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Comparative Analysis Essay on Two Articles

Also, if you’re doing a good job of taking care of yourself and your own job, you’ll have much clearer perspective on how others are doing in theirs.“Money is a good motivator” – understand the motivation factor of each of employees .If you’re enthusiastic about your job, it’s much easier for others to be, too.These skills can help you feel more comfortable about your job.People are good, honest, and will always perform to the best of their ability .

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Look at the role of the manager in motivating staff in the care setting that I work for, which is a residential children’s home Essay

The way that the manager motivates their staff will vary depending on the type of manager in a particular home.If the manager is not able to recognize these strengths and weaknesses to a certain degree then they are not able to provide the member of staff with appropriate training to help them develop within the job.As before recognizing what someone is good at in its self is a motivator as is recognizing potential within that member of staff.The one that comes to mind for this is NVQ training many staff look on it as something that they have to do or they will lose their job, rather than something that will not only benefit then in the job they do now, but could also lead to job progression for them.This also show staff that their capab...

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Criminal Justice Motivational Theories Matrix

By enjoying your job you are going to be motivated to do your best.Enjoying your job .A woman can do a job just as well as a man and if the supervisor respects the fact that you are just as good as the rest, you do not feel singled out.Learning more about your job can lead to many happy years with the company and promotion, looking good in the supervisors eyes.Being unhappy can also lead to a burnout on the job, which could lead to other issues as well as health related issues.

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Effect Of Motivation In The Workplace Environment Business Essay

How can you recognize those who work consistently with good results?As a manager, you want to develop and encourage good employee performance, and good performance comes from strong employee motivation.Recognition rewards that show appreciation for good performance.Don’t wait for a performance evaluation to tell your employees they’re doing a good job-look for good performance and praise it regularly.Your organizational and departmental mission statements are good motivational starting points, but to maintain that motivation, you will need to set objectives, or strategic imperatives, for your department and your individual employees.

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Motivation in Sales Industry

If any advisor doing good job he got treated same as other low performer advisor.This behaviour increase dissatisfaction among the good advisors... American psychologist Frederick Herzberg develops the theory of job enrichment at first and it say the different factor between the job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction.The company policy in this mater was not good and the expectancy level of the sales manager and the advisor came down very low.Insurance company need to redesign the job to increase the business by motivation which lead the performance improvement, absence of hygiene factor and the reward system in the company and that’s why the advisor were not satisfied with job.

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Job Enrichment and Job Rotation

In order to implement job enrichment and job rotation managers must first understand what it is that employees need or desire and how they can incorporate these needs into job enrichment and job rotation.To better understand attitudes about their jobs and what motivates them American psychologists Frederick Herzberg, Bernard Mausner and Barbara Bloch Snyderman published the book, “The Motivation to Work”.To implement a good quality job enrichment program there has to be synergy between the way you design the jobs and the skills and interests of your employees.Job enrichment and job rotation are two of the ways that employers try to motivate employees to do a better job.If they are shown how to do a different job they may discover a task ...

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People’ Attitude Towards Work Essay

As established by Frank Herzberg (1968), increased job satisfaction will not always result in increased performance but nevertheless increasing the level of job satisfaction within an organisation has lots of advantages i.e.The major factors which makes people feel satisfied with their job and motivates individuals to work effectively includes; high level of achievement, recognition, opportunities for advancement and responsibility as well as the actual content of the work which is being carried out.* Praise – this was used indirectly at regular intervals, so as to show an appreciation for a good level of effort put in by each group member.Delegating – this motivates people to work harder in that, it also involves giving workers more res...

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Motivational techniques used by infosys Essay

Katherine Benziger’s methodologies are rooted in this philosophy: Employees who ‘falsify type’ (ie., behave unnaturally in order to satisfy external rather than internal motives and drivers) are unhappy, stressed, and are unable to sustain good performance.In coaching sessions he would wonder whether he would ever be as good as his more flamboyant and aggressive colleagues.Frank was a good manager and told Bob that he simply had to be a little more organised, and that he (Frank) had complete belief in Bob to be able to handle this new challenge.Include questions to elicit what really motivates employees, including learning about their values.Bob was dedicated to doing a good job, but was not particularly ambitious, so promotion meant lit...

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Tesco’s Management And Leadership Theories

This makes their employees feel that the job is secure and the company is looking after them and therefore it makes them produce work of a high quality.Tesco get employees who work well in a good environment but also one where they are valued for the hard work they produce to meet the aims and objectives of the organisation, but also the goals they set for themselves to improve the desire for working in a warm atmosphere but also the drive that managers have in Tesco for their employee’s to achieve their potential.To conclude by looking at different theories of motivation, how job satisfaction is achieved and how important line managers are, you can find out various ways in which Tesco can motivate their employees to get the best out of ...

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Individual Status Report Template

Fostering good relationships within an organization and offering constructive ways to handle conflict provides a win – win situation for both employer and employee.Employees today want to feel a sense of satisfaction in their jobs and will do a good job when they feel that the employer is fair and wants to see them succeed.It is the enthusiastic employee who creates an environment of good will and who provides a postive role model for others.Good relationships are built on trust.This gives employees a greater sense of satisfaction and a sense of control over their job.

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Impact of Employee Motivation Strategies on Customer Service

It is important to hire the right people after all, you can never motivate the wrong people, create powerful recognition and incentive programs, that fully engage and motivate employees and make the frontline job more interesting, challenging, and rewarding through empowerment, teams, good management, training, and more.Whatever the extra step may be, if you want to provide good customer service, take it.Good customer service is all about bringing customers back.Good salesperson can be used to sell anything to anyone once.The essence of good customer service is forming a relationship with customers – a relationship that that individual customer feels that he would like to pursue.

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Comparing Co- Worker Against Each Other: Dose This Motivate Employees?

This way, you will set a good example for your employees to follow, and be more pleasant to work with.You know the bottom line.Find out what motivates each individual to do a good job so you can capitalize on it.By opening up new possibilities, your employees will be encouraged to do the job the way they would do it if they were in charge.a pay raise or bonus increased time off .

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Which Factors Affect the Motivation of Employees Working At Kings Estate Agency Essay

Read more: What Motivates People in the Workplace .Every employee feels a great need to be appreciated and praised for his or her achievements to know they are doing a good job.The aim of this portfolio piece is to find out what motivates workers of the modern day.However the key factors were rewards and recognition for good work, and varying types of work of a challenging requirement.Job security is a also a key to self-awareness as the employees will not feel threatened by job loss.

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Factors effecting Motivation Essay

* Employees, if motivated by good pay, would work efficiently without questioning what they were required to do.Workers will come early to work, they will have good attendance at work, workers will take pride in their work, workers will want to work overtime, and would want to help the business meet its objectives and goals.From his research he listed those factors which improve job satisfaction and those which, if improved or handled correctly, would reduce or at least prevent job dissatisfaction.Setting employees specific goals motivates them more effectively.> Employees got jobs there because they were friends or relatives of the managers, not because they were any good at the job .

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Job Satisfaction Among The Employees Of Telecommunication Sector In Pakistan

Job rate relates to the importance the organization attaches to each job.Rahat Kazmi has written in a post at Pakistan Times: “In addition to monitoring the staff’s relationships, a good example of employee/management communication is vital.Job design .. Learning plays an important role to motivate the employees and to get their job satisfaction.This is the belief that if you perform well then the outcome will be valued .for example, if i will do a good job then there would be some thing for me to.When you are working and if your job is not challenging so this will lead you to the dissatisfaction, so the structure of the job plays an important role in the satisfaction of the employees.

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Adam Carolla Lecture Paper

Another important aspect of creating opportunities revolves around the concept of doing a job well regardless of whether you enjoy it or not.Although other people may attribute positive results to good luck, by establishing a solid foundation for taking advantage of these opportunities, you are fundamentally creating your own luck.In order to reach your full potential in life, it is vital to not rush into decisions, know what motivates you, enjoy what you do, and to do it well.In the lecture, Carolla speaks about the work ethic of Jimmy Kimmel and his willingness to learn on the job.Adam expands, saying that it is crucial to “get in the habit of doing things well” and not judge a job because you it feel it might be below you.

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Required Qualities Of An Effective Business Leader Essay

drawing the line between personal life and work is indescribable and without it, a leader might lash out at his workers due to problems in his personal life or even bringing out personal vendettas toward a particular employee.An effective leader gives credit where credit is due and even though it’s not in the form of financial rewards, everyone appreciates a pat on the back for a job well done.Job rotations are usually applied in factory production as the tasks of workers tend to be monotonous all-year round and rotating their jobs will allow them to have a wider variety of tasks instead of doing the same one all the time while delegations give employees the sense of having some form of authority which would increase their responsibility...

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Why you describe yourself competitive Essay

It may be wiser, however, to relate what motivates you much more specifically to the requirements and duties of the job you are applying for.Start at about the age of 16 and mention any important turning points in your life such as how you chose your A levels, degree subject, university and why you are applying to this career.If there are any weaknesses in your application this can be a good chance to explain these in a positive way.Work out which is most important for the particular job in question and make sure you illustrate your answer with as many examples from as many parts of your experience, not just university, as you can.You can show how you make decisions by talking about how you chose your degree course with logic, foresight ...

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Human Resource Officer Essay

This is good because they can then read the forms and decide who sounds like they would be good in the job and then give them an interview, rather than interviewing every single person that applies.Are the things that will encourage workers to do their best, like praise from managers, career advancement for good workers and more responsibility.These are good because complicated information can be summarised and visual things communicate feelings better than words.We don’t use the job centre as the people they send tend to be desperate for any sort of job and not all that interested in what the job entails, just in the money they will be earning.Employee’s who have been consistently good would be promoted.

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Motivation at Panasonic Essay

Why the customers want buy Panasonic products, because the high quality, good service, and the world famous brand, the good grantees.” As one employee commented, “My current job satisfaction is the people!David McClelland David McClelland and others have proposed the three-needs theory, which maintains that there are three major relevant motivates or needs in work situations: Need for achievement(NACH) , Need for power(NPOW) , Need for affiliation(NAFF).They work contingent, if the company now are lack of secretary, then they must do the job as secretary; if the company need operators, then they must do the job as operators, they are not the formal employees in the company.At Panasonic, the working condition is pretty good, the salary is...

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Motivational Methods Paper Essay

Employers thought good wages, job security, promotion/growth, good working conditions, and interesting work were most important to their staff.” (Bessel, 2012).One motivation theory is the Two-Factor Theory, developed by Frederick Herzberg, (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, 2007), which identified that what really made the 4,000 respondents he questioned, enjoy their jobs were factors which related to the job itself, he labeled this satisfier factors.Job rotation allows the manager to create flexibility and understanding of other areas, creating a better relationship and moral between departments.As it turned out, things relating to the setting of the job were what they enjoyed least about the job, he labeled this hygiene factors.At the top of th...

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Performance Management Essay

They also realise that hard work has to paid off well so William Hill promote and reward good performance of employees with the use of bonus and this ensures workers tend to work better because they know that if they work well the organisation does better and further increase in pay will be awarded.Theorists such as Taylor, Maslow and theory X believe those economic sorts of rewards are good for those who only work for the love money and this will motivate them to perform well whereas theory Y, Herzberg’s motivators states that the job enrichment, enlargement and promotion are giving them more responsibility which should motivate but at the end of the day they want do the extra job with less pay that what is deserved.They are rewarded wi...

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Office Space Analysis

To create a more dynamic work environment should also help, and to create a really good co-workers relation so that they are happy not only with the job they do but the place the go to work to.You should know a little of everything, and all those aspects that can affect your organization, be prepared to face them and be aware that as time progresses you need to be prepared for new challenges.Blumberg is Peters boss and he should be a leader, someone who really encourages his works, who induces good actions and who motivates people on achieving great goals, but instead he is the contrary of it.Initech bosses should also congratulate their employees when they notice they are doing a good job, this motivates the person to keep up their work...

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Frederick Herzberg Essay

Another argument is that performance causes satisfaction which is that if high levels of performance cause job satisfaction, the answer is to give attention to helping people achieve high performance and then job satisfaction would be high as well.The employees of Netflix have great amounts of job satisfaction because they realize that it is a great place to work because of the rewards they receive for doing the job they were hired to do exceptionally well.Another practice that GE has that helps develop the self-concept besides its training facility is that they believe changing up job assignments allows people to hone and discover new talents instead of just assigning them at what they are good at.This campus while expensive is funded t...

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Motivational Factors That Influence Employee

They need to have open lines of honest communication so that employees can feel encouraged to ask for help and then be directed to their Employee Assistance Programs... Robert Bosch, founder of the world’s largest automobile parts supplier, said, “I do not pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages.” If you want motivated, high productive employees you have to pay such people according to their skills and performance.Job security – The employers should provide as much job security as possible... How many times have you heard about awful boss who told their employees to leave their troubles at the door so they could focus on their job?Smart managers know that it is not their job to be a ...

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The purpose of this report is to design and create a medium sized business Essay

General information – job title, job summary and the main task involved in the job.Good appraisals will have to have a positive effect on an employee’s motivation, and on the other hand bad appraisals can be costly and have a negative effect.* Information of the job and what may be involved in the job.Desirable criteria are skills that require a shorter qualification and that may be not needed, but can be good enough for the current job.* Good reward will motivate people too work .

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Hundreds of emails and no sleep: does this sound like a satisfying job Essay

CASE 2: Long hours, hundreds of emails and no sleep: does this sound like a satisfying job?Personality plays a very important role in job satisfaction.The four individuals displayed high levels of job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment that enable them to accept the hardships as a positive challenge.1.Do you think only certain individuals are attracted to these type of jobs or is it the characteristics of the job themselves that are satisfying?When we talk about an individual, or certain group of individuals, job satisfaction solely depends on their perspective.

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The Effect Of Motivation On Employees Performance

Most employees want to do a good job.At lower occupational levels, extrinsic job components (pay and job security) were more valued (Centers & Bugental, 1966).Since job satisfaction is a vital piece of the feelings that employees have in the job environment, the topic of job satisfaction is not only crucial for managers and organisations to understand, but also for individuals in order to grow.However, the study examined blue collar and white-collar jobs and found that a person, regardless of the sexual orientation, was more likely to select a job or stay with a particular job because of the intrinsic considerations rather than because of pay or financial security (Centers and Bugental, 1966).This implies that employees’ level of job...

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A report about the recruitment and selection for a particular job role Essay

This included the job title, location, and information about the company, the job purpose, a list of job experience and qualifications needed, the salary, working hours, and finally the person that the employee is responsible to.Again like the job description and person specification it didn’t do as good a job as I would have hoped.It tells us some important information about the company, the job purpose, a detailed list of job requirements and skills, the salary and benefits of the job, working hours, promotion prospects, who the employee will be responsible for and finally who the employee will be responsible for.Most advertisements include the job description, a brief description of the environment of the organization, the location of...

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Motivational theories Essay

Managers need to concentrate on building good strong relationships with there staff so that they can build trust and a sense of security.if I do a good job, there is something in it for me.The annual Council forum is an excellent way of achieving this as is provides recognition and rewards for staff who have been committed to the Council, staff who have a good absence record and also staff who have achieved a major goal in the work force on a under graduate qualification.Why are we doing the job over and over again?This is also the case when people are painf fair wages and good benefits to make a good job.

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