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Motivating your employees Essay

B – Be a leader.A leader must “Be, Know, and Do”.Therefore, as a leader, leading by example is detrimental to your gaining the confidence and respect of your employees.Employees will work harder if they know what to expect from the leader.This acronyms helps me remember that in order to be a leader, you must “Be, Know, and Do”.

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Required Qualities Of An Effective Business Leader Essay

drawing the line between personal life and work is indescribable and without it, a leader might lash out at his workers due to problems in his personal life or even bringing out personal vendettas toward a particular employee.A business also does not need a leader that would run people over.Wrapping this up, there is a plethora of qualities that are required of an effective leader but amongst all the positive traits provided, my personal choice of the most significant quality that an effective leader should be endowed with is high emotional intelligence because the imperativeness of .An effective leader is aware that leading and managing are two poles apart, and being good at either of them does not make him an effective leader.Traits...

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Effective leadership characteristics

Through communicating effectively, a leader can avoid the problems that arise when dealing with a multi-generational work force.When a leader has all these characteristics, we believe that he (she) is very close to becoming what we believe, is an effective transformational leader.On the contrary, a leader with all characteristics is a full and effective transformational leader.What motivates us as people varies; even the style of motivation varies.However, having the characteristics discussed above and using them appropriately places one on the right track to be an effective leader.

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Maintaining a Healthy Organizational Culture

It is very important that a leader of an organization, lead by example.The leader should possess qualifications of being able to influence people in order to be an effective leader.Although having a leadership role allows one to have a lot of freedom to conduct as he or she sees fit, a leader still recognizes that there are many other thoughts, ideas, and perceptions to be reckoned with from other members of the organization.The leadership role requires the leader to be a great motivator.A leader must provide a goal that the organization feels comfortable with.

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Leadership in the Public Policy Making Process Essay

Public policy may not get a leader with all the desired qualifications like military experience or foreign policy.A leader may not have all the needed skills to accomplish a task but by building relationships, the right person would be motivated to assist with the completion of the vision.It is different than being a manager but public policy is an area where vision is key and the ability to see that vision to the completion is a must.It is how the person has a vision, sees the vision, relates and motivates other to believe in the vision that determines the leaders.Leaders is recognized a need to have certain values, encourages and help build an environment where teamwork is normal, motivates and inspires others, has a vision, helps to m...

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Conceptual Framework Of Leadership And Employee Motivation Management Essay

He argues that what makes people happiest and motivates them in their job is what they do whereas what makes them unhappiest is the situation in which they do it.Finally leaders have to take to heart what John Quincy Adams meant when he wrote: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” .Further more a leader should make sure that he/she does not require things from others that he/she would not want required of him/her-self.Lastly a leader should know his followers well enough to identify their strengths and to place persons in positions where they can make positive contributions to the organization and attain rewards and recognition.A leader needs to understand what motivates o...

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Theories of Leadership Essay

Transformational leadership is a process in which the leader engages others, builds trust and creates a connection that increases the motivation and morality in both the leader and the follower.When will you use what you learned?References and Suggested Reading Bass, B. M. (1990).Transactional leadership requires that the leader and follower agree to a contract.In many ways, transformational leadership is about a leader’s ability to create a vision related to a goal that has meaning for both the leader and follower.

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Leading and motivating a team effectively Essay

Leaders need to find out what motivates each employee and the team as an entity in itself so that goals can be modified to achieve agreed outcomes and satisfy all team members in a job well done.It is important for a leader to be able to motivate teams and individuals as the leader plays a large part in setting the goals of the team and hence in making work of the team members achievable, enjoyable and satisfying.The leader is responsible for setting and defining a common goal and engaging individuals in a team to work towards this.The leader must recognise the diversity of team members but mesh these individuals skills and aptitudes together so that each member is engaged by their work and shares a sense of satisfaction in the teams ach...

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Teachers Are Leaders Essay

A leader or teacher is not born but cultivated through his/her upbringing and environment.Just as a leader has his or her own style, their way of motivating their students, also plays an important part in a students success.Covey Leadership Center US Army Field Manual FM 22-100 Army Leadership.But not everybody is capable of being an outstanding leader.Touching more lives, affecting the outcome of so many futures a teacher is the epitome of a leader.

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Application Of Industrial Organizational Psychology

But this leader must also have a strong knowledge base with psychology.I was never born a leader.This type of leader must understand psychology, certain languages, in order to sway into the path which citizens of the community were inspired by to do what is expected for the good of the whole.Being an environmental leader is nothing regarding altering the mentality of the group or individuals under you, but in the cultivation of your surrounding that brings out the prime results and inspires the people in that community.Relative to the aforementioned theories, types, and sub-types of motivations, one can effectively learn to use those types in order to be a good leader.

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Perspectives on leadership

This style also increases efficiency by giving decision making power to the front line employees and also allows the leader to use rewards and recognize behavior that will improve the work place.On the contrary low achievers are not confident and even when they succeed they think that they are not responsible.According to this theory high achievers are willing to take on challenges and have faith in their abilities.However the leader takes the final decision.However, the leader is still responsible for the decisions that are made.

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Examining Effective Leadership Styles

Through my reading I realized that effective leader must practice authority, empower and motivate .a shot of transformational leader.leader and follower, and to work side by side to achieve and maintain the vision and preferred future.Therefore the leader must develop better ways .Transformational leader see themselves as a changing agent, lifelong learner, believes in people and able to .

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Leadership Case Study

Each staff member in chorus has a Business stream leader and a Knowledge stream leader.As the previous leader has failed to produce any strategic plan regarding the region sector of this company, this was what was needed to be done in order to succeed strategy wise.The Business stream leader is to report to the regional head and whereas the Knowledge stream leader report to the chief knowledge officer at KTG’s corporate headquarters.He was an authoritarian leader who made the decision himself and then proceeded with telling others what to do.A leader is charismatic person who can inspire his followers and guide them, when a employee has finished the given task at hand he/she should be motivated, praised upon their completion of the task ...

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Promote team effectiveness

To become an authentic, respected and transformational leader, a leader must be able to face challenge and deal with complex situations.The leader has to contribute to the creation of positive environment so that it can motivate others.Leader has a special responsibility to carry out the organization’s purpose and core value.The leader needs to use exemplary practices so that other can accept him or her as a positive role model in order that other pursuit his or her role model.The leader must be aware of every single action or step that they do and practice to the day to day interaction.

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Leading And Motivating

A leader that does this is normally treated with respect and fairness, which in turn leads to trust in the leaders decisions.Motivation is what makes people go to work every morning but people need extra motivation when they are at work to accomplish goals or purposes; this is were a leader comes in.Without a well motivated leader or with a leader who can’t motivate the team will have little success in meeting or even exceeding there purpose or goals.Recognition should be given for good work and all team members should be encouraged to give ideas and opinions on work tasks.Individual motivation can be achieved by simply asking the individual what motivates them and trying to use this as a guide, if I understand my team they will take mor...

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Different Leadership Styles used in The Public Services Essay

Laissez-faire Leadership Style is very different compared to the Bureaucratic Leadership Style this is because the Laissez-faire leader doesn’t get involved in any team discussions; they don’t put in any effort or input with their team.The leaders role is to be able to trust their team members to get their tasks done at good standards, for another example, in the army the leader will say to the squad to go and set up the camp in a particular location, after the team will go and do that without any hesitation and without any supervision by the leader.The leader uses his authority’s power to instruct the team, and they learn to do what the leader says immediately.Democratic Leadership is another style I think that is effective in the publi...

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Office Space Analysis

To organize you need to know where it is going, how it will be organized, and at each stage learn to be a leader.By the other hand we have Blumberg that is a narcissistic and toxic leader.Peter can be considered as an informal Leader and also a charismatic one.Blumberg is Peters boss and he should be a leader, someone who really encourages his works, who induces good actions and who motivates people on achieving great goals, but instead he is the contrary of it.Initech bosses should also congratulate their employees when they notice they are doing a good job, this motivates the person to keep up their work.

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Apply The Theory And Principles Of Organisational Behaviour Commerce Essay

As Pugh (1991) delivers, “situational leaders is an approach to determining the most effective style of influencing which takes into account the amounts of direction and support the leader gives, and the readiness of followers to perform a particular task.” What different from other theories is that situational leadership theory is based on the followers, not leaders.Meanwhile, improve followers’ sense of identification is very essential, that means, if a leader who holds clear and definite values can appeal the same values of the followers, his leadership behaviour would be more impactful.It would need to be explicitly linked to motivation, leadership and personality to show the merging of the theories.A leader who makes a wrong decisio...

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The Characteristics of a Good Leader

If they do not trust or lack confidence in their leader, then they will be uninspired.Also, note that it is the followers, not the leader or someone else who determines if the leader is successful.As you spend the dog days of August contemplating how you can be an even more effective leader, think about those high potential individuals within your organization.Now ask yourself… Am I a Leader?their development be accelerated?

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Motivational techniques used by infosys Essay

No leader is ever the single and continuing source of motivation for a person.If the leader can tap into and support the team members’ own motivations then the leader begins to help people to realise their full potential.The leader has a responsibility to facilitate this process.What really motivates your staff?One great pitfall is to try to motivate others by focusing on what motivates you.

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Leadership vs. Management Essay

They know their strengths and weaknesses as well as what motivates and frustrates them.A leader who is more trusted and has more influence with the group is in a more favourable situation than a leader who is not trusted.The first task of any leader is to inspire trust.Coaching:The leader gives some direction and supervision because team members, although they have some competence and commitment, are still relatively inexperienced, therefore require further development.Your management style is strongly influenced by your beliefs and assumptions about what motivates members of your team.

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Important attributes needed for a good leader

To be an effective and a good leader, a leader sometimes has to manage the resources at his or her disposal.Leadership does not equal to leader because there are also leader without of leadership but of course those leader are being categorize failure.A good Leader will involves through identify the problems and solve them before they reach the crisis proportion and leader should have the ability to identify and reap potential windfall.If a leader isn’t respected the employee wouldn’t abide their rule and would now fully taking the order.Fourthly there is transformational leadership, it’s a leadership that motivates follower to ignore self interests and work for the larger good of the organization to achieve significant accomplishments, ...

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Core Areas of a Successful Business Essay

Moreover, the leader should be able to pool energy from each worker so as to improve performance and productivity as a team.In essence, the leader should limit the regulations and set rules.A formidable leader should create a positive correlation between the workers and their employer.Moreover, a prominent leader should also be empowered to solve problems and to suggest solutions for the problems affecting the employees in the workplace.Awarding the employees who have performed well in an organization is one of the ways which motivates them and improves their capability.

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Why Management Is Important For Business Business Essay

– The manager relies on control; the leader inspires trust.But if ones observe the qualities in each person, one will know that Leaders and Managers are different because Manage tends to manage the work and rules, and Leaders deal with personal issues of people, and also know that a Leader does not have subordinates, a leader has followers.– The manager is the classic good soldier; the leader is his or her own person.– The manager does things right; the leader does the right thing.– The manager has a short-range view; the leader has a long-range perspective.

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Human Behavior in Organization

I had to really do my best in order for me to make them believe in my capabilities and also to gain their trust.” “What motivates you?” my third question.I like to work hard for me to get good grades and also to accomplish some goals that I set out for myself, and I am sometimes discouraged when I don’t get to achieve them.One more thing that motivates me is the knowledge that I would also learn from my students, because learning as we know it is a give and take process, right?As I was thinking about this interview that I had with my aunt, I was also trying to ask myself about the questions that I asked her and I realized that at this point of my life I don’t really know if I could make myself a good leader someday.The interview had give...

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Starbucks Leadership Styles

.. Howard Schultz’s statement “If they had faith in me and my motives they wouldn’t need a union” reflects his powerful communication skills as a leader.‘ Everyone’s a Leader Now’, Supply Mnangement .Hence Starbucks motivates, trains and rewards employees turning them into a committed and motivated workforce.The mark of a successful leader is his ability to forecast the business trends and stay ahead of his competitors (Luthans 1998).According to Bass transformational leaders motivates followers to do more than what they are expected and the extent of transformation is measured in terms of leader’s effects on followers.

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Resort strategies to attract customers

A strong leader has strong convictions.The strong leader will communicate the “cause” as often as possible.A healthy leader does not have a problem in finding humor in their mistakes or blunders.An Effective Leader is Dedicated to the “Cause” .A motivational leader does not back down from a challenge but is willing to lead the way as an inspirational leader.

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Leadership Styles Research Project Essay

The leader is competent and a good coach.Forces A good leader uses all three styles, depending on what forces are involved between the followers, the leader, and the situation.For example, a leader who becomes more considerate, does not necessarily mean that she has become less structured.However, the leader is still responsible for the decisions that are made.The leader knows the problem, but does not have all the information.

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Organizational Behaviour Essay

A good leader should be adaptable to all situations, aggressive and also assertive at the same time, dominant, independent, intelligent, knowledgeable, fluent in speech, co-operative, a good administrator, sociable and diplomatic in nature.As a campaign leader one should be on the lookout of the group’s ideology and effort efficiency.As an effective leader one should first accomplish the goal of clearing the path of success of any obstacles and make the path easy to travel.As an election campaign leader one needs to look into the group of individuals we have at hand very keenly.A leader should also be supportive and show interest in the ideas or opinions put forth by the group.

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Implication and conclusion week 7 Essay

Likewise, a leader needs to have a rapport with employees, but needs to focus on accomplishing the company’s goals.One must understand one’s own leadership characteristics in order to determine whether or not an individual is a natural leader.Leading People the Black Belt Way: Conquering the Five Core Problems Facing Leaders Today.Asogomi Publications Intl.A good leader takes the time to make a plan, be consistent in carrying it out, and can motivate his or her employees to follow it.

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