12 Examples of Rhetorical Devices Throughout ”Lord of the Flies”

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On page 7, Ralph speaks to himself, ‘sounding the bass strings of delight,’ when he says ‘Wizzoh!’ . This rhetorical device is an example of 50’s dialogue, equivalent to the word cool nowadays.

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This personification of the leaves exaggerates their movement and gives them more effect, making them far easier to imagine. Ralph’s thoughts are spoken here by the narrative, not him. It says ‘He would have liked to have a pair of scissors and cut this hair- he flung the mass back- cut this filthy hair right back to half an inch.’ .

...End of the 12 Examples of Rhetorical Devices Throughout ”Lord of the Flies” ...

In this chapter, Ralph becomes depersonalised at one stage ‘he opened the flap of his cheek’ . ‘No fire, no smoke, no rescue.’ another example of tricolon, again used for emphasis .

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