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Using Gravitational Force as a Measurement Tool

You will need to use the following formula to assist with your laboratory report G-force 0 00001118 x radius of centrifuge arm x (rpm)2 The radius of the centrifuge arm for this instrument is 10 cm.Cesium Chloride grams/liter 0.5 1.5 2.0 2.5 Number of Layers 2 5 5 6 Position of LayersLittle on top rest on bottom2 near top 3 from the middle to the bottom2 near top 3 thinner layers from the middle to the bottom2 thin layers near top 1 layer below that last 3 in same position as before Explain what happens to the drag as the cesium chloride concentration increases.Enter the data for the sample you used in each trial (5000 rpm, 10000 rpm, etc) in the appropriate columns and the corresponding g-force, number of layers, and position of layers ...

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Using Gravitational Force as a Measurement Tool

Enter the data for the sample you used in each trial (5000 rpm, 10000 rpm, etc…) in the appropriate columns and the corresponding g-force, number of layers, and position of layers position results.2.5 because it produced the most layer separation.Describe in which layers you are likely to find the organic matter, gravel, sand, silt, and clay at the following speeds: 0.5 grams/liter of cesium chloride 2.5 grams/liter of cesium chloride Explain any differences in the thickness of similar bands at the different cesium chloride concentrations.Based on the data from Activities 1 and 2, which is likely the best speed and cesium chloride concentration combination to distinguish different types of soils?are likely to find the organic matter, gra...

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The Central Limit Theorem Essay

Find the probability that the average GPA for this sample is greater than 3.0. .The central limit theorem allows you to measure the variability in your sample results by taking only one sample and it gives a pretty nice way to calculate the probabilities for the total , the average and the proportion based on your sample of information.The central limit theorem is a major probability theorem that tells you what sampling distribution is used for many different statistics, including the sample total, the sample average and the sample proportion.Using the central limit theorem allows you to find probabilities for each of these sample statistics without having to sample a lot.The central limit theorem one can be sure that a mean or x-bar b...

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Sampling Case Study

A Solution: The researchers decided to draw a sample of therapists and have them distribute anonymous questionnaires to their patients (neither the patients’ nor therapists’ names were to be placed on the questionnaires).Problem: When attempting to interview members of the general population, a substantial percentage of the sample often refuses to be interviewed.1.In your opinion, was the researchers’ method of sampling likely to result in “a large, diverse sample” of patients?4.In addition to gender and age, are there other variables for which quotas could have been established that would improve the sample?In addition, the incentive might “alter the composition of the responding sample.” For example, it might be more effective gaining ...

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Probability Sampling

Different methods and tools can be used for creating random numbers for sample selection.We decided to select a sample of 2,000 from 76,000.Among sampling methods, probability sample are of much importance since most statistical tests fit on to this type of sampling method.Criticisms The chance of selecting a non-representative sample is very high in this method of sampling especially when there is a correlation between the place of the unit in the population list and the characteristics of the unit that should be observed.In systematic random sampling we use the order of the population list or the place of units in the population for choosing the sample.

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Marketing Research Reflection

It would be advisable to carry out such research in the day time.Politeness is the key to getting the attention of potential respondents for thesubject matter.As stated previously, the age group needs to be widened, soalso the fact whether one has a car or not, does not make a difference withregard to the subject matter, which is ‘Litter discarded on the streets’.A more refinedquestion within the context of the questionnaire would be, how often does therespondent eat or drink in the car; whereby, there will be a set of multiplechoice answers, can be deemed as a more appropriate measure of summing upinformation with regard to the subject matter (Littering the streets).Multiple choice answers such as: .The use ofmanual coding to analyze da...

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10 Question Survey on `Workplace Bullying`

What are your suggestions to prevent workplace bullying?Sample Size: .What do you think are the causes of workplace bullying?To determine the prevalence of “workplace bullying” in a working environment and to gauge the familiarity of the topic with the subject matter.Target sample .

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Tell Them Who I Am

My research would also be time consuming because I would want my information to be reliable, so I would do background checks.Having a lot of good accurate information will help me to better serve the women and will help me to get more government grants (with more reliable and accurate information they [the government] will take me seriously).I’m not just targeting women who live in the shelter; I am targeting those who don’t live in shelters because their opinion matters too.In the end no matter how good or bad the research is, the women matter the most.I would have to pay people to help me do my research, follow up with the women in and out of the shelter, and put together a business plan for the home.

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Analysis Of The UV Visible Spectroscopy Biology Essay

After that, sample is put on sample stage.It is important to orient the sample surface side, so light can directly interact with thin film first rather than glass substrate.Using data of sample containing cuvette, absorption for cuvette, the sample and solvent can be understood.Absorption of this sample is out of spectroscopy range.The selection of the spectroscopy to analysis the sample is depending on what is present in the sample.

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Microbiology Essay

This is the primary structural component of the fungi buried in thhe soil/organic matter that the fungus is living on Septate- Also known as cross-walls, they divide the hyphae into sections giving them the possibility of containing more than one nucleus in addition to the usual organelles found in these cells.Water: There is a small and very stale pond near my house that I took the water sample from.3.Describe the growth you observed in each of your samples: Soil: I chose an area of soil outside of my apartment to do my soil sample.The cheese, strawberry, and tomato all had white fuzzy mold on it.Zygomycota- Mostly terrestrial fungi that live in soil or decaying plant and animal matter.

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Sample Essay

In the overall a sample essay is useful to anybody who has a serious penchant for a good thesis paper.The use of sample essay is a good way to relax your nerves.The content table is a definite “yes” and it gives the paper a systematic and structured shape.And you can also get it from the expert writers who have drafted numerous example essays.If you have the requirement then do take the help.

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How to make an outline for a good research paper?

No matter what length of the research paper needs to be, it should still follow the format of having an introduction, body, and conclusion.Remember that you make a plan, first of all, for yourself.The persuasive essay should be “viewed” through the outline sample.If you may not require a plan in a clean-up, it’s better to draft it – it will help you organize thoughts, select the necessary material, discard the unnecessary information.The template of the composition must correspond to the theme, to be logically consistent.

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Achieving Beneficial Backwash

Other things being equal, it is good that a test should be easy and cheap to construct, administer, score and interpret.Normally a test can measure only a sample of everything included in the specifications.However good the potential backwash effect of a test may be, the effect will not be fully realized if students and those responsible for teaching do not know and understand what the test demands of them, the rationale for the test, its specifications and sample item should be made available to everyone concerned with preparation for the test.If not, if the sample is taken from a restricted area of that specifications, then the backwash effect will tend to be felt only in that area.This is very obvious, a straightforward matter of cont...

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Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts

Specific circumstances for which interviews are particularly appropriate include situations involving complex subject matter, detailed information, high-status respondents, and highly sensitive subject matter.On the other hand inferential statistics studies a statistical sample, and from this analysis is able to say something about the population from which the sample came.Systematic sampling is a probability sampling procedure in which a random selection is made of the first element (kth) for the sample, and then subsequent elements are selected using a fixed or systematic interval (the range of 1 to k) until the desired sample size is reached.One of the main weaknesses of this is inferential statistics are based on the concept of using...

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Determining Sample Size

For example, if you assume a normal distribution, the range is approximately equal to (i.e., around the mean) so that you estimate as the range divided by 6.Typically, these questions are answered only by a subject matter expert (i.e., an individual very familiar with the variables under study).Determining the proper sample size is a complicated procedure, subject to the constraints of budget, time, and the amount of acceptable sampling error.To compute the sample size, you must know three factors: .In the business world, sample sizes are determined prior to data collection to ensure that the confidence interval is narrow enough to be useful in making decisions.

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Four types of evidence in a criminal investigation Essay

Which type of evidence do you think is most useful in an investigation?Chemical properties can change the chemical features of a matter, and they influence molecular composition.The information contained in material objects, transmitted through direct perception of the features of the subject is the most credible way to receive data that may apply to the investigatory process.A: I believe the most credible and useful type of criminal evidence is a physical sample.Why do you think that forensic scientists continue to look for class characteristics given their limitations?

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Principles of DNA Preparation and Polymerase Chain Reaction

It doesn’t matter which way round you do it, provided you are consistent.The control allows us to distinguish whether the sample with the enzymes have been cut appropriately.As a result, running the uncut plasmid on the agarose gel is important because the uncut sample of the plasmid can run at differing sizes depending on the degree of super coiled they are.Moreover, the PCR sample should only show one band since the reaction involves amplification of the low molecular weight piece of DNA.The uncut sample of plasmid (lane 4) is a control and is run alongside with the plasmid samples which have been cut with the several different enzymes.

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Music Production Essay

Another issue novice producers may face is when too many conflicting frequencies are overlapping in a mix.As a result of overlapping sounds, the song may sound “muddy”.Frequencies will overlap, no matter what instruments you choose.The end result of adding equalization and modifying volume should add up to a track with a full, clear sound.A lot of these presets are full sounding, filling up a lot of low and high end.

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Gender and subject choice Essay

In order to do this I would use quota sampling, this is a way in which variables can be controlled and the participants with similar characteristics are chosen, hence the overall sample can reflect the characteristics of the population as a whole.This sample would also take into account ethnic and class differences in order to allow me to differentiate between males and females according to different variables, providing sufficient extra data to measure gender against class roles and the intersections.“I fancied a lad who was taking the course”.For example, the quota sample within my study would be only those illustrated on the biology class register, however the results may have more of an impact if a quota sample had been taken from al...

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Acute VS Chronic Leukemia

After receiving positive results back from your CBC, your doctor will need a bone marrow sample.Leukemia can strike all, no matter what sex or age, as of right now there is no known cause.In the end leukemia is still cancer no matter how it’s categorized.Acute leukemia usually occurs in children or young adults, which needs immediate intervention.While chronic mostly occurs in adults and sometimes needs no treatment.

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Psychological Testing Essay

Often the data is a (random) sample from a population.How accurate our measurements are?Standardization: that is, no matter who administers scores and interprets the test, there is uniformity of procedure and a sample behavior.A test is not a psychological X-ray, nor does it necessarily reveal hidden conflicts and for-bidden wishes; it is a sample of a person’s behavior, hopefully a representative sample from which we can draw some inferences and hypotheses.The concept of reliability and validity has a major impact in the field of psychological testing.

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The Isolation of Bacteria from Sewage water

In making this experiment, the researchers must prepare the following materials – the sample bottle must be prepared for the collection of sewage water.Generally at low temperatures colonies might not develop for a few weeks, so after a day you might have to wrap your plates with parafilm or keep them in moist conditions to prevent them drying out.First filter out the particulate matter with a 20 uM filter, then you can use water sampling nitrocellulose filter disc of 0.2 um.This is probably the best temperature to isolate the most organisms.It is best to have a few liters of sample.

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Uses of Statistical Information Essay

Levels of Measurement.Inferential statistics infers or estimates population parameters from sample data.A random sample of visitors not patients are not a patient was asked a few simple and easy questions.References .A random sample was used because it would be impossible to sample every visitor that came into the hospital.

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Homosexuality Matters Are Being Discussed Media Essay

Available sample also gave exploratory information... Sampling technique that used in this research questionnaire is available sample under non-probability samples.In recent years, the homosexuality matters are being discussed more compared to the old time.The research questionnaire then falls under non-probability’s available sample.General audience is a convenience sample to get, which it is throughout the public area and does not specific or particular sampling.

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Chem 101 Lab Report 2 Essay

Find percent of NH4Cl, NaCl, and SiO2 in mixture by taking mass of each substance and dividing by the mass of the original sample.Subtract mass of evaporating dish from mass of original sample to get mass of original sample.Matter that people encounter in everyday life consists of mixtures of different substances.2.Jefferson Lab.1.Measuring Mass-Examples.

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Taste Preferences

This second cup will contain the Coke sample.Bowen, R (2006) Physiology of Taste Retrieved from the World Wide Web on the 22 .Sample 1: Coke .Two participants preferred the sweeter coke while one preferred diet coke showing that it is a matter of personal preference rather then which one is sweeter.of June 2008: .

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Research Paper

The first article had the largest amount of participants, the mean age was 50 years old, the second article had an uneven amount between the two types of establishments making the comparison not equal do to the sample size not being even, and the third article only used one type of employee and they were all women.Comparison of Sample Populations .The sample populations varied from article to article.All three articles used limited sample populations mainly consisting of women.Transformational Leadership in the Public Sector: Does Structure Matter?

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Limitation Of The Study Guide Essay

For example, we know that when adopting a quantitative research design, a failure to use a probability sampling technique significantly limits our ability to make broader generalisations from our results (i.e., our ability to make statistical inferences from our sample to the population being studied).If you used a common test for data findings, your results are limited by the reliability of the test.For example, some qualitative methods like heuristics or phenomenology do not lend themselves well to replicability.If your study was limited to a certain amount of time, your results are affected by the operations of society during that time period (e.g., economy, social trends).The people whom you managed to get to take your survey may not...

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Business Research Methods -Starbucks Essay

This age group was left in the surveyed population as the team conducted its analysis.Sample SelectionThe team examined secondary data within this business problem analysis, which can save a firm time and money by using publicly available information as well as information already in the firm’s database.Although the teenagers have about the same spending power as pre-teens Starbucks does offer an atmosphere and products in which the company could use in the future as an opportunity.The sample sizing consisted of a group of 100 which the first group of 50 is Starbucks customers and the other 50 were McDonald customers.Gender was annotated as a means to direct creative marketing and capitalize on the different sexes.

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Project Report on Consumer Preference towards Cadbury

Practical exposure to various psychologies of chocolate bar consumers.Sample frame: Respondents who have experienced eating cadbury chocolate bars.The brand of the chocolate to matter a lot for the people .This led me to understand various perspectives of people and the psychology behind it.Understandings of various factors that lead to satisfaction or dissatisfaction in chocolate industry were learnt.

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