprecious stones, and enamel.It includes the vivid characteristic features of realism, a sense of humanity and religious rapture.For example, coins help to recreate the political map of the European Feudalism.This sample gives you an opportunity to read an extract from the art essay created by our experienced writer.

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Blod Bank Essay

Objective 1 – Create unique id for donor’s.b. Generates a unique bag number.The user can read the document and make sure that his machine is equipped to run the system to avoid any inconvenience The user should make use of the document to understand the system better.Regular donor| * The system will take all the personal and medical details of donor and generate an unique id for the donor.In Blood Stock Interface, system will generate unique bag numbers for each product.

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