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Comparing I Coming Back & Where The Rainbow Ends

The whole point of the poem is to make inter-cultural friendships, so if everyone can understand this poem; making friendships between cultures will be easier to do. We can tell this because the poem by Richard Rive is written in a more complex way and also he is speaking freely.

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“Come Up From The Fields Farther” by Walt Whitman and “Belfast Confetti” by Ciaran Carson

Walt Witmens poem “come up from the fields farther” was written in 1880, Ciaron Carson’s poem “Belfast confetti” was written in 1985. Where as “come up from the fields farther” starts very calm, but as the poem goes on the poem becomes more upsetting for the family.

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On different cultures and traditions Essay

As the poem was written in first person, it made me, the reader to understand the poem, quite easily. Also, the mood of this poem is quite different to the first as, this entire poem is filled with enjoyment, and happiness, where as the first poem was a happy feeling poem, hidden with sadness.

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”Search For My Tongue” and ”Hurricane Hits England” Case

The poem then has an aim in our minds and we can decipher easily how to understand some aspects of the poem. To conclude the whole answer of the poem I think that being caught between two cultures is mixed in positivity; I can see this from the points I have made, which link up and show us that it is very negative at the start of the poems and then ...

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Home Burial by Robert Frost Essay

I won’t come down the stairs.” (Lines 37-43) . This demonstrates how the poem has a connection with a few characters of the poem and made the poem seem very believable in the understanding of a lover’s quarrel that is going on in the reading.

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The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Essay

As I mentioned before the first time I read this poem, I was able to get the overall meaning of taking the path less traveled. However, in reading it a second, third, and fourth time I continued to pick up on different takes of the lines in the poem.

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John Agard’s ‘Half-Caste’ and Tatamkhulu Afrika’s ‘Nothing’s Changed’ Essay

Therefore in lines 48-51 he gives an imperative command to the listener ‘but yu must come back tomorrow / wid de whole of yu eye / an de whole of yu ear / an de whole of yu mind…’ . Where he offers a crucial demand to the listener ‘but yu must come back tomorrow / wid de whole of yu eye / an de whole of yu ear / an de whole of yu mind…’ As a final...

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Comparison Essay

In the second poem waiting for the king to come relates to the end of existence, when the king comes back to take us all. In Dickinson’s second poem it says, now she waits for the king to come.

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Compare and contrast the representation of oppression in I Am Not That Woman and Still I Rise

Does it come as a surprise”. This also shows that maybe her representation of oppression has come from racism that has been bestowed upon her.

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A selection of poems by Thomas Hardy

Even though I didn’t like it I thought it was clever how Hardy put flashbacks from his life into the poem and how he uses rhetorical questions. I liked the idea of how Hardy throws her a “stray glance” because he still has slight feelings for her, as it gives the poem a twist.

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Duffy and pugh Essay

The phrase ‘stirring in the streets’ shows that out in society there is potential for violence to come from anyone which creates a sense of mystery because we never know where it is going to come from. We are shown in this poem that both poets explore the fractured and disconnected nature of Western society and how both poet’s view of modern culture...

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Comparing and contrasting between two poems Essay

This could be to distinguish between the two different places described in the poem and then the last line of the poem where it shows how he is feeling about waking up for another London day when he really doesn’t want to. A phrase from each poem could possibly link this to each poem, for example in ‘Island Man’ on the fourth line it says ‘In his he...

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E. E. Cummings poems and connects

E. E. Cummings’ poem a total stranger one black day, when taken literally, is a poem about when two strangers meet and what occurs. Where the literal meaning of the poem is about two strangers, the poem is actually an allegory about how people can do things that even surprises themselves.

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Australias National Image And Identity English Literature Essay

The true Australian bushman colours come through as the bushman battles to what he believes is his death. The rhyming scheme involves an AA BB CC structure which helps to effectively keep the beat of the poem.

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Standard English Essay

Agard’s poem could have also been about Martin Luther King’s fight for equal rights, “consequently when I dream I dream half-a-dream”, this could come from Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have A Dream”. This is in the poem because it complements the whole meaning of the poem and is what makes the poem great by using this effect because it’s the first...

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19th Century Poetry

There is a lot of relation to water in this poem; this is first shown in the third line of the poem, “A fountain at my fond heart’s door, Whose only business was to flow”. The second verse is written about the things that she will not see, such as, “I shall not see the shadows, I shall not feel the rain”, I think she is saying this to help her lover...

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To Read without Being Lost Essay

It shows that traveling through one’s memory will eventually come to the reality of the present. Literary devices in the poem Schoolsville not only create a purpose, but they also make the poem interesting to read when depicting them.

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Robert Frost And Nature Themes

“Further, Frost repeated the last two lines of the poem partially as a matter of form: “What it [the repetend or repeated lines] does is save me from a third line promising another stanza . I enjoyed this poem and I also like the meaning.

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Compare the ways poets have written about love, bringing out different aspects of the theme

The writer has constructed the poem in this way, as it is easier to read and enables the poem to flow and reflects our amusement as the man gets what he deserves. This poem, just like the beggar woman is a conventional poem as lines one and two rhyme, three and four and so on this show the poem is composed of rhyming couplets.

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Poem Analysis: A Red Red Rose

He goes as far as explaining situations as if it pertained to a real person making the poem finally come alive. He shows how from meaning nothing, the poem can convey human qualities that will allow the reader to better relate to the messages of the poem.

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Reading Reflections: the Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The eager tone that the speaker takes shows his excitement at the opportunity to be able to see both results at another point in his life, but then he faces reality that he will ever have that opportunity because one road will lead to another road, “Yet knowing how way lead on to way/ I doubted if I shall ever come back.” (lines 14 -15). The tone of...

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The Second Coming and A Prayer for My Daughter

We seem to get a better understanding of what the world may come to as people today are just abusing Gods gifts. The poem uses a lot of allusion and metaphor to show that the ending of one good thing supposes the beginning of another good thing, and the new era will come soon from the ground up.

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The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

Research into the poem informs us that the poem is written with a sense of irony . He knows that “way leads on to way.” Realistically he doubts if he will ever come back because it is impossible to return to that place and make the same choice under similar circumstances because the original choice will have changed his life .

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Comparison between ‘My Last Duchess’ and ‘Porphyria’s Lover’

You can still love someone once they are dead and it can be everlasting which is repeated in many of the poems but the physical aspect of love will come to an end when someone dies. We never come across details of how she died or bluntly stating she is dead and this is why the poem is much more positive.

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Poetry from other cultures Essay

I think the poem helps people to realize the hardship old people have to go through, and the poem can change someones attitude towards them. I think each of the three poems come with a meaning behind them.

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Poetry Speech Essay

Good morning everyone, thank you fellow poetry lovers, for taking the time out of your Sunday afternoon to come and show your appreciation for fine Australian poetry. Once you pick up that the main technique used in this poem is allusion, you can look at the poem in a different light altogether.

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How Does Auden Portray His Grief and Loss in Funeral Blues?

My first impression of this poem was it seemed to be a happy poem about a funeral. The last line of the poem sums up how the poet felt about his lovers death “For nothing now can ever come to any good.” This shows that he doesn’t want to be on this earth.

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After Apple-picking by Robert Frost Essay

The word sleep is repeated six times in the poem, to strengthen and reiterate the speaker’s feelings of drowsiness. Another “Sleep” is repeated in the same line: “This sleep of mine, whatever sleep it is.” The last the lines of the poem: “Long sleep, as I describe its coming on/Or just some human sleep” nicely ends the poem with a sleepy tone.

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Emily Dickinson Outline Essay

It was evident that the person dying had plenty of other things to think about but the buzz from the fly seem to distract them, all the way up to the point that the speaker could not see to see. Dickinson’s lyric poem uses form, meter, and scheme to convey its tone, .

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Connecting And Comparing Literature English Literature Essay

The one Jack chose was the second road or choice which was to plan his escape from the train to avoid being seen by the townspeople before he could come up with a plan to introduce his bride. I have found I now read with an open mind and do not judge a book, short story, poem, or play by its title.

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