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Radioactivity Essay

I watched a nurse conducting a patient assessment and witness a nurse giving a resident treatment.I hope that I will become a helpful nurse in the future.I feel that with my solid experience as a CNAs will give me more confident to perform delegated nursing tasks when I become a nurse.I acknowledge this CNA job can train me to become a better, helpful nurse in the future.For example, I received the Rotary Club of Kent Scholarship and Highline Foundation Scholarship I feel that I could reach my goal of becoming a nurse if I try my very best.

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Personal Development Plan for Leadership Skills

So, at the time of handover the nurse made sure that a detailed explanation of the patient was made known to the new staff, in which the patient’s partner insisted on participating and helping out with the care.It does become much easier with practice.Clinical nurse leaders who are effective recognize that by supporting staff through various situations they enhanced ownership of a problem and promoted effective learning.Due to the emerging importance of clinical leadership, the issue of transformational leadership in the nursing field has become a very important issue.However, from an experience from a nurse who had just come back from a nursing course, the nurse applied for the course and enrolled, and that over the years they both used...

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Leadership Interview Essay

Larson, C. and LaFasto, F. (1989), Teamwork: What Must Go Right/What Can Go Wrong.Northouse, Peter.She quickly earned the respect of doctors and fellow nurses, becoming a Charge Nurse on the floors she worked.Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, Inc .Harvard Business Review.

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Accountable Professional Practitioner

No one element is more important that the other as they are all necessary to help me in my development as an accountable professional practitioner.I believe that throughout my career as a nurse even as I work towards becoming an expert nurse (Benner 1984), I will always be working towards becoming an Accountable Professional Practitioner as I will always be critically reflective, learning new skills, developing my autonomous practice and requiring support so to that end I don’t think I will ever be a fully accountable professional practitioner but I am accountable for the skills, knowledge and responsibility and level I am at.Benner (1984) states that this type of actions are that of an advanced beginner working towards becoming a compet...

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Compassion Fatigue Essay

Portnoy, D. (2011).Kai Tiaki Nursing New .Zealand, 18(5), 32. .Health Progress.It is easy to see that some of the symptoms can impair the ability of the nurse to provide quality nursing care to their patients.

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Nursing School Essay

Nursing school can teach you pharmacology and protocols, but it cannot teach you the value of a human life.I am confident that my experience in patient care and field of work, along with this nursing program will push me to the fullest capabilities necessary to become an extraordinary nurse and unlock my full potential as an individual and as a healthcare provider.I believe that being a registered nurse is more than just an occupation.Coming from a healthcare family, I always knew I was going to work in healthcare but never knew to what extent; do I become a doctor or a PA?Perhaps a pharmacist or possibly a nurse?

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Why good leadership is important in nursing Essay

Involving staff members in decisions making, knowing their views and skills will inspire and motivate them, not only to do a good job but also to inspire them to become a good leader (Middleton, 2008).I will talk about what makes a good leader and the process it takes to become a good leader.However, Frampton (2009) cited in (McKenzie, Manley, 2011, pp.35-37) argues that anyone can become a leader if they are given the right training and if they want it, and Mahoney (2001) and Cummings et al (2008) also believe this can achieved through the right education.Personality, knowledge and skills play a large part in the type of leader a person could become.A good leader will be able to identify others strengths and weaknesses and be able to wo...

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Goals: High School and Personal Life

I think goals are important, because goals focus on what you want to spend time on to achieve, motivate you to do something that you have never done before, and accomplish successful events in your life.Therefore, getting at least one degree out of the three and high school science classes helps me achieve my goal.In conclusion, people need to create goals for themselves to be successful.Without goals nobody would know what to do in life, know how to achieve important work, and teachers wouldn’t know how to teach their students.In addition, you would have to get three different degrees called, LPN (License Practical Nurse) you only takes one year and six months of college, Associate in Nursing or RN (Register Nurse) two years of college,...

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A Nurse, What Will They Tell You? Essay

I feel an almost insurmountable trepidation in progressing my education to become a registered nurse, and yet, I am filled with excitement at the prospect of being in a field dedicated to helping others.Then there are people like me, who have experienced extended time in a medical facility and experienced excellent or poor care for themselves or a loved one.Fortunately, I am a self-driven individual and generally feel rewarded through positive performance, which may help me through some of the rougher days I will be bound to experience.My husband’s motorcycle accident in 2013, in which he sustained traumatic brain ... ... middle of paper ... ...ts that have alleviated many of my insecurities and helped to reaffirm my position to become a...

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Personal Statement Essay

I could not believe of what I have witnessed so after witnessing such heart failing scenario, I started dreaming to be a nurse.Whatever the people might think of me I believe it is never too late as long as I am sure and motivated that this is the path I want to take in.While the clinical exposure have taught me what it is like to become a nurse, their daily routine, the problem and issue encounter and most importantly how to interact with patients with warmth and encouragement.I really work hard to achieve my goal.The laboratory research exposure has strengthened my investigative and organizational abilities while also becoming familiar with the functions of a medical research department.

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Personal Statement

Once in the critical care field I plan to obtain several certifications related to the field to aid in my ultimate goal of flight nurse.During that time I researched and did ride time with Care Flight, finding out in detail what I needed to do to become a flight nurse.Being a nurse at that time was not even a thought.Discussions include how I decided to become an RN and the direction I hope my career will go in after obtaining my BSN degree.I have put into consideration my end of career goal and thought about potentially becoming a Nurse Practitioner or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

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Barbara Norris: Leading Change in the General Surgery

Reason1: She welcomed the opportunity to stage at EMU Reason2: She want to take the challenge to turn the unit around After a series of interviews with different parties (inc. EMU’s Nursing Director & Administrative Leadership), Barbara was offered the job and become the Nurse Manager in EMU’s GSU Betty Nolan (Barbara’s mentor, trusted friend & nurse manager) advise her that don’t take the offer, she value Betty’s advise but she Confirmed to Go Ahead because of she would like to take the new challenge in her career, as well as the GSU Job was a good opportunity for her to the next step Nursing Director, John Frappewell congratulated her and hope that she can turn around GSU and do it fast Economy is in the downturn, as the resul...

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Examining Effective Leadership Styles

have charismatic character that aim to transform employees and help them to change ways of thinking by .a shot of transformational leader.Other studies have related transformational and charismatic approaches; both are similar by attracting and .Later I realized that sometimes such feeling is harbinger.(Kotlyar, & Karakowsky, 2006).

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The Introduction of Clinical Supervision within a PCT

Managers need to identify what motivates others, and to create motivating conditions for them.The basic idea is to ‘unfreeze’ current methods, so that new ideas and implemented changes can be fixated and put into place, and then to ‘freeze’ these new procedures so that they will stick, and those affected by them can learn and become accustomed to the new process involving their work (Rouda 1995) .There was little understanding of it amongst staff, and certainly it was an area I didn’t have much knowledge of myself until I sought out information and spoke to colleagues from other disciplines to educate myself.In doing so they become ‘negative Pygmalion’s’ who undermine the self confidence of their staff and reduce their effectiveness.Whil...

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Essay on A Crucial Conversation

Leaders will often avoid these conversations until the situation has become serious (Patterson et al., 2012).Crucial Conversations bring attention to the goal, and where the conversation should go.Crucial conversations are generally not easy to conduct, leading to avoidance until the situation has become more daunting.Over time they should become easier, and realize the importance of being able to encourage dialogue.For new nurses these conversations can be particularly painful.

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Essay about Why Students Choose Nursing School

Why choose a career in nursing?Another reason is that students hear about that person 's experiences and they become intrigued by it.In the nursing profession there is a high demand for nurses so there is m... ... middle of paper ... ...of millennial nurses ' career choice of virtue.20(4), 305-316. doi:10.1111/nin.12027.22(3), 259-265. doi:doi:10.1016/j.colegn.2014.01.003.Only one of these reasons are similar to my personal reasonings as to why I chose to become a nurse.

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Enhancing Orientation of Graduate Nurses

This first stage of change would involve speaking to the Holmesglen educators and nurse managers to discuss how this change could be implemented into the orientation of new graduate nurses.According to Charleston (2004), the main reason for orientation during the Graduate Nurse Program are to enhance skills and knowledge in the new graduate, to facilitate the addition of theory and practice and to ease the new graduates’ transition from university life to the clinical setting (Charleston, 2014).All graduate nurse will be able to have ongoing involvement with the group and staff members as well as the other key stakeholders; nurse educators and nurse managers on the wiki.These studies described graduate nurses’ transition experiences as t...

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Dream Job Essay

A nurse is a very physical job and I find that to be very interesting.The average salary of a registered nurse ranges anywhere from fifty to eighty thousand dollars.Having a job that you go to ready to work and enjoy is very important.For a person who would be living alone for the time being fifty thousand dollars is a very nice salary to live off of and that is the minimum of a registered nurse.To me being a nurse is something I have always wanted to do and is in an always growing job field.

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How registered nurses might develop appropriate leadership skills

The models are tools to help the nurse become a good leader, they are frameworks on which to build an effective leadership style, ideas from all of the models can be used and switched about to suit the individual leader.Nurse Educator: Vol 25, (4) pp181-85 .(2010) “The role of Preceptor and Nurse Leader in Developing Intensive Care Unit Competency” Critical Care Nurse,.As a newly qualified registered nurse, leadership will be a daunting thought, being the newest member of staff, the leadership mantle will not rest on easy shoulders, through good preceptors during orientation, the new staff nurse will become a team player, as team work is essential to ensure that patients receive the optimum care and the best service available.These chall...

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Faculty Interview

The nurse will transition from novice to expert as a nurse educator in the same manner as transitioning from novice to expert.It is essential that the nurse educator is approachable and adaptable because of the different personalities and culture of students in the nurse educator’s classes.According to the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT), 2011 a nurse educator in California is require to possess a current, active, and unrestricted license as a Registered Nurse to teach a Vocational Nursing program.Although a registered nurse may be an expert in their area of nursing the transition to become a nurse educator, to teach didactics, and clinical skills is a major event.With time and experience the novice nurse ...

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Personal Ethics

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.INSPIRATION: What keeps me in motion?PASSION: Why am I here?Only Word documents can be submitted to Turnitin.

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Essay on Nursing Goals : Nursing Is Not Like Any Other Career

Now that I’m getting closer to my dream of helping makes children’s lives better through medicine I couldn’t be happier.As a nurse, we have to have the right mindset and attitude to always be there for our patient when their family isn’t present or nonexistent.My career goals for the nursing field are to earn my doctoral degree in pediatrics to become a nurse practitioner.I was one pound and fourteen ounces and God saved my life.Being a nurse isn’t about just taking care of people physically, but mentally and spiritually.

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Discussing the importance of Teamwork in Nursing

Sharing of information ensures that all of the team become accountable for the care provided to the patient and enable individuals to have a chance to suggest alternative methods of patient management, which have not previously been considered (Cliford and Robothham) .After a few weeks one person took leadership which changed the dynamics of the team, the team become more positive.Newly qualified nurses have advantages working in a team with senior nurses, it offers opportunity to explore new and different ways (Burgess).Nurses that have been registered for a long time can compare their experiences with those who with less.( NMC 2008 ).It is thought that in order to function as part of an effective team, the nurse must consult and take a...

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Communication Skills required for Holistic Nursing Care Patients

To begin communicating with a sufferer of schizophrenia you must approach the patient with a clear head yourself and not be angry or upset at all as negative feelings being displayed will only relay onto the client.Language used when communicating is also important, for example if a person is playing their music too loud in a communal area, ask them “can you play your music through your iPod please?” rather than “turn that off, it’s too loud!” that way you are reinforcing the auditory distraction for them but not cutting it off completely.Verbally you must convey language that is simple and to the point while non-verbal communication you must maintain eye contact with the individual although this may be difficult if the person is sufferi...

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My Professional Moral Compass Essay

The obligation every nurse has in the society and their patient is to provide the care they are entitled and respect their wishes to the best of their ability.I am always on the look out for things happening around me to keep my community safe.Although faced with everyday dilemmas in nursing practice, the values this author has learned from nursing practice is what motivates this author to continue doing the right thing by remaining responsible, accountable, respectful and keeping patients safe.Gokenbach, V., (2012) Nurse Together.These characteristics shaped this author’s personal beliefs that as a nurse, this author has an obligation to the patients to provide them with such regard.

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Personal Goals

I am a critical care nurse in an ICU and have experience with cardiac patients.critical nursing excellence.Earning the certification of a critical care registered nurse (CCRN), is my short-term professional goal.Allowing too much or not enough time to accomplish your goals could become the obstacle for you not being successful and realizing your dreams.Certification: A benchmark for .

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Becoming a Nurse Essay

This is a topic that causes a lot of individuals to make a decision to become a nurse without truly investigating the duties and responsibilities of someone in the nursing field.Audience motivation: A lot of individuals become or think they want to become a nurse because of the pay scale.Finally I will discuss the bottom line; you know the one factor that influences over half of all individuals to become a nurse.Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner- referred to ARNP practice advanced nursing in one of four specialized areas, including Certified Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists.Salary Snapshot for Certified Nursing Assistants, update Sept 12, 2010 www.payscale.com...

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Opinion of Shared Governance Essay

Open mindedness is coupled with high standard of practice.Bonsall, L. (2011).Magnet hospitals and shared governance share many characteristics including excellent teamwork, low nurse burnout/turnover rates, and optimal patient outcomes.Nursing’sCenter in the Round.Retrieved from .

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Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession

Favorable working conditions motivates employees to be more productive.On the other hand, the same pressure that co-nurses or doctors undergo also causes them to become irritable within their work environment.There are certain possible ways which we can do to aviode or reduce stress at work.We can avoid the detrimental effects of stress by living a balanced lifestyle.Motivation and active support from our direct supervisors can also lessen work related stress.

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Reflective Essay on Structured Interviews

Summative assessment is about making a judgement of whether a nurse has learned enough to become competent (Bradshaw, 1989).This could remove anxiety on the student’s part about “passing” and perhaps allow time to explore formative aspects of the assessment.Even where the student is more senior and capable I would still like to have some element of direct observation to justify my assessment.I would now see feedback as having to be based on a sound judgement based on facts in order to be helpful for the nursing student.I think growing as a mentor would involve becoming skilled at encouraging learning during assessment while giving feedback and passing a student or not.

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